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Travel Essentials for Speakers, Authors, and MarComm Pros

By: Gini Dietrich | July 5, 2012 | 

Last week, Shonali Burke wrote a blog post called, “Travel Essentials for PR Pros…Or What’s in Your Wallet?

Because it’s the day after the Fourth and most Americans are probably wondering how they’re going to get through today without a nap, I thought I’d copy her and do the same.

It’s a fun little exercise and won’t require a ton of thinking from you.

But mine has a twist.

Because I’m on my 14th straight week of travel (I don’t know how consultants do it), I’ll give you a sneak peak as to what is in my travel bag.

  1. MacBook Air. When I spoke at Social Slam earlier this year, Mitch Joel took the lovely photo above to showcase not only my social networking prowess, but also my keyboard condom. Yes, it’s pink. Yes, I love it. What’s it to you?
  2. iPad. I really, really wish I could travel just with my iPad, but it’s still too hard to create content on it. Consuming content – blog posts, articles, books – is great, but actually trying to upload a video or write a blog post is too hard. So it travels with me for the consuming part of my content day, but not the creation. That’s why I still travel with my Mac.
  3. iPhone 4S. I’m a huge phone snob and have to have the latest iPhone (I make fun of Mr. D because he still has the very first iPhone introduced). The phone keeps me completely connected while on rental car buses, figuring out where I am when I run a new city at 5:00 in the morning, and even killing some time with Words with Friends while waiting to get off a plane.
  4. Book. Yes, I still travel with a real book. The problem is you can’t use your iPad during takeoff and landing (which is ridiculous) so I am typically reading two books – one during that time and one when I can use electronics. Right now I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby in hard cover and reading Toni Morrin’s new book, Home, on the iPad.
  5. Presentation Tools. I carry a DVI adapter so I can present from my Mac and not have to rely on someone else’s PC for the projector to work. I also have a handy, dandy Logitech remote so I’m not confined to a small space in order to advance my slides.
  6. Dropbox. I wish the cloud existed when I started Arment Dietrich. We would have saved a TON of money in servers and giving people (cough, me, cough) remote access to files.  Dropbox not only allows you to access to your files from any device, you can get to them without an Internet connection, which is extremely important when you’re in the air and the flight doesn’t have WiFi.
  7. Mophie. The other day, I was in the Baltimore airport charing my laptop before we got on the plane. This very nice man told me he left his charger at home and asked if he could use mine. I loaned him my Mophie and, because he’d never heard of it, I think he fell a little in love with me for introducing him to it.
  8. Flip Camera. I typically use my phone for quick videos, but the Flip camera works just a tad bit better. A trash can flipped upside down makes a perfect tripod and the USB connection makes it easy to upload while on the run.
  9. Notebook. As connected as I am with technology, I find most people think you rude if you use your iPad for note taking during meetings. Even if that’s all your doing, people’s perception is you’re tweeting and Facebooking and emailing and not paying attention. So I still carry a notebook where I actually write meeting and interview notes.
  10. The Essentials. I have probably six different lipglosses, Excedrin for migraines, my migraine prescription, pens (I now carry three fat Sharpies for signing books, as well as regular pens), gum, and snacks (that darn Pete the Tapeworm doesn’t do well for more than two hours).

I carry all of that in an oversized purse. Even though it seems like a lot, it’s very light and super easy for me to throw over my shoulder and go.

What about you? What’s in your {travel} wallet?

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Good list. But you didn’t mention the three bags of shoes that go with you everywhere.

    •  @KenMueller I actually only travel with two pairs of shoes – running shoes and heels. If I took more than that, I’d have to check bags and there is no way I’m going to do that. So I temper my addiction.

      •  @ginidietrich Good to know. You should put a full selection of shoes in your speaking contract rider, so that they’re there when you get there. 

        •  @KenMueller But then I’d have to ship them, which means I risk them getting lost or hurt. 

        •  @ginidietrich No, no, no, no, no. THEY provide them. You specify which shoes and sizes and colors. Kinda like bands that want green M&Ms or certain types of food or beverages. I’m trying to help you here!

