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The Mars and Venus Guide of Online Communication

By: Arment Dietrich | July 13, 2011 | 

Warning: This post is loaded with rash generalizations and stereotypes. Just to tick you off (John Falchetto). And it’s written by Lisa Gerber.

My husband was telling me a story the other day and I, having the curious mind of the female gender, inquired for further detail. He, of course, was unable to provide the requested detail. His response? “I don’t know. Dudes don’t ask that.”

I should know better than to ask for more detail. It’s no secret that men communicate differently than women.

I am a very big fan of language. When Steve Martin told me that those French have a different word for everything, I knew I wanted to learn them all.

I’ve been thinking about how we use language to express ourselves online. I’ll admit to straddling the fence here, on whether or not I’m happy to see how our language is evolving. For example, they added LMAO and Unfriend to the New Oxford American Dictionary?

Language evolves for a number of reasons; one of them being out of cultural circumstance. The instantaneous and very constraining way we now communicate online has clearly influenced this. Will it stay separate from the spoken and written word? The French still have a literary tense used in literature and not spoken language. Will we see a similar situation occur?

I also think a lot about how men and women use language on the online media differently. So let’s get back to the fun and my purely unscientific, downright sexist perspective:

Women like to accessorize their language.

  • Exclamation points!!!!: Exclamation points emphasize our excitement, amazement and enthusiasm. Unlike all caps, they do not mean we are angry. Dudes don’t get excited so they don’t use them.
  • The smiley face: The smiley face indicates that you are joking, or are being sarcastic so “regardless of what precedes that smiley face, I’m not mad.” Dudes don’t feel the need to tell you that. They aren’t worried that you are thinking they are mad at you.
  • Emoticons: Here at the Spin Sucks Global Domination headquarters, we spend a lot of time staring at our screens cracking ourselves up over the various Skype emoticons. We like the Ninja, and the dancing guy, and the beating heart. Dudes don’t use emoticons. Unless it’s the puking one.

Are we being more expressive or are we being lazy? Are we pushing the language to it’s limits and using accessories (which we are so good at) or are we not maximizing the words that have been provided to us, and using them to their fullest potential?

On the other hand, men seem to prefer the basics.

  • Bodies, body parts, and bodily functions. Why use words, when you can share your feelings in a simple photo of a body part? (I know, I’m sorry, I can’t shut up about that).

We asked our Facebook community if they have self-imposed rules for their casual online communication.

Jenn Whinnem made me most proud:

“If I can’t convey the point through words alone, I’m not trying hard enough.”

In all fairness, she didn’t want to sound too haughty, she added that she does cuss like a sailor.

Erica Allison said she needed to enter the 12-step program to stop using them!!!!

Laura Petrolino summed it all up pretty handily for me:

“I’m a very expressive talker in person, so without the exclamation marks, I feel incomplete and like a boring version of myself. Frankly…if you are going to work with me, you are going to work with my exclamation points. If you don’t like them you are more than welcome to go find some boring semi-colon dude to consult with. The. End.”

Do you have rules for how you express yourself online?

  • I didn’t even know there were dancing Ninjas with a beating heart on Skype.

    Is it a gender thing?

    I express myself the same way I do offline. There is a big debate about using F-bombs and swearing online, well I don’t offline so why should I do it online.

    jennwhinnem makes a great point, if we need to add photos, emoticons, F-bombs to get our point across what does it say about our vocabulary?

    Saying that dudes are simple people, words are complicated enough without adding another layer of complexity to the message.

  • aakomas

    @sydcon_mktg Hey Jenn! Happy Wednesday to you.

  • sydcon_mktg

    @aakomas Hey Amy!! And Happy Wednesday to you…gorgeous day out here in the burbs! Thanks for the RT!

  • MSchechter

    Well… clearly I communicate like a woman!! 🙂

    I tend to throw words around carelessly, something I’m learning to control better, but still just always been the way I tend to use language. I’m definitely of a smaller subset (as most people like to hear nice things said nicely), but I always care more about the intent of what someone’s trying to say (be it a man with a body part or a lady with an emoticon) and often think that this the part that too many people ignore.

    As for the verbal accessories, I just think that is a far more import part of short form communication… it is so easy to take 140 characters a myriad of ways, so the emphasis helps… although I’m still waiting on (and seriously require) a sarcasm font.

