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#FollowFriday: James Halloran

By: Gini Dietrich | December 6, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday: James HalloranBy Gini Dietrich

Happy Friday, all!

Please allow me to introduce you to one Mr. James Halloran.

He is a blogging editorial assistant at, a writer, and a model.

And a model he is indeed. Visit the portfolio page on his website and you’ll see lots of photos from many professional shoots (including the one I used for the image of this post from John Clum Photography).

He’s represented by Wilhelmina PA, an affiliate of Wilhelmina Models in New York, LA and Miami. So yeah, kind of a big deal.

But he’s not just a pretty face. His blog is full of writing about interesting things such as how to know if you’re being “catfished,” modeling myths debunked, and exercise and fitness.

In fact, he launched a second blog called, “The Core Grip,” that focuses taking care of your body through both exercise and nutrition (apparently sugar is bad…who knew?).

A Philly boy, he once served as a communications liaison for the Canadian Embassy’s Emergency Response and Preparedness Group (ERPG). There he was responsible for coordinating internal communications amongst members from U.S. Health and Human Services, FEMA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and several others.

As Spin Sucks readers well know, anyone who supports my favorite Canadians is a star in my book!

He went to school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he studied English and journalism and graduated magna cum laude. He proves English majors can have successful careers that don’t require reading and writing (oh wait…never mind).

He’s a hockey player (that ICE hockey to you, Ms. Bell), a scholar, and an overachiever.

Come hang out in the comments. Introduce yourself to James. Follow him online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his blog. Get to know him, his writing, and his motivations. You won’t regret it.

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  • James great to meet you. That is a sweet (yes pun intended) Canadian connection you have. I will certainly check out your fitness nutrition blog. I have been known to occasionally pick up a bar bell, just to remind me how heavy they are. Cheers.

  • Congratulations on your #FF, James!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  • I’ve enjoy your contributions in the comments immensely, JRHalloran! Enjoy your #FF. Hope you didn’t plan on accomplishing much today. 😉

  • AnneReuss

    You know I’m all for a healthy diet, but can you wait until after the holidays to tell us sugar is bad? Okay? Thanks. 

    Enjoy the spotlight today JRHalloran 🙂

  • AnneReuss HA!!

  • Can I make inappropriate comments about how hawt that picture is? Probably not, eh? 😉

  • ginidietrich AnneReuss I’ve decided to renew my commitment to exercise and healthy eating. In January.

  • belllindsay Hasn’t stopped you yet!

  • Thanks! I hope you find it useful. (It’s been a while since I updated it. I guess I should get around to writing more posts soon….)

  • Haha, being an overachiever, I sort of was. But, oh well…. I’ll deal with it.  

    I’m glad you enjoy my comments! I really do enjoy the SpinSucks community. I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Definitely one of the more lively blogs I visit.  🙂

  • Oh, okay… just this once.  😉

  • Happy #FF, JRHalloran! So, does this make you a Flyers fan????

  • JRHalloran Send me a note if you’d like to guest post. 😉

  • JohnMTrader

    Nice to see you on the #FF post JRHalloran – you probably are aware that ice hockey is the ONLY sport on the planet that matters, right?

  • JohnMTrader JRHalloran <ahem>rugby</ahem>

  • Well, hellooooo, from a fellow model. You won’t find me on the runway or in an Esquire editorial spread, but you may spot me in the role of Satisfied Employee #2 on a technology company’s recruiting page or Concerned Patient in a pharmaceutical firm’s physician communications. I’m the guy they call when they’re not looking for “model handsome” or “athlete fit” or “good teeth.”

    Anyway, congratulations on your FF and on blending multiple careers into one. Huzzah for English majors!

  • Your queer readership is probably saving that image to their desktops right now. No doubt a sizeable portion of your other readers are wondering what possessed you to objectify that poor boy as a sex object. I seem to remember several discussions on this blog around holding PR practitioners to a higher standard…

  • Hello…It is nice to meet you. If you’re good enough for Gini’s Follow Friday, then you’re good enough for me. I’m off to check out your blog and follow you on Twitter.

  • Yes, it does!  😀

  • That’s right! Hockey is the only sport that truly matters to me.

  • Rugby and (American) football are a close second! (Rugby is my brother’s favorite sport actually.)

  • JRHalloran From one great franchise to another. Feeling good about my Hawks this year if they stay hungry. The West is just so stacked.

  • Happy Follow Friday JRHalloran! I read a little of your blog so I could talk about more than … ahem … and I’m hoping things are going well in the employment department for you now. 

