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#FollowFriday: Kevin Fawley

By: Gini Dietrich | March 16, 2012 | 

You know how you meet someone and you know you’ll be friends forever?

That’s how it was with Kevin Fawley. I mean, I already “knew” him on Twitter and Facebook, but when I met him in person last fall, I just knew BFFs.

He is the chief hustle officer (I think that’s a cool way of saying business development) for SoMeGo, a social media and community firm out of DC.

He also is the VP of marketing for the DC chapter of Social Media Club (poor soul).

That’s all fine and great, but the reason I love Kevin is because he is extremely passionate about this space, knows what he’s doing, and isn’t afraid to debate someone if he thinks they’re doing it wrong.

His blog, Fearless Hustle, is all about social media, entrepreneurship, and life.

Entrepreneurship, you ask?

You see, Kevin had his own business that didn’t make it. He’s not afraid to tell you that. And he’s also not afraid to tell you why. The lessons he learned are good for any entrepreneur, no matter which phase of business growth you’re in.

The company was Suite Diggs and it was a furniture company designed to make buying furniture easy and affordable (Suite Diggs, get it?). Ask him about it.

Personally, I don’t think it’s anything he did wrong other than, you know, starting a company in the worst economy this country has seen since the Great Depression.

While you ask him what he learned from that experience, tell him to blog more. He’s really good at it, has some very interesting insight to share, and isn’t saying the same things as everyone else.

He’s extremely intelligent, very funny, and can talk sports, social media, life, or even growing grass (which I did last summer and it was a huge test of my patience – Kevin supported me through it).

Check him out on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, at Fearless Hustle, and on my favorite…Pinterest!

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Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • I know Kevin and I are connected on Twitter – and it’s always good to see things comes full circle.  The world is quite small when you look at it through the lens of personal connections. 🙂 

    • ginidietrich

       @jasonkonopinski It really is, isn’t it?

      •  @ginidietrich It really is – and I rather enjoy when my worlds collide. Earlier this week, one of my dearest friends bustedjj RTd shonali  and it made me smile. 🙂 

    • trontastic

       @jasonkonopinski It’s funny you say that. @ginidietrich and I met when she was on a panel during a conference I was attending years back and a mutual friend sent me a tweet asking me to pass along some well-wishes after the session. Def. a small world.

      • ginidietrich

         @trontastic  @jasonkonopinski From the front row, mind you.

    •  @jasonkonopinski Now we’re connected on FB and LinkedIn! Thanks for hitting me up, Jason. I’d be really curious to know how many other mutual friendships we share…

  • I look forward to reading Kevin’ s insights.

    • ginidietrich

       @Anthony_Rodriguez (Tell him to blog more)

    •  @Anthony_Rodriguez insights, huh. That might be a little generous haha. Crazy rants is more like it. Would love to hear your thoughts about my posts. Have a great weekend, Anthony. 

  • Well, we’re connected in a few places, why not a few more?

    • ginidietrich

       @KenMueller Exactly!

    •  @KenMueller Ken, I’m making it my mission to find you every social network I can. Your name seems to pop up in my stream a lot. Glad we’re finally connecting. Any big St. Paddy’s Day plans?

  • trontastic

     @ginidietrich It is always awesome to see you give props to someone from my hood.
    Kevin – Nice to meet you. I’ve been looking into getting hooked up with our chapter of SMC, lets connect for a lunch/beer sometime.

    • ginidietrich

       @trontastic Dang. I should have written that into the blog post. Just for you.

      • trontastic

         @ginidietrich I don’t know if I could handle a blog post mention. I’m entirely too shy for something like that.

        • ginidietrich

           @trontastic Puh-lease.

        • trontastic

           @ginidietrich I’m sure I have NO idea what you’re talking about. 🙂
          On a more serious note, DC is becoming more and more of a hot-bed of really intense interactive marketing talent. Seeing some of our greats like Kevin get noticed is really cool.

        •  @trontastic  @ginidietrich After working in the DC farea or a number of years, I’ve always tried to keep abreast of what’s happening in the digital agency world. Very cool stuff happening there, for sure. 