        •  @KenMueller Ohhhhhh!

        •  @ginidietrich Oh, and the other thing I always pack is a spare 25 foot Cat5 cable, because even when I’m promised wireless, I find that no one knows the password, or it doesn’t work, or it doesn’t exist…

        •  @KenMueller @ginidietrich You’re referring to Van Halen and brown M&Ms… And they had a good reason for that demand: if they showed up at a venue and there were brown M&Ms in their dressing room, they knew the concert promoter had ignored the stage/gear requirements in their rider. In other words, their show might sound terrible and the stage might not be sturdy enough to hold their equipment.
          It’s a neat trick to see if the people taking care of the details are paying attention to what you need to perform.

        •  @KenMueller Ah. I don’t have that problem. I can always find Internet connections. 

        •  @KenMueller I travel with a Pay-as-You-Go Verizon Wireless Internet Doggle, so in a pinch, I can use that.

        •  @fitzternet Always loved that story…

        •  @katskrieger  @fitzternet Actually, it goes beyond and before Van Halen. I just pulled that out of my head as an example, but I used to promote concerts and have seen far worse. Bands that specify not only bottles of water, but specific brands and sizes. Where they might say that it must be an 8.5 oz bottle, not a 10 oz or 6 oz bottle. 
          They get a little crazy.

        •  @fitzternet  I didn’t know that. That’s a very neat trick!

  • Great and useful post Gini, and I with you on all but the “Pink Condom” and the Flip Cam…
    I find that with the right apps my iPhone 4S is more powerful camera then FlipCam, and as to the Pink Condom thingy well ummm ya Know only Certain men can wear pink!…lol

    •  @MarkCRobins You can get any color you want! It’s super nice because it keeps your keyboard clean and it’s easy to wipe off if you spill something on it.

      •  @ginidietrich  @MarkCRobins I need to get one of those. I’m really hard on the keyboard, so maybe next time I get a new laptop.

  •  @ginidietrich Thanks for this post and for sharing your tools! I actually have and use items 1-6 and now have to look into Mophie — very cool.
    The only substitution I would make is that I carry a Moleskine instead of a notebook and the only addition I would make is that I carry my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny!
    By the way, I have a theory about why airlines still won’t let you use your iPad during takeoff and landing, it’s because they force you to then look at the SkyMall and Airline-specfic magazines…it’s the only time anyone ever looks at those. 🙂

    •  @schneiderb I’ve thought about buying those headphones, but I’m not sure I want one more thing to carry. Are they worth it?

      •  @ginidietrich I would say that they are totally worth it! The carrying case is relatively small but the benefits are huge!

        •  @schneiderb Alright! I shall get some, then.

      • dankemper

        Only for the longer trips…I normally read, instead.  The Mack’s case fits neatly into the Bose case, also.

  • ryancox

    I will not make a comment about the “keyboard condoms” saving the day more than once. I will not make a comment about the “keyboard condoms” saving the day more than once.
    Great list @ginidietrich . Mophie has proved to be clutch on so many occasions, I’ve got two. I find that I enjoy writing notes in a notebook too, even though it isn’t helpful to a ‘records’ system and after-the-fact I hate it. But like you said, people assume you’re doing the stuff on your iPad they’d be doing instead of taking notes. No matter what. 
    I would say you’re in the majority too — that your first three on the list, are an Apple checkmate. Suffice to say if I asked 20 of my speaker friends, even those who speak much more than I do like you, it’s an Apple-trifecta FTW. <—–I’d say that means they’ve figured something out.
    Omissions from your top 10 that surprised me:
    1. Emergency change of clothes. (Some kind of dress in an air-packed ziplock bag.)
    2. Microphone. (For those of you who don’t know, @ginidietrich not only carriers her own microphone, but a backup. She once told me, “I’ve gotta look good when I’m dropping knowledge.” So yes friends, it’s pimp-cup-like in jewels.)

    •  @ryancox I’ve only had the occasion to need a change of clothes once so I just stopped at Nordstrom. I still have my carry-on bag so I always have toiletries and stuff with me. I never check a bag.

