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New SEO Rules: How to Keep Google Happy

By: Tara Geissinger | April 25, 2013 | 

Google Penguin & PandaIt’s not breaking news Google has been changing things lately.

A lot. About once a month, in fact.

The old ways of optimizing websites and content for search engine optimization are no longer as effective.

Google has changed it up, and today there are new rules we all should follow.

Personally? I think it’s for the better!

The Way We Were

A few years ago, SEO was fairly simple.

If you wanted your website to rank for the term “Atlanta pest control,” you would:

  1. Optimize your website for that term; and
  2. Publish content (articles, news releases, etc.) around the web with links back to your website embedded in those keywords.

The concept and theory was simple. If the links to your web pages were embedded in specific keywords, Google would realize the page on the other end was relevant to that keyword. These contextual cues pushed your pages up higher in the search engine rankings for those keyword terms.

It was so easy — yet in most cases, your competition wasn’t even doing it. Once you knew what to do, it was like unlocking a secret door leading to a room full of qualified customers.

It became easy for businesses to single-handedly push their sites to the top of the search engines — and that defies the original purpose at Google from it’s beginning.

In short, their goal is, and has always been, to display the most relevant, useful, and popular content at the top of the search results. And while the “relevant” part is determined by the content on the page, and the “useful” part is partially determined by the number of links, the “popular” part needs to be determined by people — and that’s what’s driving the changes.

Pandas and Penguins = Big Changes

Links are a “footprint” in a sense. When people are talking about (linking to) information on a webpage, this is an indicator of the “usefulness and popularity” of a page. But because site owners can produce their own content and link back to it, search engines needed a way to determine natural links from self-generated links.

Recent updates to the Google algorithm look for “unnatural” linking profiles. One effective ways to do this was to evaluate the text in which the link was embedded. It’s highly unlikely the majority of a bunch of random people would just so happen to embed your link neatly into a keyword like “Atlanta pest control.”

In fact, continuing to approach your SEO like this could result in penalties from Google for being a “spammy” marketer. I know I’m not the only one who feels panicked at the idea of being blacklisted by Google!

Here are a few things you can do to follow the new SEO rules, correct old content, and ensure new content gets the green light from Google:

1) Edit your old links. If you have existing articles, news releases, and other types of user-generated content you can edit, now is the perfect time to go back to those pieces and change your linking strategy. Use the Google Keyword Tool (or whatever method you prefer) to identify several keywords or phrases you can target. Change the links in these old documents so they are varied. Linking to your website (or each other) using relevant, but different, phrases.

2) Write new content for the reader, not Google. If content wasn’t king before, it most certainly is now that companies such as Coca-Cola and Ben & Jerry’s are embracing the concept of content marketing. What does this mean for you? With millions and millions of pieces of content being published daily, your content needs to stand out! The best way to do this is to speak directly to your reader.

What types of issues are your customers struggling with? What are the most common questions you field every day? Writers who selflessly answer questions, provide free information, and are genuine online are typically the ones who see their influence grow.

3) Link outside the box. Besides the “obvious” places such as directories and article and news release distribution, where else can you publish content and get links back to your site? One solution is exactly what I’ve done here today: Guest blogging. Find blogs that are relevant to your industry or your target audience and get to know the authors. When you have a topic that you think their readers would like, pitch it!

According to a recent article in Search Engine Watch, links from social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, or Facebook should also play a part in your current link building strategy. These links come from trusted sources and have the potential to be shared with millions of readers. While the direct effect of these links can be difficult to measure, their potential is undeniable.

Producing quality, engaging and share-worthy content is key to online visibility. But, link building is still very relevant when it comes to rankings! How are you using link building strategies to boost your visibility? Have you changed your strategies based on the Google changes?

About Tara Geissinger

Tara Geissinger is an SEO and content marketing expert by day and triplet mom by night. As co-owner of the online visibility firm, SEO Content Solutions, and online news release distribution firm, Online PR Media, Tara has helped thousands of businesses get more visibility online. From helping Macy's optimize their product descriptions to working behind-the-scenes with some of the largest SEO and marketing firms in the world, she is one of the best kept secrets in the online marketing niche.

  • Thanks for the tips Tara!

    • Howie Goldfarb You’re very welcome! Hope you’re having a great week!

  • KarenMarciano

    Guest blogging is quickly becoming such a solid way to get quality backlinks.. great job highlighting these changes and advising how to deal with them!

  • crestodina

    Great post, Tara. I just had a conversation with someone about the SEO value of social media links. It’s hard for me to believe that Google would care much about a link in a tweet. If they did, wouldn’t Twitter instantly fill up with spam? (that’s what happened to blog comments back in the day) But obviously, social activity has benefits for actual humans! …and that’s the test. If it doesn’t help a visitor, it’s probably not super valuable to search engines, right?
     I’m a compulsive guest blogger. I love that it’s relevant to both search and social. Guest blogging is super fun, especially when the site has an engaged community… like this one!

