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#FollowFriday: Erica Moss

By: Gini Dietrich | April 5, 2013 | 

Erica MossIn order to introduce you to today’s #FollowFriday, I have to come clean about something.

I love Boy Bands. Particularly One Direction.

When I saw them on SNL about a year ago, I fell in love.

I realize this is going to reduce my cool factor in many of your eyes. I blame it on the fact that I didn’t grow up like most of you with posters of boys on my walls and listening to music. I always had my nose stuck in books so I missed that whole music thing until after college (waaaaay after college).

So I’m sowing my teeny bobby oats now.

might have admitted this to Erica Moss in a PRIVATE tweet after said SNL program and she outed me in “Top PR, Marketing Women to Follow on Twitter.”

I’m coming clean now because I want to tell you how really great she is, but I know she’ll bring it up in the comments (cheater!) and I’d rather manage the fallout. 

Who’s Erica Moss?

Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to introduce you to the Warby Parker-obsessed, community manager Erica Moss.

A Michigan native, she recently (okay, it was more than a year ago, but it feels recent) moved to New York to run the community for the online master’s nursing program at Georgetown University.

With a journalism degree from Western Michigan University, she began her career writing, writing, and doing more writing. She soon found herself managing social and online communities and has carved a cool little niche for herself.

A dog lover (hi Mona!), she founded Detroit’s first ever Dog-Up (think TweetUps for four-legged creatures), which raises money for the local animal shelter.

Where Can I Find Her Online?

Even though you should never tell her your most embarrassing secrets, she’s the real deal when it comes to genuinely good peeps.

She blogs, she tweets, she’s on Facebook, she’s professional on LinkedIn, she loves The Pinterest (I LOVE PINTEREST!), and she hangs out on Instagram.

Check her out, follow her, subscribe to her blog, and say hello to her in the comments here.

P.S. I am taking my writing vacation (aka I have A LOT of writing to get done) Monday through the 21st so Jay Dolan will do the #FF honors on April 12th (my 10 year anniversary!) and Chuck Kent on April 19th. Be kind to them. 

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  • belllindsay

    ERICA!!!! I adore Erica. Anyone with an obsession with glasses is a pal’O’mine! I hope you weren’t planning one getting any work done today girl, because you Gini just broke a bottle of champagne over your bow! LOL

    • belllindsay That sounds so…dirty.

      • ginidietrich belllindsay wow.

        • belllindsay

          KenMueller ginidietrich Whatever floats your boat, as I always say. (see what I did there?)

        • belllindsay ginidietrich I wonder if there is video of that over on YouTube…

        • belllindsay KenMueller Ba da dum.

    • belllindsay The adoration is mutual! I’m still in a state of shock, and incredibly humbled and grateful. You guys rock my socks off.

  • Ohhh someone new?! How have I missed knowing you? Welcome to the club! Following now! Happy Friday!

    • katskrieger Agreed. The name is familiar, but…still new. Hi Erica!

      • KenMueller katskrieger ginidietrich I also must admit I’ve never even heard of One Direction. Unless I have…maybe I just don’t know the band’s name. Anyway, I refuse to go find out. Besides, I will learn about them like I do every other pop act – my 4 year old will ask me. I finally heard Katy Perry’s music when she asked me to “find the one with the blue hair on youtube.” I kid you not.

        • katskrieger KenMueller ginidietrich That is where brainwashing is important. It worked on 2 of my 3 kids. And for reference, go back and watch that heavy metal kid from last Friday’s Gin & Topics.

      • KenMueller Hi, Ken! Great to “meet” you. 🙂

    • katskrieger Thank you, Kat! I’m still completely overwhelmed that Gini chose me, but it’s all kinds of awesome.

  • bobledrew

    Gini, quit playing games with my heart, with my heart, with my heart.

    • bobledrew Oh Pepe. One day this will be yours!

    • bobledrew Oh wait. I just now realized it’s because you’re a music geek and I admitted I love One Direction (I’m still asleep). I’m sorry. I know it’s bad.

