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#FollowFriday: DJ Waldow

By: Gini Dietrich | February 22, 2013 | 

Last year, I was in Knoxville for Social Slam. I was at the opening night reception and I hear, “GINI DIETRICH?”

I turn around and there is DJ Waldow, the man I’d heard a ton about, but had never met nor really interacted with online.

He became kind of a big deal while he ran community at Blue Sky Factory, but when he left and began to travel west with his OB/GYN wife and their two kids (although I think it was only one at the time), he became an even bigger deal as the owner of Waldow Social and co-author (with Jason Falls) of “The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing” (we’re having him on for a Livefyre Q&A in September).

But since that fateful evening we met, he’s become a friend.

We have a lot in common to begin with: At the time he was living in Salt Lake City (where I grew up) and we have the same circle of friends.

Since then, he has moved to California (his wife got a big job at Stanford; clearly we know who wears the pants in that relationship), but continues his quest for better email marketing no matter his locale.

He’s a Michigan grad and is as big a fan of his alma mater sports as Mr. D is about his Kansas Jayhawks. He’s such a big fan, in fact, he recently made a trip east to see Michigan play Indiana and hang out with Jay Baer. I mean, hanging out with Jay would be enough for me, but apparently the game was a big deal, too.

One little known fact about DJ: He used to teach eighth grade American history. Which clearly means you can ask him anything you want about American history and he will know the answer (I intend to test this theory very soon).

Most importantly, though, DJ’s birthday is tomorrow. So connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, subscribe to and read his blog, listen to his podcast with Nick Westergaard, buy his book, introduce yourself in the comments here, and wish him a happy birthday.

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  • belllindsay

    DJ’s the bomb. I met him a bazillion years ago when I worked for Radian6. Had the pleasure of meeting him in person at a social event in Boston. He’s the real deal. That’s picture up there…? The flailing arms…? That’s DJ in real life. 😀 Welcome to crazy-town DJ!!!

    • @belllindsay That’s EXACTLY why I chose it. LOL!!

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich It’s true though! He has more energy and positivity than anyone I’ve ever met. 🙂

    • @belllindsay Welcome to crazy town. Nice…

      • HowieG

        @Sean McGinnis  @belllindsay crazytown is worst band ever outside of milli vanilla.

        • belllindsay

          @HowieG  @Sean McGinnis Crazytown’s a band?

        • @belllindsay  @HowieG  @Sean McGinnis I love Crazytown … the band.

      • @Sean McGinnis  @belllindsay Pretty sure I also met you face to face for the first time in Knoxville, right? Same time I met @ginidietrich !

        • @djwaldow  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich Yessir. Was probably about 15 minutes later. 🙂 Looking forward to hitting SoSlam again this year.

    • @belllindsay Awwww. I remember our first face to face. Pretty sure it was the same time I met Isaiah Mustafa, right? I need to dig up that picture…

      • belllindsay

        @djwaldow Yup, that was the one. The Radian6 social thingy in Boston! 🙂

  • DUDE.

  • Ask him where he’s going to celebrate his birthday.

    • @jasonkonopinski I know! I know! I’m writing his out of office for him!

      • @ginidietrich Of course you are.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich I mean, no brainer, right?

  • I hadn’t heard of DJ until Social Slam last year. I loved hearing him speak and getting the chance to chat with him a bit. Not only is he really smart, but also super nice and down-to-earth. Great choice!
    Oh, and happy birthday, DJ!!!!

    • @lauraclick Wow. Far too kind. Thanks so much for that.

  • Happy Early Birthday DJ.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Gracias.

  • djwaldow

    @AllisonAdams Hey Allison! Thanks. Isn’t that @ginidietrich just too kind?

    • AllisonAdams

      @djwaldow @ginidietrich I think she’s got it right! Next time we need to work in a Tar Heel angle!

      • djwaldow

        @AllisonAdams Ha! Wait. Do you know @ginidietrich … or just follow her? If you don’t know her, you need to change that.

        • AllisonAdams

          @djwaldow @ginidietrich I’ll take your advice, thanks! I found this piece through Spin Sucks email.

