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#FollowFriday: Kat Krieger

By: Gini Dietrich | November 16, 2012 | 

About a year ago (maybe longer?) I received a tweet from one Ms. Kat Krieger (Katherine, if you’re speaking to her professionally) asking me if I’d be willing to appear on the Brand Connections podcast, Brand Fast-Trackers.

Hosted by Brian Martin, the founder and chairman of Brand Connections, Kat’s job is to invite guests who are doing cool things in the marketing, advertising, and PR worlds.

Brian and I had so much fun during our first recording last October that Kat invited me back in May when Marketing in the Round came out.

From there, Kat and I began a totally awesome friendship. For my birthday this past year (February 10th for those of you so inclined to write it down now so you don’t forget), she sent me the most delicious chocolates I have ever tasted. In that little box of chocolates from NuNu Chocolates were these salted caramel chocolate delights that were so good, I was happy there were only two so I didn’t eat the entire box in one sitting.

Though we still haven’t met in person, we became Facebook friends, where I harass her husband about letting her reorganize closets (and even volunteer to help), get to know her two adorable little girls through photos and hilarious stories, and learn about her parenting joys and challenges.

She also is trying her hand at feeding her family non-processed, non-sugared, non-dairy, non-genetically modified foods, which in and of itself is extremely admirable. I’m trying the non-processed thing and it’s not as easy as you think. But it made me laugh out loud when her husband told her all of that was great, but they still needed sour cream in the fridge because it makes everything better.

For those of you who are Gin and Topics fans, she is the source of many a video featured there.

She pretty much, all around, rocks and you need to get to know her.

Stop by the comments and say hello today. You also can find her on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (!!!), LinkedIn, and the Brand Fast-Trackers blog.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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94 responses to “#FollowFriday: Kat Krieger”

  1. She rules so hard. Excellent. 🙂

  2. katskrieger says:

    This made my whole month. I love you @ginidietrich .

  3. KenMueller says:

    I approve of this message. Big time.

  4. rdopping says:

    Man, with that kind of intro how can anyone not like you? I am sure you live up to the hype! Nice to meetchoo @katskrieger

    • Carmelo says:

      @rdopping  @katskrieger That’s right Ralph. Even if Kat is only half as good as Gini paints her to be, she’s a keeper. I may have to hire her as my nutritionist.

  5. belllindsay says:

    Woohoo!! Hey @katskrieger , get ready for an *insane* Friday – I hope  you weren’t expecting to get any work done today!! 😀 Congrats!!

  6. magriebler says:

    Hi Kat! You’re in for a wonderful day! Enjoy. Lovely to meet you.

    • katskrieger says:

      @magriebler Thanks! Nice to meet you! 🙂

      • magriebler says:

        @katskrieger My family is full of people who are gluten intolerant. Makes my head spin trying to plan menus and shop. So I love to hear about people living gluten-free and thriving!

        • katskrieger says:

          @magriebler The longer you do it, the easier it gets. Pasta- get the newish quinoa-based pasta. Much closer in taste and appearance than the brown rice ones. Bread is still a challenge, but Udi’s makes the best. I can send you a recipe for a flour mix that works well for pancakes and pizza crust.

        • magriebler says:

          @katskrieger I would love that. Pizza is the one thing everyone is still grieving over.

        • katskrieger says:

          @magriebler I tweeted you the picture of the recipe. It works really well. I make it in batches and then you measure out whatever a regular recipe calls for.

  7. KatSKrieger says:

    @rdopping @opajdara – thanks for sharing!!

  8. RebeccaTodd says:

    Nice to meet you, Kat! Wow very admirable on the eating regime. Amazing! Enjoy your follow Friday!

    • katskrieger says:

      @RebeccaTodd The gluten free has been the biggest thing….all the baby weight and then some just melted like butta!

      • RebeccaTodd says:

        @katskrieger I eat vegan, but still have to cut out white sugar, then gluten is on the list. The non-processed thing is amazing! Do you have space to grow a garden?

        • katskrieger says:

          @RebeccaTodd Unfortunately not. I keep meaning to start an herb garden. We are doing more and more vegan. I am a cheese hound, but not got the “Uncheese cookbook” – really excited to try it. Lots of recipes of all sorts of different cheez’s from cheddar to mozzarella to feta. YAY!
          We do have a dehydrator and make yummies in there. Kale chips that taste like cool ranch doritos – yes please! Raw brownies made with dates. More!
          Sugar is actually harder than wheat. But you will feel so much better once you do it.

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @katskrieger I need a dehydrator! Great idea. I LOVE kale chips mmm! Yes, I used agave and demerera, but have to cut out sweet lady s…

        • @RebeccaTodd  @katskrieger I <3 kale chips, too. Make them all the time here.

        • katskrieger says:

          @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd Here is the recipe I referenced –

        • katskrieger says:

          @RebeccaTodd I’m a stevia hound. But it’s hard to find a brand. I’ve been using NUStevia packets forever, so I am probably immune to any taste differences. Love agave, I also love using dates when I am making “sweets”

  9. Shonali says:

    I’ve been following @KatSKrieger forEVER so I’m way ahead of you… for once! 🙂 Yay Kat!

  10. FINALLY! You’ve written a #FollowFriday where I get to meet someone new! About time. Sheesh.
    Hi Kat! Nice to meet you!

  11. katskrieger says:

    Pausing on my responses to *gasps* go to a meeting. More later! 🙂

  12. AJ Ogaard says:

    Hi Kat! Nice to meet you. Gini shared some really nice things about you. 
    Like the way you highlight special people on #FollowFriday Gini.

  13. John_Trader1 says:

    I already had the pleasure of knowing Kat from the Spin Sucks community, but it’s so nice to read a bit more about what makes her tick. Love the videos you submit Kat!