  • aakomas

    @sydcon_mktg You’re welcome. You know, if those were a crime, I’d be guilty as charged. LOL!

  • LOL!! Love it! As you can see, I love my exclamation points!! And, emoticons too!! If ericamallison finds a good 12 step program, sign me up too!

  • sydcon_mktg

    @aakomas Haha, me too! They mentioned a 12 step program, sign me up! ;p

  • aakomas

    @sydcon_mktg I know! Not sure they can cure it though.

  • jennwhinnem

    Oh man I’m blushing so hard at work!

  • @johnfalchetto the Ninja is hilarious. we laugh every time we use him.

    When I say dudes are simple, I mean it in the kindest way. I love dudes, I really do!! Makes me think of the classic scenario – when you ask a dude what he’s thinking. Like he’s analyzing our conversation which I’m sure that he is, but he says that he’s thinking about the bug on the dashboard. And that’s really what he’s thinking about!!!

  • @MSchechter I love it and need a sarcasm font. now.

  • @johnfalchetto jennwhinnem I’m not sure women always add more complexity to the messages any more or less than men do. Basic communication is that it’s not a conduit, it’s not some funnel… the audience doesn’t always perceive and understand what you say exactly as you meant it. Interpretation, meaning is in the mind of the reader, the viewer. So that 😉 wink in my tweet or comment lets someone know that it was my attempt at a bit of humor, show my tone that they can’t hear online, or see that glass of wine in my hand.

  • @sydcon_mktg ericamallison I love them too!!! They add a layer of expression. now @livefyre needs to create emoticons!

  • <!– p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 18.0px; font: 12.0px Arial; color: #242424} –>
    <p>I don’t use Skype much, can’t say. I’ll use an emoticon here and there – to show tone and humor, to <span id=”user_7″ class=”namespace lf” uid=”” user_name=”MSchechter” screen_name=”MSchechter” provider=”lf” ns=”true”>MSchechter<label ns=”true”>.</label></span>&nbsp;HEH for a sarcasm font – but am fairly stingy with my exclamations. I try to say what I want in words, and if pressed for time/space will cheat and ‘accessorize’ – love that – with acronyms. Depending on my general mood, like <span id=”user_6″ class=”namespace lf” uid=”” user_name=”jennwhinnem” screen_name=”jennwhinnem” provider=”lf” ns=”true”>jennwhinnem<label ns=”true”>.</label></span>&nbsp; cursing like a sailor is an option – and even makes into a blog post, as does other accessorizing tactics like CAPS or punctuation to make. a. point. Part of it is for emphasis, part humor, and I guess part of it is my style. Gonna quote ‘Steel Magnolias’ on our ability to accessorize being what separates us from the animals. FWIW.</p>

  • rustyspeidel

    I have one rule: make sure whatever I say is clear, concise, and doesn’t suck.

  • MSchechter

    @rustyspeidel Totally runs counter to instincts to keep my thoughts muddy, long-winded and sucky…

  • jennwhinnem

    lisagerber I appreciate you prefacing everything about being sexist..because it helped me get the “oh it’s HUMOR!” vibe. Otherwise I saw the title and came rushing in to yell about gender BS.

    So, I’m calmer now, and I’ve also recovered from having been outed as an uptight, straight-laced cusser.

    Six years ago, when I started my communications career, I was really taken aback when I would get business emails from colleagues that said LOL and 🙂 in them. How on earth was that professional? Given how expressive and off-color I can be, most people that knew me were shocked that *I* was shocked. It just felt too familiar to me.

    I still hate LOL and 🙂 in emails..every time I do it I cringe inside. My friends know this so they make sure they include them. But I’ve accepted these as part of business culture and don’t raise my eyebrow over them anymore.

    Ask me sometime about jargon and how I feel about that. Also acronyms. Like when the Sandwich LIMS User Teams formed. Yeah.

  • jennwhinnem

    @johnfalchetto I have to admit, it’s the standard I hold myself to…but I fall short of it pretty frequently.

  • @MSchechter Me too Michael. I so desperately want that to account for my amazing success in online communications, but I’m pretty sure it just means I’m a closet homosexual. </sarcasm> See how easy that was? 😉

  • @MSchechter Damn it! Livefyre edited out my Sarcasm font! LOL < / sarcasm >

  • ginidietrich

    @jennwhinnem lisagerber LOL!