    • crestodinaExactly! I think that is the key here. There is no “easy” button when it comes to SEO. Google has always been very upfront about their goal — to provide users with the most relevant search results. They may have fine-tuned their algorithm, but if you’ve been creating content instead of just noise, you’ll be just fine!

    • crestodina Speaking of…it’s time for you to appear here again.

      • crestodina

        ginidietrich I submitted one yesterday! Ask Lindsay if you’d like a sneak preview.

      • belllindsay

        ginidietrich crestodina Already dealt with Gini.  You’d think you’d been away for two weeks or somethin’!! LOL

  • Liyya Mohammed Hassanali

    I think we’ve all felt that scare due to Google’s changes, but I love that you explain how to go about making it right to stay within good standings!

    • Liyya Mohammed Hassanali Yeah, nowadays it’s more about linking naturally rather than linking over and over and over again using the same phrase. 🙂

  • Very good, solid tips here. I think your second point is the most important. I love to see how we can increase our own SEO through blog posts here, but I always write my content first, then I go into the keyword tool to see if I’m using the right phrase, then I write the headline, then I do the rest. It’s a little backwards, but it always ensures I’m writing for humans and not the robots.

    • ginidietrich Not backwards at all! 🙂 You’re doing it 100% right — and that’s why we all come back day after day to read what you have to say!

      • TaraGeissinger And here I thought it was because of my charming personality. Sigh…

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich TaraGeissinger It’s because of me. Sheeesh. 😉

  • Nice to read a post about SEO that reads like its by a normal person for normal people 🙂 Working as I do with PR pro’s on blogger outreach, I am increasingly seeing SEO consultants getting involved in these ethical, quality link building practices. In fact “link earning” seems to be the favoured buzzword at the moment.

    • HughAnderson Love the idea of ‘link earning!’ How wonderful it would be if we all wrote content worthy of links! I think that’s where social media really impacts link building — the social proof that your content is being shared or +1’d says a lot about the quality.

      • belllindsay

        TaraGeissinger HughAnderson AMEN Tara. I will preach til the end of days that your content has to be QUALITY!! First and formost. Another great post. 😀

    • adammbsmith

      HughAnderson Ironically this form of ‘ethical’ link building has always existed and always worked very well. Blogger Outreach for example.
      However, it was always faster/cheaper to use tools like SeNuke and buy links from Blog Networks to increase rankings quickly.
      After years of all talk and no trousers, Google seems to be finally acting on their best practice guides. The only downside is that this could give rise to Negative SEO, where you blast a competitor with loads of bad links from Bad Neighbourhoods.

      • adammbsmith That’s an interesting take that I hadn’t thought of. Using negative link-building as a weapon. Seriously unethical. And seriously damaging to reputation if caught so surely no-one would risk it?

        • HughAnderson adammbsmith I have heard other rumblings where people are concerned with the potential for competitors to use negative SEO — but I haven’t seen any examples of it yet. I agree, it would be a huge risk if you’re caught!

        • adammbsmith

          TaraGeissinger HughAnderson adammbsmith Ah, but the chances of getting caught are minimal if you know what you’re doing *maniacal laughter*
          … ahem.
          But not to worry, because the reason people who are good at SEO don’t bother with Negative SEO is that it’s much more cost and time effective to just do good work on your own sites.
          Also, your target would have to be a weak website for it to really have an impact.

  • Nice job Tara – great info, easy to read and understand.  Thank you so much!

  • Nice post, Tara, but a question:  directories?  Really?  I’ve read the heads long fell off the chopping block. One SEO I worked with pretty much freaked out when he heard of plans to submit to directories. What’s your take?

    • Frank_StrongI think it depends on the quality of the directory. Biznik or American Express open forum, for example, are higher quality places to publish articles. I’ve also noticed Yahoo! Voices articles showing up in organic Google results. Again — it all circles back to quality. 
      I’ve found this to be useful when planning link building: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=66356

      • TaraGeissinger AMX Open Forum, yes please. Totally on board with that! I thought you were talking about the traditional search engine directory submissions.

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  • Every time an author puts a byline on sponsored work (in Google’s rel author world), some value is transferred to and stored in that writer’s profile (and identity). That’s what we in business call an “inefficiency”… and the business owner and the writer funded it, not Google.

