Corina Manea

The Five Traits of Difficult Clients

By: Corina Manea | May 3, 2016 | 
We’ve all been there at some point in our careers when we had to deal with difficult clients. And you probably asked yourself more than once what was it you were doing wrong and how you could have made things right. But the truth is some clients are difficult just because. Corina Manea shares five traits of difficult clients. ... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Five Ways to Treat Your Clients Like Special Snowflakes

By: Gini Dietrich | May 3, 2016 | 
After watching the relationship the faculty at Tribeca Flashpoint College has with students, we turned it around with lessons for working with clients... Read More
Eleonora Israele

How NOT to Build a Following on Social Media

By: Eleonora Israele | May 2, 2016 | 
Do you know how NOT to build a following on social media? Eleonora Israele looks at the five things you shouldn’t do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more... Read More
Laura Petrolino

How to Choose the Right Marketing Tactics

By: Laura Petrolino | May 2, 2016 | 
Do your marketing tactics align with your goals? Do they resonate with your target marketing in an effective way? Laura Petrolino provides eleven questions to help you evaluate. ... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Gin and Topics: Lip Sync Conversations

By: Gini Dietrich | April 29, 2016 | 
On this week's Gin and Topics, Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon have a conversation all through lip sync. That and four others to feed your guilty pleasure... Read More
Paige Donahue

Three Techniques to Write Irresistible Headlines

By: Paige Donahue | April 28, 2016 | 
Headlines offer a brief glimpse into your article. It’s where your audience forms their initial impressions of the topic at hand. With all this resting on your article headline, it’s important to write one that keeps and attracts people’s attentions. These three tips can create a change in the way people perceive your content... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Five Tips to Achieve Greatness In Your Professional Life

By: Gini Dietrich | April 28, 2016 | 
Throughout our lives, we lose the ability to pick ourselves up when we fall. To achieve greatness, we must learn to do that AND learn these other four tips... Read More
Sarah Clark

Why Marketers Should 💜 Emoji Speak

By: Sarah Clark | April 27, 2016 | 
The corporate world needs to keep pace with the changing communication trends. Emojis are big part of today's communications. Sarah Clark shares some tips for incorporating emojis into your company’s marketing strategy... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Why Is Integrity In Business So Uncommon?

By: Gini Dietrich | April 27, 2016 | 
Integrity in business is so uncommon that when someone shows great ethics, it becomes newsworthy. We issue a challenge to do good when no one is looking... Read More