      • ryancox

         @ginidietrich ahh okay. Touche. 

      •  @ginidietrich A lesson learned from my days of traveling for associations – you may not have time to look up the closest decent department store, or there may not be one close. And always pack a paper copy of whatever you’re going to use at the conference, because the shipping company just might lose your materials. Had it happen to me twice.

        •  @DebraCaplick I never ship anything. I take everything with me. I’ve learned that lesson.

    •  @ryancox Oh. And no microphone. Those are always provided so I don’t see the need in traveling with one.

  • Lol, a pink condom for a laptop keyboard? Kinky!
    You lug around a lot of stuff. I am curious about one thing, though. Why both the iPhone and the iPad? Seems to me that the iPhone could do a good enough job of consuming content on the go?
    Of course, since I have never used any of these two devices extensively I might be missing a lot.
    Also, I thought Cisco had stopped making Flip cams.Apparently it’s still available on Amazon

    •  @bhas I don’t like the screen on the iPhone for reading. I do use it more than my iPad, but when I’m reading and commenting on blogs, I prefer the iPad.

  • jmicoaching

    @ginidietrich @spinsucks Gini, that you travelling light??

    • ginidietrich

      @jmicoaching I try to travel with only one bag. Makes me super efficient.

  • Barbara Nixon

    Great idea for a post, @ginidietrich . I made a Pinterest board of many of my favorite travel items: They include Carbonite online backup, a mobile surge protector with USB ports, ear plugs, a binder clip (to close those pesky hotel curtains), and Throat Coat tea.

    •  @Barbara Nixon I really love the binder clip idea. Those darn curtains never stay closed!

    •  @Barbara Nixon We used to use binder clips for that when traveling with my elderly mother. She had this inner clock that told her when the sun came up, and she’d open the curtains at 6 am regardless of whether anyone else was awake. So we carried a whole box of clips just to keep the curtains tightly shut, so we could sleep!

  • dankemper

    I’ll add a couple of tried and true essentials, Gini.  One pair of sunglasses, so I never have to remember to grab a pair out of the car; one Jawbone bluetooth earpiece, same reason; my HP calculator from college [80’s vintage], because I don’t know how to use a “normal” calculator; Mack’s silicone ear plugs for flights when you need to get some sleep; sleep aids [drugs], same reason; DropStop wine pourers, so the flight attendant doesn’t drip all over your $49.99 charcoal gray suit; and the battery from my old bag-phone, handily built into my briefcase for emergency power reserves.

    •  @dankemper Ha! I carry  my sunglasses everywhere. I don’t have a car so they live in my purse. I’m not keen on sleeping on planes or taking drugs so I don’t carry that stuff. But I am curious…why the calculator? Do you still use it?

      • dankemper

        Yep, always working on financials with it!  I think I still have the amortization calculation programmed into it from our first mortgage…ca. 1990…

  • My usual kit looks something like this, all stowed in my Timbuk2 bag:
    1 – MacBook Pro
    2 – iPad loaded with all sorts of books and podcasts
    3 – Zoom H4 (field recorder, great for on-the-spot interviews and the onboard mics are great! It also doubles as a audio I/O interface, so I can hook it up to phantom-powered mics if need be.
    4 – Moleskine and a few pens
    5 – Almost always a graphic novel. I love Kirkman’s The Walking Dead
    6 – Gum and snacks
    I love my Timbuk2 because it has a cross-chest stabilizer, so I can shoulder the bag safely when I’m longboarding. 🙂 

    •  @jasonkonopinski I never travel with my Zoom…when do you use yours?

      •  @ginidietrich It’s been a recent addition to the traveling kit, especially now that I’m doing this podcasting thing for real – and, truth be told, I don’t travel all that frequently. I’ve used it for years as part of my taping rig though/ 🙂 

  • Eye drops. That’s all I have to add to this list. : ) Since I wear contacts, my eyes get dry in the air. And I love my Mophie!!!!! 

    • ryancox

       @Lisa Gerber Mophie is sooooooo clutch!

