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#FollowFriday: David Spinks

By: Gini Dietrich | October 1, 2010 | 

I was meandering through David Spinks’s blog the other day when I came across his social media success formula. He says it’s Effort + How Funny You Are + (Luck/100000) = Social Media Success. Seeing how funny I thought that was, I’d say he has social media success. And that is why today’s #FollowFriday is David Spinks.

But what really draws me to David (other than his sense of humor) is a site he’s working on called BlogDash, which is coming in a few weeks from Scribnia. In the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot here about blogger relations and what it looks like when you pitch bloggers as compared to traditional reporter. It sounds like BlogDash will provide people with access to the right bloggers and help you create the right outreach program. It’s not just for PR professionals. It’s for small business owners, marketing folks, and executives who fancy themselves experts in communication (like me).

So check out BlogDash and join to get launch updates, follow David on Twitter, follow BlogDash on Twitter, and read his personal blog that is full of humor, effort, and probably some luck (even though Spin Sucks isn’t on his blogroll – cough, cough!). Oh yeah! And for those of you who live in New York City, he just moved there so get out and about and familiar with the city!

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  • Thanks for telling me about this site. Posting to learn how this all works. I will be checking into your site more often.
    Because spin sucks 🙂

  • Hey Gini – I sent a trackback to your blog again on Georgia Community Support and Solutions’ blog.

    I actually have a question: could I ever guest blog for you at some point, or would you mind mentioning us in your blog?

    While I realize that I don’t have all the marketing expertise that you do, I thought if I wrote something from a particular angle, it might fit right in with Spin Sucks! Can we discuss this further? Please let me know! Thank you.

  • What an amazing and unexpected way to start my day with a surprise like this Gini. Thanks so much for your kind words and support.

    Just so everyone is clear, I am both lazy and unfunny. I made my way by the luck portion of the equation. With the right attitude, you can too.

    If anyone has any questions about what we’re working on with BlogDash, you can email me any time at david at BlogDash dot com.

    • I agree. My nickname for you is Funazy Lunny.

      • hmmm… good thing you put a lot of effort into your work Mr. Brown. =D

  • Great pick, Gini. Spinksy rocks (well, except the goatee), and he’s one of the most genuine people on the web (except for the Lolz Catz).

    • I have to disagree. I don’t think that Lolz Catz are actually saying what their captions claim.