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The 82 Things I Love

By: Gini Dietrich | November 26, 2013 | 

The 82 Things I LoveBy Gini Dietrich

I was trolling through Google+ the other day, when I saw an interesting update from Kaarina Dillabough.

It was a link from Judy Dunn’s blog post called, “Can You Name 99 Things You Love in 10 Minutes?

Because this is my last post before Thanksgiving (we have our normal guest bloggers tomorrow and then we’re taking the rest of the week off), I thought I’d try it today.

I’m going to set my timer for 10 minutes and just write. Let’s see how I do.

The 82 Things I Love

  1. Kelly Dietrich
  2. Jack Bauer (my dog, not the TV character)
  3. My momma
  4. Freshly baked bread
  5. Making bread in my self-constructed steam oven
  6. Tulips
  7. My bike
  8. My iPhone
  9. My iPad
  10. A pair of James jeans that I wear nearly every day
  11. My “I’m not a player, I just blog a lot” t-shirt
  12. Movies
  13. Reading
  14. Riding the lakefront as the sun rises
  15. Snow!
  16. Downhill skiing
  17. All of the little faces that call me Aunt Gini
  18. All of the siblings that call me older (but not bigger) sister
  19. My friends (if I get desperate, I’ll list them out)
  20. Taking Jack Bauer for walks
  21. My team
  22. Waking up on Christmas morning to little voices asking if it’s time yet
  23. Nieces piling in bed with me when they visit
  24. Law & Order SVU
  25. Wine
  26. Almond croissants
  27. Chili con queso
  28. Freshly painted fingernails
  29. Lipgloss
  30. Chalkboard paint
  31. Cooking
  32. Just sharpened knives
  33. Decorating my house for Christmas
  34. My birthday
  35. The Rocky Mountains
  36. Ice skating
  37. Cross country skiing
  38. Writing
  39. Crystal stemware
  40. Will Ferrell in “Tight Pants”
  41. Jimmy Fallon
  42. Robert Downey, Jr.
  43. The Nova Scotia weatherman
  44. The relationship I’ve rebuilt with my dad
  45. Grandma Dietrich
  46. My “new” sisters (aka Kelly’s sisters)
  47. Pop and EMIL
  48. Boots
  49. Hats (aka toques)
  50. Shirts that have thumbholes in the sleeves
  51. Lululemon
  52. Barney’s
  53. Barnes & Noble
  54. When Jack Bauer won’t go outside with anyone but me
  55. Sephora
  56. Taking bubble baths
  57. Winter
  58. Wind chill
  59. Brushing my teeth
  60. Competing in the UP steps program at work
  61. Having everyone over for Thanksgiving
  62. The quiet in the pre-dawn hours
  63. High heels
  64. Cashmere
  65. Super Hero t-shirts
  66. Kelly’s Indian accent
  67. The community at Spin Sucks
  68. Building a company
  69. Taking some entrepreneurial risk
  70. Candy
  71. Meeting social media friends when I speak
  72. When Jack Bauer thinks he’s a lap dog
  73. Eavesdropping to make up stories about people
  74. The smell of the salted caramel Glade plugins
  75. Salted caramels
  76. Sharpie pens
  77. Winning
  78. Really bad storms
  79. Canadians
  80. Making Kelly laugh a good belly laugh
  81. Black licorice
  82. Going to the movies

Wow. That was harder than I expected. It’s hard not to edit it to put in order of the way you love them versus how you wrote them…or to keep going after the 10 minutes is up.

So there you have it. I couldn’t get all the way to 99 in 10 minutes. If you try it, start thinking about it before you write it and see if you can succeed.

And, have a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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144 responses to “The 82 Things I Love”

  1. rdopping says:

    I wonder how much that list would change if you did it once a moth dorm a year?

  2. Uhm after the last few days you left off dallaskincaid  drinking gross vodka laced sweet soda atrocities. You left out turnips, busy intersections while biking, and Bob Marley Reggae!
    We need to do a second coat but we painted one of Lili’s new walls with Chalkboard paint! See finally something in common. After all these years amazing!
    Enjoy your vacation.