  • ginidietrich

    @MSchechter You know who else communicates like a woman? dannybrown and thesaleslion

  • ginidietrich

    @Lisa Gerber Fart.

  • jennwhinnem

    @johnfalchetto I’m so embarrassed! ha ha

  • @ginidietrich @MSchechter dannybrown thesaleslion Pretty good company there!

    Leaves me with one very important question…. who communicates via typo?

  • MSchechter

    @Sean McGinnis Yeah, I’ve tried the HTML sarcasm… only works amongst us geeks…

  • MSchechter

    @ginidietrich just always kind of assumed @dannybrown was a woman, you know… with the skirts and all…

  • @jennwhinnem lisagerber What’s wrong with acronyms?! I’m more offended by lack of punctuation, capitalization, ignoring the spellcheck feature – which surely all email clients have – than I am a little of the texting slang. Now emails riddled with it, uh no.

  • @Sean McGinnis @ginidietrich @MSchechter dannybrown Good company and you know what, thesaleslion does use a lot of emoticons.

  • @Sean McGinnis @ginidietrich @MSchechter thesaleslion You’re all off your head.

  • Sounds like it is time to share Mark Gungor’s bit about how our brains work Men’s Brain Women’s Brain

  • MSchechter

    Did anyone else imagine @DannyBrown crying into his purse after typing this? Just me?

  • @ginidietrich @Lisa Gerber Bwahahaha – In e-mail, all I saw was “Gerber Fart. “

  • @Sean McGinnis@ginidietrich

    EW!!! don’t even type that! especially right next to my name. Gini is pushing my buttons. She knows I hate that word.

  • @DannyBrown definitely uses the smiley face in his comments. I can say that much. He also wears skirts. @Sean McGinnis @ginidietrich @MSchechter

  • @3HatsComm ohhh, that would have been a good quote to include within the post. aww. 🙂 (oops – had to use a smiley face.)

  • @MSchechter @rustyspeidel but runs pro to my argument that dudes keep it simple.

  • “The smiley face: The smiley face indicates that you are joking, or are being sarcastic so “regardless of what precedes that smiley face, I’m not mad.” Dudes don’t feel the need to tell you that. They aren’t worried that you are thinking they are mad at you.”

    Seriously, when an acquaintance of a male gender uses emoticons in one-on-one communications like e-mail, I start getting suspicious, lol!

    And as for exclamation points, I’m the addict described in this old post:

  • @jennwhinnem Sandwich LIMS?

  • @Lisa Gerber @sydcon_mktg ericamallison @livefyre I need serious help…for my ellipses. Oh, how I love them. They are my written “uhm” (hear that, extremelyavg ? ).

    Actually, like @jennwhinnem said, the smiley faces and the LOL bug me too, but I’ve come to accept them and God forbid, even use them.

    My husband hates it when I cuss, says it beneath me. Sometimes, I really like to be down there, don’t you? Not that I do it in front of the kids…rarely, anyway.

  • @ginidietrich @Lisa Gerber Now *that’s* LOL funny!!!!! 🙂

  • !!!

  • !!! @Lisa Gerber @ginidietrich

  • @TheJackB EXACTLY!! and when you ask a dude what he’s thinking about? and he says nothing? he really really means it.

  • @Yael Rozencwajg @ginidietrich 🙂

  • @Lisa Gerber @ginidietrich Hahah! This is going downhill fast…..

  • @EricaAllison @Lisa Gerber @sydcon_mktg ericamallison @livefyre extremelyavg @jennwhinnem I’m with you Erica…..

  • MSchechter

    @Lisa Gerber I tend to think you are on to something here… When it comes to communication guys tend to care more about the destination, gals, the journey. It’s a generalization, but for the most part, it holds true…

  • @Lisa Gerber @Yael Rozencwajg Don’t start@ginidietrich

  • @3HatsComm Acronyms are fine, I agree incorrect grammar and spelling is much worse @jennwhinnem lisagerber

  • @Lisa Gerber Assuming we think, sometimes we just go contemplative and admire the scenery.

  • @3HatsComm When I said adding complexity I meant it by adding emoticons and dancing ninjas, words should be enough to communicate. I know your humor and tone, hence I don’t need the 😉 at the end.

    I think this brings us back to a discussion on relationships and how well we know the person we are communicating with.


  • Ok, first timer here and the comments are as interesting as the post!

