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#FollowFriday: Andrea Hypno

By: Gini Dietrich | March 23, 2012 | 

Today’s #FollowFriday isn’t a PR or marketing professional.

He is, however, a very strong voice in the Spin Sucks community. I still haven’t figured out why he comes around, other than to debate me (which I love).

In fact, you’ll see him in the comments all over the web – at Danny Brown’s place, on For Bloggers, By Bloggers, and at Unlock the Door.

Andrea Hypno, aka Hypnodude, aka your friendly Hynotist is from Italy and his English (at least the written part) is superb. We’ve debated politics, life, and Amanda Knox (I’m so fascinated with that story).

He’s a self-hypnotist which, before now, I didn’t know existed. I thought the only hypnotists were the only ones that called you on stage, in front of all your friends, made you fall asleep and then made you do crazy things you didn’t remember after you woke up.

Turns out, that’s not the case.

What he teaches is really about using your subconscious mind power to achieve the things you want out of life. A little bit of The Secret, a little bit positive self-talk, a little bit meditation, and a little bit hypnosis, is how I would describe it.

In fact, earlier this week, he talked about losing weight with creative visualization. I’d add in exercise and good nutrition, but I am a big believer in combining those three things to achieve your fitness goals…and he agrees. He says, “Cut out the junk food and exercise” as part of the process.

A bit of a stray from the normal, but I think you’ll find him fascinating, particularly because he can talk/debate/discuss such a broad array of topics.

You can find him on Twitter, Google+, on StumbleUpon, on his blog, and in the comments here several times a week.

P.S. I couldn’t find an actual photo of him, hence the image I used. Maybe we can talk him into showing us his face?

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  • ginidietrich

    @ericamallison I hope so!

    • ericamallison

      @ginidietrich I’m feeling very sleepy….

      • ginidietrich

        @ericamallison LOL!!

  • Well, now I’m REALLY embarrassed. Andrea Hypno has been an amazing commenter over at the Cat’s Eye blog, too. But he’s a HE. (I thought I was talking to a woman all that time.) Not that it matters all that much, but it’s kind of funny. I’d love to talk to Andrea sometime about Amanda Know. I had a long chat  Candace Dempsey, author of the bestselling Murder in Italy, at a writers’ conference a few weeks ago. Great follow friday choice, Gini. I love how you find new people for us to connect with. 

    • ginidietrich

       @JudyDunn I have to admit the same. In fact, I had to go back and change “she” to “he” in this blog post…after I discovered “hypnodude.” 
      What do you think about the Amanda Knox case? The reason I asked Andrea is because I have a good friend who lived in Rome when it happened and he’s convinced she’s guilty. But our media made her look so innocent. I think it’s a fascinating case of media prejudice. 

      • @ginidietrich What was so interesting to me was talking to an American (Dempsey) about her observations of the Italian justice system. Our culture and laws here would have to make her a little biased, but she talked bout the many missteps the police and prosecutors made. (I haven’t read the book yet.) It’s fascinating to me that Americans think she was framed and most Italians think she’s guilty. And the way the media played this on opposite sides of the oceans, well, that’s interesting, too.

        • ginidietrich

           @JudyDunn  That’s what Andrea was saying, too. Their judicial system is not so advanced.

        •  @JudyDunn  @ginidietrich Our judicial system in reality is still based mainly on the ancient Inquisition way so if you are a real criminal it can happen that it takes ten years to get you in prison and with all benefits you’re out in a very little time, if you’re a normal citizen in theory you’re innocent too but in reality better have a lot of money for a good lawyer or you’re into troubles. This reflects on Police’s way of conducting investigations, they don’t really follow proofs but decide for a guilty one and see how many proffs take to him, then if he doesn’t confess they choose someone else, and so on. The rule that after 24 hours proofs are cold is unknown here.
          Couple that with the fact that if you get into a civil trial it can take from five to twenty five years to get a clear answer and you see how the justice system is. The civil system feeds itself so to speak and the penal one seems to be more oriented in hitting some and letting others free. This is done on purpose probably. The goal is that here everyone at any given moment is guilty of something, we have a new law every day so it’s easy to break one, and if you want to catch someone for something you can, if you don’t want to you do that too.
          So, as for Amanda Knox, the problem is that we can’t say if she’s guilty or not because of the way they handle investigations here. It’s like the Andreaotti trial, they had no proofs but went on and on for years spending an enrmous amount of citizens’ money to get nowhere. But the system was fed. 🙁

        •  @ginidietrich If a judicial system works well criminals get caught and here, more than other places, not all criminals can be caught because you don’t know where you can arrive. There’s a reason for this. Unfortunately. Sorry if I filled the space with all my comments Gini.

