Laura Petrolino

The Secrets to Becoming Part of the Spin Sucks Crazies

By: Laura Petrolino | December 3, 2014 | 

Spin Sucks CraziesBy Laura Petrolino

On the second day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… two secrets to become a Spin Sucks Crazy and the PR win of 2014.

Becoming a part of the Spin Sucks Crazies is no doubt on the 2015 list of many.

So today, we are going to help all of those “Crazies-in-Training” out there and share the two super special, hashtag-password-protected, secret handshake locked, ancient code hidden in a secret wall of an Egyptian tomb secrets to becoming a certified member of our team of Crazies.

You Must Have a Super Power

Now these aren’t just your typical, every day super powers, such as flying or super-sonic speed. Those are way too boring for our Crazies.

These are unique super powers, found nowhere else.

Some examples include:

  • Darryl Robinson-Keys can find a pun or alliteration out of almost any situation.
  • Danny Brown is a world famous teeth musician.
  • Superman might be faster than a speeding bullet, but Paula Kiger comments on every blog post at light speed.
  • Brian Tudor plans Spiderman’s social calendar.
  • Bill Dorman is an expert of paying for drinks that are free.
  • Liz Reusswig spreads a forcefield of “nice” everywhere she goes
  • The JackB lives a life of mystery and intrigue, while in his free time working as Dear Abby.
  • If Tolstoy was around to comment on blogs, he’d be constantly trying to emulate Howie Goldfarbwhose comments combine the art of longevity and ridiculousness to form, well, something…
  • Heather Tweedy seems mild mannered…until she pulls out her amazing hair-changing, avatar shape-shifting powers mid-comment thread.
  • Eden Spodek, among other things, is a magnificent meme maestro. Give her a topic and, like black magic, she’s give you a meme.
  • Rob Biesenbach leverages his handsome mug to distract and disorient comment spammers. Ever wonder while other blogs complain of spam and troll commenters we never do? Rob is the secret.
  • Corina Manea is one of the leaders of our European “Crazies Abroad” program, where she fights destructive spin overseas. 

As you can see we only accept extraordinary. Please take note when submitting your application for Craziness—average superpowers need not apply.

You Must Take the Pledge

(Note: If you film yourself taking the pledge you get brownie points)

I, (enter you name) do solemnly swear to do my part every day to fight the forces of destructive spin. I promise to read the Spin Sucks blog daily and with intention (exceptions made for family emergencies, natural disasters, and other pre-approved excuses), support my fellow Crazies, ask questions when I have them, and use the lessons of integrated, results-focused communications for good vs. evil.  While I might not always comment, or comment at all (we love our “phantom” Crazies too) I shall do my part to help transform the PR industry.

Then you must yell “Spin Sucks” as a cheer.

Spirit fingers required. Pom pom usage a definite bonus, along with any efforts to organize a parade, big band salute, or fireworks that explode to spell out “Spin Sucks” in the sky.

And that’s pretty much it.

We look forward to meeting and learning from our 2015 Spin Sucks Crazies Inductees. You all are what makes our world go round. Our very own PR and Marketing Pro Avenger Team.

You teach us daily, make us think, make us laugh, and make Spin Sucks what it is with your unique, amazing, and often ridiculous super powers.

And now we turn it over to the Crazies themselves: What additional tips do you all have for all those wanna-bes out there?

About Laura Petrolino

Laura Petrolino is the chief client officer at Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She also is a weekly contributor to the award-winning PR blog, Spin Sucks. Join the Spin Sucks   community.

  • My comment is simply this. I beat Paula in the comments today… YAY!

  • It may be worth noting that with his assortment of bright pants, @ is already halfway to full superhero outfit at all times.  #Prepared.

  • LSSocialEngage LOL!!

  • ginidietrich LSSocialEngage SIGHHHHH……… #LosingMyTouch

  • From my stance atop the Spinsucks soap-box, I would like to mention that this league of literal legends shares at least one common superpower (if not more), the power of “inclusivity”. 

    I’m going for brownie points (nothing to do with points from Danny Brown), and Youtubing that pledge later today! 

    Nicely done Laura Petrolino

  • “And that’s pretty much it.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Yes…Come join the Crazies!  If you’re reading this you definitely want/need/must take this pledge, shake the pom-poms and get in on the fun!!  My only advice…be you – it’s the best super power of all!  

    And, LauraPetrolino why is my nice in quotes? 😉

  • lizreusswig LauraPetrolino Liza said “shake the pom-poms”!!!!!

  • belllindsay Wheeler on the Spinsucks crazy bus go round round round……..

  • lizreusswig LauraPetrolino Liza…?? #ooops

  • biggreenpen ginidietrich LSSocialEngage On today of ALL DAYS, Paula!!

