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#FollowFriday: Amanda Eastep

By: Gini Dietrich | June 28, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Amanda EastepToday’s #FollowFriday as Amanda Eastep is going to make you say, “Who?”

How about this…I would like to introduce you to Word Ninja!

I can almost hear the collective, “Ohhhhhh! We know Word Ninja.”

Amanda is a freelance writer and editor who began hanging out with the Spin Sucks crazies a few months ago.

Though she clearly prefers to use her nunchuck skills, they apparently go unappreciated so she makes a living writing, editing, and mentoring aspiring writers.

She also is a teacher and assistant director of public relations at Trinity Christian College in the greater Chicagoland area (which means we must meet in real life soon!).

Putting her writing skills to work, she manages the biannual college magazine, annual president’s report and newsletters, TRINITY magazine, and helped with a recent comprehensive capital campaign.

She also generates news stories and writes content for the college’s website and for their mobile site. And she is responsible for the college’s official Facebook and Twitter presence.

As if that isn’t enough, she seves as the point-of-contact for local media as their interest grows in what the college is doing.

While she doesn’t bill herself as a communications professional, she has more experience doing that than some who do.

A true writer, she manages not one – but two – blogs. Her main blog, where she writes once a month, is about how to write for business and for life.

But her passion blog is Travels (with) aBroad, where she talks about her road travels with her husband (and I think two daughters, but I may be making that up based on some blog posts I’ve read)…and sometimes her dad tags along. They roam from Wisconsin and Michigan to Kentucky and Florida with an occasional detour to New York.

The unveiling of of Word Ninja is here. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Amanda Cleary Eastep.

You can find her on the Word Ninja blog, Travels (with) aBroad, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Please give her the usual crazy welcome!

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  • It’s so awesome to attach a face/name to the “Word Ninja”!!!! Congrats on your #FF and look forward to interacting with you more amongst the “crazies”!!

    • biggreenpen I felt the same way when I finally saw your face, Paula. Kind of funny we both have pens in our pic. My elder daughter illustrated my logo. Yes, ginidietrich 2 daughters, a son, and 5 stepchildren (not all in one place).

      • Word Ninja your daughter has a future in avi generation  ginidietrich

  • Congrats and welcome to the club! Connecting now! 🙂

    • katskrieger Awesome, thanks and looking forward to connecting!

  • That’s hilarious. In my brain, I was literally thinking “Oh, I’ve heard of Word Ninja” as I was reading that line in the post.  Get out of my brain!  Welcome Amanda 🙂 Running off to check out the travel blog now…

    • rosemaryoneill LOL!! It’s kind of fun in your brain. I’m going to have some wine later in the corner over by your creative file cabinet.

      • ginidietrich rosemaryoneill Just don’t open that closet marked “Danger”

    • rosemaryoneill My ex-husband used to scream Get out of my brain! too. Thanks for the warm welcome.

      • Word Ninja rosemaryoneill BAHAHAHAHAHA! Mine still does!!

        • belllindsay HA! you’re a better person than I am then!

  • Welcome Amanda & Happy #FridayFollow!  Hope you know what you’re getting into here!  Just kidding…this is a great community of fun people!  Of course, ninja skills will help…A LOT! 🙂

    • lizreusswig I’m not sure I know completely, but I love risks that don’t involve breaking my  neck. Thanks for the welcome!

  • Brilliant! Happy Follow Friday!  Amanda, I want you to know that I love ninja. Secret silent assassins!  So I am uneasy that you have revealed your identity. It must be strategic. I’m watching!!!  Yep, ninja and unicorns make my world go ’round. So you’re all right with me.

    • dwaynealicie Gini revealed me! I had no idea. The gig is up. No more stealth, no more dressing all in black, no more scaling my condo building in the middle of the night…

  • Oh, awesome, I just met Amanda (online) for the first time a few weeks ago, she’s great. 
    Congrats on your big day WN 😉 ……welcome to the krazies club

    • JoeCardillo Thanks, Joe. It’s been so cool getting to know everyone the past few months. I’ve truly learned some great things and am having fun. Good combo, right?