  3. rdopping once a moth dorm a year? Are you using your IPhone again to post? You know ginidietrich bans use of Apple Products here.

  4. Digital_DRK says:

    Awesome list, glad you included brushing your teeth. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. chelpixie says:

    There is NOT a salted caramel Glade plugins. No WAY.

  6. KateFinley says:

    LOVE this idea. I’m going to tweak it slightly and share … Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. KateAchelpohl says:

    I will share this … and maybe make my son (age 13) do it too! I must say … at the risk of sounding like a total goofball, it deserves HUGS! Thank you!

  8. DallasK says:

    Am I the only one that is concerned about #32?

  9. Matt_Cerms says:

    Gini, I admire your taste. BUT, I just do not understand your love for black licorice. How does that come to your head before margaritas or wine?? I just don’t know what to think….

  10. RebeccaTodd says:

    Love this post! It’s cute, I said to Joe before meeting Kelly that your laugh is so wonderful, I don’t know how KD would ever want to do anything but make you laugh. But it’s so great to make him laugh too! I love how many different ways JB makes the list. And now I need to watch tight pants again… Have a wonderful holiday Gini! xxoo

  11. I will have to try this later. Question is, with my mad typing skillz (45 wpm, not bad for 3 fingers) do I hand write it instead? That risks most of my entries being illegible.
    But mostly I fear beer and donuts would take up most of the list.

  12. RebeccaTodd says:

    RobBiesenbach Now I kinda wanna see your hand written list…

  13. JohnMTrader says:

    DallasK No, I’m concerned about that one too. Almost makes me feel a little macabre.

  14. ginidietrich says:

    RobBiesenbach You can totally hand write it!

  15. ginidietrich says:

    DallasK You’re lucky I didn’t use them on you.

  16. ginidietrich says:

    rdopping I am going to speak Ralph: Once a month for a year.

  17. ginidietrich says:

    Howie Goldfarb I’m going to do my kitchen wall in chalkboard paint this weekend!

  18. ginidietrich says:

    Digital_DRK LOL!! I love brushing my teeth!

  19. Matt_Cerms I have to agree with you Matt…

  20. ginidietrich says:

    chelpixie Totally is! AND, when people walk into your house, they automatically think you’re a baker.

  21. ginidietrich says:

    Todd Lyden What do you mean? Because you have to do this now?

  22. ginidietrich says:

    KateFinley Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. JohnMTrader says:

    I think this should be an exercise for everyone prior to T-sizzle. It keeps things real. Thanks for sharing. 
    How about #83 be – sharing your knowledge and expertise with us to help educate and enlighten the masses

  24. ginidietrich chelpixie Must have!

  25. ginidietrich says:

    KateAchelpohl You should have him do it! That’s a great idea!

  26. ginidietrich says:

    Matt_Cerms Wine is in there waaaaaay before black licorice. But I love it! And happy no one else does because that means more for me.

  27. ginidietrich says:

    RebeccaTodd Ha! He does make me laugh quite a bit. He’s very funny!

  28. ginidietrich says:

    JohnMTrader But what if I don’t love that?

  29. I love this!!! I want to do it!!! These made me chuckle a bit 🙂

  30. ginidietrich says:

    yvettepistorio ginidietrich chelpixie Target!

  31. ginidietrich @RebeccaTodd My handwriting is so weird. I use a hybrid of print and cursive. The letters are formed like printing, but most are connected in some way like cursive. And I typically omit a lot of vowels and some consonants.

  32. JohnMTrader says:

    ginidietrich You know you do.

  33. ginidietrich yvettepistorio chelpixie Matt bought some vanilla plug-ins and they are a bit overpowering…must go to Target tonight.

  34. ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb I love chalkboard paint! I’m going to come over and write detailed notes all over your walls!