    Your thoughts on the post-graduation no-man’s-land resonates with me because I’m about to finish my degree in two and a half weeks now. Yes, internships are currently an absolutely ridiculous half-regulated debacle right now. From “previous internships required before applying to this internship,” to the situation you note, to “MARKETING INTERNSHIP: we’re a startup looking for a rockstar sales and marketing professional with 10 years’ experience to start our marketing team,” it’s a ridiculous, confusing mess out there. I hope you ignore the BS and go for what you want!

    Also, people get catfished hanging out right here, just saying,  HA!

  • susancellura

    Congratulations on your #FF JRHalloran! I look forward to getting to know you better. Cheers!

  • Thanks, Rob! I’m glad to hear you’re a fellow model, too! (You probably get more work modeling than I do, haha.) Thanks again for your kind words!

  • Congrats on your #FF James. I look forward to checking out your blog. Have an awesome day!

  • If it makes you feel any better, I’m okay with it. I’m not upset in any way. 

    I’m sure Gini’s intentions were not to objectify me but rather to highlight the many talents I’ve been able to grapple into one brand-building piece for myself.

  • If only the talent portrayed wasn’t your butt JR, I might buy that.

  • Randy Milanovic What do you mean by “queer readership”? 

    For the record, I found this photo in his portfolio and thought it would be a nice way to help promote his modeling career, separate from what he does for the industry. 

    You probably don’t want to read my first chapter in Spin Sucks, which is called Sex Sells.

  • Randy Milanovic JRHalloran Hi Randy, I’m the Director of Content for Spin Sucks and Arment Dietrich, and frankly I’m more offended by your use of the term “queer readership” than I am by flattering photos of either sex. And I’m sure a ‘sizeable portion of our other readers’ are as well. #FollowFridays are fun, relaxed, playful and good natured. None of which your rather inflammatory post reflects.

  • ginidietrich Randy Milanovic    Pre-order your copy on Amazon now,  and save 26%!

  • JRHalloran RobBiesenbach  Do they have teeth models?…where can I apply for that gig?

  • Well it’s certainly a Happy Friday NOW!!  Congrats JRHalloran on your #FF…it’s the best day of the year and bonus for us today, too! LOL

    Didn’t realize you were a “local” – I think we need to have a East Coast/Mid-Atlantic IRL meetup of the Spin Sucks crazies one of these days!  🙂

  • Hi Lyndsay. No inflammation intended. Queer or gay. Both are accepted mainstream terms used by the gay community. Perhaps you wouldn’t be offended had I said ‘persons who are gay’? I’m certain you wouldn’t have run an image of a woman emphasizing her breasts. I’m addressing that double standard. All we need to do is look back at your outrage over the image of the football player who was black sitting next to an ape and making a negative connection. Call it fun and jovial if you like, but I find sexism to be one of those thing the doesn’t fit.

  • Hi Gini. Thanks for the opportunity to chat. Sex certainly does sell. No doubt about it. Does that mean we need to check our ethics at the door once in a while to get those views?

  • I’m assuming you have both straight and gay readers. 🙂

  • Randy Milanovic I don’t think I checked my ethics at the door. As you well know, I am VERY careful about my ethics and I grew up Mormon so I’m overly sensitive to the types of things that could be offensive.

    I pulled up James’s portfolio – which is full of flattering photos of him without a shirt on – and found one that I thought was both flattering and professional.

    I appreciate your debate on this.

  • Ha ha. Rob, wonderful post.

  • It is definitely flattering!

  • By the way, I have followed u on Twitter. Best of luck.

  • DallasK

    I’m a male hand model and it’s good to see that we can be appreciated for more than our good looking body parts. Bravo to Gini and the team!

  • DallasK Oh my god. I nearly choked on my sandwich!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  • DallasK

    What’s so funny?!

  • belllindsay DallasK Ditto, that! LOLOLOLOLOL

  • belllindsay DallasK  …,,the gender clarification to avoid confusion?  😉

  • Digital_DRK DallasK Don’t be SEXIST!!!! 😉

  • belllindsay Digital_DRK DallasK You’re all going to hell.

  • DallasK

    Stop staring at my gorgeous, immaculate hands please. I have a brain too ya know.

  • belllindsay Randy Milanovic JRHalloran As a resident homosekshewal around these parts, and a marketer working on a branding project with an LGBTQQIA counseling center that struggled to decide which descriptive term to include in its name, I can weigh in on this.  Queer is totally okay. Some people don’t like it, but it’s generally becoming more accepted as the most welcoming and inclusive term to describe a community of very awesome people. LOL

    That said, I did as much of a double-take at Mr. Milanovic’s comment as I did at Mr. Halloran’s … ahem. Queer ladies would probably devote only cursory attention to an exceptional example of the male physique.