      • Word Ninja JoeCardillo Indeed, can’t go wrong with that

  • Engage121

    Hey! 🙂

  • Hi Amanda!!! Happy #FollowFriday!!

    • yvettepistorio Thanks, Yvette, I’m so excited I can hardly type. Better than the 39th bday I celebrate every year!

  • Howdy from Texas.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Howdy from Chicago!

  • I have the day off and have been working in my garden since 6:30. Just checked my email and saw biggreenpen sent me an invite on LinkedIn and said congrats on #FF. I’m sorry for my unwelcoming response of WHAT???, Paula. Thank you, ginidietrich, really thanks so much. I’ve only been a “crazy” for a few months so am honored. And floored. I’m not floored often. Does this mean I have to tweet on a regular basis now?

    • Word Ninja You don’t have to tweet on a regular basis now, but you DO have to come help me with my garden!
      You’re very, very welcome! I can’t wait to meet you in person.

      • ginidietrich Would LOVE to do both. You name it.

      • photo chris

        ginidietrich Word Ninja Wait- wait- you BOTH garden TOO? Veg or flower? Writing AND gardening, I think I want to be your new BFFL, lol. I am forwarding email to my home account so I can dig around in your blog. This silly work thing gets in the way of all my fun, lol.

        • photo chris ginidietrich HA, I know, I’m so glad I had the day off today. Good timing, Gini. Veggies and flowers. Started most everything from seeds this year but I only have a small garden, condo living sucks sometimes. I have a blog about that, too, but don’t share it much. 🙂

        • photo chris

          Word Ninja photo chris ginidietrich um, TOTALLY want info on your garden blog. Condo- living- are you doing containers on a balcony or do you have a small yard? In ground or raised-bed? Seeds?!?!?! ALL SEEDS????? Those plants are LOVED! I have so many questions, lol.

        • photo chris I SO need to update this, have lots to report on veggies. Not all gardening and NOT a professional blog. Gardening, family, etc.

        • photo chris

          Word Ninja photo chris crud- I just “peeked” I’m not going to get anything done today if I keep this up! Can’t wait to read over the weekend! I’m so excited to see that you grow tomatoes from seed! Seeds in eggshells- brilliant! SOOO much to talk about, lol.

        • photo chris I have updates and new photos of the progress but having camera issues, that’s why I’m behind with the gardening posts. Ugh. Feel free to email me. I’m no expert, just a dirt junkie.

  • I went to follow and it turns out I already was. Now Gini’s making us do things before we’re even aware we’re doing them. Congratulations!

    • RobBiesenbach Thanks, Rob. No one has ever followed me twice! (except that guy in college…)

      • Word Ninja By the way, I’m road-tripping next week, hitting my 48th state (Oklahoma) and my wife’s 50th (Arkansas) with a stop in Memphis for 4th of July. I searched but didn’t see any entries in your blog for those, but if I missed them let me know!

        • RobBiesenbach Nope, travel along a few paths and try to make the most of the places we go. I’m a big one for finding holes in the wall.

        • Word Ninja Ha! Yes, I have to fight the tendency to “skim” and do more real immersion!

        • RobBiesenbach Rob, I have a relative in Memphis and a friend recently moved there (he was part of the whole “meteorologist send off” blog I wrote if that rings any bells or creates any thunderclaps  but if you need me to do any asking around for you just say the word! cc: Word Ninja

        • biggreenpen Thanks! I’ll let you know!

    • RobBiesenbach It’s the magnets I put in your brains.

      • ginidietrich RobBiesenbach Gini’s creepy like that.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich Yeah but what’s awesome about it is I can use my iPhone totally hands free.

    • photo chris

      RobBiesenbach It’s the kool-aid she makes us drink!

  • SavvyCopywriter

    Impressive! I’m looking forward to following you and seeing what other word ninja tricks you have up your sleeve. 🙂

    • SavvyCopywriter Well, I can cross my eyes in strange directions, a trick kids seem to love.  Thanks for following!

