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2013 Business and Personal Goals

By: Gini Dietrich | January 14, 2013 | 

This year has started off really rough. I joked to a friend the other day that, if the first two weeks are any indication, 2013 isn’t going to be so fun.

I was sick during the holidays so I didn’t do my normal New Year’s planning. I haven’t even blogged about my goals.

Instead I’ve been sucked into this thing we call life and haven’t taken the time to sit back and think.

2011 was a terrible year for us. I really thought we’d have to shutter the doors. They say strength comes from crisis and, though it didn’t feel that way at the time, it trained me to be a better business person.

Now I watch the important things (cash flow, client satisfaction, employee morale, new sales) like a hawk and spend less time worrying about how people will feel when I make decisions best for the health of the organization (admittedly, though, I could do an even better job with this).

I also do a fairly decent job of stepping back and thinking. Of seeing the forest for the trees.

Until this year. This year we were launched into pure craziness and, while it’s only been two weeks, the strategy side of things is faltering.

So I’m taking a step back and reviewing my goals here.

I’ve found, when I do that, you hold me accountable and, as the leader of an organization, I need someone (or many of you) to do that.

2013 Business Goals

Many people use “three words” to create their New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to think of them as goals. Mine are: Coach, delegate, productivity.

It’s been a very long time since Arment Dietrich has had an entirely new staff. With the exception of Patti Knight, everyone has been here less than a year.

What I’ve discovered that means is I have to spend more time coaching, teaching them the way we do things, and reshaping the things that are important: Client service, strategy, and results.

As well, with a new team, I spent a lot of time last year doing the things I shouldn’t be doing, including some very typical account executive work. Sure, I can do it and I’m very good at it (I should be by this point, no?), but, if I’m going to spend my time with clients, it should be on high-level thinking and not on the tactics.

Therefore, this year I am going to delegate any work that clients won’t pay my full rate to do. That’s not where my value lies and, if I continue to do it, my team won’t learn to do it, which means I’m not accomplishing goal number one.

This last one is a biggie. Last year, I averaged 17 hours a day. I can blame it on the Marketing in the Round tour and my speaking schedule, but I was not good last year at shutting it down and recharging.

This year, productivity means working no more than 12 hour days, which I’ve already failed at (miserably), but this is a good reminder. It means I have to get all of the work done in five hours less a day. I think I can do it because I won’t be on a plane but once a month this year.

Of course, we have business goals that are separate from what you see here. These are just for my own growth.

2013 Personal Goals

This is a new category for work. Last year, I read a study that shows sitting at your desk for long period of times is more harmful for you than smoking.

So we’re having a little contest at work to see who can achieve their fitness goals this year. The catch? We have to work out in the middle of the day, which requires each of us to break up the hours we’re sitting at our desks.

My goals are to ride 5,000 miles this year (at 185, as of yesterday) and to take pilates three times a week (missed one day this past week).

So there you have it. I’m very goal-oriented, particularly if I make them public. Thank you for indulging me.

What are your career and personal goals for the year?

P.S. Today is my mom’s birthday. Wish her a happy day!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • belllindsay

    Happy Birthday Mama Dietrich!! 😀 My goal, beyond the fitness/eating healthier aspect, is to quit smoking – for good this time. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done – and yes, as the old joke goes, I’ve done it *hundreds* of times. Another goal of mine is to make 2013 the best year possible, both professionally and personally. Fingers crossed.

    • @belllindsay She’s not Mama Dietrich. That’s Kelly’s mother. Jeez.
      Are you still on the smoking wagon? Or did you fall off?

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich In my defence!! I didn’t take (either of) my husband’s last name. I assumed you were a Dietrich born. 😉

        • @belllindsay Except you know Kelly’s last name.

        • belllindsay

          @ginidietrich I assumed you two were one of them modern couples. {dammit!!!!}

        • @belllindsay LOL! Love you!

        • belllindsay

          @ginidietrich Harumph! 😉

  • Happy Birthday, mom! I”m also looking for more productivity, as well as bit of a shift in my business model. And I suppose I should do something about that physical activity thing. Hmmm.

    • @KenMueller I’ve been after you about the physical activity thing for at least two years now!