  • lizreusswig Being the season of naughty and nice, I bet Laura just wanted to make sure you could never be mistaken for having just a seasonal disorder as you are nice all year round 😉

  • Haha @howiegoldfarb and Tolstoy! Difference is with Howie you never could figure out his battle plan maneuvers of war and he always gives you a piece of his mind. He wins through magnificent confusion as you have no choice but to laugh your way to defeat 😉

  • Yay crazies!!! This is just all around fantastic.

  • HeatherTweedy Ha! Breaking out the red pants (okay, one of the pairs) tonight for the local PRSA/IABC holiday party!

  • Rule #1: always comment on post where you’re mentioned!

  • I have superpowers! First of all, I demand cake randomly and expect it to show up. I can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and have even written a blog post in which Gini loses to bacon. Also, I am awesome, so there you go!

  • Does it help if my excuse for not posting earlier was because I was IMing with belllindsay? 🙂 Rule #2 admit ginidietrich is the real Wonder Woman! And never underestimate the power of Pixelmator, Skitch and PicMonkey.

  • If you read the list from bottom up, I am the FIRST! Beat that! :))

  • You didn’t mention the hazing ritual. (Or is that secret?)

  • rosemaryoneill Shhhh…….

  • belllindsay biggreenpen ginidietrich LSSocialEngage Crazy, right?

  • I only have two things to say (for now): a) I have a carrier pigeon and I am not afraid to use it and b) I may have to write my own blog post about how to be a crazy #HehHehHeh

  • Oh no! Don’t scare them away! 😉

  • You really are AMAZING!

  • Love it! The Howie-Tolstoy thing was so heady on just one cup of coffee!

  • Yeah…I’ll answer to pretty much anything! Lol

  • @annelizhannan You really have the nice super power! xo

  • lizreusswig Thanks Liz! Coming from the nicest person here that’s a HUGE compliment.

  • biggreenpen Oh…you and your pigeon are big talkers…We better see a post now!

  • JodiEchakowitz

    You guys really are crazy… and now there’s a blog post to prove it! 😉

  • I submit to nothing- especially not for GERT!

  • biggreenpen belllindsay ginidietrich LSSocialEngage I’m so impressed Lubna! I don’t think I’ve ever beaten her!

  • RobBiesenbach HeatherTweedy This is an excellent point Heather. In fact, Rob is always prepared with proper uniform so to be able to jump to service and fight spin at a moment’s notice. His dedication is very impressive!

  • Digital_DRK Laura Petrolino Oh you better YouTube the pledge! It’s your duty! I have a big gold star waiting for you when you do!

    OH and..”brownie points (nothing to do with Danny Brown)” HAHAHAHAH!

  • belllindsay Simple for the superheroic out there. Filter out the weaklings from the start!

  • annelizhannan lizreusswig HAHAHAHAHA! Exactly!

  • LauraPetrolino HeatherTweedy I just need facepaint like that guy on my left.

  • LauraPetrolino biggreenpen belllindsay ginidietrich LSSocialEngage It’s okay, Laura, we all have our shortcomings (outweighed by our numerous #PetroPositives).

  • belllindsay lizreusswig LauraPetrolino Well Liza…it’s because nice (out of quotations) is just ordinary. You are superhero caliber “nice” so the quotations are for emphasis…..just go with that explanation

  • RobBiesenbach LauraPetrolino HeatherTweedy YES you do. Because “be more like Bowie” is always the correct answer.

  • annelizhannan HAHAHA! Tactical war laughter! 🙂

  • RobBiesenbach Good work! What a shining example you are!

  • EdenSpodek lizreusswig Hahaha! OMG! I’m dying! You all are the best!

  • EdenSpodek belllindsay ginidietrich HAHAHA! Beautiful! Wonder Gini never goes out of style! (and the Spin Sucks belt….amazing)

  • Corina Manea You deciphered the secret code! Strong work!

  • LauraPetrolino biggreenpen I just put it in my wordpress as a pending post! But try as I might to restrain myself from getting a LITTLE BIT SAPPY …… I owe my self-imposed unemployed status (which recently changed a bit) to my ability to comment so quickly. This little community of crazies has been a lifeline. And I am grateful. The pigeon will be happy to deliver that message anywhere. Even Maine. (But he’s worried about Florida for reasons that are all to apparent to you!).

  • rosemaryoneill Rosemary! This is the recruiting blog post! We save that for later! Geez….

  • Todd Lyden It’s too late. Sorry! By commenting here you just signed your life away to indentured crazie-hood

  • JodiEchakowitz HAHA! Oh, I don’t think any further proof was necessary…. 😉

  • patmrhoads

    I don’t qualify as a Crazy (lack of any really cool superpowers). Maybe I could just lurk as a Mildly Disturbed?