      • bobledrew

        ginidietrich I have a great 1D story. Friend of mine is a singer-songwriter. She was doing a school show, and afterwards, this kid comes up to her and says “Do you know what makes you beautiful?” And she gets all touched and tonguetied, and says how sweet it was for the kid to say that… and the kid says, “No, do you know “What Makes You Beautiful?” It’s a One Direction song.” 

        • belllindsay

          bobledrew ginidietrich Amazing.

        • bobledrew LOL!!! That’s hilarious!

  • kbloemendaal

    ginidietrich You are only allowed 1 #FF and you already abused it with JayDolan 😉

    • @kbloemendaal Bwahahaha! I thought I was hilarious! JayDolan

  • I thought I was doing something funny. Now I have to do a Follow Friday? This is a LOT of pressure.

    • belllindsay

      JayDolan HAHAHA! You are doing something funny – or you better be. 😉

      • belllindsay JayDolan Maybe I’ll write my own follow Friday. #meta

      • belllindsay JayDolan Now I’m scared.

        • ginidietrich belllindsay You have nothing to fear but fear itself. And my typos.

        • belllindsay

          JayDolan ginidietrich I’m here for you Jay. #editor

  • rdopping

    Boy bands huh? Hmmmmmm…….
    Anywhoo, hi Erica. Nice to meechoo. This should be a fun day for you. Enjoy.

    • rdopping I know, I know.

      • belllindsay

        ginidietrich rdopping Gini has maybe the world’s worst taste in music. I’m not sure how Mr. D handles it.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich rdopping I am sure Mr. D handles it like I handle sydcon bad taste in music! Lots of complaining, teasing, etc. It also helps that the kids side with me! 😉

        • rdopping

          belllindsay ginidietrich rdopping and she lives in Chicago. Home of the blues. Sheesh.belllindsay ginidietrich rdopping

  • What an awesome choice, ginidietrich. Admittedly, I only know her through our online interaction, but she’s good people in my eyes. (And the Michigan angle doesn’t hurt.)

    • belllindsay

      bradmarley ginidietrich Michigan…..where’s that?

      • belllindsay  ginidietrich It’s right here. *holds up hand and points to it*

    • bradmarley She IS good people!

    • bradmarley Awww, shucks. Thanks, Brad.

  • She seems like a fantastic person to follow. I think I’ll do so, now.

  • “Teeny bobby oats” 
    Probably the most hilarious combination of 3 words I’ve seen in years.

    Nice to meet you Erica!

  • Ah boy bands! Took my little sister to seen New Kids On the Block as a gift way back when.  And now with 2 daughters enjoy One Direction! So, yeah, I can relate. With the exception that in high school I had my nose in books but also had the posters & blasted music (Culture club, Depche Mode & Cure made my mom nuts!).

    Nice to meet you Erica!!

    • sydcon_mktg Likewise, Jennifer! I’m a recovering boy band addict as well, so I feel like I’m in good company.

  • Hi Erica!! I like meeting good peeps 🙂

    • yvettepistorio Hi, Yvette! I just read the list of things you love on your profile, and I think we could be great friends. 😉

      • ericajmoss yvettepistorio Let’s do this!! I should add “my dog Lola” to that list too 🙂

  • OMG! Anyone who founded a ‘Dog-Up’ is someone I need to be friends with!!! Hi Erica!!

    • LauraPetrolino Hi, Laura! Happy to chat about the Dog-Up anytime — it was a blast. 🙂

  • Happy to hear about Erica and be able to connect with her! You had me at “dog-up” — I would think about arranging a “cat-up” but it would surely be like herding………well, you know…….. 🙂

  • SpinSucks

    lkpetrolino Hey Laura!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • lkpetrolino

      SpinSucks of course!! Happy, happy Friday!!!

  • SpinSucks

    JonMikelBailey Hey, hey…thank you 🙂

    • JonMikelBailey

      SpinSucks Word

  • biggreenpen

    Congrats Erica! We know not just anyone gets this #FF 🙂 RT ginidietrich #FollowFriday: Erica Moss ( ericajmoss)

    • @biggreenpen You got a face! Yay!

