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#FollowFriday: Amy Vernon

By: Gini Dietrich | January 4, 2013 | 

I would like to introduce you to my wife, Amy Vernon.

You see, a few months ago, I told her I love her so much, I want to marry her. She accepted on one condition: I share her with Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

Which is all fine and dandy. EXCEPT. Tinu hasn’t publicly shared her love and I think this blog post is as good as it comes. So I win First Wife position!

In all seriousness, Amy is one of the smartest women I know. And that’s saying a lot because I surround myself with a lot of smart women.

She is a self-proclaimed Internet junkie, but I will back that up by telling you this: She is the highest-ranked female submitter on Digg…OF ALL TIME. 

That makes her more than a junkie. That makes her a glorified geek.

Also, she keeps a blog called Bacon Queen, in which she brings the latest and greatest news about bacon every day (hey, Amy! Did you see the episode of “The Next Iron Chef” where they had to cook five meals with bacon?). I am dead serious. She has recipes, links, products, and more. If you love bacon (and I know many of you do), you should check this out.

It turns out she’s kind of a big deal. I mean, she has nearly 70,000 subscribers on Facebook (to put that in perspective, I have 313). She’s the general manager of social media for New York City-based Internet Media Labs, where they do cool things such as help you manage big data or visualize your social networks so you can find the best content. And she’s the mother of two boys.

Even though she grew up in New York, we have a kinship in that she went to Northwestern University, just up the street from where I live now. Too bad I didn’t know her then!

She’s on every social network known to man so I’ll let you check out her page to learn more. And, if you’d like to read more about her professional life, Lani Rosales did a fascinating interview with her over at AGBeat.

Happy Friday to Amy!

(Ignore this; it’s for Technorati: NWDSWTNZ8P3T)

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86 responses to “#FollowFriday: Amy Vernon”

  1. katskrieger says:

    Nice to meet you Amy! Connecting now! Now I have to go to your blog and cry that I had oatmeal for breakfast. 🙂

  2. AmyVernon says:

    *blush* I guess I should update BaconQueen, lol. I’ve been kind of lax on it lately. 🙂
    Thank you, Gini!

  3. HeidiMassey says:

    YEA @AmyVernon Wonderful choice, @ginidietrich Amy is the absolute bestest! She likes all my Facebook stuff. She’s a really smart grammar nazi–cept when she says “gone missing.” She’s funny as can be. And she isn’t afraid to say the truth. About anything to anyone. And she has an awesome new puppy named Lumi, with the coolest blue eyes I have ever seen. So happy to start my day reading this post!!!

    • AmyVernon says:

      @HeidiMassey  @ginidietrich I challenge you to find where I wrote “gone missing”
      *whistles real casual-like, sidling out of the room*

      • HeidiMassey says:

        @AmyVernon  @ginidietrich 
        I couldn’t find it at first…because you edited your damn comment! Bwhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! 
        Amy Vernon …in case you go missing… Wednesday at 9:11am
        Amy Vernon …in case you disappear… Wednesday at 1:41pm

  4. belllindsay says:

    Holy cow, I had no clue @AmyVernon was such a big-wig!! 😉 I am so glad I’ve gotten to know Amy this year, beyond all the smarts she has a *killer* sense of humour (#what?) and the best dog ever! Welcome to Follow Friday Fandom, Amy!

  5. mickeygomez says:

    Hooray! Amy is ridiculously smart, funny, an exceptional writer AND she has one of the top four most adorable dogs in the world (the others being Sophie, Shiloh and Jack Bauer). The best part? She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Then again, she had me at bacon.

  6. hessiej says:

    I love Amy! The more I get to know @AmyVernon the more I’m enthralled by her knowledge of all things internet. She’s spunky, full of energy and apparently doesn’t need as much sleep! I guess that means you’re self-actualized, right Amy! I second the #followfriday!

    • AmyVernon says:

      @hessiej Ah, “need” and “get” are two different things. All those times I have 10- to 12-hour sleeps on weekends (I have a great husband!) belie the “need” 🙂

  7. She rules, ’nuff said. If we ever align our schedules, she’ll be a guest on my podcast. 😀

  8. RebeccaTodd says:

    Happy Follow Friday, Amy! Nice to meet you.

