Michael Manning

Three Ways to Optimize Client Communication

By: Michael Manning | January 3, 2017 | 
Good customer service heavily depends on your communication with clients. When conflicts arise, the solution is often as simple as communicating to uncover the problem. Michael Manning shares a few steps to follow to ensure that lines of communication are set up for success
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Gini Dietrich

The Spin Sucks 30-Day Communications Challenge

By: Gini Dietrich | January 3, 2017 | 
It's 2017 and it's going to be a great year! To guarantee you will have success this year, Spin Sucks has launched a 30-day communications challenge to get you there. Gini Dietrich has details, and gives you the information on how to get started
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Ashley Carlisle

The Value of a PR Pitch According to 1,300 Publishers

By: Ashley Carlisle | December 29, 2016 | 
As PR professionals, nurturing intricate relationship with publications and journalists is essential. Media and influencer outreach is a crucial aspect in making sure your brand and its content get to the right audience. Ashley Carlisle demystifies some burning questions concerning the value of your PR pitch, and shares tips on how to make it more valuable
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Erika Heald

Eleven Ways to Rock Your Twitter Chat Guest Slot

By: Erika Heald | December 29, 2016 | 
Preparing for a Twitter Chat? With dozens of participants and hundreds of tweets over the course of the hour, Twitter chats can be overwhelming. Erika Heald put together some recommendations for how to get the most out of your Twitter Chat guest slot
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Bob Murphy

Three Myths and Facts About Using Data in B2B Marketing

By: Bob Murphy | December 28, 2016 | 
There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the power of data in B2B marketing. Marketers perusing the internet may find one source saying that “big data” is the key to converting their most stubborn leads into qualified prospects. While another would say the definition of big data is widely misunderstood. Bob Murphy looks to dispel some common myths about the uses and misuses of data in B2B marketing
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Pete Salmon

What’s Behind the Reticence in Measuring PR?

By: Pete Salmon | December 28, 2016 | 
Yes, we know, you chose PR because you hate math. But here the thing: If you want to earn a place at the executive table, you need to show results. And no, we aren't talking about impressions or AVEs. Effectively measuring PR means tying your work with business results. Pete Salmon has more
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Maureen Jann

How to Apply SEO Best Practices to the News Release

By: Maureen Jann | December 27, 2016 | 
The news release is dead! Long live the news release! Maureen Jann has some great tips to show you how to use SEO best practices to increase visibility
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Corina Manea

Want to Work from Home? Get Your Own Office!

By: Corina Manea | December 27, 2016 | 
Working from home sounds fancy and it's on almost everyone's wish-list. However contrary to the general opinion is not easy. Corina Manea tackles that and the importance of having a place you can call office at home
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Gini Dietrich

Gin and Topics: The Last Episode of 2016

By: Gini Dietrich | December 23, 2016 | 
Gini Dietrich has the very last Gin and Topics of 2016 and it's a doozy! Everything from Colbert rapping and bad dip to a child surfer and human drone
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