  35. What a fun post! I want to do this too. 🙂 I can totally see how it would be harder than it looks. It’s a great list. Love that your dog is called Jack Bauer !! Was the tulip festival on in Ottawa when you were here in May? If not you should totally come back for it!  And yay! Canadians make the list  woot! I am totally craving almond croissants now and I am so curious about “Kelly’s Indian accent”…

  36. Matt_Cerms says:

    ginidietrich I mean, this is coming from a guy who loves everything about red licorice. And that is definitely fueling my frustration/disbelief. At least I am not the only one concerned about this 🙂

  37. RebeccaTodd says:

    ginidietrich RebeccaTodd You both are!

  38. DallasK says:

    ginidietrich DallasK You were too drunk, you would have missed….

  39. JodiEchakowitz says:

    Awesome post! I especially love #79, but don’t quite understand how anyone can love #58.

  40. ryancox says:

    This is too damn funny ginidietrich. I won’t even mention to Kelly that Jack with 4 had more mentions on the list than Kelly did, at 3. lol Any list you can go from just sharpened knives, to brushing your teeth, to Canadians is a great list to me.

  41. sydcon_mktg says:

    LOVE IT!! I so enjoy these types of posts because it lets us know more about you, Gini the individual!! I may borrow the idea to incorporate into our annual Thanksgiving post that will go up tomorrow!! 
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. ginidietrich says:

    JohnMTrader Don’t give away my secrets!

  43. ginidietrich says:

    DallasK I wouldn’t have missed.

  44. KateNolan says:

    DallasK Freshly sharpened knives are the safest knives. At least for the one holding the knife anyway… (Also, I agree with #32, I feel like a ninja when my knives have been sharpened!)

  45. ginidietrich says:

    KateNolan Soul sisters!

  46. DallasK says:

    ginidietrich KateNolan Soul Felons…

  47. AntoniaHarler1 says:

    Would it be wrong to try and do this in your comments? 😛

  48. jono.smith says:

    I think your Mom should request a recount.

  49. Todd Lyden says:

    ginidietrich Todd Lyden lordie, no! or maybe I will…

  50. Jennafriend says:

    75% of your list would be on my list.

  51. KateNolan says:

    DallasK ginidietrich KateNolan You’re just jealous of our ninja skills!!

  52. DwayneAlicie says:

    yvettepistorio ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb Ucccccch I want a chalkboard wall so much but I’m not allowed to paint my apartment!  I also want a corkboard wall. You people are my people. I can’t stand it. I have to go now.

  53. NancyDavis says:

    I tried to do this. I only got 35 things. Well, I am surprised lipgloss is not on here! Or wine….

  54. BillSmith3 says:

    I didn’t know you skied Gini. What a list, I’ll have to try this when i get a spare moment.

  55. rustyspeidel says:

    I got to 75.

  56. @corinamanea says:

    Loved it! I’ll definitely try it to. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  57. biggreenpen says:

    sydcon_mktg I agree!! I so enjoyed this little glimpse into what makes you “you” (and I LOVE (but don’t own) jackets with thumbholes!!!!!! so brilliant!!!!!!). 🙂

  58. sydcon_mktg says:

    biggreenpen sydcon_mktg I also love the shirts with thumbholes… I recommend you ask Santa or someone nice to get you one for Christmas! 🙂

  59. biggreenpen says:

    RobBiesenbach ginidietrich a description which makes us all the more curious to see it …. 🙂

  60. RebeccaTodd ginidietrich little known fact about Gini. She had an App created with 12 versions of her laughing from giggling to on the floor holding gut dying for Kelly last year for his birthday. He just presses a button on cue when needed.

  61. DallasK says:

    ginidietrich Oh, we also learned I’m amazing with accents.

  62. RebeccaTodd says:

    Howie Goldfarb RebeccaTodd ginidietrich I want that app! On our first date, I made G laugh so hard everyone looked…and it became my new life goal to make her laugh as much as humanely possibly. Such a big sound from such a tiny person!

  63. You didn’t include Dear Abby. How very disappointing. 😉
    Good exercise, helps put things in perspective about how much we really have.

