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#FollowFriday: Amy Tobin

By: Gini Dietrich | March 7, 2014 | 

Tobin, AmyBy Gini Dietrich

You know what I hate about doing this weekly feature? I’ve been doing it so long, I forget if I’ve included someone who has been a big part of our community since the beginning.

And hence is the case with Amy Tobin, which embarrasses me.

I was emailing with her yesterday and I thought, “I wonder when I featured Amy last?”

Um. Never.

Some friend I am.

Not only has she been hanging out in the comments here for years, she’s submitted some great content. In fact, her post, “Is it Time to Break Up with Facebook?” made the top 10 list.

So, yeah. Allow me to fix that and introduce you to one Ms. Amy Tobin.

Amy is the vice president of operations at ArCompany, which uses social media data to help organizations make educated and informed decisions. They’re focused on that magical ROI word, which is music to my ears!

They do a lot of really great things for their clients, everything from social media audits and insights to optimization and measurement.

In her personal life, she is mom to a spunky little girl named Addie and a dog named Gina.

She lives in Florida, right near the beach, which she isn’t shy about bragging about on the social networks.

She’s from the east coast so I really don’t blame her – particularly this winter – but one would think she’d be a little kinder…you know, having lived in snow for most of her life.

A lover of red wine, Starbucks, and harassing Sean McGinnis, she and I are bosom buddies who have yet to meet.

She is a huge supporter of women and gets very feisty when our gender is portrayed as weak, insecure, or catty. She also doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She’ll get into the serious discussions around the topics that really matter and then flip into a conversation about books or Stephen Colbert or the latest funny cat video.

Amy is one of those people who you instantly love and know you can’t ever have without in your life.

So stalk her online, follow her, connect with her, and become friends.

You can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the ArCompany blog, and Vizify (but hurry before Yahoo shuts it down).

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  • Amy, a pleasure to meet you. Glad to see that a certain introductory oversight was corrected and you now shine in the S.S spot light. Have a great one!

  • She’s the #RockHot. In a category all by herself. Driving interaction, driving engagement, and creating fab content we all drool over. Oh, and, Amy? I promise I’m writing that post you need! Good choice, Gin Blossom. Sometimes age just makes us do weird and forgetful things.

  • Woohoo! Happy Follow Friday Amy!

  • Good to see one of the hardcore “crazies” featured 🙂 I’m already totally cyber-stalking Amy. TGIF to all!

  • You’ve *never* featured Amy?? For shame. 😉

  • Geez about time. I got so tired of AmyMccTobin DMing me about this slight. I said I swear you were Friday followed back in 89 but can you remember those days? Geezz who can such a haze and days of party after party sometimes after parties and pre parties. There is NO way ginidietrichwould of ever not given you a friday follow. I mean I bet you were one of the first and that is why no one can remember it? Maybe back then Gini wasn’t popular enough to have many people who read it? Wait I found it!

    See all the great and amazing things Gini said about you? Your dedication to your craft and your love of Grand Prix Racing. You were dating Bon Jovi back then?! Reading that looks like Gini Idolized you back then!

    So lets discuss now this Talk Like A Pirate Company you are involved with. I thought these were banned at the last G8 meeting. I know you were lobbying hard to try to convince them that you were a ponzi scheme like that Facebook company was.

    So basically retailers sign up and anyone who Talks Like A Pirate in the store gets the deal of the day? The new Groupon but going fully offline which is The Future? I too foresee a future where we are so futuristic we don’t need technology to score a deal. That is like the Holy Grail of Advertising/Marketing. To score a deal without the need for Advertising/Marketing. Just Talk Like a Pirate. I see a huge future for ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHCompany. No wonder Gini has a shrine to you….in the storage box… a shoebox in her garage…under stacks of old People and Us Magazines.

    Happy Second Follow Friday Miss Amy!

  • Soulati | Hybrid PR she is very groovy. Plus she kicked ass in High School Musical 8!