    • @biggreenpen Thank you so much! I am unbelievably honored.

  • Terrific reco! The more I read about and connect with Erica online I forget that we haven’t met in person. I’m so glad social networks brought this gem and I together – now, to finally get our first meeting on the calendar ; )

    • StephanieFlo I’m surprised you haven’t met yet either. DO IT!

    • StephanieFlo Stephanie! Let’s get a lady date on the calendar. 🙂

  • SpinSucks

    ericajmoss Lol!!! It’s awesome, isn’t it? And well deserved 🙂

    • ericajmoss

      SpinSucks Thank you guys SO much.

      • SpinSucks

        ericajmoss 😀

  • What, you didn’t have love in your heart for Sean Cassidy or Flipper and the Killer Dolphin Crew. That is a damn shame. 😉

    Nice to meet you Erica.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Nice to “meet” you, Joshua!

  • Hussy_trash

    ericajmoss SpinSucks nice!

  • Nelson22o6lvwi
  • ericajmoss

    jesslaw Thank you, my dear! So unexpected, and probably one of the best moments in my professional career. 😉

  • AlexaScordato

    ericajmoss Don’t forget the little people like me… #internetfame #yourethecoolest

    • AlexaScordato Never — you’re the best.

  • Top of the morning to you, ericajmoss ! I really enjoyed your Warby Parker post and love seeing what you have to say. How’s New York City treating you? I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on the twitter but I definitely am now.
    Don’t get too mushy about this honor though or ginidietrich will blast ‘NSync and laugh as she adds you to her Unfollow Friday spreadsheet that someone mentioned! ; )

    • dwaynealicie Thank you for the kind words, Dwayne! New York is treating me well, though, I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever stop feeling like a tourist in this city.
      Definitely blasting *NSYNC and One Direction the rest of the day in ginidietrich’s honor!

      • ericajmoss  Enjoy that tourist feeling! I feel similarly about SF … it has decreased in intensity but it’s still there for me after 10 years here.
        If I were you I would celebrate with a PB&J from Doughnut Plant!!  While listening to Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart.)”

        • dwaynealicie This is the third conversation I’ve had about Doughnut Plant in the last few weeks. I MUST GO.

        • HowieG

          ericajmoss dwaynealicie how come Erica’s $2000 for buying the follow friday got her more written words than what our $2000 got us Dwayne? I think ginidietrich owes us some wordage.

        • HowieG ericajmoss  YOU ONLY PAID $2000? And I also had to get ginidietrich a meet-n-greet with New Kids on the Block! I’m outraged!

  • Can’t express how much I love this girl! Happy to see ericajmoss featured here. She’s MORE than worth a follow and someone anyone in the PR/social media world should get to know. Plus, she posts hilarious pics of Mona the Bulldog. 😉

    • Nikki Little I’m blushing. Thanks, love!

    • Nikki Little ericajmoss And why weren’t there any pictures of Mona the Bulldog included in the post?  Gini?

  • Love your work, Erica!

    • jolynndeal Thank you kindly, Jo Lynn!

  • HowieG

    Georgetown online masters…based in NYC? Isn’t that having the NY Yankee web businesses located in Boston. Or the Green Bay Packer Fan Club run from ginidietrich’s house in Chicago? 
    I think Georgetown needs to be considered a NYC school now. Sorry but rules are rules. And Virtual Campuses trump Real Campuses now. Ever since Obama came into office lots of little heralded but really big changes have happened.

    So current students in the DC campus have to abide by NYC laws so no Big Gulps! On the other hand they are now exempt from all jaywalking laws and do not have to drive between the lines on the road..they can just drive where the car fits. and they have to start dressing more the part…less preppy conservative and more ‘I’m Artsier than You’ clothes.

    Now NYC has 2 Big East teams in St Johns and Georgetown. But St Johns has the Garden so Georgetown has to settle playing where the Brooklyn Nets do…or maybe the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island for big home games.
    OK so anyhoo what brought up Georgetown and NYC again?