  • djwaldow

    @ginidietrich @SpinSucks Dude. You are FAR too kind. You too @belllindsay. I’m honored! #FollowFriday

    • CutlerDave

      @djwaldow Yeah, as much as @belllindsay tries to project a hardened, crusty demeanor, the Canadian in her ultimately wins out #KindCanuck

      • belllindsay

        @CutlerDave @djwaldow LOL! I am TOO hardened and crusty!!! 😉

        • CutlerDave

          @belllindsay Me thinks the “lady” doth protest too much. 😉 @djwaldow

        • JoselinMane

          @belllindsay is that Canadian for soft & smooth 😉 @CutlerDave @djwaldow

        • belllindsay

          @CutlerDave @djwaldow LOL!

        • belllindsay

          @JoselinMane HA! I’m a marshmallow inside, t’is true. 🙂 @CutlerDave @djwaldow

  • howiegoldfarb just told me the baby woke up while he was mid-roast for DJ. So he’ll be back by later.

  • Happy birthday DJ!

  • Honored. Humbled. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Gini, your community already knows this, but it is YOU who is awesome. 
    Thanks for making today an awesome day-before-my-37th-birthday … well … AWESOME.
    P.S. LOVE that Anchorman vid!

    • @djwaldow I’m SO HAPPY you clicked on that link. LOL!!

      • @ginidietrich I love clicking on links. LOVE.

        • @djwaldow  @ginidietrich I hope you don’t plan on getting any work done today. It’s gonna get CRAAAAAAAAZY.

        • HowieG

          @djwaldow  @ginidietrich see who needs email. You want something seen have Gini post your link. Bam! Click through guaranteed!

        • @jasonkonopinski  Just wait till people start reading my out of office email starting tomorrow … the one @ginidietrich wrote!

        • @djwaldow  DID I WIN!?!?! @jasonkonopinski

        • @ginidietrich  Well, yes. I mean, you were the only one who entered … so … ha! But seriously, it was awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE

      • @ginidietrich  @djwaldow Silly me, I didn’t click. Now I did. “mahhhogany”

        • @LisaMarieMary  I LOVE using that quote!

        • @ginidietrich I really wanted to write it like he said it, but I just couldn’t figure it out. ha!

    • HowieG

      @djwaldow only 37? Wow punkass young kid. I thought you only allowed peole of drinking age her @ginidietrich

      • belllindsay

        @HowieG  @djwaldow  @ginidietrich I was just about to say the same thing Howie! hahaha!! Rotten kids.

    • @djwaldow Gini is SO the awesomesauce. True dat.

  • Happy (early) birthday, DJ!

    • @Erin F. Gracias. Just reading your “Your E-Letter Content Matters” post now. May feature it in an upcoming Waldow Social Weekly!

      • @djwaldow That would be amazing!

  • Happy early birthday DJ!!

    • @yvettepistorio Why thank you!

  • djwaldow

    @jasonkonopinski Dude. @ginidietrich is too kind, right?

    • jasonkonopinski

      @djwaldow She rocks, but don’t let her know I told you. I’ll never hear the end of it. @ginidietrich

  • Happy early birthday and welcome to the club!

    • @katskrieger Thanks. Wait. This is a club? Crap. I’m gonna need to know the rules first.

  • John_Trader1

    HB DJ. Happy to have met you virtually through Gini’s follow friday love fest.

    • @John_Trader1 Fridy Love Fest. Awesome.

  • Hellooooo, DJ — and happy pre-birthday!

    • @dwaynealicie Helloooooo to you … and thanks!

  • HowieG

    Email marketing? Isn’t that so 1999? I haven’t used email since 2008 just ask @ginidietrich 
    I will say though great choice Gini! I first met @djwaldow at burningman in 2005. He was spinning this incredible uber futuristic dance music at the Opulent Temple camp at 4am and I was hooked ever since.He goes back every year:

    But he has exploded. Now he is on tour with Tiesto and will be playing I heard at Coachella and the next Electric Daisy Carnival in LA.
    So let me get this straight because I am on his mailing list for news about his tours and music updates like bassnectar does he is an expert at email marketing? Since when do superstar DJ’s have time to discuss email when they are busy flying around to places like Ibiza and London and Bali to play all the hippest clubs and music festivals?

    • belllindsay

      @HowieG  @ginidietrich  @djwaldow  bassnectar “Superstar DJs…here we go!”

    • @HowieG  @ginidietrich  bassnectar I’m not sure what just happened, but (I think) I love this comment.

