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#FollowFriday: Danny Brown

By: Gini Dietrich | June 18, 2010 | 

Today’s #FollowFriday is Danny Brown. If you’re in PR and/or marketing and don’t already know him, change that immediately! He is the one person that, at least three times a week, I read his blog and think, “Dang! I wish I’d thought of that first!”

I first met Danny nearly 18 months ago when he worked to launch 12for12K, a community that raises $12,000 for a different charity each month.  I started reading his blog voraciously and soon I felt like I’d known him all my life.

Then he wrote about pimping your blog in this comments of his post and an idea was stolen! I shamelessly created the same idea here, but I did give him credit!  A lot of the blogs I now read are because of that blog post that received more than 100 comments. And some of the blog URLs posted there have become #FollowFriday recommendations.

Although Danny (and Mark Schaefer – who I recommended last week) is competing with us for PR Blog of the Year, I recommend him to anyone. And, if you haven’t yet voted in that competition, and don’t want to vote for us, vote for the one of the two of them!

A Canadian (you know I love Canadians) and champion of HAPPO, I know you’ll find valuable and steal-able information every time you read Danny Brown.

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  • Ah, Gini….

    First, what a great choice of image – man, that takes me back at least…. ooh, 6 months 😉

    Thank you so much for this. It’s always really nice to be “recognized” by fellow bloggers, and especially fellow bloggers you love, admire and read religiously (even if I don’t always comment).

    You put a smile on my face, and here’s to you or Mark taking the gong home over at Arik’s place – two of my fav bloggers, and very well-deserved.


  • Gini, Great pick with Danny. Nominated him myself, along with you and Mark Schaefer. Danny’s blog is one of those I MAKE myself take the time to stop by each week, even if I can’t always comment. Such good stuff.

    Congrats to you all on your nominations, well done!

  • See how gracious Danny is?! ALWAYS! I love that.

    Davina, I totally agree with you. I seriously read his blog and think, “DANG! He’s so smart!” Isn’t it nice he shares his brain with us so we can all learn?

  • I’m considering this to be my lucky day! Danny, Mark, Gini and Davina (I often find you in blog post comment sections week to week) all in one place!! You are definitely all very deserving of loyal readership and appreciation.

    I quite like this Casual version of Danny Brown. Soulful eyes …

  • Danny is a classy blogger – and great bloke! His work always shows a spirit of generosity that I admire.

    One of the big guns of blogging and definitely worth a follow if you’re not already.

  • Awesome #FF Gini!

    I’ve been following Jon, Mark, Sally and of course Danny for several weeks now: It really feels good to see that the network truly “connects” and goes around. I’m following the right people 😀

    Thanks for sharing and awesome choice of picture, indeed! Danny actually reminds me of someone from my old school —> Someone from the school-office…

    Have a nice weekend
    // Gray

  • Gini–thanks again for a great recommendation. Danny’s along with the others you’ve been recommending are definitely priority reading. Challenge now is finding the time to get through all the great posts and comment. Guess that’s what midnight – 2 a.m. is for!

  • I love Danny Brown. Not in a gossip-starting way. But in a wish-he-lived-down-the-street kind of way. He’s one of the few people who really knows about social media and forgot to cop an attitude. Real, kind, funny, a touch of smart-ass, but in a friends-joking-around way, not a look-how-clever-I-am way. Can we clone him?

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