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#FollowFriday: Eric Pudalov

By: Gini Dietrich | October 11, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday: Eric PudalovBy Gini Dietrich

Ladies and germs, please allow me to introduce one CrazyPens30 aka Eric Pudalov.

I first met Eric on Twitter and have gotten to know him in the past several years. Did you know he’s been a Spin Sucks crazy for more than three years?

He has an interesting story. He had an operation for a brain tumor at 14. Can you imagine? You’re hanging out by the lockers in the hallway at school, flirting with the cute girls, talking smack with your guy friends, and WHAM!

In his own words, the experience… “forced me to learn and function differently as an adult. In some areas, I need more feedback and assistance on the job than the average person.”

He majored in communications in college and eventually ended up at the Georgia Community Support and Solutions, where he manages community events.

GCSS is a nonprofit that serves the needs of adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Part of his responsibilities are to make others aware of how they are improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Through that, he has introduced social media to the non-profit’s stakeholders. They have a website, like every good organization should have, but he also created a Twitter account and a Facebook page to build deeper relationships with their audiences.

In the past couple of years, he has also added freelancer, blogger, and non-profit administrator to his role.

To that end, his goal is to eventually write full-time for a magazine or other publication, publish novels, have screenplays made into films, and interview interesting and well-known people.

Hey, Eric! You can interview me! Does that count??

He contributes to Yahoo!, has blogged here (only about once a year, which we need to increase), and writes for several other publications in his spare time.

If you don’t already know him from the comments here, I highly recommend you check him out and introduce yourself.

You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and writing across the web.

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  • Digital_DRK

    cool, nice to virtually meet you Eric.

    • Digital_DRK Very fun to see you around these parts!

      • Digital_DRK

        thanks Gini, looking forward to participating in your community.

    • EricPudalov

      Digital_DRK Nice to virtually meet you too, DRK!

  • EricPudalov

    Wow Gini!!  Thanks for the #ff!!  That was somewhat unexpected…I’m very honored.  Is there a Q&A for this?

    • EricPudalov You are very welcome! Thanks for spending part of your days with us.

  • Any #FF who has the word “pen” in his handle is alright by me!!!! Great reading about you Eric/Congrats on the #FF mention! We’re not all that far apart geographically!

    • EricPudalov

      biggreenpen Thanks so much!!  And how far apart geographically would that be, exactly?  (Not that I’m stalking you.)

  • LynetteYoung

    Hi Eric! You must be one mighty cool and smart guy to get a spot on Gini’s FF!!

    • EricPudalov

      LynetteYoung Thanks Lynette! I’d like to think so!!  I sometimes tend to downplay my own intelligence, but I’ve a feeling we all do that from time to time.

  • EricPudalov

    And you’re right, I definitely need to blog more.  I will work at that soon (today, if possible)!

  • Awesome. Great to meet you, EricPudalov. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you here in the comments.

    • EricPudalov And I’d love to have you on my podcast, too. Let’s chat, eh?

      • EricPudalov

        jasonkonopinski That would be awesome!!!  I’ve never actually been on a podcast before.  What’s the name of it? o<I:O)

  • EricPudalov

    ginidietrich I actually would love to interview you!  Can we make that a post here? 🙂

    • EricPudalov I was thinking we’d place it in Vanity Fair.

      • EricPudalov

        ginidietrich EricPudalov I only asked because this is quite a community here, and I was curious how much you wanted to branch out. 😛

        • EricPudalov ginidietrich I’m already talking to Vanity Fair. Sheeeesh.

        • EricPudalov

          belllindsay EricPudalov ginidietrich Well, in *that* case… 😉

  • Wow! What a great story and a noble profession! I love stories like this that really show how someone has taken a difficulty in their lives and used it to make them a better version of themselves and/or help others in the process. You are exhibit A of someone doing both. 
    I’m a huge believer in the philosophy that we never really know what’s unfortunate in our lives and if we use our ‘misfortunes’ correctly, they become our greatest powers. 
    So great to meet you Eric, looking forward to following along and learning more about you!

  • Howdy EricPudalov!

    • EricPudalov

      ClayMorgan EricPudalov Howdy Clay!  Nice to meet you!!

  • Let it be known that Gert did NOT make me come here… I came of my own volition.
    And not to be funny, but I am sure it is and since Gert FAILED to do this… how does Eric’s name get pronounced… correctly?

    • Todd Lyden Bwahahahaahahah!