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    Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski, 25, has been linked a move to Bayern Munich in summer, is expected to be an important asset for Bayern Munich.
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    “I think Lewandowksi is a super player. He is really good, he’s one of the world’s best strikers. Our squad will be even better and we are already really strong at the moment, so this can only be a positive thing,” Arjen Robben said.
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    Napoli have been linked with Luiz, Mata, Barcelona’s Javier Mascherano and Lyon’s Maxime Gonalons, while reports have suggested Colombian striker Duvan Zapata may leave the club.
    However, Benitez says none of those moves are likely because he is pleased with his current players with high quality.
    “I am pleased with the squad we have. There has been talk of a departure for Duvan Zapata but that is not true. I am happy with him and he stays here,” the head coach said.
    “I read in the papers that we are close to a deal for Mascherano, David Luiz and Mata, but that is not true. It is very difficult to get players like that. On most of the players linked with Napoli, there isn’t a real interest from us.”  as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Judi</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Signing a defender? At Christmas I watched the Premier League and I didn’t see any players at (Raul) Albiol’s level. And there are few players in the market stronger than (Miguel) Britos and (Federico) Fernandez,” he added.
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  • chamroeunmancity

    Benitez needs some players for Napoli this month
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Manager Rafael Benitez is eager to add his Napoli squad this month in an attempt to challenge Roma and Juventus for the title.
    Napoli currently sit third in the table, having lost three league games in the season but the manager wants  add players to his squad.
    “The first thing I have to say is that I am very satisfied with the team we have available. Another thing is that we can improve, something that we always have to evaluate,” the manager said.
    “We have to analyze the market, because we have economic capacity and the added advantage for any signing.”
    “But the signing has to be something better than what we already have in our side,” he added. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Judi</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    Talking about defensive additions, he did not feel there were players in the English top flight who could sufficiently boost his squad.
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    Gordon Banks has praised Eusebio as a special talent
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Gordon Banks, a former England goalkeeper, has praised Portugal legend Eusebio, who dead at the age of 71, as a special talent.
    Mozambique-born forward Eusebio is ranked among football’s all-time greats following a glittering career, scoring 41 goals in 64 appearances for Portugal.
    After the news of the 71-year-old’s dead, Gordon Banks has paid tribute to a player.
    “He was a great, great player and I was extremely saddened to hear that he had died,” Gordon Banks said. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Judi</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    “When you think that he played in the Portuguese team that was 3-0 down to (North) Korea in the (1966) World Cup and they came back and won 5–3.
    “I’m not sure how many goals he scored in that game (four), but Eusebio was a special talent,” he added.
    The former England goalkeeper couldn’t say the 71-year-old was quite as good as Pele but he was certainly up there and would be in the best 11 he’ve ever faced.
    Banks also saluted the character of Eusebio, who travelled to England to play in the former’s testimonial at Stoke City in 1973.
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  • chamroeuntorres

    Gus Poyet praised Sunderland’s performance
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Sunderland manager Gus Poyet revealed that he is very happy after his side defeated Carlisle United.
    Adam Johnson and El-Hadji Ba were the scored opener for Sunderland and plus a Sean O’Hanlon own goal, making the club win a 3-1 over Carlisle United at the Stadium of Light on Sunday.
    Poyet acknowledged his side needed to raise their game after the interval, and was happy they saw off a spirited display from Graham Kavanagh’s team.
    “It’s always difficult because if you don’t score two or three goals, you know that at any time the opposition can create a chance,” the manager said.  as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Judi</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    “I was expecting to score goals today, luckily we got three so I’m happy to win and get through to the next round.”
    “It was a professional win,” he added.
    Source http://indo11.com

  • ravysok7

    Barcelona linked to Diego Milito
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,that Barcelona are weighing up January bid for Inter Milan star Diego Milito.
    It is no secret Gerardo Martino is looking to sign an out-and-out striker in the winter who would offer the team a new dimension in attack.
    As a result, the Catalans have been linked with a number of players, but El Mundo Deportivo understands that Diego Milito is the number one name on their hit-list.
    It is believed the experienced striker would establish a good understanding with superstar Lionel Messi having played alongside him in the national team. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    On top of that, the 34-year-old’s deal at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is due to expire in June, meaning he could be signed for a nominal fee in January.
    Source  http:// indo11.com

  • ravysok7

    Bayern join chase for Cuadrado
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,that Bayern are set to challenge Juventus for the signature of Fiorentina full-back Juan Cuadrado.
    The Colombian winger has been in scintillating form over the last year or so and his impressive performances did not go unnoticed.
    After Juventus expressed their interest to sign the highly rated footballer, Bayern Munich seem to have joined the race as well.
    The 25-year-old arrived in Italian Serie A in the summer of 2009 as he joined Udinese from Medellin and he in turn enjoyed two very successful loan spells with Lecce and Fiorentina.
    Viola went on to acquire the player on co-ownership basis in June, meaning any interested sides will have to negotiate with both them and Udinese. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    Given that Cuadrado has quickly developed into a key player at Artemio Franchi, Fiorentina are unlikely to be keen on selling the full-back, but that doesn’t seem to have put off either Bayern or Juventus.
    Source  http:// indo11.com