      • @ginidietrich what a nag! Well, I do walk a decent amount, minimum two miles a day thanks to Shadow. But I need to be a bit more mobile throughout the day. I get working and I lose track of time and realize I’ve been sitting at my desk/dining room table for a long time. I hate exercise for the sake of exercise. I need to figure out something that i like and just do it.

        • @KenMueller Even if it’s just to walk Shadow in the middle of the day. That study was horrifying. I can easily sit here for more than 12 hours without realizing I haven’t moved. Kind of defeats the purpose for taking such good care of myself in every other way, doesn’t it?

        • @ginidietrich It’s interesting, my dad just came home from the nursing home before Christmas, and he spends most of his day in a chair reading. But the physical therapist was worried about blood clots and the like, and said that it’s important to move every hour, and it doesn’t even have to be a lot: just getting up and walking to the bathroom or kitchen can be enough. So I figure if I drink enough coffee (which now studies are saying is good for you), then I’ll have to pee a lot, so I’ll get up more!
          Yeah, I’m always thinking…

        • @KenMueller  @ginidietrich Why not just hide strips of bacon in various locations around the house. Then, when you get hungry…

        • @KensViews  @ginidietrich If I hid bacon, Shadow would find it all first…so he would get the exercise.

  • Happy Birthday to Gini’s Mom! Really wish I had done the requisite “What was @ginidietrich like as a kid?” interview with her before I became friends Gini. Now it’s too late to go back (Her half-hearted “I’ll defriend you” claims notwithstanding). BTW, I’ve been on the elliptical trainer every day since January 1! (Off to my mailbox now to see if my Holiday Greetings card from Arment Dietrich arrived….)

    • @KensViews You can probably still do that interview, though she won’t tell you much you don’t already know. I was very shy, very reserved, a good student…the most trouble I ever got in was because of my mouth. I didn’t do drugs, didn’t drink (not until well after college), didn’t sleep around, got straight As, was active in after school things, blah, blah, blah.

      • @ginidietrich Apparently you haven’t learned an important lesson from Lance Armstrong: Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! #ReservingYourSpotOnOprah’s Couch  (OK, I do believe the part about your getting in trouble because of your mouth!)

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  @KensViews BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Like butter wouldn’t melt!!

  • Happy Birthday, Gini’s Mama.Good for you for making your goals public, @ginidietrich   My personal goals are all over the map but, as you know, include a renewed focus on physical fitness. So far we’re off to a grand start. (I was mortified to learn of the study revealing the harmful effects of sitting at your desk. That removed any feelings of superiority because I’m not a smoker.) 😉 Oh, by the way, day three (in a row) of a four mile walk. Very brisk at 6:30 AM. Invigorating.

    • @allenmireles If you get what we have today, you won’t be walking anywhere tomorrow. It was 11 degrees when I walked JB this morning!

      • @ginidietrich That’s we have the gym that opens at 6AM. Although I have been known to walk in 11 degree winter weather in the past.

  • Happy Birthday, Gini’s mom! Gini, thanks for sharing your business and personal goals. Does anyone on your team feel guilty for working out in the middle of the day? That seems to be one of my biggest challenges (or easiest ones to make up excuses.) Have you considered opening up the contest to non-AD team members who also work from home? 😉

    • @EdenSpodek I used to feel REALLY guilty for working out in the middle of the day. And then I had a talk with myself. I said, “Gin, you’re at your desk by 5:30 every morning and don’t leave it until 7:00 or later each night. It’s not a big deal if you workout at noon.” And then I stopped feeling guilty about it. Everyone expects each of us will take a lunch. They don’t need to know I’m riding my bike instead of eating out.
      I like the idea of opening it up to non-team members. Hmmmm…. I like it a lot, actually!

  • 12 hours a day? I’m going for 5 hours……….a week….
    From a business standpoint we have a pretty detailed business plan to complete that really takes you through the steps on how you will get there instead of just some pie in the sky guesstimate. We also have accountability partners we meet with weekly to stay on task. Even us old dogs have to go through this because at the end of the day it’s still all about growing the business and if you ever reach the point you think you are ‘too good’ for that, it’s time to start looking for the back door. 
    I’m pretty active from a fitness standpoint so I typically don’t set specific goals; I just keep looking for things that are fun and get me outside.
    From a social standpoint, rock-n-roll. I’m always looking for the free food and drink so maybe I’ll kick that to a higher level this year.
    Good luck w/ your progress, and yes, we will hold you accountable.

