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New SEO Rules: How to Keep Google Happy

By: Tara Geissinger | April 25, 2013 | 

Google Penguin & PandaIt’s not breaking news Google has been changing things lately.

A lot. About once a month, in fact.

The old ways of optimizing websites and content for search engine optimization are no longer as effective.

Google has changed it up, and today there are new rules we all should follow.

Personally? I think it’s for the better!

The Way We Were

A few years ago, SEO was fairly simple.

If you wanted your website to rank for the term “Atlanta pest control,” you would:

  1. Optimize your website for that term; and
  2. Publish content (articles, news releases, etc.) around the web with links back to your website embedded in those keywords.

The concept and theory was simple. If the links to your web pages were embedded in specific keywords, Google would realize the page on the other end was relevant to that keyword. These contextual cues pushed your pages up higher in the search engine rankings for those keyword terms.

It was so easy — yet in most cases, your competition wasn’t even doing it. Once you knew what to do, it was like unlocking a secret door leading to a room full of qualified customers.

It became easy for businesses to single-handedly push their sites to the top of the search engines — and that defies the original purpose at Google from it’s beginning.

In short, their goal is, and has always been, to display the most relevant, useful, and popular content at the top of the search results. And while the “relevant” part is determined by the content on the page, and the “useful” part is partially determined by the number of links, the “popular” part needs to be determined by people — and that’s what’s driving the changes.

Pandas and Penguins = Big Changes

Links are a “footprint” in a sense. When people are talking about (linking to) information on a webpage, this is an indicator of the “usefulness and popularity” of a page. But because site owners can produce their own content and link back to it, search engines needed a way to determine natural links from self-generated links.

Recent updates to the Google algorithm look for “unnatural” linking profiles. One effective ways to do this was to evaluate the text in which the link was embedded. It’s highly unlikely the majority of a bunch of random people would just so happen to embed your link neatly into a keyword like “Atlanta pest control.”

In fact, continuing to approach your SEO like this could result in penalties from Google for being a “spammy” marketer. I know I’m not the only one who feels panicked at the idea of being blacklisted by Google!

Here are a few things you can do to follow the new SEO rules, correct old content, and ensure new content gets the green light from Google:

1) Edit your old links. If you have existing articles, news releases, and other types of user-generated content you can edit, now is the perfect time to go back to those pieces and change your linking strategy. Use the Google Keyword Tool (or whatever method you prefer) to identify several keywords or phrases you can target. Change the links in these old documents so they are varied. Linking to your website (or each other) using relevant, but different, phrases.

2) Write new content for the reader, not Google. If content wasn’t king before, it most certainly is now that companies such as Coca-Cola and Ben & Jerry’s are embracing the concept of content marketing. What does this mean for you? With millions and millions of pieces of content being published daily, your content needs to stand out! The best way to do this is to speak directly to your reader.

What types of issues are your customers struggling with? What are the most common questions you field every day? Writers who selflessly answer questions, provide free information, and are genuine online are typically the ones who see their influence grow.

3) Link outside the box. Besides the “obvious” places such as directories and article and news release distribution, where else can you publish content and get links back to your site? One solution is exactly what I’ve done here today: Guest blogging. Find blogs that are relevant to your industry or your target audience and get to know the authors. When you have a topic that you think their readers would like, pitch it!

According to a recent article in Search Engine Watch, links from social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, or Facebook should also play a part in your current link building strategy. These links come from trusted sources and have the potential to be shared with millions of readers. While the direct effect of these links can be difficult to measure, their potential is undeniable.

Producing quality, engaging and share-worthy content is key to online visibility. But, link building is still very relevant when it comes to rankings! How are you using link building strategies to boost your visibility? Have you changed your strategies based on the Google changes?

About Tara Geissinger

Tara Geissinger is an SEO and content marketing expert by day and triplet mom by night. As co-owner of the online visibility firm, SEO Content Solutions, and online news release distribution firm, Online PR Media, Tara has helped thousands of businesses get more visibility online. From helping Macy's optimize their product descriptions to working behind-the-scenes with some of the largest SEO and marketing firms in the world, she is one of the best kept secrets in the online marketing niche.


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Taarabt responded angrily, suggesting Redknapp rarely takes training, a claim that the QPR boss strongly denied in a press conference on Saturday.

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Pique: I want to retire at Barcelona

<a href=http://cityholidaybet.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Gerard Pique has dismissed talk that he is unhappy at Barcelona, insisting he wants to retire at Camp Nou.