  • ravysok7

    European giants battle for Vrsaljko
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,A number of Europe’s top sides are showing interest in Genoa full-back Sime Vrsaljko, according to Il Secolo XIX.
    The 21-year-old only joined the Rossoblu this summer, but he has already been linked with a move away from the club.
    Namely, it is believed Arsenal are readying bid for the Croatian defender as they prepare for life without Bacary Sagna, but the Gunners are certainly not the only contenders for the player’s signature.
    Il Secolo XIX reports that Napoli and Inter Milan are also expected to submit official proposals come January transfer window.
    As things stand now, Genoa won’t be able to keep hold of their prized asset, but they will rather be forced to sell him to the highest bidder. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    The Rossoblu are having another disappointing season and given they currently sit mere three points above the bottom three.
    Source  http:// indo11.com

  • ravysok7

    Tottenham Pertahankan Lamela
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> City Holiday – Seperti ditegaskan manajer Tim Sherwood, Tottenham Hotspur tak berencana melepas Erik Lamela pada jendela transfer bulan ini.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>, Lamela belum menunjukkan sinarnya di White Hart Lane usai diangkut dari AS Roma seharga £25,5 juta. Sejauh ini ia baru main tiga kali sebagai starter di Liga Primer Inggris.
    Rumor pun mengait-ngaitkannya dengan kemungkinan kembali ke Serie A Italia di bursa Januari ini dengan status pinjaman. Tapi Sherwood memastikan penyerang muda Argentina itu tak akan pergi.
    “Ia memiliki masa depan cerah di sini, tentu saja,” ucapnya.
    “Dia tak akan pergi dengan status pinjaman pada jendela transfer ini.”
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  • ry chard

    Pellegrini Belum Coret United
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> City Holiday – Arsitek Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini, tetap menolak menghapus Manchester United dari persaingan menuju titel jawara Liga Primer Inggris kendati sang rival tengah dilanda krisis hasil.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>, Setan Merah, yang baru menelan tiga kekalahan beruntun di semua kompetisi, saat ini tertahan di peringkat ketujuh liga, ketinggalan 11 angka dari pucuk klasemen milik Arsenal dan sepuluh poin dari City d
    Meski begitu, menurut Pellegrini, United tetap tak boleh diabaikan begitu saja.
    “Tentu saja, rival-rival utama saat ini adalah tim-tim yang berada sangat dekat dengan tim kami,” ujarnya.
    “Arsenal, yang berada di puncak, satu poin di atas kami, dan Chelsea, yang tertinggal satu angka dari kami.”
    “Tetapi saya amat yakin Manchester United akan terus berjuang sampai akhir karena mereka terbiasa melakukannya. Selain itu, saya pikir Liverpool dan Everton juga akan terus berjuang sampai akhir. Mereka telah tampil sangat baik.”
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  • Bonucci Inginkan Scudetto & Trofi Piala Dunia
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> City Holiday – Palang pintu Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci, punya ambisi besar di tahun 2014 ini.
    Berita yang diringkas agen bola <a href=”cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>, Selain kembali menjuarai Serie A Italia dengan Bianconeri, Bonucci juga ingin merengkuh puncak prestasi di level internasional dengan merengkuh trofi Piala Dunia bersama Italia.
    “Tentu saja saya ingin serakah, karena saya menginginkan scudetto dengan seragam Juventus,” ujarnya.
    “Setelahnya saya ingin menjadi protagonis dan memenangi Piala Dunia dengan seragam tim nasional.”
    Dalam kesempatan yang sama, pemain 26 tahun ini juga mengutarakan harapannya untuk terus membela Si Hitam-Putih hingga ujung kariernya, kecuali jasanya memang tak dibutuhkan lagi oleh klub.
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  • Diarra targeting first-team return
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,West Ham midfielder Alou Diarra is hoping to return to the first team after recovering from a knee ligament injury.
    The 32-year-old injured his knee in a 2-1 League Cup win over Cheltenham Town on August 27 and it was initially feared that he would have to sit out the entire season.
    The France international has recovered surprisingly quickly, though, and was able to play 90 minutes in a friendly against Gillingham on Tuesday.
    He is hoping to continue his speedy progression and may even make his comeback in West Ham’s home clash with Chelsea on November 23.
    “I am happy to now be doing my job, playing football, and my recovery has been amazingly quick,” Diarra told the club’s official website.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    “I am surprised, like everybody, but we’ve taken our time and worked hard together and my knee is steady and I can play.
    “I played 90 minutes in the game on Tuesday against Gillingham and I think this was my last test. Now, I think I am available for the first team and hopefully I will train hard to have a chance to play with West Ham.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • Greece evens to keep seventh clean sheet on the bounce
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Rock-solid Greece face Romania this evening in the first leg of the 2014 World Cup qualifying play-offs looking to create an advantage before Tuesday’s return match in Bucarest.
    And given the team’s impressive defensive record of late, nobody is surprised that boss Fernando Santos is looking to pay special attention to the defensive phase of the game in the Romania clash.
    “The team made history at Euro 2004 by concentrating on the defensive side of the game. An identity like that is not easy to change,” Santos told FIFA.com.
    “We’ve tried to play a different way, by pressing more and being a little more aggressive, but really we only managed to change at certain times.
    “Then we slipped back into our comfort zone, our defensive strength. It has its advantages, because we concede very few goals, but obviously it makes things more difficult when we try and attack.”as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>
    Given that Ethniki haven’t conceded a single goal in last six fixtures, there is a big value in backing the trend to continue at 1/1. Meanwhile, they are the same price to emerge victorious in the first leg and2/3 to qualify for the World Cup.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • Liverpool eyeing Dennis Aogo
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Liverpool are weighing up move for Hamburg defender Dennis Aogo, according to German daily Bild.
    The Reds have been alerted of the player’s potential and they are reportedly looking to lure him to Anfield.
    And with the defender likely to be available for mere £2.5 million, the Reds are expected to try and wrap up the deal in the January window.
    The 26-year-old has managed to kick-start his career while on loan at Schalke, and the Miners have the option to turn his loan deal into permanent move at the end of the season.
    However, the transfer will fall through if Aogo fails to agree personal terms with the Bundesliga side, meaning that Liverpool can still snatch the defender from under Schalke’s noses.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    The Miners have recovered well from the slow start to the season, winning four of last five matches, and they are available at 9/10 to achieve a top 4 finish.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • chamroeunmata