  • Amy is my unicorn guru and chief advisor. She serves as my publicist (although I haven’t seen front page of NYT or WSJ, or even USA Today yet…so Amy, we need to talk). She also, frighteningly enough, seems to have made friends with Papa Petrolino….which scares me what sort of mischief and hilarity (at my expense) those two could get into. It saddens me that I didn’t know her when I was her neighbor and lived in the superior part of Florida, but alas all the more reason to visit her soon!

  • Amy, you sound exceptionally cool. Gini didn’t make me sound as cool, but she didn’t have a lot to work with. Going to check out your post about Facebook. We’re in a codependent relationship, ugh. Anyway, a very happy #FF!

  • Hi Amy. Welcome to the gang.

  • Great last name if you’re from Minnesota! Welcome to the club Amy!

  • Oh geez. There goes the neighborhood.

  • LauraPetrolino …..visit… Legoland……with possible grape stomping. #HasToHappen #JoinUsAmy

  • belllindsay Congrats Amy!

  • AmyMccTobin ginidietrichso I made that link up just so you know! Your list was so drab back then.

  • Good morning Amy! Congratulation on the SS #FF, and welcome to the club! I’m not sure if Mary Ann Keane was ready to give up her crown yet. I’m a Florida native, so I don’t blame you for bragging about living there. Happy Friday everyone!

  • @jason_ oh dude brush those teeth…nothing like herring bits to ruin a smile 8)

  • ’bout time… Happy Follow Friday Amy!

  • susancellura

    Happy #FF, Amy!!

  • Digital_DRK  Don’t you love how I admit I’m an idiot? LOL!

  • Soulati | Hybrid PR  I CAN HEAR YOU!

  • Word Ninja  Sigh…I’ll have to try again.

  • Sean McGinnis  BE NICE

  • Ha!  I love you right back Gini Dietrich; I always forget that we haven’t met IRL because I know you so well.  

    And yes, it is our love of smart women, red wine (although I know I have a much deeper relationship there than you do), the insane (Laura Petrolino) and snark (Lindsay Bell Wheeler) and great writing (Jason Konopinksi) and absolute irreverence(THE Dallass Kincaid) brings us together.

    Who says real relationships aren’t build on social media?
    For the record, that profile pic is from 3 years ago:)

  • Sean McGinnis  No, don’t be nice. I wouldn’t recognize you if you were.

  • AmyMccTobin It was already in our media library so there you go!

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  • ginidietrich Digital_DRK  And my life was so empty before this.  It’s a whole new day:)

  • I guess a welcome isn’t really in order since you’ve been here longer than most of us. If you ever get to Toronto for IRL meetings with the rest of the ArCompany crew, drinks are on me. 😉 I’ve been enjoying your blog posts and appreciate the unique perspective you share.

  • AmyMccTobin Sean McGinnis  See how that works??? 🙂

  • Happy Friday, Amy! The Keys in two months is what’s keeping me going right now!

  • DallasK

    I skyped with her yesterday.  She accused me of sexually harassing employees on the couch in my office.  I was upset.

  • SavvyCopywriter

    Wow, with an intro like that how can we not follow? Nice to officially ‘meet’ you Amy!

  • KateNolan

    Hellloooooo, Amy! Stalking will commence shortly, but right now I can’t stop thinking ArrrrrrrrrCompany is really a band of internet pirates! (I apologize, it’s Friday, that’s kinda how it goes.)
    Also, ginidietrich, I’m pretty sure you could find some sort of tool to track the #ff you’ve featured. Just sayin since the wine seems to be doing some things to you…

  • Happpppppy #FF, AmyMccTobin!! Glad to be connected with you! Love the concept of your business; specific and results driven!

  • aimeelwest

    Happy Friday to you Amy! I will be stalking you soon. Wait am I suppose to tell you that. Nevermind I may or may not be stalking you soon. Ok I think I need more coffee….