      •  @ryancox  @Lisa Gerber I, too, love my Mophie but they seem to have some build issues.  AmberCadabra and techguerilla have burned through at least six of them apiece! 

        • ryancox

           @jasonkonopinski  @Lisa Gerber  AmberCadabra  techguerilla Oh dear. That’s the last thing I want to hear. Sigh. Who does Mophie’s SM? I need some answers. lol

    •  @Lisa Gerber Yeah…I don’t have that issue. 🙂

  • Two critical items I’d add…an extension cord and power strip.  Then you’re always the most popular person at the gate/conference/hotel.

    •  @rosemaryoneill I’m seeing a mini power strip trend. I’m going to have to get meo ne!

  • StephanieJaie

    @ginidietrich I have a keyboard protector too! Where’d you find a pink one? It’s fab!

    • ginidietrich

      @StephanieJaie On Amazon! I love it. I have a pink case too.

      • StephanieJaie

        @ginidietrich I will definitely be checking out amazon later today.

  • I used to have the vintage 3G iphone…was actually quite sad to have to replace it, even if iMessage is a thing now. I have to say those foldable flats make my list, as I blew heels out of 3 different pairs of shoes during sales season this year. (I am a power walking maniac). Chocolate covered espresso beans and Starbucks via coffee for obvious reasons. I also do the old school notebook for the same reason. A couple of CDs of good music for the rental car. My belkin thingy that charges my iphone in the car. All (with my laptop) in my awesomesauce Kennith Cole travel tote. It’s green and perfect, and also holds my mini purse that just has regular life stuff all in one spot, and it still fits in the carry on limit for flights. Oh, and I usually have a pair of Betsy Johnston cashmere legwarmers (I’m not kidding!) as I always wear skirts and dresses and sometimes I get cold! 

    •  @RebeccaTodd I always wear flip flops. I stopped wearing heels through the airport sometime last year when I was so tired and my feet hurt so badly that I walked through the Atlanta airport barefoot.

  • Oh, and because I believe strongly in power nails, I always have a bottle of the Essie shade of the day (always, always red) for touch ups.  Chips look so tacky! 

    •  @RebeccaTodd I always get the no chip manicure before I go on the road. It never chips and I don’t have to worry about touch ups. I love it.

  • The tech side of things has been thoroughly covered, so I won’t go there. What I don’t leave home without is my little mesh bag “borrowed” from a larger travel toiletries kit that holds: pens, pencils, highlighters, spare lead, a Pink Pearl, paper clips, binder clips of assorted sizes, a travel stapler and extra staples, mini-scissors, staple remover, assorted Post-it Notes, a travel-sized emery board and fingernail clippers, spare flash drives and whatever change I ditch out of my pockets before going through security. It all fits in that little  4 x 6 x 2 inch bag, and goes neatly in a purse or carry-on. I also carry aspirin, safety pins, a mini-sewing kit, cough drops, sunglasses, regular glasses (for when the eyes and the contacts refuse to cooperate), extension cord and small power strip, USB drive extender, and an empty water bottle with Crystal Light flavor packets to fill up after I get through security, instead of paying a fortune for bottled water at the airport. And on my last trip to NJ, I found a wonderful cellphone wall charger that also converts to a USB AND a car charger, so I don’t have to carry multiples.

    • And I forgot to add chapstick to the list.

    •  @DebraCaplick Wow. I cary none of that stuff. You can get through security with mini scissors? 

      •  @ginidietrich TSA lets you get away with scissors with blades less than 4 inches – all the knitters and cross-stitchers are a powerful force in the flying community, and protested mightily when TSA banned scissors in carry-on luggage.I also forgot to list my Pay-as-You-Go Verizon Wireless Internet doggle – it’s bailed me out when other Internet wasn’t available.

  • So you carry all of Dropbox with you? Must be hard to travel with a server farm.
    In all seriousness, though, I typically have my Macbook Pro, my Kindle Fire, a Notebook and my pens, a whole bunch of drawing paper and sharpies, and my IPhone. 
    I do need a new bag though, the current one is facing the end of its days.

