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How to Improve Your PR Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing

By: Scott Ragin | March 28, 2017 | 

How to Improve Your PR Content Strategy with Influencer MarketingInfluencer. It’s a powerful word, isn’t it?

It conveys authority, respect, and expertise.

An influencer has the power to affect the decisions of other people, who accept or perceive this person’s authority.

People from all walks of life can act as influencers, but at this point, we are concerned about the influencers in the online world, and the way you can use them to boost your PR content strategy.

Influencer marketing uses key leaders in the specific industry to promote a brand’s message to a large audience.

Instead of promoting your content directly to the target readers, you use the influencers as mediators, who inspire other people to check out your words without feeling like they are being pushed towards your website.

Influencer campaigns usually carry the content element.

This can go in two directions:

  • You create content for the influencer’s blog or website,
  • The influencer creates content that promotes your brand or website.

What makes influencer marketing better than the word-of-mouth strategy?

These individuals share their opinions and recommendations with a huge audience, and they have the power to influence their actions.

You get the picture: Influencer marketing is an extremely important element of content promotion.

The only question is: How do you do it? We have some tips that will help you develop your campaign.

Identify the Influencers Who Fit with Your PR Content Strategy

Before you can develop an influencer marketing campaign, you need to identify who influences the opinions, decisions, and actions of your target audience.

This step will involve some detective work.

Talk to people interested in the niche you’re part of.

Then, search for influential blogs, Instagram profiles, Twitter users, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn resumes.

Once you identify few names, create a list of priorities, putting the influencers with the greatest authority at the top.

Start Building Influencer Relationships

Follow the social media pages of all influencers you identified.

Then, focus on few at a time and do your best to build a relationship with them.

You can achieve that goal by commenting on their posts on blogs and social media, but don’t be too aggressive.

Comment on the blog for the first week, proceed by following and responding to Twitter updates during the second week, and make progress towards the Facebook page later on.

This should be a very natural connection, although it will have a marketing purpose in the background.

Before you can get an influencer to promote your brand, you need to become recognizable for them.

Build a Great Blog/Website. Then, Ask Influencers to Write for You

This is the most challenging aspect of influencer marketing.

First of all, you need an absolutely awesome website, and you need to make it popular through different marketing techniques.

Remember the good old rule: Content is the key to success.

You need to create unique, high-quality articles that solve the problems and answer the questions of your audience.

In this case, there are some resources where you can find a professional content creator such as Admission service or Emergency essays.

It may take you years to get to the point when you can attract influencers to write free articles for you, but who said developing a brand was easy.

Once you get there, you can start inviting influencers to write posts, record podcasts and videos, or contribute to your website with eBooks.

At the end of the day, you get great content and visits from the influencer’s audience, they get a chance to showcase their expertise, and the audience gets awesome tips.

Everyone wins.

Yoga Journal is a great example of a website that harnesses the power of influencers.

It’s a very popular online resource, so popular teachers from all over the world are willing to write for it.

Ask Influencers to Write Reviews for You

This method is similar to the one described above, but there’s a slight difference.

You still need to develop a recognizable brand before proceeding to this step, so the influencers will be willing to accept your offer.

This time, you offer a package of products or services for free, and you ask them to write an honest review for their audience.

Here’s an example: You’ll find reviews of Vitamix and OmniBlend all over Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and other online resources.

These are established brands and influencers from the healthy food industry are already using them, but the principle is the same: The audience gets honest recommendations, tips, and recipes from influencers.

Influencer Collaboration is Key to Differentiating Your PR Content

Content is all over the Internet.

Every single industry is busy, so it will take you lots of effort to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

When you enrich your PR content strategy with influencer outreach, they will do the marketing for you!

About Scott Ragin

Scott Ragin is a marketing specialist working in multi-channel marketing, content strategy and connecting social media to business initiative. He loves guiding other people through their marketing practice and shares his ideas as a blogger. Feel free to follow him on LinkedIn.

  • paulakiger

    Scott, interesting observations about the influencer world. I have a couple of additional thoughts. First, although I agree connecting with an influencer by gradually becoming a part of their world (commenting on their blogs (YES PLEASE!), responding on Twitter, etc., is one option, I think the approach may vary depending on factors like the industry and the general vibe of the influencers in that industry. // I think we potential influencers also have a responsibility to be interacting with brands we care about —- to the degree that we would interact whether being compensated or not (BUT our specific involvement in a campaign was desired, definitely being compensated appropriately). // I have to say I personally don’t tend to agree with the use of an essay service at least in the way you describe it here. It’s hard to see how a paid essay writer could convey the love of product that someone who truly cares about its success can convey. // Lastly, any influencers you work with (especially ones who are doing compensated reviews) should be well-versed on disclosure requirements so they don’t get everyone in trouble. Great thoughts on the influencer community!

  • Hi Scott
    Instead of me writing a rant about the influencer marketing fad I would rather just question you on your specific niche of influencer marketing. Which is to get someone to share content of yours from a source of authority. Currently a lot of this is done via paid/sponsored deals vs grooming relationships. But both are targeting people with an audience you deem valuable enough to have these influencers share/promote your content for you.

    Some of the things you mention as tactics you might have to pay for because an influencer doesn’t need you like you need them (ie ask for a guest post).

    Lastly. How do you determine who is an actual influencer? Do you vet them and research them? And what is the goal you measure the results from?

    I say this because I have witnessed major companies pay lots of money to so called online influencers for content and when I look at their twitter feed they get 5 ReTweets or Likes from their audiences of often over 100K followers and I feel those people have zero influence on Twitter. The brands see huge networks of followers….and zero engagement.

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