  14. KatSKrieger says:

    @john_trader1 Thanks John!

  15. Hi Kat. That processed foods deal is quite a bit of work, but I hear good things about it.

  16. Hello Kat!! I’ve met you on the AD FB page but nice to know more about you!!

  17. Carmelo says:

    Hey Kat. So you’re the one who keeps me laughing! (video submissions) Thanks! Although sometimes I can’t break away even when I have things to do. Won’t hold that against you, however, because the laughter is usually exactly what I need.
    Anyway, very nice to meet you. Gini has GREAT taste in friends so you must be nigh unto perfect! 😉

  18. Kat, your husband likes sour cream (and I’m with him there) but wasn’t it Julia Child who said “with enough butter, everything is good”? Get that boy some butter — salted!

  19. kateupdates says:

    Yay I finally made it over here today! Kat so happy to see you featured. It’s been fun to follow you online but I have to say it’s going to be even MORE fun now that I know how you’re eating!! I had no idea. I regularly blog about eating unprocessed and am following a Paleo lifestyle currently. My husband has yet to adopt all of my ways but I’m slowly winning him over (at least that’s what I tell myself). 
    One of the things that first struck me about you was that you are just plain nice. You were willing to invite me to your TribeBC – Marketing, Branding and More tribe even though I was a totally newbie. That meant a lot to me.
    Oh and since @ginidietrich included your Pinterest, I will follow you there too.
    Bottom line: Kate likes Kat. 🙂

  20. KatSKrieger says:

    @barrettrossie Thanks Barrett!

  21. ginidietrich says:

    @belllindsay  WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!

  22. ginidietrich says:

    @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @katskrieger Please. I don’t sit around eating bonbons while I crack the whip. I sit on their desks and stare at them while they work. If they don’t keep up a certain speed, I hit them on the head with a dictionary.

  23. ginidietrich says:

    @kateupdates  And you! Stop instigating trouble!

  24. katskrieger says:

    @ginidietrich @KenMueller @belllindsay well at least she won’t be able todo that much longer – they’re taking the dictionary out of print…but then she will just hit you upside the head with her laptop. Hmmm

  25. kateupdates says:

    @ginidietrich  @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @katskrieger LOL ok that scenario made me laugh out loud.

  26. belllindsay says:

    @kateupdates  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller  @katskrieger This whole string has me laughing out loud!!! 😀

  27. HowieG says:

    The real story about how @KatSKrieger got to know @ginidietrich is we were at burningman and Kat said  ‘you look like a marketer’. And I asked what gave me away she said the flashing disco ball hanging from the furry handle bars of my beach cruiser. And I thought it was my Armani Suit that I wore in the 107F sun. She asked me who is an up and comer in marketing. I said @ginidietrich but ironically she thinks she is in PR. Kind of like when a pet thinks they are people. Well @ginidietrich is a marketer who thinks she is in PR. Then @KatSKrieger broke out this amazing chocolate that she shared all around. She said it is even better than NuNu Chocolates. Wow. It was the best chocolate I have ever had. I almost gave up food completely for that chocolate. @belllindsay was there. She tasted that chocolate. OMG I want some more right now!
    You all have to move to Vermont. We do so much farm to table. Even our maple syrup is made at our friend’s organic dairy farm (yes we get raw milk and amazing cheeses!) and with the Vermont Fresh Network and the ridiculous amount of local products you can seriously reduce your food intake of processed food down to a minimum. And everyone seems to have a garden. Our local healthfood store has lots of live foods and Isadora got me a sprout kit for my birthday.
    Grats @KatSKrieger  and so glad you are making @ginidietrich wait for her next birthday for the really rocking chocolates! (She will be 47 btw)

    • katskrieger says:

      @HowieG @KatSKrieger @ginidietrich @belllindsay Ok this is how I know I’ve REALLY made it!! Ha!

    • belllindsay says:

      @HowieG  @KatSKrieger  @ginidietrich HOWIE!!!! *swoon* While Burning Man was quite an out of body experience (especially when Howie told me he had arranged for ME to light the bon fire!), I have to ask: Am I the only person in this crew who’s not a frikken HIPPIE!!?? And Gini will be 45, not 47. (fired. again.)

  28. HowieG says:

    @barrettrossie @KatSKrieger @kateupdates rule number 1. Sour Cream always comes on the side. In fact it should really be left in the kitchen. Only used for jello molds.

  29. HowieG says:

    @jasonkonopinski  @katskrieger  @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes just have chobani that is all one needs in life.

  30. HowieG says:

    @Sean McGinnis  @ginidietrich careful Gini. He would sic anonymous on you.

  31. HowieG says:

    @Shonali  @KatSKrieger uhm Shonali remember as Paparrazi you are being paid to follow Kat around, tail her on the freeway, take photos of her at red caret events.

  32. HowieG says:

    @katskrieger  @RebeccaTodd I have pictures from last week of Kat and @ginidietrich grinding on Five Guys burgers. I want the chocolate or I go to TMZ with them.

  33. HowieG says:

    @katskrieger  @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd they sell Kale Chips at my market. I prefer to just grow the Kale and sautee with some garlic we grew then put on pizza.

  34. HowieG says:

    @RebeccaTodd  @katskrieger I make amazing Beef, Turkey, and Ahi Tuna Jerky in my dehydrator.

  35. HowieG says:

    @katskrieger  @belllindsay LOL Well since Lindsay is on 24/7 paid vacation at Arment-Dietrich very true who needs to work?

  36. belllindsay says:

    @HowieG  @katskrieger  @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd Hippies EVERYWHERE!!!!

  37. KatSKrieger says:

    @howiegoldfarb Thx for sharing Howie…and for the best comments ever!! @spinsucks @ginidietrich #burningman indeed!

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