    •  @JayDolan Jay, that was my question about Dropbox, too. Their homepage isn’t exactly full of information.

    •  @JayDolan Dude. Go with a Timbuk2. Love mine. 

    • ryancox

       @JayDolan 1 – @ginidietrich 0.

      •  @ryancox @ginidietrich @jasonkonopinski @DebraCaplick I love how Apple has totally brainwashed the media industry workers into over paying for their gear. Everyone has an IPhone and a Mac Laptop. Is there any rebels in marketing/advertising/pr/tech anymore?
        Makes me weep and mourn that such an edgy group would all fit in at an American Cross Roads Camping Jamboree. No more pink hair, tattoos, piercings. All Anne Taylor clothes and men with loafers.
        I am getting Trump to fire you all. and he can be found at the American Cross Roads Camping Jamboree in his 75 foot custom Airstream.

        • StaceyHood

           @HowieSPM Yes there is Howie! I bought an ultrabook instead of a Macbook Air and it works just fine and is lighter than an iPad.

        •  @HowieSPM  @ryancox  @ginidietrich  @jasonkonopinski Why me? I’m an Android person – I have that phone with the optional keyboard that turns it into an ultrabook. I bought a used iPad 2 only because my Apple-brainwashed students keep using the Pages app for their papers, and I need to be able to open them. For laptops, I am an HP fan – I’ve abused mine over the years, but they pretend to be Timexes and just keep on tickin’!

    •  @JayDolan I DO carry all of Dropbox. It gets heavy, but it’s worth it.

  • mikeduerksen

    @ginidietrich Always carry a very small reporters notebook in my back pocket. Still prefer to doodle, take notes, jot down ideas on paper.

    • ginidietrich

      @mikeduerksen Me too. I’ve tried to do it electronically. It’s just not the same.

      • mikeduerksen

        @ginidietrich Thanks for following, Gini. Have a great Thursday afternoon!

  • We are trying to go without laptops.  @sydcon just got this iPad case that has a keyboard He gives it 7 out of 10 stars.  He used it at a baseball road trip & never took his laptop out of the bag (it was a trial run). He goal is to go to Disney in September with no carry-on (his main goal is that all his stuff fits neatly in MY carryon – we shall see).  

    •  @sydcon_mktg  @sydcon I see what he’s trying to do. Scalliwag. 

      •  @jasonkonopinski @sydcon_mktg the new microsoft windows tablet has a keyboard and the reviews I saw were really good.

    •  @sydcon_mktg  @sydcon I have a keyboard for mine, too. But it’s still too hard to blog, write, and do videos. So I still carry my laptop.

  • You forgot flip-flops 🙂 I will always remember when I met you, how you whipped them out of your handbag after dinner 🙂
    And I LOVE that you have a pink keyboard. Do they make those for us PC users??

    •  @C_Pappas I carry my flip flops everywhere! LOL! I know better. I haven’t seen the keyboard condom for PC. You’ll just have to get a Mac.

    • StaceyHood

       @C_Pappas Look on Ebay or Amazon for the keyboard covers, you can get them for just about any laptop nowadays.

  • Never heard of Mophie, have to check out their Droid products. I usually carry a book, snacks, and my laptop.
    Sometimes I load a movie or two on my Droid. I have about a thousand songs on it so I also make sure to have my headphones with me. They are a great tool for helping to moderate conversations with other passengers.

    •  @TheJackB Oh you will love it! You’ll never have to charge your phone again!

  • Great post Gini! I haven’t traveled in a while (lucky me!). My big travel trips are to/from my home (in Spokane, Washington) to school (in Claremont, California). Here’s what I take:
    1) MacBook Pro — I need to bring it home/to school. I’ve been spoiled by having a work-lended MacBook Air this summer…I miss it every single time I pick up my Pro!
    2) iPad — bought it at the beginning of this summer. I’ll be reading books on it (during the silly allowed time, of course).
    3) Fashion magazines — I go crazy for magazines, but I don’t subscribe to any of them. I allow myself one or two when I’m traveling as a guilty pleasure. And I usually give them away when I’m done with them, whether it’s just leaving it in the seatback pocket, or handing it off to family and friends.
    4) Wallet — Yep.
    5) Back-up harddrive — I take this with me if I’m staying at school/home for a while. If it’s just spring break or something, I back up my computer before I travel just in case it gets damaged in transit. I’m pretty paranoid about losing what’s on my computer!
    6) In-flight essentials — usually this is Lactaid pills, in case Southwest’s snacks have dairy in them, some gum for take-off, and some chapstick for when my lips get way dried out on the plane. 
    And, of course, the usual — iPhone 4s, headphones, ticket…