  • LauraPetrolino Todd Lyden lousy fine print!

  • Todd Lyden LauraPetrolino Haha! It will get you every time!

  • Paula Kiger

    And if a blog isn’t enough, there’s the VIDEO, which is so darn entertaining I am just going to put it on a continuous loop for the rest of the day!!

  • Arment Dietrich, Inc.

    Right?! I may have watched it a few times. ^ep

  • NancyDavis Fresh baked just for you…

  • EdenSpodek Yay! Cake for everyone!

  • patmrhoads Oh Pat, don’t underestimate yourself, I’m sure you have a superpower that is yet to be discovered. Let’s find it! We are all here to support your superpower excavation.

  • NancyDavis EdenSpodek Hahah! Great team work ladies! This was done in the true spirit of Crazie-tude

  • Eleanor Pierce RobBiesenbach LauraPetrolino HeatherTweedy It’s a whole category on Jeopardy

  • LauraPetrolino JodiEchakowitz Especially when it comes to Ms. Petro Power. 😉

  • I seriously laughed so hard when I read “You Must Take the Pledge.” You are insane. In a good way.

  • Todd Lyden Hey, now! I spatchcocked my turkey!

  • lkpetrolino

    jasonkonopinski You can be a yogi crazy now. “Namaste Crazy”

  • JodiEchakowitz What do you mean “you guys”? I think it’s clear there is only one crazy person here.

  • lkpetrolino

    PTKicker Thanks so much!!

  • EdenSpodek belllindsay ginidietrich OMG

  • lkpetrolino

    EdenSpodek Hahaha! Rare indeed!

  • lkpetrolino

    corinamanea Yay! Thank you lady! 🙂

  • I like how your post is conveniently timed to coincide with the announcement of another famous group of crazies – Suicide Squad.
    I think that we should all get special names. Even us rookies.

  • Well, ginidietrich seems to attract her share of misfits and strays who exist on the fringe (how do you think @howiegoldfarb and I got in), so that’s a pretty good start; otherwise, you should probably be crazy smart and talented if you want to make the cut. Or, a combo of all three….:). 

    This is a great place to land to actually learn something while having fun and being a little silly and crazy too; sounds like a win to me.

    Here’s to all things good in 2015. 

    PS – I still have some drink tickets if I ever get invited back…

  • ginidietrich Todd Lyden and… why am i not seeing anything on here?

  • LauraPetrolino  why thank you. I have been quietly working on my superpowers for just this day. #Winning biggreenpen belllindsay ginidietrich

  • bdorman264 ginidietrich Gini found me on the side of the road, Bill.

  • Rodriguez247 I think a code name like “Rodriguez247” automatically qualifies you, my friend. 😉

  • lkpetrolino

    howiegoldfarb SpinSucks The few…the proud…The CRAZIES!

  • EdenSpodek belllindsay ginidietrich She looks like Emily there too. See example below.

  • jasonkonopinski

    lkpetrolino 😀

  • corinamanea

    lkpetrolino The pleasure is mine, dear lady! Thank you for the mention! 🙂

  • If I wasn’t feeling on the verge of catching a cold, I probably would record myself taking the oath. But I’ll do it in secret just for @lkpetrolino! 🙂

  • JRHalloran Yay! And you know there is no better cure for the common code than a good ‘ole Spin Sucks Crazies oath! Trust me on this one! It’s like vitamin C for the soul

  • JRHalloran Bless you.

  • belllindsay bdorman264 ginidietrich I followed her home like a stray puppy and just wouldn’t leave.

  • belllindsay Rodriguez247 Yep agreed! Take the oath and you are in! Congrats!

  • Love this, Laura! I don’t know if this is a super power or not, but not everyone can do it. I listen really well. 🙂

  • ginidietrich HAHAHA! The pledge is super important. Every exclusive society has a pledge! belllindsay  and I say it every morning!

  • LauraPetrolino belllindsay bdorman264 ginidietrich I was adopted over the internet.

  • EdenSpodek LauraPetrolino JodiEchakowitz Haha! Proudly!

  • ginidietrich JodiEchakowitz Oh please! You are patient zero of this club!

  • Are you guys using drugs again?

  • biggreenpen LauraPetrolino HAHAHAHAHA! Free flying pigeons over Florida is definitely risky. And I must say, I totally understand. Before I was a part of AD there were many times in the ups and downs of life and career I was so happy to have this dynamic community as part of my world! 🙂

  • chelpixie EdenSpodek belllindsay ginidietrich Yep, it’s pretty amazing! This picture especially!

