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#FollowFriday: Carrie Morgan

By: Gini Dietrich | December 13, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday: Carrie MorganBy Gini Dietrich

I can’t remember how or when I met Carrie Morgan, but we became fast friends.

Though she now lives in Arizona (who’s the smarter on of us when I’m facing temperatures of 15 below right now?), her mom lives in Chicago and she’s in PR.

It was immediately a match made in heaven!

She runs Rock the Status Quo, a communications firm in Phoenix, which specializes in integrating traditional and digital media. She also is a search goddess, according to her recommendations on LinkedIn. This stuck out to me because no one has ever called me a goddess in a recommendation. I mean, I make my team call me that, but I sign their paychecks.

But back to Carrie. She is the #PRprochat Twitter chat founder (of which I was a guest of last week) and is co-moderator of PhoenixPRPRros, a Facebook group for those who qualify.

She is a contributor to Convince & Convert, MarketingProfs, PR Daily, and Social Media Today and is writing a book titled, “Digital Haystack: Essential Digital PR Tactics to Explode Online Visibility & Engagement.” I don’t know when it comes out. Carrie! When does it come out??

She has dual degrees in equine science and journalism (guess we know which one she’s using) from Virginia Intermont College, a private liberal arts college in Bristol.

Not only does she work with for-profit organizations in her business, she serves on the board for the Girls Rule! Foundation, is a past director for the Environmental Fund of Arizona, and is past website chair and member of the communications committee for the Green Chamber of Commerce.

She is the parent of two teenagers and a doggy mom of two.

Clearly she has a few things going on, but she always has time to reach out, comment, and contribute.

If you haven’t already run into her in the comments here, go find her online and introduce yourself. I’ll make it easy for you. She’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, on the #PRProChat the first Thursday of every month, and on her blog.

UPDATE: 10:22 a.m. CT. Carrie has a family emergency and won’t be visiting the comments here today. Leave her well wishes and she’ll be by when she can get here.

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  • rdopping

    Classic underachiever.
    I think Phil Collins says it best……

  • Awesome. Nice to meet you, Carrie!

  • Welcome, Carrie, nice to meet you!

    Gini, have you actually ever counted how many cool people you know? Sheesh.

  • rdopping I HATE PHIL COLLINS!

  • Word Ninja I’ve only counted the uncool people I know.

  • Welcome Carrie! Nice meeting you. Why equine science?

  • ginidietrich rdopping Is Phil Collins as part of Genesis ok?

  • SavvyCopywriter

    From one Arizonan (I’m in Tucson) to another, great to connect! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  • RAReed

    Hello, Carrie! Nice to meet you!

  • Hey Carrie! Fantastic to meet you! So I’m totally interested in the degree in equine science? Did/do you ride? I’d love to hear the story behind picking those two majors?

    When I was little I wanted a horse horribly badly and asked my parents like an obnoxious number of times per day for one. Obviously they reached their limit with me because they told me that the age I could have one went up every time I asked and it was going to start at 30 (for backlog I guess). I made it to 35 before I figured it out. So anyway, I’m patiently waiting for my horse, which I should get in about 3 years. That being said, it would be great to have an equine expert to turn to for when this happens 😉

  • Hi Carrie. Nice to meet ya!  So, how does one combine equine science and journalism, beyond preparation for dealing with editors?

  • Welcome Carrie! Truly a pleasure to meet you. Curious, how did you end up in Phoenix?

  • Science and journalism. My kinda gal!! Congrats!! 😀

  • RAReed ditto from me – nice to “meet” you and look forward to future interactions!

  • One of the best and have been following her for a while. She had me at equine love.

  • ginidietrich lower number?

  • First the Male Model over achiever now the Public Radio over achiever. I sense a theme here Gini!
    But some facts about Carrie no one knows about.

    Carrie is on the board of directors for the Minutemen and she does border patrol every other weekend.
    She owns the record for fastest beer bong ever while standing under the Natural Bridge in Payson.
    She watches Arizona Cardinal games from the Owners box.