    •  @annedreshfield You carry your ticket and wallet? Huh. 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @KristenDaukas It’s suuuuuper nice. And cheeap! Here’s the link:

  • alexandrakirsch

    @ginidietrich Hey there – going to shoot you an e-mail today about my Chicago trip!

    • ginidietrich

      @alexandrakirsch YAY!!

  • You are such an Apple Honker! LOL
    I used to travel a ton. It was before smart phones or tablets. Just had an HP notebook (b2b industrial sales people don’t get macs because their employers tend to be cheap bastards). an Moto RAZR yes the original one. And that was it. That was all I needed. I had a business VPN and was good to go.
    Not sure why you need all this swank stuff. Your life is too much clutter @ginidietrich you need some Zen for work. Streamline. I suggest you just get a little Netbook and you can keep your IPhone what else do you need? Spend the extra luggage space on a 25 year old massuese named Hans.

    •  @HowieSPM I love my Apple products. And you know how much I accomplish so don’t go telling me I need more Zen in my life.

  • MichaelBowers

    As someone that puts on conferences I appreciate when the speaker brings things that allow them to use their own equipment if that is what they want to do. I am always afraid that someone will show up with a Mac, want to use it and not bring the DVI Adapter (it happens all the time). Then I end up scrambling asking other speakers or people in the audience if they have one. 
    I also appreciate that you bring your Gini approved book signing pens. You are a PRO!

    •  @MichaelBowers Well, getting there anyway…it took a few mishaps to figure it all out. 🙂

  • StaceyHood

    I usually get  @ginidietrich to carry my stuff, but in return I have to carry her hair accessories and a box of Sharpies. Seriously, I try to carry light as i can, there were several witnesses to me hand-writing(yes I did) notes at Social Slam. I have a few other gadgets I carry as well; extended battery case for my phone, an external USB charger that takes regular batteries, depending on how long I’ll be, I may just bring my iPad or longer than 2 days, I bring my ultrabook and iPad. Excedrin & sinus congestion pills are a must for me.

    •  @StaceyHood And you do such a nice job carrying my hair accessories. 

  • jelenawoehr

    Baldassare Castiglione’s “Book of the Courtier” and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” I never travel without these two books. It’s like the Swiss army knife set of the literature world. They can be used as a conversation-starter if you want to talk, a leave-me-alone signal if not, they’re full of quotes to throw into conversation and sound smarter, and if you run into a dilemma on your trip, one of the two has a suggestion, guaranteed.
    Also, a tiny, super-powerful flashlight besides the app on my phone. Just because my best work friend is also a mountain man firefighter and has impressed upon me that you can’t count on battery life and you should never be without a light source, especially in a strange place. I’ve never needed it for anything more intense than helping someone find the keys they just dropped, but I’m from Colorado and it feeds my survivalist instinct in a healthy way, when I can’t carry an actual Swiss army knife on the plane.
    Oh, and my custom-made cephalopod thank-you cards, so I can send people my thanks before I leave their city and it arrives faster!

    •  @jelenawoehr You carry those two books everywhere? Even though you’ve already read them?

      • jelenawoehr

         @ginidietrich Well yes… 🙂 not even to read anymore (though I do reread the Castiglione frequently, Art of War is basically memorized now so not so much) but because of how many interesting experiences I’ve had as a result of them, and how fun is is to turn people on to Castiglione for the first time who had no idea some Italian courtier in the 16th century described modern politics and business to a “T.”

  • I read The Great Gatsby ever year. For the past 20 years.  The rest of the list is great, but that made me want to drink a glass of wine with you even more.