  • aimeelwest

    Haha KateNolan I totally thought of Air Supply the band… ginidietrich

  • DallasK

    ginidietrich AmyMccTobin  Why are you hoarding pictures of Amy?  Creepy….

  • Amy and I have been having some pretty thought provoking chats – often involving wine (as topic or nectar) – for a couple years now. She pulls no punches…yet she remains insightful throughout the conversation while respecting the opinions of the others in the conversation. We also had plenty of fun with both Hecklers’ Hangout and Snarketing Google+ Hangouts.

    And one of these days, ArCompany and Mantis may even do business together. That will happen because of the mutual trust AND camaraderie built on social and in comment sections like these!

    Great #FollowFriday.

  • Happy Friday, Amy! Glad to see you getting some spotlight time here. Life near the beach sounds like a good thing to me.

  • THIS woman! Another one of the precious few people I have met in real life (if ever so briefly at Sam and Danny’s book launch talk here in SF) and she is beyond awesome. When she posts something on Facebook, I shut up and read it.
    Happy Follow Friday, AmyMccTobin !!!
    And why, oh why does everybody pick on Sean McGinnis !!?? Give the poor guy a rest, sheesh!!!

  • DwayneAlicie AmyMccTobin Sean McGinnis  If Sean would ‘shut up and just read it’ we’d get a long a log better.

  • DallasK  Your employee seemed delighted.

  • Happy Follow Friday AmyMccTobin . I am surprised indeed that this is your first time #FF. I enjoy reading all your comments here. Incredibly jealous that you  live near the beach. If I did, I would brag about it too on all the social networks. Have a great one.

  • KevinVandever

    Happy #FF AmyMccTobin! I once lived near the beach, but I’m so hip* that I moved away from the beach to live downtown. 

    *sorry, I said hip, I meant stupid.

  • AmyMccTobin DwayneAlicie Sean McGinnis  Oh, now see? Here we go.

  • Hi Amy! Happy #FF. I’m an east coast Florida girl too!

  • Howie Goldfarb @jason_  Not to mention the breath. #fishy

  • Woot!  Happy #FF, AmyMccTobin and so glad, ginidietrich got around to featuring you here!  You are definitely a charter member of the Crazie Club and I adore your quips! 🙂

  • lizreusswig AmyMccTobin ginidietrich  🙂  Charter Member of the Crazy Club. That’s it – I’m making us T shirts!!!!!

  • KevinVandever AmyMccTobin  If your beach is in Toronto, it doesn’t qualify.

  • jolynndeal  I’m an East Coast girl (PA), but I live on the West Coast of Florida because, unlike Gini, I’m not REALLY insane and I hate snow.

  • Howie Goldfarb @jason_   “heeeehheeeheee” (dolphin laugh)

  • DwayneAlicie AmyMccTobin Sean McGinnis  You cannot be serious?! Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne.

  • KateNolan Oh yeah…it’s called Google. I’ve been doing this series since 2008. It’s hard to keep track of everyone!

  • ginidietrich  (Green Day  – “American….”   😉

  • AmyMccTobin ginidietrich Digital_DRK   Amy I sense 5% of an empty day of your life equals 95% over filled in the lives of most other people.

  • aimeelwest KateNolan ginidietrich  

    I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you
    I know you were right, believing for so long
    I’m all out of love, what am I without you
    I can’t be too late to say I was so wrong

  • AmyMccTobin jolynndeal  I’m sorry, I guess I blended the two! PA is beautiful in the summer. I’m from Indiana, PA, along with the much more famous Jimmy Stewart. In Gini’s defense, there is nothing quite like Chicago in the summer. 🙂

  • Amy, Amy, my closest (in distance) social friend (she will probably say acquaintance) that I have yet to meet. She even has an offer of margarita’s at the Sand Bar in Anna Maria on the table and I haven’t made it yet. However, since my wife thinks this social thing is just a glorified dating site and she already things I’m too flirty as it is; I’m going to have to wait until there is a ‘group’ setting to pull this off. Maybe I can get @Adamtoporek to come over; that’s how I got to meet ginidietrich. Having said that though, she is definitely on my must meet in person list and hopefully it will come to fruition in 2014.

