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#FollowFriday: Aimee West

By: Gini Dietrich | May 17, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday: Aimee WestI’ve been holding on to this one for a long time because I wanted to wait until her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Aimee West!

For those of you who don’t know Aimee, allow me to introduce you.

She began her career as a printer and then became pretty adept at creating and designing websites. But when social media hit the scene, she dug in to learn some new skills and (like the rest of us) figured out she could use the tools to enhance not only her job, but that of East Lansing Food Co-Op (or ELFCO, as the cool kids call them).

She found her true love in the folds of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. With her design background, she discovered the skills were pretty transferrable and she set about convincing ELFCO to let her take some risk and test some theories.

It’s pretty clear, by looking at the ELFCO social networks, she knows what she’s doing and is having fun doing it.

Not only does she manage all of this, she also handles all TV production and, as it turns out, she also is a video star! She does baking, beer, gluten free foods, outdoor gourmet, and more for ELFCO. Methinks there is a Hollywood star hiding out in Michigan.

She’s the mother of two (a son and a daughter) and she is a very fun addition to our community. In December she won Facebook fan of the week (we hold this every Friday, people! Stop by!) and her comment was, “Thanks! So excited to be a winner! *Imagine mascara running and snotty nose from crying so hard*.”

Fantastic and funny!

In honor of her birthday, I shall “sing” her the song my mom sings to all of us kids:

Happy, happy birthday Aimee dear.

Happy days will come to you all year.

If I had one wish then it would be…

A happy, happy birthday to you from me!

Introduce yourself, wish her a happy birthday, and get to know her. You can find her on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest!), and Google+.

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  • PattiRoseKnight1

    Happy Friday Aimee! And happy birthday! Friday birthdays continue all weekend – that’s my rule anyway!

    • PattiRoseKnight1 Thank you! Yes Friday birthdays last all weekend.

      • aimeelwest PattiRoseKnight1 My rule is birthdays continue all month!

        • yvettepistorio PattiRoseKnight1 Sounds great! Glad mine is towards the middle of the month and not the end… I

  • Happy birthday and enjoy your gift of the #FF, Aimee!! My hubs went to school at Michigan State so you’ve probably trod some of the same roads!

    • biggreenpen Thank you! Yes MSU has one of the most beautiful campuses and we really enjoy being on campus when the students are gone 😉

  • WOOT!  What a way to celebrate – Happy #FF & Birthday, Aimee!  🙂

    • lizreusswig I know! Right! My inner valley girl totally popped up and said “O.M.G. – Seriously! Like Seriously!” picture jumping and crying

  • Woot!!! Happy Birthday Aimee!!!

  • This was such a wonderful surprise to see when I sat down this morning to check in for the day. I am literally sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes. *No snot I have tissues 🙂
    I have just been amazed by this wonderful community and I feel so blessed to have found you all. 
    Thank you! You made my day 🙂

    • aimeelwest Happy Birthday!!!

      • ginidietrich Thank you! This goes on the Top 10 Birthday Gift List.

    • aimeelwest You are great. Thoughtful, funny, kind, all the best qualities. Very cool to see you “Friday’d” =)

      • Thanks JoeCardillo I always try to treat people how I would like to be treated.

  • Ahh!!! Aimee you are adorable! I LOVE that you do video. I just watched the Porter Cake — AH-dorable! And what better way to add joy to your special day than a #FollowFriday! So happy for you.
    What’s on the birthday agenda?

    • KateFinley The first time it was suggested I sooo did not want to do it. Our camera man/producer Dave Johnson makes it super easy though and he always makes me laugh 🙂 So I roll with it. Thanks – let me know if you ever make the cake and the chocolate sauce is AMAZING on tons of stuff.

  • Awesome. I am a huge fan already – happy 21st bday Aimee!

    • Thank you JoeCardillo! This is birthday 28 with an anniversary of I forget 😉 I figure 28 is wordly wise, get the pesky car ins. discount and just a nice round age.

  • Not sure how I feel about this. Kind of like if your boss waited 10 years to promote you saying they were waiting for a special day vs when you earned it. Or if Obama said ‘Don’t kill Bin Laden wait for a full moon’

    Oh well better late than never! Grats aimeelwest ! At least you know ginidietrich thought you worthy since 2004!

    • aimeelwest ginidietrich where do you go to win facebook fan of the week btw?

    • Howie Goldfarb don’t be a jealous just because I got a better present than you 🙂 I’ll let you have my ice cream – it’s chocolate ginidietrich the timing was great – thanks

      • aimeelwest  ginidietrich well my birthday present was a discounted copy of Glenn Beck’s last book so I was taken care of!

  • Joseph Gier

    Happy Birthday Aimee!!

