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2015 Social Media Predictions

By: Eleanor Pierce | November 26, 2014 | 

2015 Social Media PredictionsBy Eleanor Pierce

It’s officially been snowing on much of the Arment Dietrich staff for weeks.

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

The days are getting painfully short.

All this? It means the year 2015 is headed our way pretty quickly, whether we like it or not.

Social Media Predictions

And since we’re already spending so much time looking forward this month as we dug into the nitty gritty of planning, I thought, why not also take some time to make some social media predictions?

I can’t let this crystal ball (sure, I have one!) go to waste.

I might as well get those social media predictions done.

In 2015, I predict:

Someone Will Get Busted for Doing Something They Think is Private

Sexting? Probably.

Complaining about their job or their boss? Good chance.

Kids (of all ages) using social networks to share secrets that really aren’t so secret?

I predict we’ll see plenty more of these “but I thought it was private” moments in 2015.

A New Meme Will Backfire

Most recently, Bill Cosby’s team learned that a time when rape allegations are resurfacing and getting more media attention than ever is not really a great time to invite the public to meme you.

Before that, the NYPD faced its reputation with their #MyNYPD hashtag.

This will happen again in 2015.

Who will it be next?

A big brand like Coke, perhaps? Or another celebrity in trouble?

A Communications Firm Will Be Asked to Create Something Viral

This will happen.

You can count on it.

There will be a request for a “viral video.”

Maybe even a request for one of those #AlexFromTarget thingies.

Some Will Emulate the Popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge and Fail

“I know, let’s do an iced tea challenge for frostbite victims!” (Click to Tweet)

“Great idea, Bob!”

**High five**

We Might Begin to Realize Social Media Can Drive Revenue

I know that there will be plenty of communications pros who will continue to chase vanity metrics.

But somewhere, a lightbulb will go on.

Someone will realize that if they plan well, social media can actually be used to support business objectives.

And if they’re really lucky, they may even be able to convince someone outside of their own department.

Someone Will Want to Buy Twitter Followers

If you’re the one they ask, what will you say?

Facebook Will Mess With its Algorithm

People will complain.

But they will continue to use Facebook every day.

Brands will complain.

A few will pull a Copyblogger.

The rest will continue to use Facebook every day.

There Will Be New Social Media Networks

Some of them will be a flash in the pan.

Some will be barely disguised approximations of existing popular networks.

A couple will be interesting for communications professionals.

Many, many more will not.

Those are my 2015 social media predictions. I want to hear yours!

P.S. Just a reminder that there will be no blog posts tomorrow or Friday.

About Eleanor Pierce

Eleanor Pierce is a recovering journalist who can't decide which part of the country to call home. She's happiest when she's reading, though she also really likes writing, baking, dogs, and sarcasm. No, seriously.

  • Ha, this is great! I automatically skip all the obligatory “predictions” posts we see every year. For whatever reason I find them incredibly lacking in intrigue and interest. So thank you for skewering the convention. My prediction? Some predictions will be right, some will be wrong, others somewhere in between …
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating, and happy two days off from Spin Sucks to the rest!

  • Oh I love these predictions! (And is your crystal ball out for lease because I have a few things I’d like to solidify for 2015) …. and although I miss the little “side note comment thing” that SS had for a while, I am loving the Click to Tweets. // I think consumers who interact w/social media are going to continue to be a force, but brands still have to have quality products / services or all the compensated “I love [insert name of business here]” social media mentions in the world won’t prevail over uncompensated disgruntlement that gains its own momentum.

  • Hahaha! I love this…I especially love “someone will get busted doing something they think is private” in light of the recent Twitter CFO DM Fail! A strong example to get 2015 off ot a early start of #oppsthatwaspublic fails! Ellie….you’re amazing!

  • LauraPetrolino just looked up the Twitter CFO DM Fail. OOPS.

  • Personally, I love vanity metrics. And buying Twitter followers. They make me look good. And anything that makes me look good is all just fine and dandy by me 🙂

  • What about.. @ginideitrich will get excited about snow and others will dislike her a little for it?

  • Oopps… @ginidietrich

    I misspelled it.. sorry Gini!!!

  • biggreenpen LauraPetrolino Me, too. Great stuff!

  • ThePaulSutton This is why there are no mirrors in your house.

  • You forgot “Social media gurus will backpedal from the platform they so publicly left Facebook for, then go back to Facebook but not really.”

  • RobBiesenbach biggreenpen LauraPetrolino Exactly! Christmas bonuses for EVERYONE!

  • Jeffrey Davis

    And another guru will inform us that “content is king.”

  • Jeffrey Davis Oh, good one!

  • Danny Brown Hahaha. YES.

  • bryanwillmert Of course!

  • OMG!!! I just saw someone – yesterday, in my FB stream – ask what’s the best way to make a viral video. Straight. Up. I couldn’t believe it. Happy Thanksgiving Americans!!!!

  • LauraPetrolino Oh my gosh, that one is hilaaaaarious

  • SocialMediaDC

    Hahaha, what a pleasant surprise.

    I clicked this post, half-expecting to hear about PR and mobile, and perhaps a little real-time marketing. Sometimes we need to look to the past to prep for the future. And unfortunately, I think we will see a lot of these predictions come true. My prediction, will some brands will get the importance of an authentic story/ narrative and will create great content that’s not just hijacking someone else’s story that’s completely irrelevant from the brand’s message.

     Great post and have a great Thanksgiving.

  • RobBiesenbach Haha, yep. Good predictions, Rob. I think you’re right.

  • biggreenpen Unfortunately, we’re too busy staring into the crystal ball seeking “what will our baby look like” and “will she ever sleep through the night” predictions to share at the moment, but I’ll see what I can do …

  • belllindsay Did you make some sort of (tasteless and inappropriate) ebola joke? I might have.

  • SocialMediaDC Thanks, you too!

  • Eleanor Pierce biggreenpen generous of you, Ellie, thanks! (and some of the “4D” ultrasounds I’ve seen over the last few years seem not to leave much to the element of surprise re: what the baby is going to look like — I’m a little old fashioned but I kind of liked having something to look forward to that was an “unknown” (but I have to admit I found out gender both rimes …).

  • Eleanor Pierce belllindsay Monkeys in suits looking at laughing babies.  

    The answer to making a viral video will always be monkeys in suits.  Useful?  No.  Viral?  Almost definitely.

  • EleanorPie

    shanlee 🙂

  • HeatherTweedy Eleanor Pierce belllindsay I want to watch that video right now.

  • biggreenpen Eleanor Pierce I found the 3D ultrasound kind of creepy, to be honest.

  • Love this. Brilliant!

  • K_pressentin

    Entertaining post Let’s hope that more companies begin to recognize the benefits of social media!

  • K_pressentin Beyond vanity metrics, even 🙂

  • DonnaPapacosta Thanks Donna!

  • sophielsenarath

    Awesome post! Very realistic list. Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for digital.

  • Fun post Eleanor Pierce. Unfortunately, several organizations are already starting to emulate the Ice Bucket Challenge. I saw a bad one today. Boo!

  • EleanorPie

    AlyssaMktgMaven Thanks for sharing Alyssa!

  • EleanorPie

    johndeveney Thanks John!!

  • EdenSpodek Hahaha, of COURSE they are. Siiiiiiiigh

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    aileenabella Hey thanks Aileen!

  • aileenabella

    EleanorPie You bet! 🙂 #socialmediarocks

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    akenn 🙂

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