    Since I have been more of a lurker these days I still get to see her out and about and feel she fits right in w/ the Spin Sucks crazies. 

    Social will be dead and long gone Gini, by the time you try to highlight each member of  your ‘fan’ club; just sayin’…it’s growing exponentially….:).

    Good choice though; hello Ms Amy.

  • bdorman264 ginidietrich  OK, here’s the solution – Bill who avoids an actual RL meeting continually: a) bring your wife b) you buy the drinks.
    And @Adamtoporek has served as my chaperon before you know.

  • Nice to see you are getting the warm and fuzzies from ginidietrich  and club today.  I have seen your name and comments here for such a long time that  I just assumed you had been featured in the early days when I was still teething on social media. Be thankful you are in FLA and not in Chicago where Gini thinks a 43 degree temp is time for a picnic.

  • DwayneAlicie AmyMccTobinSean McGinnis only gets picked on because his wife said ‘Do it for the meek Sean….someone has to do it for the meek!’
    We all know if Sean wasn’t running interference how rough it would be for bdorman264 dbvickery and jasonkonopinski ….Sean is a Saint!

  • dbvickery dude I did business with AmyMccTobinand I lost my home, my 7 cars, my wife and my 3 girlfriends, my soul, and they are working on my self esteem but clinging on. Careful what you sign. They got me drunk. I was unprepared. Pirates em all yee ARRRR!

  • AmyMccTobin DallasKcompared to ginidietrichmy guess is Dallas runs a more cushy gig with two paid morning happy hours. Of course they are happy.

  • I know her, I know her!!! 🙂

    Great feature Gini! I’m a big fan of what ArCompany does, and I like all of their team – was able to meet a few of them, and I’m pretty good friends with hessiejones now. 

    Great that Amy finally got what she deserves, a great #FF feature on SpinSucks! 🙂

  • KateNolan

    ginidietrich KateNolan  Well, yeah, I guess that works, too… 😉
    Also, holy moly, that’s a lot of follow Fridays…

  • BobJonesArC

    Hhhhmmmm … Amy Tobin?  

    That name sounds awfully familar?  Wait a minute, she’s with those great people at ArCompany.  Actually, I’ve heard she’s the one that keeps ArCompany in check with her down to earth “git ‘er done” attitude, great sense of humour, and a passion for engaging people and creating dynamic communities.  

    I look forward to meeting her one of these days!

    Bob Jones, VP Sales, ArCompany

  • Pleasure to meet you on her, Amy! 
    I like talking about Stephen Colbert a lot, too! I thin you and I will get along just fine.  🙂 
    I’ll have to check out your post about breaking up with Facebook. I’m starting to notice a massive switch from Facebook to other social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Hell, even Google+ is starting to get some better recognition now. 
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning more about you! Welcome aboard!

  • Amy is a genuine smarty pants and good human. I’m kind of shocked as well she hasn’t been featured here before, I just assumed it’d happened.

  • ajenkins

    Proud and honoured to know and work with Amy. Great to see her profiled here.

  • photo chris

    Welcome Amy! It’s nice to *Meet* you here! Happy, um, Monday!

  • photo chris

    annelizhannan ginidietrich   …it’s also time to venture out, at least for a few moments, in a t-shirt!

  • photo chris

    AmyMccTobin lizreusswig ginidietrich  I keep hearing a rumor about these shirts… and yet……????

  • photo chris It was snowing here today but I went down to the beach anyway just to make sure it was still there 😉

  • photo chris

    annelizhannan photo chris  see, now, if you lived in Chicago, you’d jump in. Just because 😉

  • photo chris Yes, I have come to the conclusion from following this group that you are all crazy in Chicago:)

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