    •  @JudyDunn No problem, it happens often and the best part is that in Italy Andrea means handsome, or he-man. Isn’t that funny too? 🙂

  • You have someone who dares to debate you? Most people are scared of your wrath and killer attack dog.
    Grats Andrea I will make sure I look for your comments more. Anyone who stands up to @ginidietrich is someone I admire. In fact she will tell you that Chicago has the best pizza in the world. When everyone knows it is New York. Drives me nuts.

    • ginidietrich

       @HowieSPM Well, we agree there. I hate deep dish pizza. I love NY style. So we have to find something else we don’t agree on.

    •  @HowieSPM Well, actually I stand up to her because there is an ocean between us, and I have a Rottweiler at home. 😀
      Well, I should definitely go in both places and taste pizza, so I can compare it with the original one. Did I ever said that I like good food? Luckily I’m still having some muscles from my BodyBuilding trainer years or I would be a kind of balloon.

  • I wonder about people who don’t show their faces. Something funny about them.

    • ginidietrich

       @TheJackB Totally funny about them. I agree.

    •  @TheJackB A case of the pot calling the kettle black?   Heh. 

      •  @JudyDunn  Could be. 😉 Although truth be told sometimes I show my face. Ask those who have been to a G+ hangout. @SocialMediaDDS has seen me, or has she…. 😉

        •  @TheJackB  @JudyDunn hahaha…well now…come to think of it, “Jack” has always had a sort of anime quality to his appearance…hmmm…*stroking chin*….

    •  @TheJackB hahaha…

    •  @TheJackB Yeah, actually I resemble Shrek. 😀
      No, it’s that the robin has always been a kind of lucky animal throughout my life, if only my cats could leave them alone, and it’s the avatar I used when I begun writing on the net but probably I should take Judy Dunn advice and think about putting a real picture, at least on my about page. 🙂

  • trontastic

    Did Andrea hypnotically make you post this? If so, that would be AWESOME!
    While I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure, he sounds like a cool dude I’d enjoy talking to. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • ginidietrich

       @trontastic What post? Did I write something?

  • After seeing this and after having begun to blabber at Judy’ place I had to sit down and have a glass of wine, given that I don’t have to drive. I’m really touching the sky so forgive me if I write strangely but Gini I’m so happy and honored that I’m almost speechless. Almost. 🙂 Really, thanks for the honor.
    I came here after reading what Marcus Sheridan and Danny Brown said about Gini Dietrich and SpinSucks, curiosity killed the cat and arriving here I’ve been caught. PR is not my field but given that everything is PR knowing something about it is surely useful. Actually whenever we talk or interact with someone else we are applying PR, right? And I dig your writing style.
    As for being in a lot of places that’s really Marcus and Danny fault as from their websites, and comments, I begun looking around, reading and learning from really great bloggers. I haven’t checked them all as I don’t have enough time but slowly I’ll get everywhere. This also is the reason why my little blog has grown immensely since December. I mean immensely for me, not that it’s that big but I’ve learned so many things from the bests and I tried to apply them. This is obvious since people “move” in packs with similar attitudes as it’s true that opposites attract sometimes but we tend to stick with those similar to us so from one high quality blog I came to ten or more, all great and full of advices. It might be serendipity in practice as I went to the SalesLion looking for a review of Livefyre.
    Anyway I come here and stick here because it’s a friendly place, I learn a lot of things and interact with interesting people plus I like to debate and exchange ideas. 😉 And thanks for saying my English is superb, probably you’re being too kind though.
    Hypnosis, I love it. I’ve always being fascinated by real mind powers and the interaction between min and body so studying Hypnosis, after Stress Management, has been pretty natural. At the end Hypnosis is everywhere. What you referred to is Stage Hypnosis which is in practice entertainment, but Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy are real tools that can change life and let people achieve their inner or mind powers. And as I said Hypnosis is everywhere. When a cyclist 😉 runs for miles focusing on the finishing line without feeling fatigue and sore muscles that’s Hypnosis, when a runner visualizes himself running the 100 m in a snap that’s Hypnosis, when you read a book and you’re so immersed that someone has to touch you to get your attention that’s Hypnosis. I’ll stop here or I get boring but really it’s a wonderful, fast and serious tool.
    I should definitely write something on sport as there are the Olympics are coming.
    So, given that I’ve always loved Self Improvement and Hypnosis is, imho, the better tool for fast results that’s why I’ve fallen in love with it. Because it works and it helps people.
    Now I quit or I become long-winded as it always happens when I talk about things I love, so never mention dogs, cats, movies, books, Self Improvement, motivational books, Hypnosis, Stress Management and so on. Or do it at your own risk.
    Gini, thanks again for having made this day one of the best I’ve ever had. And sorry if I went long-winded or if I’ve written strangely. Sometimes happiness has this side effect.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • ginidietrich

       @Andrea Hypno I’m very glad you were coerced into visiting us. I love seeing you around…and having smart conversations with you. I’m about to pour myself a glass of wine. Happy weekend!

      •  @ginidietrich I love it too because really smart conversations are a feature of SpinSucks, a kind of brand I would say. 🙂

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