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Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

By: Tim Soulo | February 10, 2015 | 

tweetable quotesBy Tim Soulo

I’m sure you’ve seen this new trend, where bloggers fill their articles with short tweetable quotes, easily shared with a click.

This works great in attracting extra social shares to your content, because people love tweeting these short nuggets of wisdom.

I believe this strategy was first introduced by Derek Halpern and he used the term “sound bites” to describe it.

The goal is to distill the main idea of your article into a single catchy tweet, and make it big and bold, so readers will notice it and be motivated to share it.

Here’s a great example of a “sound bite” from an article by Gregory Ciotti:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Even though he didn’t use an obvious call-to-action like asking people to tweet his sound bite, the tweets kept pouring in:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Here’s an example from a recent article on Michael Hyatt’s blog. As you can see, there’s a button you can click to send this quote directly to your Twitter feed:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Now it’s your turn. Here are two ways you can easily add tweetable quotes to your own blog, and increase your content’s reach and visibility.

Create Tweetable Quotes with an Online Service

The online service I’m talking about is ClickToTweet—a free tool that creates tweetable links out of your pre-populated tweets.

tweetable quotes

And here’s how to create tweetable quotes with ClickToTweet:

Step 1: Write the text that you want people to tweet in the text field, like this:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Step 2: If you want the tweet to contain a link to your article, you should paste it right after the text and the service will automatically shorten it:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Note: If you want to link to an article that you haven’t published yet, you can grab its permalink (it’s right below where you enter the headline).

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Step 3: Click on a “Generate Basic Link” button and you’ll get the link you should attach to your quote to make it tweetable:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

Your tweetable quote will look like this:

Check out this awesome “how to” guide on creating “tweetable quotes” [Click Here to Tweet This]

The cool thing about using this online service is it’s absolutely free and you don’t need to install anything to start using it. But on the flip side, the whole process can be pretty time-consuming and not too convenient.

2. Create Tweetable Quotes with WordPress Plugins

Create “tweetable quotes” with the help of a WordPress plugin makes it a little more convenient because you don’t need to leave your admin panel.

All you have to do is highlight the piece of text that you want to make tweetable and hit the plugin button:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

 There’s no need to go back and forth between two windows copying permalinks and tweetable links, which saves a ton of time.

Another big advantage of using a plugin is that it will put your quote into a fancy-looking box, like this one:

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

If you’re interested in trying out a free WordPress plugin that creates tweetable quotes, I suggest you take a look at ClickToTweet by CoSchedule.

Or, insert shameless plug here, you can also consider my own plugin for “tweetable quotes” called TweetDis.

It’s not free, but it has some beautiful pre-designed quotes and a lot of customization options.

That’s it! I’m leaving you with three different options to create “tweetable quotes” in your articles.

Get out there and try this fun new content sharing strategy on your own blog!

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About Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo is a former professional DJ, who quit his career to study content marketing and principles of virality on Social Media. You can read his blog at BloggerJet.com.

  • Well, I have to say, I haven’t tried your product out yet, but “TweetDis” has the best name 🙂

  • Eleanor Pierce Right? I love the name!!

  • Eleanor Pierce :))) Thanks Eleanor..

  • Thanks Tim, this is very cool, I looked at twitter dev, web intents, it looks reasonably straightforward to incorporate into a blog  or website using native code. This is something I’ve book marked to play around with. Thanks,

  • I read somewhere quotes added into tweets cause 30% more clicks…or something along those lines. Our society loves our quotes. Great tutorial Tim!

  • Thanks Tim. This is a very useful article. I tried ClickToTweet – the online service and didn´t like it for the same reason you said: it´s time consuming. I´ll try a WP plugin.

  • Just tried https://wordpress.org/plugins/click-to-tweet-by-todaymade/ plugin in my latest post and it looks ok. Thanks Tim. Now I have to figure out a way to change the background color. I want to make it more colorful. 🙂

  • I have only recently been using Click to Tweet for work and it is so fun (not saying this is the only fun product, it’s just the one I have dealt with …). I appreciate this post!

  • biggreenpen did you have any luck with it? tell me more 🙂

  • Corina Manea CoSchedule plugin has pretty limited design options.. that is the exact reason why I’ve developed TweetDis 🙂 *shameless plug*

  • LauraPetrolino hey Laura.. from my own experience there are a lot of factors, that affect how many people will tweet a quote.. just from the top of my head:
    – is the quote relevant to the article they are reading?
    – is it easy to comprehend?
    – does it strike a chord with the readers? Do they agree with it?
    – is it obvious, that the quote can be easily tweeted?
    – does someone really authoritative stand behind that quote?

    so actually it’s not that simple.. it’s like writing a popular headline, that will get a lot of clicks 🙂

  • Digital_DRK yep! the best option to incorporate “tweetable quotes” into your blog is of course a fully custom one 🙂 If you have coding skills – you can easily do that!

  • timsoulo LauraPetrolino I actually meant people are more likely to click on a link attached to a quote they see in their twitter stream. So on the user end, not the reader end, but this is a good list. 

    And Tim…nothing is ever “that simple”

  • LauraPetrolino yeah! I got your point from the very beginning… I just projected it to our topic of “tweetable quotes” 🙂

  • With respect to Derek Halpern, the term “sound bite” has been in existence since the dawn of radio and television. 😉 Former TV producer problems, granted.

  • timsoulo LauraPetrolino Here’s your data, Laura, and you are correct, according to the big brains at Hubspot and Marketing Profs!

  • belllindsay well.. every new thing is a slightly edited old thing 🙂

  • belllindsay timsoulo LauraPetrolino Ah…yes, thanks Lindsay!! That’s exactly what I was thinking about!

  • belllindsay awesome! I’m stealing this graph for my future articles  🙂

  • timsoulo Ok, ok, I´ll have a look at TweetDis. Nice name, by the way! 🙂

  • belllindsay I worked with a former TV person back in the early 90s who spelled it “sound byte,” which I thought was weird. I mean “byte” (as in bit of data) was barely a thing back then. What’s up with that? And happy birthday!

  • I’d love to start doing this, but with any plug-in, I always worry about upsetting the delicate balance of my wordpress ecosystem, which I expect to come crashing down at any given moment. But perhaps I over-worry.

  • RobBiesenbach Oh, it’s so scary. Like, “what if THIS update is the one that crashes the blog?!”

  • RobBiesenbach They were clearly a pretentious snob, Rob. LOL I was in TV in the ’90’s – I’ve never seen it written that way. 😉

  • JamboTw

    DigestWordpress Thanks for the RT! timsoulo SpinSucks

  • timsoulo biggreenpen yes! I think there is more to learn about formatting and the information I can get afterwards about how the tweet performed but yes — I like using it! Once someone was kind enough to point out that I was directing people away from my site because I wasn’t clicking “open in new window” I even kept people at my blog after they did the CTT! But the short answer is “yes”! 🙂

  • Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. And I agree with another commenter: TweetDis does have the best name.