    I use way too many exclamation marks…it is definitely a girl thing, because we just tend to find the excitement in every thing we say and we are oh – so – courteous to drop in a smile! People who know me in person would vouch for it too, eyebrows all jumping, eyes are wide open and too many expressions at once and the speech too fast for some – don’t get ideas, that’s how I talk! And thus, the exclamation mark to make up for all that on the online avatar! So we type as we speak!

    Guys… well, there are too lazy to put the toilet seat up…so why go through the exclamation mark, smiley, emoticon trouble…eh?

  • ericamallison

    @seanmcginnis Thanks! Glad to know I’m not alone!

  • ginidietrich

    @Hajra HAHAHAH! LOL!! I once made a video for my husband on how to change the toilet paper roll. That is so funny!

  • ginidietrich

    @Sean McGinnis @Lisa Gerber GERBER FART! Ahahahahahah!!!

  • @ginidietrich Ah…you should share that with the ladies! Will be a hit within minutes!

  • @jennwhinnem lisagerber I still “Lol,” but not as an acronym. Thing is, I’m rather sarcastic and dry, so I still feel the need to make it clear that I’m *smiling*. But I avoid being caustic or insulting because I’m not that way, and even when I read something like that accompanied by a smiley I feel uncertain, like, is this how you really feel?

  • ginidietrich

    @Hajra Here you go!

  • ginidietrich

    @prdrln LOL!

  • @ginidietrich @Hajra So good! And yes, I use exclamation marks. And I always (almost always) sign off with, Cheers! Kaarina

  • @TheJackB Jack, I LOVE this! (you will note that I am using both caps and exclamation mark…must be a chick thing). I’ve used this video for years in training sessions where I talk about how men and women communicate differently. We do. Plain and simple. Thanks for sharing this oh-so-true take on the male and female brain. (I really like when they pan to some of the people in the audience who are not amused) Cheers! Kaarina

  • @johnfalchetto @3HatsComm @jennwhinnem lisagerber I’m with you, John and Davina.

  • @3HatsComm I am sending you a prize for that one Davina!

  • I say what I mean and mean what I say. And I use exclamation marks. And smiley faces. But only like spices…a sprinkle here and there. But I do sign off with Cheers! Kaarina

  • @ginidietrich Loved it!!!! 🙂

  • @Lisa Gerber Yes, we do mean it but you still push for answers even though there are none to be had. 😉

  • @KDillabough Cool.

  • @johnfalchetto jennwhinnem Exactly, not everyone will know – or appreciate my tone – when they read a comment or tweet, so I sometimes feel the need to embellish so it’s not an in joke, let everyone play along.

  • lisagerber

    @nancyd68 LOL. we need emoticons everywhere, dammit!!

  • lisagerber

    @sydcon_mktg Not only am I an addict, but I think up new ones all the time. Like the other day, I wanted a Big Cajones emoticon.

  • @TheJackB Fair enough…. check this

    We girls sure are the lord of the ring! 😉

  • NancyD68

    @lisagerber yes we do!

  • lisagerber

    @aakomas Hi Amy. Thanks!

  • aakomas

    @lisagerber You’re welcome, Lisa. Great post. I loved it!

  • lisagerber

    @neicolec Thanks Neicole. 🙂

  • neicolec

    @lisagerber I got a good laugh. My husband talks for an hour with someone. When I was what they had to say, his answer is always “Not much.”

  • lisagerber

    @prdrln Haha. I should have re-phrased it. we shouldn’t feel guilty about being expressive!!!!!!! LOL 🙂

  • lisagerber

    @neicolec EXACTLY!! LMAO.

  • @johnfalchetto @Yael Rozencwajg that’s right, she’ll just take it downhill. @ginidietrich

  • @Hajra Hi Hajra! Thanks for commenting! See? you’re totally with me. We just need to express our excitement and the text alone just does not do it.

    and @ginidietrich , I remember when you did that video. HILARIOUS.

  • @KDillabough hey, didn’t John Mayer say that? I love the way you put it, though. Like spices!!!

  • ExtremelyAvg

    @jennwhinnem lisagerber I have to agree with Jenn, LOL is tired and overused. That is why I have started to use COL (Chortle Out Loud) or the less popular LUIRMS (Laughed Until I Ruptured My Spleen). The latter is best for serious business correspondence.