Recent reports had suggested that Manchester United are lining up a €25 million move for the centre-back, who spent four frustrating years at Old Trafford before returning to Catalunya in 2008 to play a key role in Pep Guardiola's all-conquering Barcelona side.

But despite being criticised in some quarters for his performances at Camp Nou this season and flattered by the transfer speculation, Pique is adamant that he has no desire to leave his boyhood club and go back to England.

"I was really happy and left a lot of friends [in Manchester], even if I didn't play as much as I'd wanted, but I've always said I want to stay here all my career and retire at Barcelona," he told reporters.


Donaire Pede Hadapi Walters

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Namun, lanjut Donaire, dirinya akan bertarung dengan lebih bagus dari petinju berkebangsaan Jamaika tersebut.

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Donaire, yang baru dua kali berlaga di kelas bulu, menerangkan jika tidak memiliki masalah dengan batas bobot kelas bulu, 57,2kg (126pon).

Tingkat kepercayaan diri Donaire dalam menyambut laga untuk gelar dunia itu sendiri sedang bagus-bagusnya. Dia sukses menaklukkan juara WBA Super sebelumnya, Simpiwe Vetyeka akhir Mei lalu, setelah menghentikan Vic Darchinyan dalam duel ulang yang berlangsung November tahun lalu.


Pelatih Cavs Buat LeBron James Penasaran

<a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Tujuan LeBron James ke Cleveland Cavaliers tidak hanya bisa berkumpul dengan keluarga, ternyata ada hal lain yang membuatnya tergerak untuk kembali ke tim yang pernah membesarkan namanya tersebut.

Sosok David Blatt adalah salah satu rencana di balik kepergian LeBron dari Miami Heat pada musim 2014-2015. Peraih MVP empat kali itu mengaku mempunyai kesempatan untuk mengenal pelatih Cavaliers.

"Keberadaan Blatt di Cavaliers mungkin bukan bagian dari proses saya datang kembali. Tapi di satu sisi, saya sangat bersemangat untuk mengenal dia lebih jauh dan bisa mengenal karakternya," kata LeBron.

Pada hari ini, Cavaliers dijadwalkan bakal menjalani laga eksibisi melawan mantan klub Blatt, yakni Maccabi Tel Aviv. Pelatih yang telah angkat kaki pada Juni lalu pernah mempunyai prestasi mengesankan di sana.

Blatt pernah mengantarkan tim itu keluar sebagai juara sebanyak dua kali, yakni Liga Israel dan kejuaraan liga Israel pada 2014. Sebelumnya, dia berhasil merebut medali emas saat membesut tim Rusia di Kejuaraan Bola Basket Eropa pada 2007 lalu. Itulah yang membuat mantan penggawa Miami Heat ini penasaran dengan sosok Blatt.


Torres Tak Dendam dengan Mourinho

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El Nino dilepas dengan status pinjaman selama dua musim ke AC Milan. Namun dengan kontraknya di Stamford Bridge cuma tersisa dua tahun lagi, Rossoneri praktis bisa menggaetnya dengan gratis saat masa peminjaman Torres usai nanti.

Dan Torres mengaku tak punya dendam ataupun perasaan buruk pada Mourinho meski ditendang dari skuad The Blues. Bahkan ia mengaku pergi dari Premier League sebagai pemain yang lebih baik semua berkat tangan dingin Mourinho.

"Hubungan saya dengan Jose selalu sangat bagus, sangat profesional. Bersamanya, saya sudah belajar banyak. Saya punya kesempatan bekerja dengan manajer yang mengagumkan, dan Anda tak pernah tahu apakah kami bakal bersua lagi di masa depan. Jadi untuk sekarang, saya mendoakannya yang terbaik," tegasnya.


Rooney Mengerti dengan Keputusan Welbeck

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Kepindahan striker Inggris itu ke The Gunners baru dipastikan menjelang penutupan bursa transfer, menyusul defisit penyerang yang tengah dialami oleh tim asuhan Arsene Wenger.

"Sudah pasti, waktu akan menjawab (apakah Welbeck bakal sukses di Arsenal). Namun itu adalah kepindahan yang bagus untuk Danny," tutur Rooney.

"Semuanya sulit, karena ia tidak bermain sepanjang waktu bersama Manchester United, jadi ia harus membuat keputusan dan ia kemudian memilih untuk pergi. Kami akan merindukan dirinya di ruang ganti. Ia adalah teman yang hebat, jadi kami akan merindukannya. Namun saya mengharap ia akan sukses," pungkasnya.