  9. wordwhacker says:

    All true

  10. KenMueller says:

    Mmmm. Bacon. I like her already.

  11. John_Trader1 says:

    @AmyVernon  when will Congress pass a National Day of Bacon Awareness? 
    P.S. – I sorta already knew about your awesomeness.

  12. Tinu says:

    So. I go to sleep for four hours and you try to steal first wife position from me? Under a bogus claim of public love proclamation?
    You know what? I’ll handle this with Amy. When I see her IN PERSON. Again. Like we planned. In Vegas.
    Joking aside (I AM WATCHING YOU DIETRICH), Amy deserves to be recognized. She’s one of the people who definitely doesn’t get accolades proportional to her talent or work ethic. There are hundreds of things that make her a special human being, professional and friend. But the one that’s most rare is her integrity. You know you’re not getting BS with Amy. And that’s hard to beat.

  13. jenniferwindrum says:

    I do think at one point @AmyVernon  was my wife…or maybe that was just in my head @Tinu ? For realz, you are the bestest, Amy. Somehow, in between doing all of her incredible work “stuff,” she manages to be an awesome friend too. Oh, and @ginidietrich , great pick!!

  14. HowieG says:

    Yes @AmyVernon started Free Bacon Fridays at the IML. I understand it draws a lot of riff raff and hangers on. Last year they wouldn’t let in Bloomberg so he threatened to buy the business just to get the bacon. Luckily controlling shares are held by @Erin F. who has them locked up in a trust only able to be sold should Texas and Oklahoma secede and join Russia in a loose federation of ruled by the Pope and Lindsay Lohan. Not often a business titan is spurned but a wordsmith. But then @jasonkonopinski stopped @realdonaldtrump from buying his fly tying business to gain control of part of Pennsylvania to open a fly fishing casino.
    One thing no one knows about @AmyVernon is that she invented the drinking game Quarters. In fact it was called Dimes and Nickels until through vigorous R&D in high school she proved a Quarter is more naturally suited. She was published in Scientific American at age 17 showing the physics between the coins and various table and counter tops.

  15. AnneReuss says:

    I’ve been secretly in love with @AmyVernon since I met her in NYC. I hope I cross paths with her more often. I’m NO where near wifey status but Amy…I cook a mean bacon pasta. Really. Let’s have a date next time I come back to visit, k??

  16. Technorati responds, “Swordfish.”

  17. Carmelo says:

    Hmmmm… now I know whom to stalk at NMX! i’d been wondering all along why I was going now I have a purpose. Wait, why stalk? After all, I’ve been officially introduced by Gini herself so I can just go right into a marriage proposal. After all, I’ve clicked your links and read all about you now … 
    I quote: “And if I’m out with certain friends, I pretty much have no choice but to have bacon.” I ask you Amy: What more do I need to know?
     We don’t have to set a date. Vegas is very open to “marriage-at-first-sight” events. I have a bacon ring. Amy? Will you … ?

  18. rdopping says:

    Anyone that likes bacon is ok in my books. Nice to meetchoo @AmyVernon

  19. I had no idea! Someone  who is always accessible with banter and posts and making life on the ‘webz more terrific? Amy, I bow to you…thanks for all you do and who you are. Better yet, what took you so long, Twin, to feature this hot tamale?

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  21. Wow! I am SURROUNDED by totally amazing women! It simply cannot get any better than that. Period. This is going to be an incredible (and insanely busy) year! Happy to meet another spouse of yours! (Hi Amy!)

  22. Amy, how nice to make your acquaintance. Any friend of bacon is a friend of mine. Do you have any preferences among national brands? (Yes, this a serious question… Kinda!)

    • AmyVernon says:

      @barrettrossie Oscar Mayer’s thick cut is actually quite good. Believe it or not, I am not extraordinarily picky when it comes to brands. Smithfield is good, too. 🙂

  23. Peter Bordes says:

    Thanks from all of us Internet Media Labs for the #FF love for our Amy Vernon !

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