  • John_Trader1

    Happy birthday Aimee. Surely, you were lying in bed this morning wondering what could possibly be the biggest birthday present you ever received. A profile on Spin Sucks #FF was most likely the next thought.
    Pleasure to meet you and I looked through your East Lansing site — great work!

    • John_Trader1 Don’t you know it 🙂 Thank you – for the wishes and liking our site.

  • Happy Birthday Aimee.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Thanks!

  • Yay!! Happy Birthday Aimee! And congrats on the #FF 🙂

    • Thanks yvettepistorio it’s a really great day when it’s your birthday and you get #ff – what will my poor husband have to do next year 🙂

  • Beer *AND* gluten free?!? Impressive. Happy birthday and #FollowFriday, Aimee.

    • dbvickery If you make the cake let me know it is delicious!! My dad now has a version of the bread that is less sweet but he won’t share that recipe – ahh well. Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

  • Looks like the work of someone who loves what they do. Happy Birthday, too!

    • You are so correct Word Ninja I would love to do even more to help the amazing small food business’s in our area. Thank you for the birthday wish 🙂

      • aimeelwest Word Ninja I share your interest in those things and blog about gardening, farmers markets, etc. (Kind of my alias life away from PR. In fact, I was out in my plot before work this morning, wearing my suit and determined to plant at least one chamomile seedling I started in eggshells weeks ago.) My friend may be moving to the Lansing area. I’m sending her the link to your site.

        • Word Ninja Oh I can just see you in an perfectly fitted Armani (because what else would a Word Ninja wear) digging in the dirt 🙂 Love it. Thank you for sharing us I hope if she moves to Lansing she will check us out.

        • aimeelwest Word Ninja HA! Only if I could get the suit at Marshall’s!

        • Word Ninja In my minds eye you not only found it at Marshall’s but in the back, on clearance and it fits like a glove. 🙂

        • aimeelwest Word Ninja You have a superb imagination. 🙂

        • Word Ninja Thank you. 🙂 I try to use it everyday – somedays it works better than others…

  • Happy Birthday, Aimee!  You can see in your work how creative and engaging you are.  I look forward to following you!

    • Thank you  jolynndeal I really love what I do and I think that shows.

  • Anyone who can show us how to combine cake and beer must be followed! Glad to almost know you, Aimee… now bake yourself a wonderful birthday cake (on video of course).

    • creativeoncall That episode has been my favorite to make with a close second getting to actually tour Founders Brewery.  hmm.. have you had hard cider donuts?

      • AnneReuss

        aimeelwest Gasp! I’m a beer snob. How cool! Happy National Craft Beer Week and Birthday to you 🙂

        • AnneReuss I never even drank beer before I started working at ELFCO. Now I’m such a snob – mainly because I’ve finally found what I like. Thanks!

        • AnneReuss aimeelwest I live in Vermont the home of craft beer. And craft cheese. And craft male donuts. And craft chocolate. And craft maple syrup.

        • Howie Goldfarb AnneReuss aimeelwest Craft male donuts. Got my attention; more info pls.

        • dwaynealicie Howie Goldfarb AnneReuss aimeelwest Ditto.

        • JoeCardillo dwaynealicie Howie Goldfarb AnneReuss creativeoncall  Here is the original link

        • aimeelwest JoeCardillo Howie Goldfarb AnneReuss creativeoncall Those cider donuts look criminally delicious. Tempted to try!

      • aimeelwest creativeoncall Haven’t had the pleasure of hard cider donuts.. but they sound delicious

        • creativeoncall they are very good. Hmm maybe that should be the next video…

        • aimeelwest creativeoncall don’t offer him any donuts until he writes you a birthday song!

        • Howie Goldfarb aimeelwest creativeoncall I just saw my song! Yea virtual donuts for all!

  • Happy birthday Aimee! And welcome to the #FF club. YAY!

    • Thank you  katskrieger I’m really excited to be here 🙂
      Finally I get to learn the secret handshake!

  • Loves a birthday!  Happy Birthday!!!

    • dwaynealicie Thank you!

      • aimeelwest dwaynealicie he steals cake and presents fyi!

        • Howie Goldfarb aimeelwest  Lies! This is why we can’t have nice things! I only wanted Cha-cha heels for Christmas!

        • Something tells me you are both up to no good 😉 I love it keep going.

  • Felicity Fields, Online Marketing Coach

    Happy birthday, Aimee!

  • Yay Aimee!!! Sorry so late to the party…..but I wanted my Happy Birthday Wish to be on the very top of the comment pile so I’ve been holding off strategically! 
    HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!! Woohoo!!! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with unicorns, glitter and monkey pinatas filled with gold and diamonds.
    And thus it was proclaimed!

    • Wow glitter monkeys and more! Thank you

  • It’s a birthday/follow Friday twofer! Have a great day, Aimee!