    • belllindsay

      @bdorman264 You don’t have to deal with winter. :

      • @belllindsay Yeah, I think we had 2 days of it this year; I actually had to wear a sweater too.

        • belllindsay

          @bdorman264 Le sigh.

    • @bdorman264 Someday I would love it if you shared your business plan with me. In some cases, I’m guessing. We’re really good at the things that drive business through marketing, but I also set a goal (coaching) that isn’t really measurable. And that’s something I’d never let my team get away with doing.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a slow start to 2013 – though, I hate it happened to you. I had carved out two whole days over the holidays for goals and planning and then my husband got sick and then I did, which meant we were at my parent’s house two days longer than expected and those days evaporated. It totally sucks when that kind of stuff happens, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches (a skill I’m still trying to learn). 
    Great line up of goals. One of mine for this year is to “create space” in my schedule so I have more time to think and focus on my business (and also allow more free time). It’s so easy to get caught up in client work that you leave your own business to last. I want to change that this year. But man, 17 hours a day?!? I thought I was bad, but not quite THAT bad!
    And delegation? Definitely something I need to do better too. However, until I get a dedicated team, I need to be more deliberate about bringing people in to get the job done.
    Oh, and the sitting thing? It’s the worst. I’m considering a stand-up desk so I don’t sit so much. That’s why I eat lunch standing up at the counter and often pace when I’m on the phone!

    • @lauraclick I’ll take the liberty of sharing a nuance to your thinking, which may help. Consider shifting away from “Delegation, something I need to do better too, HOWEVER…” because that “however” allows you to keep doing what you’re doing/ might actually delay you’re doing what you really want to do. Instead, make a goal “Find and hire a dedicated team or high-quality freelancers so that I can delegate a portion of work, giving me the time to focus on higher-end work.” Then, create strategies and tactics to help you achieve that goal–and some related deadlines/deliverables.  Respectfully submitted…

      • @KensViews Good point, Ken. Otherwise, it just sounds like I’m making excuses! Sometimes, a small mindset shift can be super helpful. Thanks for the perspective!
        And yes, finding good contractors/freelancers is definitely on my goal list! Having good people in place is a key part of being able to delegate!

    • @lauraclick A few years ago, I started blocking Fridays to create that space you talk about. It was REALLY hard at first, but now I look forward to those days without meetings or interruptions. I can typically get a week’s worth of work done on Fridays. It’s perfect because it starts my weekend without my feeling like I have to work all weekend.

      • @ginidietrich Yup. That’s my plan. I’ve charted out what my ideal week looks like  so I can set aside time for meetings, client work, writing etc., and my goal is to use Fridays (or at least half of Fridays) to do internal work. I know it won’t always work like I want, but I’m hoping that by setting parameters around when I do certain things will help prevent me from getting overbooked. Fingers crossed, anyway.

  • jonbuscall

    Thanks for sharing Gini. I always see your voice in my Twitter stream and wonder how you do it, staying on top of all the content, productivity and engagement. It’s good to hear you’re human.
    I found 2012 a difficult year too because it’s not easy juggling a small team and taking responsibility for all the client stuff. I’m not quite in a position to further delegate the work I do but it’s something to aim for. I lost all the time at Christmas for my annual strategic thinking because I got the flu !
    One thing I learned in 2012 was that cutting back a little bit on the content didn’t impact my business. In fact, it was the best year financially for us; but like you I was working 17 hours a day or thereabouts. 
    I’m not sure where it’s going in 2013 but I’m trying to be more effective by living in my ToDo list. I also got a standing-up desk to cut down on all those hours in the chair. 
    Wish you every success in 2013 !

    • @jonbuscall Ug. Everyone has been sick this year. I can’t believe it made it all the way to you. I guess that’s what happens when we work ourselves so hard and finally take a break, huh? I miss you…hope you’re doing well!

