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Kiss Your Video Marketing Fears Goodbye

By: Laura Petrolino | September 3, 2014 | 

videoBy Laura Petrolino

For a good portion of my life, I was fairly certain I was going to be a famous movie star.

So much so when I was 12 I told my parents I HAD to have a subscription to People Magazine to “keep up with my peers.”

I also had my entire career mapped out—how I would rise to stardom doing Broadway musicals and then make my triumphant transition to the silver screen.

I’d win five Oscars and three Tonys (I wrote the acceptance speeches to all of these sometime between the ages of 9 and 12).

Finally, I’d retire from acting at the age of 35 and become the youngest and first female President.

It was an ambitious, yet solid plan.

At this writing, I have yet to be discovered, however I figure that it’s only a matter of time (I mean the world can only wait so long, right?)

In the meantime, I quite enjoy taking advantage of the opportunities the amateur video production provides me to be a mini-digital starlet.

Viva Video! Viva!

The democratization of video not only allows me to practice my “art” while waiting for that big break, it also provides a way for all of us to have a more personal dialogue with viewers and consumers.

Video is something we use readily here at Arment Dietrich.

We have our weekly “Beyond the Blog” video series, Gini’s Views, and a large and informative stockpile of Facebook Questions of the Week.

We also constantly look for additional ways we can use this medium (and have a few other really fun things we are thinking about adding to our video library soon).

We like to work with video to help provide a face and a sense of intimacy to our Spin Sucks community, but also because we recommend our clients use video in their communications strategies.

We see ourselves as the ultimate testing ground for the tactics and strategies we recommend.

Most companies avoid video for two main reasons: They aren’t sure what to say and they are scared about not being sure what to say.

Today, friends, we are going to eliminate both of those excuses with some simple strategies to kiss your video fears goodbye!

Say it With Video

Everyone knows you need to diversify your portfolio… your content portfolio that is!

Diversification allows you to connect with more visitors because you are providing a wide variety of ways for them to learn and absorb your content.

More often than not, companies look at video as separate from their content strategy instead of as a crucial part of it.

This leaves them clueless as to ways they can make it a part of what they do.

Look at your content strategy and ask yourself:

  • How can we support what we are writing about with video additions?
  • How can we replace some of what we are writing about with video?

Some examples include:

  • Add a video interview with a subject matter expert to a blog reviewing that subject.
  • Support a “how-to” blog with a video tutorial taking viewers through steps visually.
  • Feature a customer, team member, or community member on your blog and having them do a quick Q&A  video as part of their feature.
  • Showcase a recent offline event with a video that interviews attendees and shows clips from the actual event.
  • A weekly FAQ that answers the questions most asked by customers.
  • Ask community members or customers to submit their own videos of how they use your product or service.
  • Man-on-the-street interviews to bust common myths in your industry.

All of these things could theoretically be done solely in written form. But why would you write it when you can add so much more with a splash of video?

Ask the Right Questions

The best place to start is to get your team together and collect ideas as you might for any other content development strategy.

  • What questions do customers most often ask?
  • What obstacles do they face when they make a purchase decision?
  • What common mistakes are made in the industry?
  • What confuses people most about what you do?
  • What do you wish you could help every customer understand?

Gather your answers and schedule video as part of your overall editorial calendar.

Banish Camera Shyness

So, now you have a solid idea of what you are going to do on video. The next crucial step is to do it!

Sometimes the fear of the lens is the number one obstacle in creating a successful video content strategy.

Luckily, today you are getting a lesson from the world’s number one camera hog on how to overcome this fear and conquer the screen.

Record Yourself

Record yourself casually talking or singing so you start to feel comfortable both having a camera in front of your face and seeing yourself on video.

This will also help you learn what nervous quirks or verbal ticks to avoid when you start producing video for real.

Prepare Your Way

Some people need to have a script ahead of time, not to read, but to know what they will say.

Some do better just to ad lib.

I’m very much in the second camp.

Sometimes, I have a basic idea of what I’m going to say. But often I just get on camera and start talking.

I find the story forms itself when I vocalize in this way.

Everyone is different—the secret is finding what works best for you.

Ta da!

You have the plan, you have the tools, and you have now graduated from the PetroPower school of camera hog-tasticness!

Go out and make me proud!

About Laura Petrolino

Laura Petrolino is the chief client officer at Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She also is a weekly contributor to the award-winning PR blog, Spin Sucks. Join the Spin Sucks   community.

  • For me the challenges of video are more in line with technical – I’m just not good at editing video! 

    Great advice here. Video is important. Unless it is a video about selfies.

  • ClayMorgan I struggle with editing also, partially because the tools I have are relatively primitive (or my ability to use the tools is relatively primitive). But that doesn’t stop me, of course.

  • Fabulous tips, Laura, and it’s like blogging — you just have to start somewhere! The challenge for me is that video is not my favorite way to take in information. When I was working a “regular” 9-5, I couldn’t watch a video easily at my desk (although if something was important to me I could sneak in a blog post or something that was only text) and data limitations on my phone plan make me a little stingy with using data to watch video (obviously when I am not on wifi). That said, as a personal blogger I KNOW I need to do video content for a variety of reasons (such as the fact that I am pretty sure I am in the minority as a person who doesn’t watch a lot of video). Therefore, I keep persevering in the bathroom studio (gotta move that towel). I guess today isn’t an image fest like yesterday was but I do love doing video for causes, such as:

  • #Petro2016 – The dream lives! 🙂

  • There are so many challenges with video. From preparing to filming to editing and uploading, each has it’s own challenges! But with anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I love your ideas, Laura, on content for video! Thanks for the post!