    •  @AmyMccTobin I really love the writing. It’s so simple, but the attention to details is amazing.

  • wagnerwrites

    I am even more grateful to you for #2. I was feeling like a dolt because that’s why I bought my iPad but it just doesn’t work for a professional writer like me, even with the Pages app. My HP laptop is redonkulously heavy, so your #1 is in my future. #8 gave me some comfort, since I still own one. #9 was proven recently when I couldn’t get my bluetooth keyword to work with the iPad in a client meeting and everyone laughed at me for being too pretentious to use pen and paper. And I live and work in Silicon Valley!

    •  @wagnerwrites I suppose the only place it’s OK to use technology to take notes is in Silicon Valley. People everywhere else think you very rude.

  • GlennEscobar

    I like the idea of a separate flip camera, I hate relying solely on my 4s, but would want something simple and light like it.

    Instead of the Morphie, I have a small rechargeable backup battery with a USB port. It will recharge my 4s about five times or juice my iPad for several hours. It’s also refilled lots of my friend’s phones once they found out I had it and can easily do so while we run around together. I can usually refill it every night so it never runs down, but if necessary, I’m sure it would keep my iPhone charged while on a weekend long trip.

    I also carry a paperback book but of the same novel I’m reading on my iPad. It’s just far more convienient to break it out when the iPad would be too conspicuous or in bright sunlight, like by the pool or at the beach when fortunate enough 🙂

    Good suggestions overall. It’s nice hear what other people carry and why, particularly amoungst techo-urban warriors.

    •  @GlennEscobar I like the Flip because I can do interviews with people with me in the frame too. It’s harder to do that with your phone.

  • You have saved my mind from the heat. The a/c is broken, and I think a trip to a hotel thus late would be a waste. But you! I read “Toni morrin” as Toni Morrison — my all-time favorite author — and was shocked to find she ad come out with. Book when I was …. Indisposed. Now I have the 1st chapter on my iPad and te physical book on its way to me tomorrow ?

    You blessed creature, you,

    •  @Tinu OH yay! I just started reading it so we’ll have to compare notes. 

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  • QudosAnimations

    I wish I had as many gadgets as you! The most important thing when I travel is my laptop, which handily, my backpack has a built in laptop sleeve for! Also in total agreement that having a pen and paper and a *real* book to read are essential.. 

    •  @QudosAnimations One benefit of being the business owner – you get the newest gadgets and everyone else gets the hand me downs.

  • I need to get Mophie! I remember you talking about it before. I have a Flip too, but I stopped using it in favor of my iPhone & “mobile video studio” (that you saw me use!)… it’s one less thing to carry, and I already have so much in my bag. 
    And thank you for the h/t. I’m very sorry it took me so long to get here, but yesterday was one of those days…

    •  @Shonali You will never hear me give you a hard time about not stopping by. I totally get it…and yesterday WAS one of those days.

      •  @ginidietrich I know. You are awesome like that.

  • We have this cool power brick, it’s a surge protector/charging station that can be turned to fit most outlets, and has USB ports for charging other devices. Works great for most cameras, phones (except for iPads). FWIW.

  • Great list. But when your going out of the country please do remember carrying a converter plugs unless you want all this gadget to be lifeless when you get there.

    •  @converter plugs I carry mine in my luggage! 

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  • mountaingreensky

    This is a good list! I travel a lot for my job at Dish, so I’ve become a master in packing. One thing you should add to the list is a charger! No matter how much I travel, the charger always escapes my memory; it’s the worst! I wish I could use my iPad like a laptop too. I just end up bringing it along for sheer entertainment purposes. Flight delays go a lot quicker when I can just watch TV like I was at home or the hotel. I have the free Dish Remote Access app that allows me to connect to my home TV through the sling adapter, so watching 30 Rock is my favorite way to pass time at the airport. Otherwise, I bring a good book along for the ride too.

    •  @mountaingreensky We should go to Apple and talk to them about how useful the iPad would be for business travelers if they would create an easy way for us to create content on it.

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