Chamberlain Akan Segera Pulih Demi Piala Dunia
Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Indo11.com – Pelatih tim nasional Inggris, Roy Hodgson optimis bahwa Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain akan kembali masuk ke skuad Piala Dunia Inggris meskipun saat ini sedang berjuang dengan cedera lutut.
Bintang Arsenal ini mengalami cedera lutut saat Inggris bermain imbang 2-2 dengan Ekuador di Miami pada pekan lalu.
Sementara itu, ada beberapa kabar yang mengatakan bahwa pemain berusia 20 tahun ini dapat absen selama tiga pekan.
“Kami akan melakukan apa saja yang kami dapat lakukan untuk memulihkannya,” kata Hodgson.
“Tim medis kami optimis dan dia [Chamberlain] juga optimis,”
“Kami tidak dapat mengatakan kepastian dia akan pulih, tapi yang jelas dia akan mendapatkan perawatan yang terbaik,”
Inggris akan membuka laga perdananya di Piala Dunia melawan Italia pada 14 Juni mendatang.


Kapten Rusia Tidak Bisa Ikut Piala Dunia
Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari <a href=http://indo11.com/><b>Agen Bola</b></a> Indo11.com – Kapten tim nasional Rusia, Roma Shirokov dipastikan absen pada Piala Dunia 2014 Brasil karena mengalami cedera Achilles.
Pemain berusia 32 tahun ini tidak menjadi bagian dari Rusia dalam tiga pertandingan pemanasan sebelum Piala Dunia.
“Shirokov akan terbang ke Finlandia untuk melakukan operasi,” kata Fabio Capello.
“Shirkov memiliki peran penting dalam tim, tapi sekarang pemain lainnya memiliki kesempatan untuk menunjukan bahwa mereka bisa,”
“Mogilevets akan menggantikan Shirokov dalam skuad kami tapi kami tetap memiliki waktu sebelum 15 Juni untuk membuat pergantian terakhir skuad,”



Poyet: Sunderland must try its best in the next game

<b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Following Sunderland’s loss 5-1 to Tottenham, Poyet believes his Sunderland side needs a "miracle" to stay in the Premier League. Emmanuel Adebayor scored twice and Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Gylfi Sigurdsson also got one goal each.

A fourth consecutive top-flight defeat for Sunderland leaves them bottom of the table and seven points behind 17th-placed Norwich City. Sunderland still has to play with Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as Everton and Manchester United, but hopeless of winning. as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

He said: "It's very hard to take. I imagine how hard it is for the fans who travelled and everybody at the club. But there's no place to hide, I'm responsible because I'm in charge and I'll take full responsibility.” as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

He added: "(It is) definitely more difficult now. We need a miracle probably, something very unique. If not it's going to be practically impossible." 

Source http://indo11.com


Martin shows his disappointment towards Adams

<b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported,  Norwich City captain Russell Martin insists the club's players are "fully behind" new manager Neil Adams. Chris Hughton was sacked by Norwich on Sunday in the wake of a disappointing home defeat to West Brom.

Martin is keen to look forward with a crucial clash against fellow strugglers Fulham taking place on Saturday. Martin said: "There's always a tinge of disappointment when a manager is relieved of his duties because ultimately it means we haven't performed enough for them" as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

He added: "But we're now fully behind Neil Adams. It's an exciting appointment for the club. We're looking forward to it and getting right behind him as we go into a big game on Saturday and looking to win the game. as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

"As players you have to move on quickly, whether you win, lose or draw. We're all looking forward to Saturday - in effect it's probably one of the biggest games in the career of some of the lads in there.’’

Source http://indo11.com


Luiz Felipe Scolari: Spanish press trying to make Neymar less successful

<b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari claimed on Monday the Spanish press is orchestrating a campaign to try and destabilise Barcelona's Brazilian star Neymar ahead of this year's World Cup finals 

Scolari said stories about 22-year-old Neymar's diving to obtain penalties and controversy over his transfer last summer from Santos were all aimed at putting him off his game as Brazil prepared to host the global football showpiece in June. as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

He added: "Neymar's case is really simple, only those who close their eyes can't see it clearly for what it is. Neymar is often criticised by the Spanish press because it has a vested interest that he is not at his best at the World Cup. as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

"We know that he is good, that he is a star. He was the decisive factor in Barcelona's games against both Real Madrid and Espanyol. He unlocks a game. If he is considered the best player in the world it is because he deserves the accolade because he plays very well."