  64. chelpixie says:

    ginidietrich yvettepistorio chelpixie That’s just….awesome. Weird, but awesome.

  65. biggreenpen ginidietrich wish we could attach photos here. In elementary school I was both a conscientious objector and a visionary.
    The objector part: I refused to apply myself in the endless handwriting exercises/practice. As for the vision, my explanation was that someday, in the FUUUUUUUTURRRRE, we’d all by writing on … wait for it … TYPEWRITERSSSSSSS. 
    So I had the general idea correct even if my aim was off.

  66. ginidietrich says:

    NancyDavis They are both on there! Numbers 25 and 29.

  67. KevinVandever says:

    Black Licorice. Awesome!
    You mean MY wine, right?
    No Bears on your list? You must go to the games for the wind chill?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  68. KensViews says:

    #19, List ’em out. And I damned well better be near the top!

  69. JudyDunn says:

    Haha! I love it that this activity is catching on. I need to pop back into Kaarina’s blog to see if she has published her post yet.
    Your #81 (black licorice) prompted me to think: I love RED licorice. Why didn’t that make my ‘original 99’ list? 
    The beauty of your list is that now I feel like I know you so much better.

  70. DallasK says:

    ginidietrich rdopping Ralph is hitting the raspberry vodka hard…

  71. photo chris says:

    Miss you All! Happy Thanksgiving! TOTALLY doing this tonight. MAY steal it for a FB post as well.

  72. allarminda says:

    I love this, Gini! I need to go see Kaarina’s list, as well! And I’ll probably borrow this idea for a happy post on allarminda. You have so many wonderful items that resonate for me, as well! Thanks for sharing a little more of you 🙂

  73. Pretty sure winning shuold have been #1 on this list.

  74. JoeCardillo says:

    Yay! I’m #42 (and, when I sleep walk, #43 as well)
    Not bad.

  75. JoeCardillo says:

    ryancox ginidietrich Canadians sharpening their teeth with knives? Whoa. Good word soup sir

  76. bdorman264 says:

    Can I copy and paste yours? Just leave off the Kelly ones and I should be good to go and maybe I’ll replace them with the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of leather on your baseball mitt…….and bacon……….

  77. belllindsay says:

    JoeCardillo Now THAT was funny.

  78. belllindsay says:

    Waiiiiit a second. Canadians….at #79…??? THAT’S IT, I’M OUTTA HERE!!

  79. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay “It’s hard not to edit it to put in order of the way you love them versus how you wrote them”

  80. ginidietrich says:

    bdorman264 Sure. Steal away.

  81. ginidietrich says:

    JoeCardillo I have no idea what to say.

  82. ginidietrich says:

    Sean McGinnis “It’s hard not to edit it to put in order of the way you love them versus how you wrote them”

  83. ginidietrich says:

    allarminda Do it! It’s kind of a fun test…and harder that one might expect.

  84. ginidietrich says:

    photo chris Steal away! Miss you, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  85. ginidietrich says:

    JudyDunn Ha! It’s hard…and then when you publish, you realize what you’ve forgotten.

  86. ginidietrich says:

    KensViews You’re not on the list.

  87. ginidietrich says:

    KevinVandever OF COURSE I mean your wine.

  88. ginidietrich says:

    Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Ah. I miss Dear Abby.

  89. ginidietrich says:

    @corinamanea You should try it!

  90. ginidietrich says:

    rustyspeidel Am I on your list?

  91. ginidietrich says:

    BillSmith3 Yep! I grew up in Utah and cannot wait to don my skis in a few weeks.

  92. ginidietrich says:

    DwayneAlicie You are delightful!

  93. ginidietrich says:

    Jennafriend Bosom buddies!

  94. ginidietrich says:

    jono.smith Don’t you tell her!

  95. ginidietrich says:

    AntoniaHarler1 No! That would be awesome!

  96. ginidietrich says:

    sydcon_mktg Borrow, borrow! I love it!