      • SavvyCopywriter

        Word Ninja That certainly is an impressive trick I’m sure! 🙂

  • Hey, this will be the coolest thing I’ve had to tweet yet!

    • Word Ninja Tweet that ship, yo 

      • JoeCardillo Doing it now! Can’t keep up with all this social media, sheesh.

  • Hi Amanda, Congratulations on the #FF. I look forward to following your blogs – especially your travel one.

    • LSSocialEngage Hi! Thank you. I haven’t been traveling as much as I used to but have some things planned soon.

      • @Word Ninja Excellent. Look forward to reading about them. I love travelling too and haven’t been able to as much as I’d like this year but hopefully will plan some things too.

        • LSSocialEngage That’s the best thing about making the most of short trips. Trying to find something new between point A and B no matter how many miles you travel.

        • Word Ninja Yes.  You put it in such a perfect way. We go to Boston every year ( I used to live there, still have family and friends). So its not novel anymore but this summer I want to take the kids back to my University Alma Mater in Amherst. So, it is a little thing but a great travel experience I think 🙂

  • Hi Amanda! We have lots to talk about. 😀

    • jasonkonopinski I’ve noticed that. If we were all together, would we take turns or all talk at once?

      • Word Ninja jasonkonopinski if we were all together, the introverts would hang back taking it all in first then make brilliant insightful observations …. later cc: yvettepistorio

  • Woohoo!!! Hop on board the crazies’ caboose Word Ninja – but buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! I can’t believe you and I are the same age (39. every year.) – I’m a gardening freak also, but with the new pup my gardens are a little worse for wear this summer. 😉 Enjoy your day, and trust me – if you get a #FollowFriday from Gini – you EARNED it! 😀

    • belllindsay Thanks for the warning and welcome! Great to be an “official” crazy. I don’t have a puppy, but I had lots of fuzzy green worms on my kale this morning. They make terrible pets.

      • Word Ninja But if you bake them for an hour at 250 degrees – fabulous snacks!

        • belllindsay I turned them into salsa verde with my shovel.

        • Word Ninja Urp.

        • belllindsay Word Ninja OMG

        • ginidietrich belllindsay Word Ninja Hey, can I play? I’m crazy, 39 and had a kale smoothie this morning too! 🙂 Sad but true….

        • photo chris

          TaraGeissinger ginidietrich belllindsay Word Ninja I just love this whole conversation, lol!

  • I love it! So nice to have the mystery revealed.  I learn so much from Word Ninja’s feedback and comments.  And I’m 39 too, for the ??th year in a row. 🙂

    • jolynndeal Thanks, what a nice compliment about my comments. My kid said I was a dork.

      • Word Ninja jolynndeal I hear you!  It can knock you over to learn our children’s impressions of us.

  • Happy Follow Friday Amanda!

    • RebeccaTodd Thanks Rebecca. It’s been nice getting to know everyone. I’m SO glad I had the day off today.

      • Word Ninja RebeccaTodd hey Rebecca did you always hate follow Fridays! Remember you said Fridays you wash your car and don’t have time for such shenanigans?

  • Thanks for a great morning, everyone! I’ll check back but promised my girls some anime viewing and lunch out.

  • Congrats on the #FF Amanda! I love reading your comments and can’t wait to read your travel blog. My husband things we’re taking our kids on a cross-country camping trip next summer, but I’m not so sure! 🙂

    • TaraGeissinger Thanks, Tara! Ha, my friend and I were just exchanging childhood camping stories yesterday. What a hoot. The closest I’ve come lately is the Mumford and Sons stopover concert and campout in Dixon, IL last summer. Way more drunk people playing trumpets at 4am than were ever at Yogi Bear Campground. Go on the trip! You’ll make great stories.

  • So nice to put a face with the ninji! I’ve caught the word ninja blog I can’t wait to check out the traveling blog.