    •  @trontastic Levi, what’s up man? I’d love to grab a beer sometime. We’ve actually got an SMCDC event coming up on Wed. You should come out! I’ll hit you up on twitter so we can chat more. #DCChillin 

      • ginidietrich

         @kevinfawley  @trontastic And you both should know, I’m headed that way for the book tour with geoffliving . June 21.

        •  @ginidietrich  @trontastic geoffliving drinks on me. You’ve officially been added to the calendar. No getting out of it now…

        • trontastic

           @ginidietrich  @kevinfawley  geoffliving it’s about fricken time you got down here. looking forward to it!

      • trontastic

         @kevinfawley Ready to start the weekend after an amazingly long week. Wednesday sounds like a plan. Shoot me a DM with some deets and I’ll put it on the calendar.

  • bustedjj

    @jasonkonopinski Hey, thanks, Jay.

    • jasonkonopinski

      @bustedjj You rock, Mama J. <3

  • Growing grass? What sort of grass are we talking about here? I never thought that I would say this but back in the day when I owned my home I spent lots of time at a nursery discussing what would be best for my yard.
    I bet someone has a blog all about this and if they don’t well opportunity is knocking.
    Nice to meet you Kevin.

    • ginidietrich

       @TheJackB Not THAT kind of grass. The lawn kind. I’ve spent a TON of time nurturing it. 

      •  @ginidietrich See my first graph. I understood. Been to Home Depot, Sears, Nurseries etc to talk about what I should use for the lawn. I totally get it.

        • ginidietrich

           @TheJackB Can you come over and help me?

        •  @ginidietrich Sure. Family wants me to come out In May. If I make it I’ll be happy to come work on the lawn.

        • ginidietrich

           @TheJackB That would be awesome!!!

    •  @TheJackB Hey Jack, great meeting you man. All I remember is @ginidietrich asking a lot of questions about Hydroponic systems…

      • ginidietrich

         @kevinfawley  @TheJackB Shhhhhh!

  • KevinFawley

    @MichaelBowers thanks so much, Mike. What’s going on w/ you? Any big plans for St. Paddys Day??

    • MichaelBowers

      @KevinFawley Nothing much planned. Working today and baseball stuff with the kids over the weekend.

  • ginidietrich

    @StephanieFlo My pleasure!

  • Love it when the Virginia boys get highlighted! I’ve had the chance to get to know Kevin over the past couple of months and I love the guy’s passion and think he’s going to do some great things in this industry. Glad he made the sacred list of Spin Sucks #FF members. 😉
    Hope your week was a great one Gini!

    • ginidietrich

       @Marcus_Sheridan Longest week ever, Marcus! But it means closer to seeing you in Knoxville!

    •  @Marcus_Sheridan <<<—– IS THE FREAKING MAN. No. Seriously. 

  • ginidietrich

    @TheSalesLion I love it when we agree!

  • DoTime_WX

    @ginidietrich We view you in the same manner (I do anyways) “Social Media Genius… and funny too”

    • Lauriceodpdy

      @DoTime_WX Apple is handing out one thousand iPad 3’s as part of great promotion, visit this page for details! @freeipad_3

    • ginidietrich

      @DoTime_WX We are so BFFs!

      • DoTime_WX

        @ginidietrich Lol, that’s what I thought too!

  • ginidietrich

    @KevinFawley You’re welcome, Kev!

  • JohnFalchetto

    @ginidietrich Hello 🙂 What is this I read PR pros aren’t liars?

    • ginidietrich

      @JohnFalchetto Are you just trying to get me worked up??

  • geoffliving

    @KevinFawley @ginidietrich Hey, Ken! hope to connect sometime soon. Cheers!

  • Just reading this now and can I say I think @KevinFawley absolutely rocks?! And now I know what has been missing in my life lately…bugging Kevin! I need to get back on that, ha!

    • ginidietrich

       @rachaelseda  Nope. You should have stopped by on Friday. You lost your chance.

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