  97. ginidietrich says:

    JodiEchakowitz I think I love complaining about it.

  98. ginidietrich says:

    yvettepistorio You should do it!

  99. ginidietrich says:

    LSSocialEngage OMG. He does this accent that makes me DIE every time he does it. I should record it.

  100. ginidietrich says:

    RobBiesenbach You can post pictures in the comments!

  101. JodiEchakowitz says:

    ginidietrich  That makes sense! 😉

  102. ginidietrich You totally must record it … I am expecting to see it on Gin and Topics soon, I mean, unless you want to devote a full post on it or something… that’s cool too 🙂

  103. JoeCardillo says:

    belllindsay JoeCardillo Even I get lucky occasionally..

  104. JoeCardillo says:

    ginidietrich JoeCardillo I wouldn’t either

  105. lizreusswig says:

    This is definitely a dangerous post…for example, RDJ is #42…NUMBER FORTY TWO? Did you see that RebeccaTodd?

  106. ExtremelyAvg says:

    This is a great idea for a blog post. I’m going to give it a try…Wait? Is it wrong to simply type Bacon 99 times?  If it is then I’m not sure I want to play.

  107. belllindsay says:

    ginidietrich WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!!

  108. belllindsay says:

    JoeCardillo That’s not what I heard.

  109. I totally have to try this.

  110. belllindsay says:

    Sean McGinnis I’m pretty sure YOU should have been number one, Sean.

  111. I just did this!! What a great idea. I’m going to save my list and repeat every year to see what changes, what stays the same…such a great way to remember the things that are important to you at different stages!

  112. KateNolan says:

    ginidietrich BillSmith3 That explains the snow thing… Skiing minus driving in Chicago snow? I’d love it, then, too!

  113. I only made it to 72. I should try doing a list of Things I Hate—assume if it’s a lower number then I’m a well-adjusted human …

  114. KensViews says:

    ginidietrich  Do I know you?

  115. RobBiesenbach you are not a well adjusted human Rob. So you can give up that pipe dream right now.

  116. rdopping says:

    Howie Goldfarb rdopping ginidietrich Wassa matta? You never heard of a moth dorm? They gotta keepum somewheres.

  117. rdopping says:

    DallasK ginidietrich rdopping we drink brandy up here in Toronto.

  118. belllindsay Sean McGinnis Obviously…

  119. LauraPetrolino Ha-ha-haaaa … you’re right, that ship sailed long ago!

  120. sydcon_mktg says:

    ginidietrich sydcon_mktg Thanks for your blessing! Mine is up! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kelly & Jack B!

