Gini Dietrich

Can PR Capitalize More On Digital Media?

By: Gini Dietrich | October 15, 2008 | 

The financial crisis is showing its first signs of hitting the communication industries, as evidenced by this article in the Wall Street Journal this morning.

“In recent years, marketers have set aside a portion of their ad budgets to experiment with digital technologies such as Web video, mobile phones, gaming and virtual worlds. But with broader economic turmoil reaching Madison Avenue, these “experimental” budgets are among the first to hit the cutting-room floor.”

It goes on to say that most companies are going to go back to traditional and tried and true advertising.

This is the start of a new trend that won’t change for a couple of years.  As companies cut their spending on advertising in this area, they will look for ways to maintain visibility.

We already know social media works through PR to build awareness, credibility, and communities.  We already have experience using this strategy to reach audiences at a grassroots level.  We can capitalize on this trend and keep companies in the space without their having to advertise…and we can do it a lot more cost-efficiently for them.

Our apologies to our advertising counterparts, but it’s time for PR to take the lion share of the communication budgets.

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