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#FollowFriday: Brian Tudor

By: Gini Dietrich | May 24, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Brian TudorA little more than a year ago, I met the one and only Brian Tudor.

He attended SocialSlam when I keynoted, introduced himself, and we became fast friends.

In fact, he hired us last summer when he was the senior Internet marketing manager for LasikPlus and we had a grand old time working together until he left for InteractOne as their vice president of Internet marketing (jerk!).

But the friendship continued to grow – mostly because we’re both major nerds – and he’s recently been introduced to some of you through the comments here. In fact, he told me his 2013 New Year’s resolution was to comment more here. And he’s done a darn fine job of it!

Comic Book Nerd

Brian isn’t only an Internet marketing whiz; he’s also a comic book nerd. No, super nerd. Maybe even ultra nerd. His dream job is to open a comic book shop so he can read and write comics all day and talk to other comic nerds about comics (how many times can I write “comics” in one sentence?).

He is a senior comic book writer for so he is well on his way!

He and I geek out over all the nerdy movies, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Avengers, Iron Man (I heart RDJ!), Man of Steel, and all of the other Marvel and DC Comics shows.

As well, he is action figure obsessed and has quite the collection, which you can see on his Instagram page. There are action figures in there not even I know about.

Help Brian Find a Job

While Brian continues to build toward his comic bookstore dream, he recently left InteractOne and is looking for a perfect opportunity.

A comic book Internet marketing job probably isn’t available so he’d like, instead, to focus on digital marketing. His ideal is how web, email, social, and mobile all work together.

Of course, he also wants to like the people he’s working with and believe in the mission of the organization (as if!) and is location agnostic if it means he can integrate the four disciplines.

If you can’t help him out there, that’s okay! Introduce yourself instead and get to know him. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Going Geek News, and Google+.

About Gini Dietrich

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  • Gini’s “find this person a job” #FollowFridays are the BEST! Welcome Brian, and congrats!

    • John_Trader1

      belllindsay Nice new profile pic LB.

  • Also SELFIE!!

    • belllindsay Ha, exactly!

      • JoeCardillo belllindsay and what’s wrong with that? I thought I was looking good that day and there was no one there to capture the rare sight of me in a button down shirt. :o)

  • Happy #FollowFriday, briantudor! What’s the best comic book in your collection? 🙂

    • lizreusswig i don’t know about a best book, I have a buch of late 70’s Batman and Green Lantern’s that I adore. But currently I re-read Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman series at least once a year. 🙂

      • briantudor lizreusswig early 80’s Heavy Metal all the way!

  • How fun! And any time you can say comic comic comic in one sentence, the world seems a bit less hell in a handbasket bound!! Great to learn of Brad — good luck in your job search, Brad! (ps – the Linked In link seems to be misdirected – maybe need to take a look :-)).

  • Nice to meet you Brian! Hope you like receiving 50 emails from random people on a Friday morning =P
    I know of a couple jobs that might be interesting to you, drop me a line

  • Happy Friday Brian!! Nice to meet you 🙂 Good luck on the job hunt…I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

  • John_Trader1

    Nerds will one day rule the world. Happy to meet you BT. Hope good luck finds you in your search!

  • Comic books are so much fun! Happy Friday and good luck on the job search.

  • briantudor and I met at SoSlam THIS year. Let’s find you a new gig, brother!

    • jasonkonopinski Thanks! It was awesome meeting you at SoSlam… oh and I’m obsessed with your podcast between that and The Newsroom coming back soon, i’ve been working on writing ALOT more lately.

      • briantudor I love to hear that! It’s been tremendous fun to produce each week, even more so when listeners find it the conversations insightful and valuable. 
        Besides, comic book nerds needs to stick together. 😀

  • I have had 37 Laser surgeries since 2003 from 22 Doctors. I still can’t see better than 1:Gazillion . I blame the internet marketing. In fact just called my lawyer now that I have a name to give as the responsible party. You will not get away with this Brian! jasonkonopinski when I am done suing this laser surgery cat he will need a new job for sure.
    Cheer Brian what a nice way to start the holiday weekend. I used to work in the Medical Device field and used to have Alcon Surgical in Irvine as a minor client for a few years but it was before I knew ginidietrich so never was able to get them to major client like they should of been.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Good luck on finding your niche briantudor! My brother has  huge boxes full of comics, like hundreds, but I am more of an anime fan (daughter’s fault). Our dad tried to jump out the window with his cape on when he was a kid. And our mother enjoys what she calls the “chiseled waist” of Capt. America. Guess it runs in the family… Nice to meet you!

  • You could always go into biz creating new media marketing action figures… starting of course with the Gini D-Force.  Glad to almost meet you (I must be the only guy who didn’t meet you at SoSlam).

  • Brian!!!!! Ok, so hold on to your X-Men pajamas because I have a freaking fantastic idea.
    It is a fairly well known fact that I actually think I am a superhero (I see myself as a fantastic mix of She-Ra and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle….with a bit of Captain(ette) America thrown it for a patriotic vibe). I’ve also been on the job search (not a fun task my man….fist pump in camaraderie for that). So….I say we combine forces and you help bring my superhero story to the people. The time has come! The world needs us Brian, you and I. Creator and caped crusader….(cue exciting superhero music here…do we have any volunteers to create this epic musical score??? Grammy guaranteed! BOOM!)
    I really think this plan is flawless and is an exceptional opportunity for you to become a comic creation legend and me to save the world. A win/win, right?
    Regardless it is very exciting to meet you. I’m pretty in awe of the creative genius which it must take to create comics, so I look forward to following and learning more about you! 
    But now I must go and save something from some looming force of evil! Until next time…..
    (cue superhero exit music)

    • LauraPetrolino I kind of picture you as something from Team America: World Police.

      • jasonkonopinski That actually is almost frighteningly accurate!!!

    • LauraPetrolino OMG

      • ginidietrich LauraPetrolino what is your signal Laura for when someone needs to be rescued from being attacked by The Osprey?

        • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich In this day of modern technology I wanted to make it easy and convenient for those in need to reach me. Gone are the days of the ‘bat light’ and other archaic signaling methods. 
          Citizens of the universe, should you need the assistance of the Ninja Princess you have the following options (additional taxes and fees may apply depending on your service provider, plan, and geographic location)
          1) You may text PETROPOWER on your cellular phone
          2) You may tweet to hashtag #PETROPOWER
          3) And of course you may simply take a picture at the scene of said disaster, crime, zombie invasion, etc., post to facebook or instagram and tag me in it. 

        • LauraPetrolino Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich Crap Laura I’m almost in tears. I just texted PETROPOWER but nothing happened…

        • RebeccaTodd LauraPetrolino Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich Oh, something happened. It is just that with my lightening quick ninja speed and reflexes, you were not aware.
          And…you’re welcome.

  • Hi Brian,
    Love the comic book store dream. That sounds awesome to me.

  • Nice to meet you Brian! Anyone with picture of Daleks is fine by me. Did you SEE the finale???

  • I grew up reading comics! I’d lay down on the floor of our cabin – feet to the fireplace – with a stack of comics on my left. I’d read through them and stack them up on the right.
    True tragedy – that cabin on the river flooded TWICE. I lost some comics that would have been worth hundreds of dollars individually now. Good thing that wasn’t part of my long-term investment strategy, but I miss not being able to pass along to my kids/grandkids. Those comics are part of what sowed the seeds of my love for reading.