  • Mark Robins
  • I’m with biggreenpen and ClayMorgan … I have verrrry little patience for video. I see cool links all the time, click on them, find a video, and immediately hit the back button. But, I know that I’m in the minority there – the stats on the growth in video consumption can’t really be argued with.

  • Eleanor Pierce biggreenpen ClayMorgan except for my videos, right????

  • And when you’re ready to kick it up a notch… you can always call a pro for help. Now who do I know who has done that from time to time? 🙂
    –Tony Gnau

  • Kelsey Vere Thanks Kelsey! And you bring up a good point. I LOVE iMovie for editing, both the computer and mobile version. It makes me feel like a mini Steven Spielberg. So I normally use QuickTime to record and iMovie to edit.

  • lizreusswig I’ll send you the yard sign baby!!

  • LauraPetrolino lizreusswig #Pantsuits #FTW!

  • Also, video killed the radio star.

  • biggreenpen I love this Mandela video! Thanks for posting! One really important tip that people often ignore is that you NEED to make sure your video adds value. Make sure there is a REASON for having something in video form vs. another content medium. I don’t often like watching video either…but mostly because I don’t understand why they are doing a video and not just writing it out. When someone does provide extra value in video, value that couldn’t be replicated in another form..THAT is when I watch. Always strive for that point.

  • biggreenpen ClayMorgan IMovie FTW! It is really my go to!

  • LauraPetrolino Eleanor Pierce biggreenpen ClayMorgan That goes without saying. DUH.

  • T60Productions I swear you are a mind reader Tony! I was just about to send you this blog and ask for you to come over and give your expert input! Thanks for checking that to-do off my list!! Tony FTW!!!

  • belllindsay Heck yeah it did!!!

  • LauraPetrolino biggreenpen good point — agree!

  • biggreenpen LauraPetrolino Eleanor Pierce ClayMorgan Good girl Paula!! Gold star!

  • Laura Petrolino

    Yay!! Go me!!!

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  • LauraPetrolino belllindsay no no no … #EarwormOfTheDay

  • KevinVandever

    Well done Laura. Choosing video examples that show Gini’s video with the most views. You’ll go far at AD.

  • lkpetrolino

    Oh good, looks like I can remove ginidietrich from my Oscar acceptance speech. Whew…way too long anyway!

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  • rosyblue

    ginidietrich lkpetrolino Not I! 🙂

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    rosyblue ginidietrich Rosy gets mentioned in the Oscar acceptance speech!

  • JoshuaJLight

    Video is awesome. Some points to add:

    – Most viewers stop watching after 1 minute…so keep them short if you want more eyeballs. 
    – Video is a long-run play. Don’t expect a lot of views initially. Make content that has a long shelf-life. Don’t stop people from posting your video on their website.

    Now here’s a story.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

    I was competing in an elevator pitch competition. I wasn’t aware that the competition was being filmed. I ended up winning the competition.

    The video was published to YouTube. One day…I noticed the video. It only had a few hundred hits. Out of curiosity…I set up a Google alert to track the video.

    I started getting a lot of alerts where people were using my video to promote their stuff. I felt offended at first, but then I felt proud. People actually liked my pitch enough to put their name behind it. So awesome. I didn’t stop these people. 

    The video started going viral. I started getting calls from professors all over the world asking me to talk to their classes about elevator pitching. I had two foreign college friends who moved back to their naive countries call me, and tell me their professor showed my elevator pitch video to his/her class. I had Google employees call me, and ask to advise them on starting a similar venture. It was nuts.

    The video now has 268,717 hits. It took years to get there, but it has helped me create a ton of relationships.

    I have had similar success stories with really nichey content. Video is great, but give it time.

  • Yeah, great idea but just like the pics I try to take every time I try to do a vid this old cat keeps showing up and messes up the whole thing. 

    It is one of those things you just need to jump in and do and it does provide an intimacy with your audience. I actually do have a ‘few’ YouTubes out there and one of these days, there might be more. 

    Great advice and go get your phone, because I think Hollywood is calling.

  • rosyblue

    lkpetrolino ginidietrich Alright! Woohoo! Happy Wednesday!

  • LauraPetrolino T60Productions Oh yeah… also… the one and only belllindsay inspired a blog post of my own a while back regarding how to help people get past their shyness.

  • T60Productions LauraPetrolino belllindsay Oh nice! Great post! And Tony, someday I’d like to inspire one of your blog posts please 🙂

  • bdorman264 Hollywood is totally calling! I’m the next big thing. No I’m THE big thing…Hollywood is just late to the party!

    You of all people REALLY need to utilize video, take your own advice: Jump in. Do a few that you never show anyone, but just to get used to doing it and seeing yourself. 

    I’ll be waiting patiently for your debut. Please and thank you.

  • JoshuaJLight Great tips…and now….obviously WE NEED TO SEE THE PITCH VIDEO!

  • KevinVandever HAHA! And mine had the second highest! Oh yes…there was totally a strategy behind this screenshot! 🙂

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  • Very good tips here, Laura! I think I’ll definitely give some of these a try. I’ve been thinking about doing this eventually.

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  • And here is the accompanying video for the viewers at home!

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    Yeah well I do have to accept that video gets more user engagement than that of the textual ones!! 
    Thus even I believe that situation has raised that now whatever we want to communicate communicate it as through video that is an accepted fact!!

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