  • DwayneAlicie belllindsay Randy Milanovic JRHalloran I suppose my issue was more “why mention gay at all”?? So, only gay people are saving his image to their desktops? Why break it down that way? The ‘queer’ readership is salivating, and ‘the rest of the readership’ is outraged at the objectification? I mean, please. I’m sure there are many ladies out there saving that image also. *koff koff* 🙂

  • With that statement, I think you’re just judging the book by its cover. 
    The photo just draws in a crowd. If being “good-looking” was my only “talent,” then I’d think you’d have a point, sir. 
    Perhaps you should read my About Me on my blog, and you’ll see the other things I’m good at — like writing.

  • belllindsay DwayneAlicie Randy Milanovic JRHalloran  Okay Lyndsay, I’m happy to amend my comment to be “males that are gay and women that are straight” if you’d prefer I’m politically correct. Beyond that clarification, the core of my comment is the issue of sexism. I find it hard to believe you would be as willing to showcase a woman’s chest as easily as you have JR’s derrière. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

  • Hi Dwayne, 
    I’m glad you related to the piece! 
    Even though things are now okay with me in the areas of employment, it’s still a valuable piece for those who aren’t. In fact, the only reason I’m employed now is simply because opened shop in Philadelphia and not New York City. 
    Locality is always a bone of contention with employers for some reason. I understand it, but I’m not going to move to a far away place without some guarantee of funds. I wrote that piece completely frustrated after a couple interviews I had in New York, only to be denied simply because I didn’t live there.
    Anyway, thanks for reading! I’m glad you related to it.

  • DwayneAlicie I have no objection to the term queer at all. However, in all honesty, I’d much rather lay claim to being gay than queer. Gay is SO much more happy/positive, whereas queer could be construed as odd.

  • Sounds like a plan to me! I’ll be more than happy to help set that up!

  • I’m sure they do! They have models for everything actually.

  • Surely!  🙂

  • Randy Milanovic DwayneAlicie It’s all semantics……no one’s perfect at language…but I think we are better served when we focus on labels like passionate, thoughtful, smart, and kind.

    All of which JRHalloran seems to be. I thought Gini did a nice job of highlighting those…modeling is only one aspect of his life.

  • James – great to officially make your acquaintance, I’ve enjoyed your conversations & comments here so far and I’ll connect elsewhere and give a shout when I next find myself in then greater Philadelphia area. Welcome to the crew!

  • Nicely said! Thank you, Joe! 
    I agree that it’s nothing more than a bunch of semantics we’re getting all upset over, too.

  • You speak the truth! The Hawks are an incredible and formidable force in the NHL now. You guys are most likely going to the Cup again this year. 
    (But that was one hell of a win last year! No one was expecting that quick last-minute goal in Game 6 lol.)

  • Randy MilanovicYeah, the other meanings and connotations behind the words are definitely there. “Queer” used to be an insult, exclusively, but the community opted to own it. I consider myself gay. I’m warming to queer though, I really am.

    I learned so much about this sort of thing in a class on rhetorical criticism a while back. I got to explore feminist criticism which … I am being completely honest here … I both adore and abhor because it’s so RIGHT but yet it’s also so easy and tempting to turn everything into a feminist argument. Of course, maybe that is what needs to be done, though. 

    I think the biggest value in conversations like these is that they give everyone a chance to step back and consider the paradigms that are at play. And we get to think about what our word choices say about the way we think. Words do have an incredible amount of power; “sticks-and-stones” is total BS in reality.

    Nice to make your acquaintance, by the way!

  • JRHalloran JoeCardillo I’m not upset! *throws brick though plate-glass window*

  • Randy Milanovic DwayneAlicie JRHalloran JoeCardillo I bet you dollars to doughnuts if Gini was highlighting a woman in tech (let’s say) who *surprise* had another life as a high fashion model – she’d use a ‘high fashion model’ shot to illustrate the piece, because the contrast is shocking. I think the juxtaposition of JR’s big brain, and the *stereotypes* generally associated with ‘models’ – represented with his professional modelling shot – is brilliant. I also find it a little ridiculous that with the thousands upon thousands of nearly nekkid female bodies we see every day in advertising, movies and magazines, you are calling “sexism” over this. But, you have your opinion, and I have mine. Let’s agree to disagree.

  • belllindsay Randy Milanovic DwayneAlicie JRHalloran JoeCardillo The nice thing about contrasting views is that it encourages discussion, dialogue and debate. I ran acrtss an article in Steamfeed recently that talks about this very thing…

  • DwayneAlicie Randy Milanovic Ditto DwayneAlicie

  • Nice to meet you James.

  • Guys, thanks again so much! I’m touched.  :’-) 
    If the euphoria lasts more than 4 hours, should I call a doctor?