    Pepe eyes Juventus comeback
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Simone Pepe is determined to overcome his injury hell and return to the first-team fold at Juventus.
    The 30-year-old Italy international suffered a serious thigh injury in 2012 and has been frustrated in his bid to regain full fitness.
    Having been limited to just one appearance since the start of last season, as a substitute against Lazio on November 17 2012, he admits there were times when he doubted his ability to play again.
    “It’s been hard. To go a year without playing, for someone who is a footballer, is a horrible thing,” Pepe told.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    “I’ve been away from the field of play for 362 days, but I’ve only been missing from the Vinovo training complex on the days when I needed scans.
    “I can’t think of quitting, though, as there is still a great desire. I did have doubts, I can’t deny that, but now there is a good chance that I will return.”
    Pepe has not set a date for his return, but is optimistic he will soon be available to Juventus.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • thonmey

    Celtic´s Lustig set to miss four months
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Celtic defender Mikael Lustig faces a four-month injury lay-off with a hip injury, having undergone surgery this week.
    The Sweden international has featured 26 times for the club in all competitions this season but is expected to return to action in March or April.
    Manager Neil Lennon confirmed the news on Friday while revealing that the 27-year-old had been forced to play through the pain before going under the knife this week.
    “Lustig had surgery, (and will be out for) four months,” Lennon said. “He had both hips done, so the procedure was a bit more in-depth than first thought.
    “We are hoping he will be back March/April time but he had a lot of work done which makes his recent performances even more remarkable.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    “His movement was restricted and he was in a lot of pain after games so it needed doing. So hopefully he will come back an even better player which will be brilliant for us.”
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • chanhengmey1

    Messi blasts Barca official
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Barcelona star Lionel Messi has slammed the club’s vice-president and insisted he has not asked for a new contract.
    Messi, winner of the Ballon d’Or for the past four years, is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury.
    The 26-year-old Argentinian signed a five-year contract in February, but is allegedly not the highest earner after Neymar joined in the close-season.
    Stories emanating from Spain had suggested that Messi wanted a new deal, but the player has completely refuted those claims.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    And he also blasted vice-president Javier Faus, who publicly questioned whether he deserved a new deal earlier this month.
    “Mr Faus is a person who knows nothing about football and wants to run the club like a business, and it is not,” Messi told Catalan radio station Rac1.
    “Barcelona is one of the biggest teams in the world and should be represented by the best leaders also.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • chanhengmey1

    Napoli linked to Zouma, N’Koulou
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Napoli are keeping close tabs on Ligue 1 stars Kurt Zouma and Nicolas N’Koulou, according to Il Corriere dello Sport.
    The Azzurri are determined to sign a central defender among other players in January and they have been linked with a host of footballers from top European leagues.
    But, while their interest in Daniel Agger seems to have cooled off, Napoli are still keen on Saint Etienne starlet Kurt Zouma.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    The Azzurri could be making a move on the 19-year-old as early as January, even though the youngster was recently slapped with a ten-match ban for breaking an opponent’s leg.
    Meanwhile, they are also showing interest in Marseille stopper Nicolas N’Koulou, who is clearly nearing a move away from the club.
    The latest reports are enough to suggest Napoli have turned to more realistic targets and no doubts both Zouma and N’Koulou would be tempted with a switch to Stadio San Paolo.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • chanhengmey1