Source http://indo11.com


Distin wants Liverpool to win the title

<b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com reported, Everton defender Sylvain Distin would happily help Liverpool win the title if it means he can play in the UEFA Champions League. This will be the opposite of Everton fans. Liverpool sit two points clear at the top of the Premier League while Everton are one point off Arsenal in fourth.

Distin confirmed he would fight for victory If Everton knew a win on the final day of the season would see them qualify for the Champions League but also clinch the league title for Liverpool. He said: "We've spoken about it with some of the staff and said, 'what if we have to beat (Manchester) City to be in the Champions League but by doing that Liverpool wins the league?’’ as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

He added: "Personally I'd rather be in the Champions League. You can't miss a chance for that. It would be amazing for the city if both clubs made it. I think deep down both sets of fans would like it if both clubs were in it." as reported by <b><a href="http://indo11.com">Agen Bola</a></b> terpercaya indo11.com.

Everton will play Manchester City, who lie third but have two games in hand on both Liverpool and second-placed Chelsea.

Source http://indo11.com


Nice post, Tara, but a question:  directories?  Really?  I've read the heads long fell off the chopping block. One SEO I worked with pretty much freaked out when he heard of plans to submit to directories. What's your take?


Nice job Tara - great info, easy to read and understand.  Thank you so much!


Nice to read a post about SEO that reads like its by a normal person for normal people :) Working as I do with PR pro's on blogger outreach, I am increasingly seeing SEO consultants getting involved in these ethical, quality link building practices. In fact "link earning" seems to be the favoured buzzword at the moment.

ginidietrich moderator

Very good, solid tips here. I think your second point is the most important. I love to see how we can increase our own SEO through blog posts here, but I always write my content first, then I go into the keyword tool to see if I'm using the right phrase, then I write the headline, then I do the rest. It's a little backwards, but it always ensures I'm writing for humans and not the robots.

Liyya Mohammed Hassanali
Liyya Mohammed Hassanali

I think we've all felt that scare due to Google's changes, but I love that you explain how to go about making it right to stay within good standings! 


Great post, Tara. I just had a conversation with someone about the SEO value of social media links. It's hard for me to believe that Google would care much about a link in a tweet. If they did, wouldn't Twitter instantly fill up with spam? (that's what happened to blog comments back in the day) But obviously, social activity has benefits for actual humans! ...and that's the test. If it doesn't help a visitor, it's probably not super valuable to search engines, right?

 I'm a compulsive guest blogger. I love that it's relevant to both search and social. Guest blogging is super fun, especially when the site has an engaged community... like this one!


Guest blogging is quickly becoming such a solid way to get quality backlinks.. great job highlighting these changes and advising how to deal with them!


@HughAnderson Ironically this form of 'ethical' link building has always existed and always worked very well. Blogger Outreach for example.

However, it was always faster/cheaper to use tools like SeNuke and buy links from Blog Networks to increase rankings quickly.

After years of all talk and no trousers, Google seems to be finally acting on their best practice guides. The only downside is that this could give rise to Negative SEO, where you blast a competitor with loads of bad links from Bad Neighbourhoods.


@HughAnderson Love the idea of 'link earning!' How wonderful it would be if we all wrote content worthy of links! I think that's where social media really impacts link building -- the social proof that your content is being shared or +1'd says a lot about the quality.


@ginidietrich Not backwards at all! :) You're doing it 100% right -- and that's why we all come back day after day to read what you have to say!


@crestodinaExactly! I think that is the key here. There is no "easy" button when it comes to SEO. Google has always been very upfront about their goal -- to provide users with the most relevant search results. They may have fine-tuned their algorithm, but if you've been creating content instead of just noise, you'll be just fine! 


@adammbsmith That's an interesting take that I hadn't thought of. Using negative link-building as a weapon. Seriously unethical. And seriously damaging to reputation if caught so surely no-one would risk it?


@TaraGeissinger @HughAnderson @adammbsmith Ah, but the chances of getting caught are minimal if you know what you're doing *maniacal laughter*

... ahem.

But not to worry, because the reason people who are good at SEO don't bother with Negative SEO is that it's much more cost and time effective to just do good work on your own sites.

Also, your target would have to be a weak website for it to really have an impact.


@HughAnderson @adammbsmith I have heard other rumblings where people are concerned with the potential for competitors to use negative SEO -- but I haven't seen any examples of it yet. I agree, it would be a huge risk if you're caught!


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