    • @HowieG  @ginidietrich  @djwaldow  bassnectar Good work Howie. I just spent a full 2 minutes thinking, how could he possibly have time to do all the things Gini mentioned and be a DJ. Then I realized I’ve actually SEEN Bassnectar.
      Anyway, happy birthday DJ! I’ll try to catch an upcoming gig soon….

      • HowieG

        @JoeCardillo  @ginidietrich  @djwaldow  bassnectar I have a great photo of Lorin with his posse of Mad Max security from 2005 at the El Circo Dome on Burn night (my first of two) wish I could post here but @livefyre won’t let me and Gini said no rave photos on her blog (double whammy)

    • @HowieG  @ginidietrich  @djwaldow  bassnectar DJ’s a burningman star! Totally dig it! Man, i’ve always wanted to go – now I’ll definitely have to. I’ll get my burningman experience and probably some great email tips, too! Sweet! I can dig it!

  • MackCollier

    GREAT choice for #FollowFriday.  Happy early Birthday to @djwaldow , he’s a super-nice guy and he’s a pretty darned good speaker too, isn’t he @ginidietrich ?

    • @MackCollier  @djwaldow Now come on, Mack. Don’t make me go overboard on being nice to him.

      • jackinessity

        @ginidietrich  @MackCollier  @djwaldow OMG now I’m even more excited to meet DJ….I feel like I’m in the cool kids club 😉

        • @jackinessity  Do we know you? @MackCollier  @djwaldow

        • @jackinessity   Soon. Very soon. Promise!

      • @ginidietrich  @MackCollier Yeah. Because THAT would suck. I’m working on more creative ways to say thank you. Y’all are awesome.

        • jackinessity

          @djwaldow  @ginidietrich  @MackCollier Actually, DJ, the correct response to their awesomeness is to abuse them more. Especially Gini. #beatherwithawetnoodle #sendmonkeys <3 Also, technically, no, none of you know me in person except for Mack, who I adore. The rest of you, you’re on notice. I might let you stay in the cool kids club. Maybe. 😉

        • @jackinessity  @djwaldow  @ginidietrich  @MackCollier Well I, for one, am tickled to meet you, Jackie – and am presently stuck reading your website. Just. can’t. stop. 😉

        • jackinessity

          @djwaldow  @ginidietrich  @MackCollier  Daww! Pleased to meet you, too, @LisaMarieMary 🙂 thank you for reading my crazy attempt at a blog. See? I come to make silly comments and increase my blog traffic by 100% ~ I win!

  • Happy Happy Birthday DJ! I guess I first heard about ya/met ya online when Jason was so excited about Blue Sky Factory and telling us all about it! Have a GREAT day, dude! 
    What’s the tattoo on your wrist?

    • @LisaMarieMary Thanks! My tat is block M. GO BLUE!

      • @djwaldow And who would this blue M people/team be?

    • HowieG

      @LisaMarieMary @djwaldow wasn’t blue sky factory bought by red sea factory then bundled into a bond offering by Yellow Air Factory that went sour in the subprime debacle?

      • belllindsay

        @HowieG  @LisaMarieMary  @djwaldow God I love you Howie.

  • Social Slam. Now THAT sounds like a cool get together!!

  • djwaldow

    @JonMikelBailey @SpinSucks I know, right? Ha!

  • djwaldow

    @AnneReuss @SpinSucks We’ll be ready. We better be at least. It’s time to get hot #GOBLUE

  • Happy birthday DJ! Looking forward to that Lyvefire Q&A.

    • @barrettrossie Thanks … and me too!

  • elviagirl2236

    @barrettrossie #FF @joedubtrack

  • What an awesome Follow Friday choice.  Brilliant guy, great speaker and freakishly good at Golden Tee. Happy early birthday, @djwaldow  🙂

    • @jessicamalnik Ha. Golden tee!!!

  • I got to hear DJ at Social Slam last year. In fact, it seems like I met quite a few SpinSucks denizens at Social Slam…as well as getting the inspiration for Hecklers’ Hangout.

  • ginidietrich

    @QuePublishing Shhhhh! @djwaldow

    • djwaldow

      @ginidietrich @QuePublishing Ooops. Yeah. I didn’t mean “awwww” I meant “shhhh” … Wait. What are we talking about again?

      • QuePublishing

        @djwaldow Puppies, kittens, the weather… right? 🙂

  • djwaldow

    @QuePublishing @ginidietrich Awwwww