    She can whip up Chateaubriand in less time than Microwaving a lean cuisine takes.
    She prefers value wines like Sutter Home White Zin over 20 year old Bordeauxs.
    Huge Guns and Roses Fan having been to 73 concerts in 6 countries. Axel has a collection of her bras thrown on stage rumor has it but she is really a secret Slash groupie.

    She gave Mark Zuckerberg the idea for Facebook. He gave her no stock pre-IPO.
    Sheryl Sandberg calls Carry at all times of the day and night asking for Vegan recipe ideas.

    The list goes on Gini.

  • Word Ninja Way higher! LOL! I’m just being a smarty pants.

  • jasonkonopinski rdopping No. Hate. His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Howie Goldfarb I think jasonkonopinski should have you write the #FF on December 27 and it should be a made-up person with made-up qualifications.

  • ginidietrichHowie Goldfarbjasonkonopinskithat would be awesome! Too bad April 1 next year is a Tuesday 8(

  • ginidietrichHowie GoldfarbjasonkonopinskiI love how some people are taken by surprise. Some people get upset if I under create their bio. Some get upset if I arrive late like Saturday.

  • ginidietrich I like that about you.

  • Carrie, congrats on your #FF. So nice  to ‘meet’ you. Science and journalism –  love it!  I am so jealous that you get to live in warm Arizona. Unlike Gini I do not like the snow or the cold weather.  It’s -15 degrees celcius here in Ottawa. Brrrr.

  • JohnMTrader

    I like Carrie.

  • ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski DO IT.

  • ginidietrich rdopping Filing this away for future jokes.

  • JohnMTrader At first I wasn’t sure, but then when I found out she is a GnR fan! I’ve totally thrown my bras on stage, too.

  • JohnMTrader

    JoeCardillo Love it.

  • A pleasure to meet you.

  • Nice to meet you, Carrie! 
    You sound like an interesting person to talk to! I’ll have to meet up with you on #PRprochat! I’m always looking for advice from professionals on how to break into this industry.

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful article, Gini, and the warm welcome, everyone!

  • JRHalloranI would love to see you there! The next one is January 2nd and the topic is open mic on building media lists. In February, we have Jay Baer joining us, then Shonali Burke in March. GREAT guests, great topics!!

    You might like my blog, too – – I write one or two posts each week on an assortment of digital PR related topics. 

    Looking forward to getting to know you better, ~ C

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer WritesLikewise!

  • JohnMTraderAwwww, I like you, too. =)

  • JoeCardilloJohnMTraderHa! I think I have one of them – red with sequins, right?

  • LSSocialEngage Brrrrr, while I”m glad to meet you, I’m very happy I’m not in Ottawa!

  • Howie GoldfarbIt wasn’t fastest beer bong, Howie, it was fastest PING PONG. Get your facts straight. 😉

  • annelizhannanThank you so much, Anneliz – love getting to know you a little better, too! Horses help a girl stay sane, right?

  • JoeCardilloLooooong story! You might be sorry you asked. <grin>
    I was a horse trainer right out of college in Virginia, trained Arabs in Florida then rode Hunter Jumper in  Napa Valley and judged horse shows while teaching little girls to jump in Pony Club – but then life took a major detour. 
    My parents got divorced and my dad needed moral support right about the same time my husband got sick of horse poop being tracked into the house and we decided on divorce, too, so I packed up my Thoroughbred (superbly trained by yours truly, I might add) and headed (south) west. 
    I decided PR paid more than training horses as a career, and never looked back. That was 22 years ago. <horrified gasp> My, how time flies.

    A very fun journey, right?! What’s your story?

  • ClayMorganIt’s all about the whips, lemme tell ya. Don’t run my story? I bring them out of storage. <grin>

    LOL – just kidding. The horse-side of my life is on hold. I’m a single parent with two extremely challenging teens. Besides my consultant business at, they pretty much rule my life. No time for horses until they head off to college. Only a few years to go!! I dream of warmblood horses…

    I do plan to bring on a new client this year in the horse industry, though. Vicarious living at its best.