  • Happy birthday Gini’s mom! 
    Personal goals are to train to run at least a 10k, and actually just a nudge more so I could theoretically run from my house to the office or vice versa. I’m also on a big organizing kick. Finally putting up shelving in every place I’ve thought it could be helpful and never did it. It’s making a huge difference in how I feel when I get home.
    Professionally, I’m focused on ROI big-time. And thanks to you @ginidietrich , I finally made a big strategic decision that has been lingering.

    • @katskrieger You’re totally going to do a marathon. You’re going to be like @lauraclick … one day wake up and say, “It’s happening!”

      • @ginidietrich  @katskrieger YES! Do it. Or, start with a half marathon. And then one day, you’ll realize that you’ll always wonder if you don’t do a full one. It’s addicting!

  • Starting yoga was the best thing that I’ve done for myself.  Seriously. 
    2013 is definitely about personal goals for me: start a family, surround myself with the kind of people that challenge me without talking down, and teaching what I know to those that want to hear it.

    • belllindsay

      @jasonkonopinski START A FAMILY!!!!????

      • @belllindsay Settle down now. It’s not an announcement.

        • belllindsay

          @jasonkonopinski But, but, but, but…..

        • @belllindsay In all seriousness, I’m hoping this is the year. The turbulence of the past few years for me professionally seems to have finally subsided, thank heavens.

        • belllindsay

          @jasonkonopinski I think Lindsay’s a fine name. For a girl OR a boy. 😉

        • @belllindsay  @jasonkonopinski Screw that. Gini is a better name.

  • I wrote a post about my goals @ginidietrich  professionally. I have a separate goals that will go up tomorrow, personally. I wont link drop here — but I think you’d be proud of me on both fronts. (I might buy you to read)
    I’m fine holding you accountable. You’ve always given me good measures and accountability in the past. 
    P.S. Happy Birthday Gini’s mom. She failed to give us a name, and I don’t know Gini’s maiden name (your last name) so you’ll be known as Gin-eeeeeee’s Mom.

    • @ryancox Even if you knew my maiden name (cough, company name, cough), you wouldn’t know my mom’s name because she remarried three years ago.

  • I don’t like that sitting is so harmful for you because it’s hard to not sit at work.
    As for goals this year, I have two. If I try to make more, I will inevitably fail (please see: NaNoWriMo).
    1. Publish at least two blog posts per week, while also making my blog a bit more personable.
    2. Do some freelance writing on the side.
    On a personal note, I need to get out of bed earlier each morning, but that’s a never-ending challenge for me.

    • AnneReuss

      @bradmarley You’re not alone. Waking up earlier is something I’m working on. My bed is a cloud. But I did sign up for Lifetime Fitness even though I love working out at home and I’m going to see if any classes can get me out of bed and break up the day! Vroom vroom.

      • @AnneReuss I think you do have to schedule something early to force yourself out of bed, even though the thought of physical activity that early is obscene. Good luck in your quest to waking up earlier.

    • @bradmarley You never fail to make me laugh. Are you going to try NaNoWriMo again this year?? I have a friend who set a goal for getting up with his alarm each morning, instead of sleeping in. He’s the happiest I’ve seen him in years. It sucks to start, but well worth it after the first few days.

      • @ginidietrich Yeah, I’ll probably give NaNoWriMo another shot, now that I have 10 months to prepare.

    I just have to say it’s ever so inspiring to see the community you have built here in action. It’s great to see how candid you are about goals and such, Gini!  I always navigate away with things to think about. So, a thanks to you, and a thanks to the community!
    I too was sick over the holidays. I think it has to do with letting go — once you finally decompress after a period of intense effort, it seems your body shuts you down whether you like it or not. For me it came after a long, tedious semester and smack-dab in the middle of my visit with family back home in VA. Grrr, but alas. Where better to be sick, than with your family? : )
    One of my personal goals in 2013 is to do at least one thing a week that makes me authentically happy.  Preferably a newish activity each time, but it could even be swimming some laps. I just need to rediscover some *joy*, because there was a bit too much *grind* in 2012. On a professional/school level, it’s time for me to hone in on how and where I want to use my skills in 2014, so a goal of mine is to have one informational interview a month. And — TOASTMASTERS. Which admittedly makes me sweat a little.
    Here’s to a great 2013 for everyone!