  • James! James! James!! I am the official Saturday #FF Euphoria Extender here at 
    Arment Dietrich (and PLEASE everyone read the phrase ‘euphoria extender’ with your G-rated minds on, I’m playing upon James’ comment below…geez people!!!)
    Just when you think the excitement of being featured is over….here comes ME to save the day and keep the fun going through the weekend!! Woohooo! You.Are.Welcome.
    Now were you a rink rat growing up? I was a competitive figure skater, so I always feel a special bond with those who grew up in an ice rink. I think it does something to your brain (we will just pretend that something is good!).
    Anyway, great to meet you officially, I always enjoy your insightful comments here and look forward to getting to know you better!

  • aimeelwest

    I’m following Laura with keeping this going through the weekend. I have always loved the smell of the ice but I am a horrible skater.
    I am going to check out your blog my daughter would like to get into modeling and any and all information helps.

  • Total over achiever. So much you left out ginidietrich 
    You missed that he is the Southeast Alligator Wrassling Champ (he beat bdorman264in the Semis in July. 
    Author of 6 books including Why you should Spin. Spin Rules. And if you don’t Spin your standing still. (about Spin Class duh!).
    He chose Indiana University of Pennsylvania purposefully to mess with everyone’s heads.
    He has a successful wedding planning business that he started as a teen. 
    He has named 3 not 1 not 2 but 3 comets discovered during his record setting 4178 viewings of Pink Floyd Laser Light at the Hayden Planetarian in NYC.

    And you can find him on Celebrity Big Brother season 18 with Lindsay Lohan, Punky Brewster, Leif Garrett and Stephen Baldwin premiering Jan 18th on CBS.

    And lastly he is rumored to be replacing Paula Deen with his new Cooking Show…the Fast and the Delicious ‘How to microwave like a Champ” coming to the food network in 2014.

    Nice to meet you JRHalloranSir. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I was preparing my sled team for this winter’s Iditarod. they grew a bit fat and lazy over the summer so we are doing double session until Christmas.

  • LauraPetrolino ….I like ice as well….especially with scotch… Laura would love an ice-skating pony for Christmas…

  • Digital_DRK Hahahaha! You know me so well!

  • Hi James,
    It’s a great inspiration to see an athlete who is also an academic. Young people need to see smart athletes as role models. That’s why I am so glad to see that Gini has featured you. Both Gini and I are are especially enthusiastic football fans. To get over the near depression I sink into at the close of football season I have seriously considered “getting into” hockey. You my just be a factor to get me into following the sport. Well in closing I would wish you luck however as an executive’s wife said to me upon requesting her to wish me luck, “you don’t need luck you’re smart a n d beautiful.” 😉
    Susan Fox,

  • Aw thanks, Laura! I appreciate that. (I’ll try to think of that with a G-rated mind lol.) 
    I actually was a rink rat when I was younger. I started playing hockey when I was 9-years-old. It takes time to learn how to ice skate, so I guess it does make you a very disciplined person for the rest of your life. 
    Anyway, thanks a bunch for the welcome! I’m glad I’m not the only rink rat here.

  • Scoth is good! I really like Macallan, Balvenie and Glenmorangie. What scotch do you like? 
    (Do they have ponies that can skate?)

  • That’s great! I actually do have some advice when it comes to modeling. I’m in the process of writing a few more posts about it soon. 
    But if you have any questions in the meantime, I’ll gladly try and help!

  • How… how did you find all this out? Are you a contractor for the NSA? 
    Haha, oh well. The cat’s out of the bag! It is a pleasure to meet you, too, Howie!

  • Thanks, Susan! I appreciate your kind words! I certainly strive to be an exemplary person that crossbreeds several talents. 
    I’m basically proving such stereotypes are meant to be broken. And I hope that’s inspiring for several people!
    Hockey is definitely a good remedy for post-football season depression. It still has all of the aggression and suspense one needs to get through the winter. I’m sure you’ll find it very satisfying. (Football and rugby are my second favorite sports, you know.)

  • JRHalloran  I do like the Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Lagavulin.  

    Actually I just popped the cork recently on a 12 Year Old El Dorado Rum from Guyana…very smooth…

  • Digital_DRK Ah, I’ve had that same rum! Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had, so enjoy!

  • aimeelwest

    JRHalloran Thank you! I will have to let her know.

  • JRHalloranDigital_DRKyou didn’t see that ginidietrichsaid no booze on her blog!
    Oban and Isle of Jura are pretty tasty.

  • Not sure you should ask ginidietrich’s hubby Kelly and her Dog Jack bauer they live like that 24/7 being around Gini, always dazed and naturally high. But in a good way.

  • Howie Goldfarb JRHalloran Digital_DRK ginidietrich   Scotch on the Socials is the new replacement for Gin & Topics. 

    Heard of Oban, will check out Jura.

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