  • LSSocialEngage LauraPetrolino biggreenpen belllindsay ginidietrich Woohoo! Your dedication has paid off!!!

  • jolynndeal That definitely counts as as super power. That’s a skill very few people have!

  • jonmikelbailey Ahhh….Looks like someone is feeling overwhelmed in light of the great responsibility of crazie-hood. It’s ok, be strong, say the pledge, and we will support you through this trying time.

  • I hereby pledge. That ginidietrich  will fire belllindsay at least eight times in 2015. Am I in as one of the Crazies?

  • lkpetrolino

    ginidietrich only the SpinSucks kool-aid

  • elissapr

    ginidietrich lkpetrolino wait…there’s a CHEER?

  • LauraPetrolino chelpixie belllindsay ginidietrich Gini’s such a trendsetter. Emily has copied her hairstyle.

  • KensViews ginidietrich belllindsay Ken, you missed a modifier …. January 2015 …. not all of 2015 😉

  • lkpetrolino

    elissapr ginidietrich oh there’s always a cheer!

  • biggreenpen  My bad! ginidietrich belllindsay

  • Weeeeeellllll, does it count that I can write backwards with either hand, AND I can write the same words with both hands at the same time starting in the middle of the page? 

    I used pom poms for 7 years…3 in grade school and 4 in high school, and I never organized  a parade, but I’ve been in them. I did, however, organize blood drives in college. Does that count? …and cheers? Well, that goes along with that 7 years of pom poms, but never stopped because I am, well, crazy!

    Am I qualified to be a crazy?

  • KensViews ginidietrich belllindsay You are in by default Ken….obviously!

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  • And that is why I will never fire LauraPetrolino from @Arment Dietrich, Inc.  ginidietrich and belllindsay  however, are both on the tightrope!

  • True story. bdorman264 and I were out on South Beach one night….completely loaded tooling around in his limo when we saw this lady dressed as a cowboy who came up to us a stop light offering to give us free long island ice tea shooters in exchange for a ride to some wild all night Goth Party. Turned out she her name was ginidietrich fresh from Nebraska. When we told her maybe the cowboy outfit was a poor choice for her event….she looked at us with a steely determination and said…”I will make it work”. We knew then she was a leader and we should join her team. Too bad we couldn’t get into her party we were told we weren’t cool enough. But she did give us her business card with and all it said was two words. Spin Sucks.

    Love the post @lkpetrolino sorry I am late to comment!

  • KensViews LauraPetrolino ginidietrich belllindsay Well at least you have your priorities straight Ken. I mean Lindsay and Gini are great an all, but sometimes you just have to make cuts.

  • NancyMyrland Um…Nancy….WHAT! We need video of these crazy writing skills. That’s absolutely insane. I’m so impressed! And to combine your ambidextrous savant skills with a clear mastership of pom poms… 

    You are definitely qualified! Congratulations!

  • Howie Goldfarb bdorman264 ginidietrich I’m so glad Gini has finally gotten over her Goth stage….Trying to bring back the Goth Cowboy movement was clearly one of her poorer business decisions.

  • Heavy’s the head that wears the crown!
    LauraPetrolino KensViews ginidietrich belllindsay

  • @lkpetrolino   It’s brownie points time!   (My YouTube Pledge)

  • Digital_DRK So excellent! You’ve definitely set the bar very high for everyone else!

  • Digital_DRK This is amazing!!

  • LauraPetrolino Digital_DRK quick EdenSpodek we need a crazy creative meme from you ASAP.

  • LSSocialEngage Thanks! it was fun.

  • ginidietrich

    elissapr Don’t encourage her, Elissa lkpetrolino

  • Digital_DRK This is the best thing EVER!! Especially the end!!!

  • KensViews LauraPetrolino ginidietrich Wait. HOW did I miss all this?? Ken, for shame!!! And *right* after Christmas!!?? *cries*

  • belllindsay  <laughing> Thanks!!

  • LauraPetrolino ginidietrich belllindsay HAHAHAHAHA!! Um, yeah, that’s right…!!

  • Remember your last review belllindsay, when  ginidietrich  said “One area of opportunity for you is to monitor Spin Sucks comments hourly in case we get any from @KensViews ?”

  • KensViews belllindsay ginidietrich Annnnnd…that’s why I get fired all the time. 😉

  • Clearly, I am the key to your job security. Let’s just let that thought sink in @belllindsay

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  • LSSocialEngage LauraPetrolino Digital_DRK EdenSpodek Oh my goodness I just saw this! It rocks!

  • Thanks Paula! 🙂

  • LauraPetrolino biggreenpen Well, I was a slacker and didn’t do a video BUT I did do a whole post!

  • SFerika

    When do we get our badges?