    • @dwaynealicie You are too funny! Toastmasters would make me sweat, too! But it’s very, very good for you. Are you going to jump out of a plane this year?
      And…thank you for the birthday wishes to my mama!

        Ahem. How did you know to bring that up. Uncanny.  : D

  • biz – try to get more online at the right time for US chatter…
    Personal – be ready to do (not do) an ironman (maybe do in my NY rez next year) – this will involve lots of swimming / bucket loads of running and plenty of sitting on a bike
    Happy 2013

    • @Nic_Cartwright OMG! I totally want to see you do the Ironman! YES!!!

      • @ginidietrich you ever do one (Ironwoman?)…  The training plans are insane….  and the 12-15 hours of racing and totally insane dude!!
        1/2 marathon this weekend if my xmas sickness lifts…

  • PattiRoseKnight

    My fitness goal is go to the gym 4 times a week; I know I’ll feel better once I go but sometimes I have to force myself.  I think the real prize will be when we are all healthy and fit!

    • @PattiRoseKnight That’s what’s so funny about exercise…we procrastinate it, but we feel SO MUCH better when we’re finished.

  • This is the year I refocus on health. I haven’t had a physical in seven years so Wednesday I go find out if my feeling about my personal state of the union is in sync with his diagnosis.
    Definitely going to get more sleep.
    I figure the focus on health should have a positive impact on everything else so we’ll see if that works out or not.
    Happy Birthday to your mom.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Josh, these are all good things. Since 1/1, in addition to doing 45 mins+daily on the elliptical trainer, I’m taking my blood glucose 3 times daily.  All of this encourages better eating, which encourages regular exercise, which in turn encourages better eating. Going to the doc on 2/25, so we’ll see the impact of all of this.  Also, I find that getting more sleep helps with alertness and weight control….But ultimately, it’s about good health.  Keep at it!

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes When you exercise, you can’t help but get more sleep. It’s good, overall, for your body. I hope your doctor has good things to say on Wednesday!

  • Good for you!
    So far, 2013 has been a whirlwind for everyone I’ve talked to. Last week was my busiest in months. I’ve been non-stop until this past weekend, in which I took time to read, meditate, clean my house and further map-out my goals. The good news is things seem to be picking up, even more than last year, in business so everyone can be thankful for that. 
    I love that you are challenging your team to follow your lead in the workout mid-day idea. When I’m done at my current “desk-job” and launch my business full-time (!!!) I plan to adapt that strategy, too.
    Here’s to busting through our goals this year.
    P.S. Happy birthday, Gini’s mom!

    • @kateupdates I used to sneak out at lunchtime and feel really guilty about doing it. But then I read that story and I became very upfront with my team about the necessity to get away from our desks in the middle of the day. I think, when you work from home, you’re more inclined to not move at all during the day. When you’re in an office, you typically leave for lunch or snacks or meetings.

  • Great article. 
    2012 was a huge year for me. I moved to Chicago, finally landed an agency job and transitioned into integrated marketing. This year my three words/goals are to :
    Save: I have a finance goal and I want to remove as much debt as possible.
    Grow: Personally, by doing things that make me happy and professionally by learning more and expanding my current role at work.
    Continue: I don’t want my success in 2012 to just fade away, so I plan to achieve to even more. Personally, I want get ready to purchase a condo (results of watching too much HGTV) and Professionally I want to learn another aspect of the business, whether that be business/sales development practices, coding or accounting. 
     P.S. Happy Birthday Gini’s Mom! Hope you enjoy your special day!

    • @stevenmcoyle I’ve been thinking about your save goal all day. It’s such a good one. I’m a big believer in savings (it’s what got Mr. D and I through 2009-2011 when I couldn’t pay myself) and love that you have it here.

      • @ginidietrich  I read this article about a guy who managed to pay off all his student loans by the age of 26 and it inspired me to take a close look at my fiances. While I don’t expect to be debt free in 4 years like him, I want to take a step in that direction.