  • ExtremelyAvg

    @johnfalchetto @3HatsComm @jennwhinnem lisagerber

    I agree. I am a big fan of smiley faces, but don’t use the multiple !!!, unless it is a bacon related comment or I am speaking with a guinea pig or cat. Somehow it seems more acceptable then.

    I once read that Elmore Leonard believes one shouldn’t use more than 3 exclamaiton points in a novel, so it has frightened me off of them.

  • ExtremelyAvg

    @EricaAllison @Lisa Gerber @sydcon_mktg ericamallison @livefyre @jennwhinnem

    I love the ellipse…almost as much an eclipses.

  • I don’t know what anyone is talking about! Its not like I’m hyper or anything!!!!!!!! I have to use emoticons when I type so everyone knows how happy I always am 🙂

    Funny enough, on Skype my boyfriend uses emoticons too 🙂 I got him on Google plus too!

  • tonia_ries

    @ginidietrich @Hajra omg this is the best how-to video ever!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  • jennwhinnem

    Business jargon acronyms.

  • jennwhinnem

    Sounds like all of you have never worked in pharma! That will put you off your acronym right quick.

  • bubierahxuya9


  • sydcon_mktg

    @lisagerber LOL…that would be a good one! I wish for a douchebag one sometimes!

  • @tonia_ries @ginidietrich @Hajra I cannot stop laughing…. Poor Kelly. Did he know what he was getting into?

  • @johnfalchetto I’ve just made a !!! but I can do more if needed 😀 @Lisa Gerber @ginidietrich

  • jennwhinnem

    @ShakirahDawud I have got to meet you to get a feel for this sarcastic and dry.

  • jennwhinnem

    @Lisa Gerber Sandwich England. LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System. So here’s why the Sandwich LIMS User Teams is terrible. One, there is an acronym within an acronym. Dear God. Also, the Sandwich LIMS User Teams’ own acronym is…????

  • Did anyone in these comments target Bill Dorman @bdorman264? He uses more dots than any man I know. At first, I thought it was an ellipse, but those dots kept on going like the Energizer Bunny. What does that make him? Oh, and by the way? I call EVERYONE DUDE! (Except for @dannybrown — he’s just “Boy.”

  • glenn_ferrell

    @Lisa Gerber @TheJackB Seriously, don’t Tibetan monks and zen buddhists think about nothing a lot ? And isn’t not knowing is the first step to wisdom? …Of course, not knowing what you are thinking about may be the first step to alzheimers. (Emoticon omitted.)

  • LewisPoretz

    @Jtaylorvt TY for the RT much appreciated

  • LewisPoretz

    @earthliz @ginidietrich a semi colon dude…. what would the female version of that be called??? #Pondering

  • ginidietrich

    @earthliz Wasn’t that funny??

  • @ginidietrich I made my hubby watch & all 3 kiddos too!!!! LOL!

  • @Lisa Gerber What did John Mayer say?

  • lkpetrolino

    @ginidietrich @lisagerber YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @jennwhinnem

    Yeah, you do. Mostly I only get called on it by family, ’cause I try to be the wide-eyed innocent in public :).

  • @ExtremelyAvg @jennwhinnem lisagerber

    I think I remember LUIRMS from one of your posts… unless it was a different acronym that made me COL.

  • @ginidietrich this is sooo fantastic!

  • Photos. Videos. No emoticons, smiley faces or exclamation points. Terse.


  • @Soulati | PR @DannyBrown I do ellipses… Alot…

  • ginidietrich

    @lkpetrolino LOL!!

  • Yeah, and apparently you follow the rules of three dots per! @fitzternet @DannyBrown

  • @ShakirahDawud Exactly right. And if I can up the ante with some armchair genetic quarterback BS, most people of Irish descent have an extremely dry/sarcastic sense of humor, myself included. Dropping smileys, exclamation points and the like really waters down sarcastic comments… So there’s that.

  • @Soulati | PR @DannyBrown Well, yes. I was raised to follow the rules…

  • To me the real problem is how language is not simply about communicating ideas – it also displays status and membership. People often choose the words they use out of comfort, betraying their education, social status, values, and so on. While that is a very common human phenom, it can become a big problem when people aren’t paying attention to it. I covered some of this in this piece on jargon:

    But I have many other similar pieces. How people use their language is my favorite topic of all!

  • AllynHorne

    These are great as far as guiding principles go….I actually think that so much is about context. Which also raises another point — if you feel the need to use an emoticon to soften a blow, should you be communicating that message online anyway?