    Phillips poised for January Palace exit
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Veteran striker Kevin Phillips will leave Crystal Palace in January in search of a club closer to his Midlands home.
    The 40-year-old is yet to feature for new Palace manager Tony Pulis, who took charge last month, and has held talks with the Welshman to confirm his exit next month in search of regular first-team action in what he has said will be the final season of his career.
    Phillips is assured of a place in Palace folklore after scoring the only goal from the penalty spot in last season’s Championship play-off final against Watford.
    But the former Wolves, West Brom, Birmingham City and Sunderland forward knows that it is the right time to move on.as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    Phillips, who joined Palace on loan from Blackpool last term before penning a one-year deal, confirmed to: “I’ve had a chat with the manager and I will be leaving in January.
    “I’ve been travelling for nearly two and a half years and I want to find a club nearer home and I want to be playing football for the last three or four months of my career.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • chanhengmey1

    Redknapp slams Villas-Boas´ signings
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,Andre Villas-Boas has nobody to blame but himself for his sacking at Tottenham, according to predecessor Harry Redknapp.
    Villas-Boas was dismissed by the club on Monday following a 5-0 defeat to Liverpool at White Hart Lane a day earlier, with Spurs seventh in the Premier League.
    QPR manager Redknapp believes Villas-Boas’ player recruitment, following the sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid in September, has ultimately cost him his job.
    “You can’t blame the club, with the amount of money they’ve spent on players,” he said.
    “Unfortunately (Villas-Boas) bought a lot of players in that haven’t improved the team.
    “Whether he bought them or the sporting director did, who knows what goes on.
    “They haven’t improved the team enough. But they still have enough quality to finish in the top four.”as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Indo Eleven</a></b>.
    Redknapp, who spent four years at the club and reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, has been linked with a return to White Hart Lane.
    However, he dismissed the speculation, and urged the Tottenham board to consider caretaker boss Tim Sherwood.
    Sourcehttp:// indo11.com

  • thonmey

    Ancelotti hopes Real Madrid can do well forever
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Carlo Ancelotti, a manager of Real Madrid, wishes that his side can play all the game as the same standard after their 3-0 win over Atletico Madrid.
    Pepe, Jese Rodriguez and Angel Di Maria are the scorers to help Real Madrid win over opponent.
    The victory makes the manager feels very happy about his side’s performance and effort and hopes that the club will do well forever, as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Judi</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

  • Van Buyten Ingin Bertahan Di Bayern Munchen
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> City Holiday – Bek tengah Bayern Munich Daniel Van Buyten menyatakan dirinya ingin meneken kontrak baru dengan klub, meski ia hingga kini belum ditawari.
    Agen bola <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a> Terpercaya – Van Buyten menyebut tidak ada klub yang lebih baik dari Bayern di dunia. Meski begitu, ia tidak kecewa dengan belum jelasnya masa depan dirinya di Allianz Arena karena belum adanya tawaran kontrak baru.
    Van Buyten menegaskan dirinya tidak akan meneken kontrak dengan klub lain sebelum berbicara lebih dulu dengan Bayern.
    “Kalau Anda pemain Bayern Munich, tentunya Anda ingin bertahan menjadi pemain Bayern Munich,” ujar van Buyten.
    “Tidak masalah [saya belum mendapat tawaran]. Tidak ada yang berubah buat saya, dan saya tidak ingin meneken kontrak dengan klub lain tanpa berbicara lebih dulu dengan Bayern. Bayern tahu di mana saya, dan bagaimana kondisi saya.”
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  • gga0385

    Muller unaware of Barcelona offer
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>Agen Bola</a> terpercaya Cityholidaybet.com reported – Bayern Munich attacker Thomas Muller has made it clear that he is unaware of any potential offers for him amid rumours linking the 24-year-old with a move to Barcelona at the end of the season.
    The Spanish champions allegedly see Muller as the ideal addition to their squad, with club president Josep Bartomeu already having sanctioned a summer transfer.
    Nevertheless, Muller has insisted no official bid has been made for his services.
    “Has an offer been made for me? I don’t think Bayern would be able to confirm an offer came in and I cannot add anything about it either,” As reported by  
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>.
    “I heard about the article saying Barcelona want me. I can imagine that my agent has received a few approaches for me over the past few years, but that does not automatically mean there’s serious interest.”
    However, the Germany international hinted that he is happy to stay at Bayern even if an offer from abroad came in as he is keen to win more silverware with the Allianz Arena side.
    Muller has a contract with Bayern until the summer of 2017.
    Source  http://cityholidaybet.com/