  • I really find value when you share what went good and not so good with your business @ginidietrich . It reminds me that we all have challenges, and I learn from your solutions and thoughts. I too, work upwards of 18 hours a day, but it’s hard not to.
    My biggest challenge is to focus on one thing and not get distracted, so any tips that you can pass along in future issues of Spin Sucks would be appreciated. Oh look, a pretty butterfly….what was I saying….?

    • @spinchick I wrote this and now have been working for 15 hours. Oy. Help me with this blog post you suggested…what distracts you?

      • @ginidietrich Gini, Gini, Gini. 15 hours? Well, it’s better than 18. It’s a start. I remember some chick wrote a book where she encourages baby steps, tee hee.
        What distracts me? Email. Facebook. Sometimes Twitter. When I am trying to work, I can’t help but check my emails or hop on over to Facebook. I know better, but…
        I also make phone calls when I remember them instead of being more methodological as to when I make them.
        I am a graphic artist by trade – still do design – and I think sometimes I have resistance to certain projects and let myself get sidetracked. Writing and programming force me to focus, but with design my mind wanders and off I go! Now, sometimes I will distract myself with pushups or planks, but that’s because my body gets stiff & needs to move. Maybe I should tell myself for every time I go on Facebook “unauthorized” I need to do more pushups? That ought to stop me!

  • 12 hour days for Gini D is “taking it easy”…. you’re something else my friend. 🙂
    Cheering you and all your goals on,

  • First off…Sending many birthday wishes to your mom!!
     @ginidietrich I love how you start out by kinda admitting you’re human (as opposed to superhuman!) and then go & ruin it by saying you’re cutting down to 12 hour days!  LOL
    Goal…I’m going to get up after this post and walk around the block, in the rain, uphill both ways….hope that qualifies!! 😉

    • Oh shoot, still sitting here trying to multi-task!  MUST – GET – UP  –  & – WALK – NOW!!!

    • @lizreusswig LOL!! I know…as I’ve been sitting here for 15 hours. Oy. But I have to make it a goal. I’m beginning to feel burned out and it’s no wonder. For me, it’s more about boundaries than hours worked. 
      Did you walk around the block??

      • @ginidietrich So I didn’t really get the walk in – unless you count walking around the grocery store!  LOL  Now I’m feeling like crap – praying it’s not the flu mainly because I cannot afford the downtime!  Maybe I need to look at the whole boundaries thing, too! 😉

        • @lizreusswig I think a walk around the grocery store works…if you did it to break up the time you sat at your desk! I hope you’re not getting that flu going around. It’s really, really bad.

  • Happy day Gini’s Mom!!!  I was going to say Happy Birthday but I’m just gonna keep doing what you tell me.
    I have some goals, yes I do. Not sure if 3 words will encompass them all, though.  Careerally –  1) publish my calendar in the next week and have my first ecommerce photo site up and running by the end of the month.  2) transition from working as an employee to creating my own company and brand without making my family starve, literally.  Personally, since apparently people think I’m cool now and are inviting me to webcasts, I’m going to appear less doughy.  Pudgy superhero’s aren’t the cat’s meow if you know what I mean.  When I am booked for my first speaking gig, I FULLY intend on entering on a harness and flying through the room. I don’t want to break that harness.  In fact, I’m already following through on this as I’m enjoying an orange right now.  Yeah, 2013 is my breakout year!

    • @TonyBennett OMG Tony! OMG! I am SO HAPPY to read this. And so proud of you! Holy cow! I’m so proud of you!!!

  • Happy Birthday to mom!!!!
    Big hugs to Gini!
    Way to go on making those goals public. I’m working on a few of my own…perhaps that should be a blog post, eh? 😉

  • Happy birthday Mom! (Is she 40 yet?) 
    I appreciate your sharing this Gini because I’m a real slug at beginning-of-the-year planning. A little inspiration never hurts.
    But I’m never going to ride 5,000 miles.

    • @barrettrossie Of course she’s not 40 year. I just turned 19. You could totally ride 5,000 miles. It’s only 100 miles a week. Piece of cake.

      • @ginidietrich I just surpassed 500 Livefyre points. My year is made!

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  • PeterSterlacci

    Just make sure you always get out on the bike Gini! You know that is how we stay sane!

    • @PeterSterlacci You are SO right! It always make us feel better, doesn’t it?

  • Happy belated birthday to your mama!!

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