    • HowieG

      ginidietrich wow ericajmoss you won a Video! I have never given any #FF’s a video before. Your lucky day seriously. Just ask anyone! 8) Grats

      • belllindsay

        HowieG ginidietrich ericajmoss Harumph.

  • I have ericajmoss to thank for my new found love of Warby Parker when she wrote her word-of-mouth marketing piece here a few months ago. And now my first pair is on its way.

    • Anthony_Rodriguez It actually warms my heart to hear you say that — send me a photo when they arrive?

  • SpinSucks

    howiegoldfarb ericajmoss ginidietrich I’m going to go with Jedi.

  • I love what Warby Parker is doing, so kudos to ericajmoss – TigerBeat would be proud.

    • nickcicero Aren’t they just the best? Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • ericajmoss these Follow Friday posts are some of my favorites, great to get to know people you follow on twitter.

  • PattiRoseKnight

    I LOVE, LOVE that you founded the Dog-Up with money going to local shelters – THANK YOU and oh by the way pleasure to meet you virtually!

    • PattiRoseKnight Thank you, Patty — it’s great to “meet” you as well. 🙂

  • While it’s nice and informative to read about Erica….and indeed it was…..I now officially would like all of you to come over to my office and get “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” out of MY FREAKING HEAD!!!
    Please and thank you.

  • Communic8nHowe

    ginidietrich Hey! Why not me!!! ; )

    • ginidietrich

      Communic8nHowe Do I know you?!

  • ericajmoss

    RT ginidietrich: Get yourself over to SpinSucks and find out why ericajmoss is our #FF today:

  • HowieG

    So this is a great topic for this blog. Taylor Swift is way way huger than Harry Styles or One Up One Down. How come she was the one hurt? I mean Taylor has scored guys way above Harry in stature. He should of been eaten for lunch by her. Rhianna was the same way. Chris Brown is but a bug on the ground compared to her. He should be her house butler. Harry Styles should be Taylor Swifts House Butler. There I said it. Lets discuss in relation to Sheryl Sandberg’s new book.

    • belllindsay

      HowieG Harry’s pretty cute though. For a zygote.

  • hillaryboucher

    ericajmoss Saw you on SpinSucks — get out of here! That is so awesome! #HappyFriday

    • ericajmoss

      hillaryboucher Thanks so much! Happy Friday to you. 🙂

  • JamesonGBrown

    Just caught this article via nickcicero. Just wanted to say “you rock, Erica.” Really dig the Dog-Up – my Murphy (75lbs. choc lab) would be proud 🙂 Have a great Saturday!

    • JamesonGBrown Thanks, Jameson! I’ve got mad love for shelter pups.

  • ericajmoss

    barrettrossie I appreciate that, Barrett, thanks! I think I have the SpinSucks hangover (the best kind).

    • SpinSucks

      ericajmoss Lol! What other kind is ther?!

  • ericajmoss

    barrettrossie Is there an email at which I can reach you? I have a quick question.

    • barrettrossie

      ericajmoss just add “” to my handle

  • patmrhoads

    Hi ericajmoss 
    I follow pretty much anyone @ginidietrich tells me too, but I am particularly fond of our mutual interest in dogs and razzing our friends about their embarrassing (but endearing) traits. (Really, Gini, boy bands?!) My pup, a rescue from a rural shelter, is a sweet terrier mix named Abby. And as a token of my poor judgement, here’s my musical guilty pleasure: 80’s pop music. I can’t help it. I was a child of the 80’s, and I still love all the bands that were big back then. 
    Anyway Erica, it’s a pleasure to meet you, even if I am four days late to the party due to a crazy travel schedule the last five days.

    • patmrhoads Nothing wrong with being fashionably late! Great to meet you as well, Pat. As long as we’re all confessing our guilty pleasures, I guess I should admit that I’ll watch anything on Bravo. It’s terrible, but oh-so-entertaining.

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