Gini Dietrich

Use Content to Drive Your PESO Model and Metrics

By: Gini Dietrich | June 7, 2016 | 
In a truly integrated PESO model, content marketing comes first and, with it, some metrics that extend beyond shares, comments, and engagement. Gini Dietrich has more on what you should measure, how you should plan, and what it will take... Read More
Jessica Davis

Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

By: Jessica Davis | June 6, 2016 | 
The life of a social media manager is an endless to-do list. Here are seven Chrome extensions that promise to make your life much easier... Read More
Laura Petrolino

Cultivate a Culture-Driven Customer Experience

By: Laura Petrolino | June 6, 2016 | 
Customer experience doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive. But it does need to be an organizational-wide focus on putting customers first. Laura Petrolino explains how to turn customers into brand ambassadors through a culture-drive customer experience... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Gin and Topics: Toddlers or Terrorists?

By: Gini Dietrich | June 3, 2016 | 
On this week's Gin and Topics, we have kids and old technology, making toast for a toddler, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Jennifer Lawrence, John Oliver, and more... Read More
Charles Arment

Anonymous No More: Charles Arment Shares His Story

By: Charles Arment | June 2, 2016 | 
Charles Arment shares his side of the story: How he "met" Gini Dietrich and why he agreed to lend his name to a company to help an up-and-coming PR star... Read More
Gini Dietrich

How to Solve a Lack of Culture Within a Virtual Office

By: Gini Dietrich | June 2, 2016 | 
There are many pros to a virtual office, including no commute, but there also is a lack of culture. Gini Dietrich has set out to solve the issue... Read More
Patrick Cole

Five Crucial Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

By: Patrick Cole | June 1, 2016 | 
Building a personal brand in this day and age is vital, whether you are happily employed or looking for your next challenge. Patrick Cole shares five basic things you need to take into account when building your personal brand... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews

By: Gini Dietrich | June 1, 2016 | 
With experience comes stories. And with stories comes best practices. Gini Dietrich has media training tips to be used in both big and small interviews... Read More
Corina Manea

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…We Didn’t Sabotage Ourselves?

By: Corina Manea | May 31, 2016 | 
We easily sabotage ourselves and tend to discard our own accomplishments rather fast. Why is this happening? Corina Manea shares three ways you can stop sabotaging yourself and live the life you want... Read More