  • ginidietrich

    @lindajvetter I use exclamation points. A lot.

  • Grinblo

    RT @shonali The Mars and Venus Guide of Online Communication via @ginidietrich @DigitalGrlsClub

  • @fitzternet @Soulati | PR @DannyBrown The ellipses is to my writing what breath is to my life. Okay…maybe that was a bit overstated. Maybe, as an exercise in self control, I should try to eliminate them for one week. Hmm…

  • @KDillabough @Lisa Gerber Great song written by Mayer for the movie Bucket List:

  • Lisa, can we please get together and generalize?! I know it’s something we’re supposed to avoid, but sometimes, it just rings so true! I loved this post. As I mentioned in my reply to @Soulati | PR , I have an addiction to ellipses. I’m quite proud of myself for not using one yet in this reply.

    I have different styles for different occasions. In social media venues, I am far more casual than I am in business writing. I even express myself differently on Linkedin than I would here, for example. It’s as if blog comments are the lunchtime or happy hour conversations. All others are business. I didn’t realize I do this until you made me think about it. So I owe you for therapy, too!

  • @MimiMeredith @Soulati | PR @DannyBrown Well played…

  • Grinblo

    Hahahaha!!! “Dudes don’t use emoticons. Unless it’s the puking one.” Please marry me (I’m not a dude).

  • @MimiMeredith @KDillabough Awesome. Thank you Mimi. that’s it.

  • @NancyD68 wow! you even got him on Google plus? who says we can’t change our men. LOL. it’s fun to dress up our text, don’t ya think?

  • @Soulati | PR oh ya……………………. the dots………………. I neglected to mention them. that’s definitely a dude thing.

  • @fitzternet I love it when you speak French.

  • @wabbitoid ahh, great post. we can be language geeks together. We had this thing, when I was on the corporate side of playing Jargon Bingo in meetings. It was all I could do not to bust out laughing when people used the terms on our secret list. UGH

  • @AllynHorne IF the emoticon is punching in the face, I definitely recommend an in-person discussion. Very good point! Seriously though, agreed. Emoticons are for having fun, not for serious discussions that need the face to face. and with that, I’ll give you a 🙂

  • @MimiMeredith @Soulati | PR I love that I made you think. 🙂 even about something as deep as your usage of elipses. and I am happy to get together and generalize and stereotype any time you want!!

  • @Grinblo my husband loves the puking one. (back to my point about bodily functions.) and he won’t mind if I marry you too.

  • AllynHorne

    @Lisa Gerber totally, and I do the emoticons sometimes myself sometimes…especially via SMS message, which is also a totally different thing (and probably has its own “protocol” too) …

  • Hilarious post Lisa! I do love this topic, and I think @wabbitoid is spot on with his first comments on language expressing membership and status. To get French on you, he has been reading Lyotard. I’m not hot on gender differences, but I do think emoticons and excessive punctuation do help direct tone in text in more efficient ways. It’s not, say, the best way to communicate, but it’s sometimes the most practical, and I think that has a lot to do with it. It’s not just that conversations in e-mail or social media are more casual, but that they are also more abundant, and shorter—there isn’t as much time to convey tone through words alone. I mean, alone!

  • Grinblo

    Great. It’s a done deal. Now the only question is whether he’ll agree to adding an exclamation mark to the children’s names. Imagine filling out a form with “Brian!”

  • lisagerber

    @lkpetrolino Nice!!!!!! 🙂 and just no to the semi-colon dude.

  • lisagerber

    @kbkcomm Thanks, Katie!! 🙂

  • jennwhinnem

    yeah and overuse is annoying!! @Lisa Gerber @Soulati | PR

  • FWM50

    @ShellyKramer Hi Shelly,thx joining to my Google+ circles,happy #FF and weekend ahead my friend,greetings from rainy Helsinki:)

  • @Lisa Gerber @Soulati | PR I can do dots………………just sayin’…………

  • kbkcomm

    @lisagerber You’re very welcome, Lisa :).

  • @RyoatCision Right!!! what you said! Now I probably shouldn’t admit, but I’ll have to go google Lyotard and see if it’s someone I need to start reading.

  • Carts888

    i think i may have a real problem!!!!!!!

  • FionaArt

    @maddiegrant do they have 1 in 4 dealing with #mental ill health on Mars and Venus? Or is there less stress/wonky genes there? #mhsm

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