  • dda0385

    Alexis : I want to emulate Ronaldo
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>Agen Bola</a> terpercaya Cityholidaybet.com reported – Barcelona attacker Alexis Sanchez has voiced his admiration for Ronaldo and dreams of emulating the former Brazil star at Camp Nou.
    The 37-year-old enjoyed a successful one-season spell at Barcelona in 1996-97 as he netted 34 goals in 37 La Liga appearances, while also winning the Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana and Cup Winners’ Cup with the Catalans.
    And Alexis is keen to follow in the footsteps of his idol.
    “They told me the numbers that were available at Barca when I came here. As I am a great admirer of the Brazilian Ronaldo,  I wanted to wear the same number,” As reported by  
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>.
    “He wore number 9 here and was very successful, so I wanted to emulate him.”
    The 25-year-old has been a key figure for Barcelona this season, scoring 15 goals in 21 league games so far.
    Source  http://cityholidaybet.com/

  • Diego Costa : I can do much more for Spain
    <a herf=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> terpercaya Cityholidaybet.com reported – Diego Costa insists he can do a lot more for Spain after a fruitless first display for his adopted nation.
    All attention was on the Brazilian-born striker as he lined up for Vicente Del Bosque’s side for the first time, but the limelight was stolen by his Barcelona rival Pedro, who netted the only goal of the game to beat Cesare Prandelli’s men.
    Costa, though, said he was delighted to have represented la Roja and insists this is only the beginning of his journey with the national side.
    “I am very happy to have made my debut with the team and to have won the game,” As reported by <a herf=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>..
    “I’ll keep doing my job at Atletico to have chances to be in the team. I know the first game isn’t easy. I’m happy, but I know I can give much more.”
    Spain have two more friendlies against Bolivia and El Salvador before their opening World Cup match against Netherlands.
    Source  http://cityholidaybet.com/

  • Januzaj Punya Tiga Pemain Idola
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a herf=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> City Holiday – Seperti para pemain sepakbola lainnya yang mempunyai sosok panutan, Adnan Januzaj juga punya pemain yang menjadi idolanya. Pemain Manchester United ini punya tiga pemain idola saat dirinya masih kecil.
    <a herf=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>City Holiday</a>.Terpercaya – Saat tentang ditanya tentang siapa para pemain idolanya, Januzaj menjawabnya situs resmi klub.
    “Saat saya kecil saya selalu menonton para pemain besar dan pemain tenar. Saya suka menonton Zinedine Zidane, Juan Roman Riquelme dan Kaka. Sulit memilih satu pemain namun saya selalu melihat mereka semua dan suka dengan cara mereka bermain,” ujar Januzaj.
    “Zidane, Riquelme dan Kaka semua pemilik nomor 10 dan mereka tipe pemain yang saya kagumi. Saya memainkan peran pemain nomor 10 saat melawan Norwich City di Capital One Cup sebelumnya dan saya sangat menikmatinya. Namun saya juga bisa bermain di sayap dan saya terbiasa bermain di posisi itu.”
    Januzaj sendiri berhasil menembus tim inti United di musim ini. Sampai sejauh ini ia sudah mencetak tiga gol dari 27 laga di semua ajang kompetisi.
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  • gga0385

    Adrian Clarke Eks Gunners Minta Arsenal Waspadai Adebayor
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>agen bola</a> – mantan pemain The Gunners Adrian Clarke meminta mantan timnya agar mewaspadai striker Emmanuel Adebayor. Menurutnya Adebayor adalah pemain berbahaya yang bisa menyulitkan Arsenal.
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>city holiday</a>  Terpercaya – Pemain asal Togo itu saat ini menjadi andalan Tim Sherwood di lini depan Spurs untuk urusan menjebol gawang lawan. Statistik gol Adebayor di Premier League memang cukup bagus. Dari 14 laga ia bisa mencetak delapan gol.
    “Dia mempunyai musim yang bagus. Dia akan menjadi pemain yang harus diwaspadai Arsenal. Arsenal pasti sudah tahu saat dia on fire dia adalah pemain berbahaya. Dia orang yang berbahaya,” ujarnya
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  • Marquez : Lorenzo Mungkin Punya Dendam
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>
    agen bola</a> City Holiday – Pebalap Repsol Honda, Marc Marquez berpendapat rival beratnya, Jorge Lorenzo mungkin merasakan dendam tersendiri soal gelar dunia MotoGP yang ia rebut tahun lalu.
    <a href=”http://cityholidaybet.com”>
    Agen bola</a> City Holiday Terpercaya – Marquez yang menjalani pertarungan sengit dengan Lorenzo sepanjang musim lalu, sukses merebut gelar dengan koleksi enam kemenangan, dibanding Lorenzo yang meraih lebih banyak kemenangan (delapan).
    “Soal Jorge iri atau dendam pada saya soal musim 2013, saya tak terlalu tahu. Tapi membayangkan saya mengambil alih ‘tempatnya’, mungkin ia memang merasa marah pada saya,” ujar Marquez.
    Berkat gelar dunia ini pula, Marquez dinominasikan dalam kategori Breakthrough of The Year dalam Laureus World Sport Awards di Malaysia, Rabu (26/3).
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  • Carvajal: optimistic about Real’s next game
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Daniel Carvajal claims Real Madrid will not sit on their 3-0 first-leg lead when they face Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League. The goals come from Gareth Bale, Isco and Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Carvajal feels defensive solidity will be crucial if Real is to reach the semi-finals, but is also hoping his team can add to their aggregate lead. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    He said: “It’s a very important match and we’ll approach it with verve and the intention of winning to get to the semi-finals” as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    Carvajal is expecting a stern test this time around as Lewandowski returns from suspension. He added: “This is practically a final. The lead from the first leg is big, but not conclusive. They are going to come out and give their all and we are going to try and win and not speculate.’’
    Source http://indo11.com