    • EricPudalov

      Todd Lyden Todd, I get that question a lot!  It’s pronounced “Puh-DOLL-love.”  Does that clear things up? 😛

  • Congrats Eric!!!

    • EricPudalov

      yvettepistorio Thanks Yvette!

  • Hi, Eric, I enjoy your comments here and am glad to learn more about the good work you do!

    • EricPudalov

      Word Ninja Thanks Ninja! On a side note, did you know that my wife and I had “bridesninjas” and “groomzombies” at our wedding?

    • Wish I could have seen that!

      • EricPudalov

        Word Ninja They would’ve disappeared before you could find them anyway.

  • Hi Eric,
    Congrats on the #FF! Nice to meet you! Hope you are taking up Gini’s offer to interview her. Also best of luck with all your goals. I  look forward to one day seeing your screenplay on the big screen and reading your novels and publications etc. Have an awesome day and enjoy your #FF!

    • EricPudalov

      LSSocialEngage Thanks!!  Yes, I’m definitely taking up Gini’s offer!  Just thinking about where to publish the interview!  Should I do it here, ginidietrich?  I was considering pitching it to someone on your blogroll, actually.

  • Well, he sounds almost too sane to hang around this gaggle of misfits. I mean once @howiegoldfarb cracked the seal and then somehow I gained acceptance it’s been a free for all ever since. 
    Welcome sir; impressive resume and you sound very ambitious to boot; I’m sure you will do well. And if you have ginidietrich in your corner, that’s a win all by itself. 
    Good luck.

    • EricPudalov

      bdorman264 ginidietrich If you think I’m sane, you clearly haven’t met me yet! (My Twitter avatar is me wearing a clown wig and red nose).

    • EricPudalov

      bdorman264 ginidietrich And thank you, of course!

  • susancellura

    Congratulations on your #FF! It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope you have a fun day!!

    • EricPudalov

      susancellura Thanks susan!  Pleasure to meet you too.  It is now officially a party in here!

  • Hi Eric! What’s your favorite thing about working for a non-profit? I’ve worked at a couple in the past and each is pretty different … It sounds like a rewarding opportunity! Also, I LOVE your Twitter profile picture. Made me smile. Nice to meet you and welcome to “the club” 😉

    • EricPudalov

      KateFinley Hi Kate!  Thank you for the warm welcome!  My favorite thing…it’d be difficult to say, but I think my favorite part of working here is knowing that I’m helping people who have a lot of struggles to overcome.  I work in an administrative role, but I’ve realized that w/o the “numbers” side of things, the direct care couldn’t be done.  And that really makes me smile, even on the tough days!

    • EricPudalov

      KateFinley Oh, and I’m glad you like the Twitter avatar!  It’s from my bachelor party, believe it or not! 🙂

  • Nice to meet you.

    • EricPudalov

      Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Nice to meet you too, Josh.

  • EricPudalov

    Thanks again for all the comments and feedback!  I’ll continue to be a part of the community here, of course.

  • My kinda guy, EricPudalov  — using your superpowers for good. And in the South, at that!  Wonderful to meet you.

    • EricPudalov

      DwayneAlicie EricPudalov Thanks, Dwayne!!  I’m originally a Northerner, but I met a nice Southern gal and settled down.

  • Andrea Pecoraro

    I already read this post before I saw ginidietrich’s demanding note on Facebook. Fascinating story and so nice to meet you,EricPudalov! I look forward to connecting on social.

    • Andrea Pecoraro But my threat got you to comment. Woo hoo!

      • Andrea Pecoraro

        ginidietrich Woo hoo you. Enjoy your weekend!

  • aimeelwest

    Wonderful to meet you! What an amazing career to have.

  • Hi EricPudalov welcome to the club of crazies and thanks for being such an inspiration.

    • EricPudalov

      EdenSpodek EricPudalov You’re welcome, and I appreciate the welcome from you!  Anytime I can inspire others is great; that’s part of what my job is.  (Ooh, look, I think I used a semicolon correctly, right ginidietrich?)

  • Oh my GOD EricPudalov – CONGRATULATIONS!! I’ve been on holidays – I missed your Follow Friday!! 😀

  • EricPudalov

    Believe it or not, ginidietrich, I have written for one magazine so far – it’s called ReGen; they’re an online music publication.  I’m doing another assignment for them right now, but I’m a little late on the deadline.  Shhh….