  121. AntoniaHarler1 says:

    ginidietrich here we go.
    1) My bf
    2) My cat Shakespeare
    3) My family
    4) The smell of ground coffee beans
    5) Fruit tea
    6) Spring
    7) Autumn
    8) jumping round in autumn leaves and hearing the crunchy sound they make 
    9) when shakespeare follows me everywhere
    10) when shakespeare waits by the door every night until I come home
    11) our new flat
    12) going on holiday
    13) the mountains
    14) swimming in the sea
    15) horse riding
    16) creating nail art
    17) hanging out with friends
    18) when a friend I haven’t heard from in a while suddenly phones me
    19) when my boyfriend hugs me when he’s still asleep after i wake up from a nightmare
    20) bursting into giggles at my brothers silliness
    21) my mum’s cooking
    22) the way my nan used to tell us good night stories – nothing better – i wish i was still 6
    23) a glass of wine (who doesn’t?)
    24) the way shakespeare lies down next to me before I go to sleep and purrs until i fall asleep
    25) Diet coke – yes i know it’s bad
    26) running
    27) my teddy bear that i’ve had since I was born
    28) snuggling up in front of an open fire
    29) the smell of books 
    30) reading a book that you just can’t put down
    31) any song that I need ot listen to over and over again
    32) pyjamas
    33) sleeping
    34) Shakespeare placing his paw on my hand like he’s holding it
    35) living in the UK
    36) When Gini posts a picture of JB on my FB wall
    37) doodling
    38) stationary
    39) any type of card i’m given
    40) writing letters
    41) shopping
    42) seeing my family after months of not seeing them
    43) going home for Christmas
    44) Roses
    45) sunrises
    46) sunsets
    47) the evening before the first day of holiday
    48) really lose jumpers 
    49) riding in the car, music really loud, windows open and feeling the wind in your hair
    50) animals. 
    51) Shakespeare’s continuous attempts of jumping on but not in the toilet
    52) bubble baths
    53) nice make up
    54) looking in the mirror and thinking oh I look alright today
    55) a hot shower
    56) New York
    57) Toronto
    58) the memories I have from my travels
    59) having a super nice dream 
    60) technology (it’s a love and hate relationship really)
    61) my iphone (it’s sad)
    62) Fridays
    63) Fruity tea
    64) sparkling water
    65) pizza!!
    66) Reality TV (yep, I admit it)
    67) The TV show 24
    68) Strong man hands
    67) receiving a hug from my dad
    68) boots
    69) dressing up
    70) writing
    71) Haribo
    72) Strawberries
    73) Porridge
    74) kitty cuddles with Shakespeare
    75) jewelry
    76) scarves
    77) Laughing until my belly hurts
    78) surprising others
    79) taking heels off after a while of walking in them (oh the relief)
    80) really good fitting jeans
    81) everything pretty in pink
    82) watching inspiring TED talks
    … I’ve run out of time now.

  122. ginidietrich says:

    AntoniaHarler1 So many more reasons to love you!

  123. ginidietrich says:

    RobBiesenbach LOL! I’ll bet it’s just as hard.

  124. ginidietrich says:

    LauraPetrolino How many did you get?

  125. ginidietrich says:

    jasonkonopinski Do it.

  126. ginidietrich says:

    ExtremelyAvg I think that’s cheating.

  127. ginidietrich says:

    lizreusswig “It’s hard not to edit it to put in order of the way you love them versus how you wrote them”

  128. AntoniaHarler1 says:

    ginidietrich AntoniaHarler1 aw!

  129. […] Dietrich posted this on Spin Sucks earlier this week and I was intrigued. I love the idea of taking a few moments to be […]

  130. BillSmith3 says:

    ginidietrich BillSmith3  Envious, you grew up with nice dry powder snow and serious vertical drop. I learned how to ski north of Montreal in the late 1970s and been skiing north of Toronto for over 30 years. You have to be a more technical skier in the eastern half of North America because of icy conditions.

  131. M_Koehler says:

    I love this list. I’m not quite there to make a list like this yet, but Trent and Mikaela will always, ALWAYS, be #1 no matter what. I really want to do #14. Soon, as in a few months soon I hope. And I’m so glad to see #44.

  132. JoeSloanSays says:

    What  great idea! I just recently restarted free-writing a bit to generate some new ideas, but this is a whole other kind of cool, kinda like focused free-writing if you will. I’ve gotta give this a shot!

  133. JoeSloanSays says:

    *a. Hate it when that happens!

  134. danielleserrano says:

    This is great! I recently got engaged and I wanted to do a thankful list.  I think this is a great idea; I would be interested to see how many people can say what they love about PR!

  135. dbvickery says:

    I read Kaarina’s post, too…how did WINE not make the top 10 on either of your lists?!? Surely one of those iOS devices could have slipped a bit (yes, I have both, too).
    Wow, Canadians beat out any Chicago sports teams…
    Nice down-to-earth list, Gini.

  136. […] reminded me that, last year, I did the 82 Things I Love challenge. The idea is to list as many things that you love in just 10 minutes, with the hopes that […]

  137. […] Comet but I haven’t yet produced the list that you see cropping up at Judy’s, Gini’s and Kaarina’s […]

  138. […] time, I stole this idea for a blog post from Gini Dietrich who stole it from Judy Dunn. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought this was the perfect little […]

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