    • aimeelwest Thanks and for checking out the blogs. The travel blog is really about our search for hole in the wall places near and not that far. But I love the journey, right, no matter how many (or few miles) it takes you.

  • All those years working hard on tour as back up singer for Prince then on your own has finally paid off. 26 years,  17 world tours, 7 Grammies, 118 countries, 49 pieces of lost luggage, 8 albums, got malaria only twice on the South East Asia tour, 17 top 10 Singles, your own Bobblehead Doll, 27.4398 million albums, 12 appearances with Prince on Letterman and finally! now Finally! You earned enough Hilton Honors points to get that free night at Hilton. Sheena-E you earned it!
    Uhm…hold on jasonkonopinski just texted me.
    This is not a #FF for Sheena-E? ginidietrich has osters of Sheena-E all over her office. I was told this was the day!
    Oh. @amandaicleary is today’s #FF
    Well I met her and bdorman264 at one of Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties back in 2007. He always hires Word Ninjas to tongue twist his guests. She had Bill going nuts trying to figure out the proper alliteration for the second particle of the Wood Chuck Chuck’s twister. Bill couldn’t get it. Each failure Amanda made him drink a shot. It was hilarious. Bill got so loaded he started skipping around the mansion screaming Bunga Bunga! Bunga Bunga! Bunga Me! Bunga You! He got escorted out. Amanda has the photos! Just ask her for them!
    Grats on your #FF AmandaICleary

    • Way to funny never connected Word Ninja with Amanda until just now scrolling down. LOL been a rough day haha! Happy hour now! Doh missed it!

    • Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich bdorman264 AmandaICleary Is Prince now called ‘Prince’ again? Or is he still the symbol. I cannot keep up with his name or lack of name changes and it is very stressful because I fell woefully unprepared should I meet him randomly at the grocery store or coffee shop. Do I have a card ready with his symbol that I just hold up when I want to insert his name? Does it have a blow horn or siren attached to get his attention if he is across the room? How does all this work?
      I’ve spent many hours fretting about my lack of understanding on the proper “Prince” protocol….

    • Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich bdorman264 Thanks, Howie! Try this one…Rubber Bunga Bunga Bumpers. No slips ups, and I’ll post Bill’s pics.

  • Word Ninja!!!!! YES! Please excuse my late entrance to the party here Amanda. This obviously does not reflect on my love for you, but of my current lack of personal ninja prowess. But regardless, glad to know the face behind the ninja! I feel like this is a very epic moment, not often does a ninja expose themselves, which means you are obviously wise and brave. Afterall the old ninja proverb goes something like “only the most superior of ninjas shall be as powerful with their prose as they are with their nunchucks”
    It is an honor! Go off and fight the fight brave grasshopper (and let me know if your travels ever take you through Florida)
    In the name of Kung Fu, I bid you a happy weekend.

    • LauraPetrolino I can’t claim that wisdom and bravery as Gini is the one who sneaked up and ninja’d me. Happy for the #FF and all the warm welcomes. That doesn’t happen often…people don’t seem to like women in black tiptoeing across their roofs for some reason.

      • Word Ninja so very odd. No one appreciates a good ninja tip toe like they use to (and yet they welcome a strange fat man with an ill kept beard and elves, who eagerly helps himself to their food….oh the humanity)

        • LauraPetrolino It is just one more sad example of inequality between men and women in the workplace.

  • susancellura

    Hello Word Ninja (Amanda)! I was out on Friday, but am glad to meet you!

    • susancellura Thanks, Susan! Great to be here and be welcomed so warmly. I’ve finally found a home for my crazy self.

  • I know a number of Trinity alum (and I think ginidietrich refers to the Three Things as the Unholy Trinity, no?), so I’m glad do sort of know you, too.  I’ll have to get in on this Word Ninja thing…

    • creativeoncall ginidietrich Really, you know some TCC alums? Sometimes we get mixed up with Trinity International. Glad to sort of know you, too, and looking forward to getting to know everyone better. (Sorry for the late reply. Would you believe there are still areas of the U.S. w/o Internet?)

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