  • LauraPetrolinoI grew up with horses – do I have stories to  tell! Anyway, marketing didn’t make its grand entrance until I was in my early twenties. Until then, I was just your average horse crazy girl who wanted to ride ten horses a day. =)

    I will have horses again, and a fabulous husband who loves them, too, or at least tolerates my obsession. Soon. =)

    Keep working at that goal!

  • RAReed Likewise!

  • SavvyCopywriterNice! Let’s connect on Twitter. =) morgancarrie is my handle.

  • EdenSpodekAt the time, it had one of the best horse programs in the nation. I had big dreams! =)

  • Word NinjaIt’s cuz she’s so uber cool herself. Gini attracts them like magnets! =)

  • jasonkonopinskiYou, too!

  • ginidietrichrdoppingMe, too!

  • rdoppingMaybe it’s because I’m a middle child. Although I have a twin, Clint, and he’s only three minutes younger. Does that count?

  • morgancarrie

    karenswim Karen, thank you SO much for brightening my day. =)

  • morgancarrie

    ImMarkBernhardt Thanks, Mark!

  • ImMarkBernhardt

    morgancarrie You’re welcome, Carrie. Nice to tweet you!

  • ImMarkBernhardt

    morgancarrie Looks like your day got better… I hope & pray that’s the case, and that tomorrow is continues the trend.

  • morgancarrie

    ImMarkBernhardt I so wish that were the case, but isn’t it amazing how supportive a community can be in times of crisis?

  • rdopping

    ginidietrich rdopping Yeah but you still love me.

  • rdopping

    jasonkonopinski ginidietrich rdopping Absolutely. Why? Because he didn’t sing when Peter Gabriel was around. Genesis died when he left the band anyway.

  • rdopping

    CarrieMorgan rdopping It all counts.

  • CarrieMorgan JoeCardillo JohnMTrader I just snarfed my coffee.

  • CarrieMorgan JoeCardillo JohnMTrader Goodness, yes, I’ve been wondering where that was..

  • CarrieMorgan JoeCardillo Oh wow – very interesting. I also didn’t quite expect to be in digital/PR/startups/tech (I never quite know what I am in exactly, except thinking about humans and ideas). I mostly grew up in Hawaii and New Mexico, which although they seem disparate are sort of similar in the way they share big sky. Barely ridden a horse in my life, but always loved reading about racing and training =)

  • Nice to meet you Carrie, also here not only on Twitter :). It´s wonderful to see and meet the many great people that gathers Gini here on Spin Sucks.
    Looking forward for the next #PRprochat in January (I missed the one with Gini:(( ).

  • JoeCardilloHawaii? You lucky devil, you!

  • CarrieMorgan That’s awesome, Carrie! I’ve been trying to get Jay Baer to interview with us for a couple months now. How did you score those cool points? 
    I’m definitely going to stop by!

  • JRHalloran I write for C&C and helped him with a project for Youtility – he’s a very nice guy. #awesomesauce

  • CarrieMorgan Oh! That makes sense. He does look like an awesome person. That’s why I was seeking him out, but come to think of it, so are you. 
    Would you be interested in doing a Q&A with You look like an ideal candidate as well.

  • JRHalloranIt’s not a good time for me right now due to a family crisis, but thank you for asking!

  • CarrieMorgan Perfectly understandable! No pressure. 
    We just posted martinwaxman’s interview on our blog yesterday. It turned out very nice. You can see it here if you’re curious: 
    I hope everything works out for you in the meantime!

  • Congrats, dear CarrieMorgan! There is no one that deserves accolades more – you are smart, sweet and sincere. Happy for you 🙂

  • lisaml15Sweetest comment ever! Thank you. <hugs><sniff>

  • Carrie wishing you a “late”  welcome!  

    I would have said warm welcome, however, considering your temperate location, that just doesn’t seem necessary. 

    I caught your  just recently when you had some guest by the name of Gini (someone or other). 

    Anyway just wanted to say that it  is a pleasure to meet you!.

  • Digital_DRKYou, too!

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