  • Gasperini: Genoa not deserve to lose
    <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Genoa coach Gian Piero Gasperini said his side did not deserve to go down to AC Milan in their Serie A clash on Monday. His team lost AC Milan 2-1.
    He said: “I think we made one mistake in each half and little else wrong. They were two errors in the context of a game we played very well, though we lacked the finishing necessary. It’s rare to face Milan with this quality and create so many scoring opportunities.’’ as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    He added: “In terms of performance, we deserved more against Milan and Juventus among others. This is the type of football we want to play and the result had little to do with the performance. as reported by <b><a href=”http://indo11.com”>Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Milan pounced on our errors but over the 90 minutes I really struggle to find anything Kaka and (Giampaolo) Pazzini did to affect the game. They are champions but we made life extremely difficult for them.’’
    Source http://indo11.com

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  • ravysok7

    Pep: Saya Masih Ingin di Bayern Dua Tahun Lagi
    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari <a href=http://cityholidaybet.com ><b>agen bola</b></a> City Holiday – Pep Guardiola menjadi salah satu nama yang disebut-sebut pantas menggantikan David Moyes sebagai manajer Manchester United.
    <a href=http://cityholidaybet.com ><b>agen bola</b></a> City Holiday Terpercaya – Pemecatan Moyes kemudian memunculkan spekulasi soal siapa-siapa saja yang berpotensi menggantikan posisi pria asal Skotlandia itu di kursi manajer United. 
    Guardiola menjadi salah satunya.
    Tapi, Guardiola menarik diri dari spekulasi itu. Dia tak punya niat untuk meninggalkan Allianz Arena.
    “Saya di sini di Bayern dan saya ingin bertahan dua tahun lagi,” ujar Guardiola.
    “Saya merasa Bayern sekarang adalah tim saya, tapi saya rasa kami bisa bermain lebih baik, kami bisa meningkat dan saya pikir kami masih punya pekerjaan rumah”. 
    “Saya nyaman di sini,” lanjut mantan pelatih Barcelona itu.
    Guardiola baru mulai menangani Bayern di awal musim ini. Pria berkebangsaan Spanyol itu terikat kontrak sampai 2016.
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  • quess124

    Podolski menegaskan Jerman ke Brasil untuk juara
    <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Indo11.com melaporkan, Jerman mempunyai target tinggi di ajang Piala Dunia 2014. Lukas Podolski pun menegaskan bahwa Die Mannschaft ke Brasil dengan mengusung target juara.
    Di Piala Dunia 2006 dan 2010, Jerman berhasil menempati peringkat ketiga. Sementara di ajang Piala Eropa 2008, Jerman menjadi runner-up usai kalah dari Spanyol. Sedangkan di Polandia-Ukraina dua tahun lalu, Jerman hanya berhasil menjejak ke babak empat besar.
    “Itu tidaklah mudah, tapi saya pikir kami mempunyai tim yang kuat, dan kami ingin lolos dari grup ini dan memainkan Piala Dunia yang bagus, Kami ingin berjuang untuk juara,” kata Podolski.
    “Ini selalu tak mudah karena orang-orang berpikir ‘Jerman pergi ke Brasil dan memenangi titel juara’. Semua orang berpikir itu bisa dicapai, (tapi) Anda mendapati semua tim mempunyai keinginan yang sama -terutama tim asal Amerika selatan, yang merupakan tim kuat,” imbuhnya.

  • dda0385

    Neuer: I could play outfield

    <a href=http://cityholidaybet.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer believes his ability with the ball at his feet is that good he could even play outfield.
    The 28-year-old was handed Fifa’s Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper of the tournament as he helped Germany to World Cup glory in Brazil last summer and has continued his fine form into the Bundesliga season, conceding just twice in eight games.
    And while he has no plans to leave his line permanently, Neuer is adamant he could have a career in another position, albeit at a lower level.
    “Probably the fourth tier, so the Regionalliga in Germany. That’s about where I could realistically see myself playing [as an outfield player],” he told Fifa.com
    “Sometimes [at training] we practise our positional play with seven against three, so I occasionally play an outfield role then.“