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#FollowFriday: Laura Click

By: Gini Dietrich | October 26, 2012 | 

I can’t remember how/when I first met Laura Click.

I know it was online (either Twitter or here on the blog), but I do remember when I finally got to meet her in April at SocialSlam in Knoxville.

And she was even more lovely in person than online.

When we first met, she was working full-time and also thinking about going out on her own to start Blue Kite Marketing. We had long conversations about making the decision, how to find clients, and when it was time to hire.

Like Mr. D and me, she and her husband are now a family of entrepreneurs. Which is both exciting and scary. If you have a rough year (like we did in 2010 and 2011), you’d better hope you don’t need to get a bank loan or refinance anything. Because they don’t look at how well you saved so you could pay your mortgage in lean years. They only look at the tax return from the previous year.

That’s something you aren’t told when you go out on your own. You won’t always have a consistent paycheck. And, some years, you won’t make a dime because it will be more important to keep the business afloat. So you’d better save well or you won’t make it.

So when both of you are entrepreneurs, the risk is even greater.

But so is the reward and, like I told Laura as she was thinking about this a year ago, the hardest part is making the decision to leave your job. After that’s done, the decisions are easier to make and you’re in charge of your own destiny. Forever.

It’s not just the dual entrepreneur family that draws me to Laura, though. She’s a runner and, while I’m now a cyclist, we have the same philosophy when it comes to taking care of our bodies and minds.

And she’s a reader. In fact, she just had a phenomenal idea to create a book running club. I can’t believe this doesn’t already exist. You spend a ton of time with your running partners. Why not all read the same book and discuss it during one of your long runs?

Don’t anyone steal that idea. It’s Laura’s!

And, while Laura grew up on a farm in Missouri and I learned how to walk beans in the early years of my career, we can talk weed and insect control with the best of them.

But one little thing I have to mention – mostly so Mr. D doesn’t get upset – she went to the University of Missouri and he went to Kansas. So we can never have the two of you meet.

For everyone else, though? Check Laura out. You can find her on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slideshareher blog, and in the comments here today. So say hello!

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  • I’d be too focused on my breathing and not dying on long runs to discuss a book. 🙂
    Hi Laura!

    • @jasonkonopinski Ha! You’re clearly not a runner. It gets soooo boring on those long runs. You definitely need something to discuss.

      • @ginidietrich Most of my runs sit right around 5 miles, mostly on trails. It’s my time to lose myself with the Wonderpup.

        • @jasonkonopinski I am so glad I gave up running. I hated it. Besides the fact that I had an asthma attack nearly every run, those runs longer than 10 miles SUCK.

        • @ginidietrich I run, but I’m not a runner. The years of rugby haven’t been kind to my knees, so I may soon hang up the shoes and clip into a bicycle.

        • @jasonkonopinski YES!!!

        • @ginidietrich 🙂

        • @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich Switch to Vibrams – no knee pain! I was never a runner until recently because my knees always troubled me. I’m up to 3 miles on hard Brooklyn cement. No pain.

        • @katskrieger  @jasonkonopinski My doctor would say no to that. I no longer have pain, but I’ve had my knee scoped three times. And there’s the whole asthma thing. I’m good on the bike!

        • @katskrieger  @ginidietrich Love my Five Fingers! Five times here, Gini.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich If you run, you ARE a runner! I just started running a couple of years ago and it took me awhile to say it because I’m not as hard core as some other folks, but I run, therefore, I’m a runner. You are too!

        • @katskrieger  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich Do you like Vibrams? I hear minimal shoes take a LOT of getting used to and you can only do low mileage with them.
          Oh, and PEOPLE, run/walk. I do intervals and I do not have pain. And, it makes it far more enjoyable.

        • @lauraclick  @katskrieger  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich Yes I don’t qualify myself as a runner because I do run/walk intervals, but hey it gets me out there!

        • @lauraclick  I run to keep in shape for other things – bouldering and rugby especially. 
          Years of cramming my feet into climbing shoes and rugby boots have toughened up my soles considerably, but some people have trouble with them. It all depends. If you make the switch, you’ll need to build up your distances again slowly.  Minimal shoes will change the way that you run. Totally different muscles being used, especially in your feet.

      • @ginidietrich  @jasonkonopinski That’s why I run with a group for long runs. I can’t IMAGINE running more than 10 miles by myself. Yuck!

  • Hi Laura! Great idea on the books, but like @jasonkonopinski I’d likely be concentrating on finishing the run. That and running is the only time I get alone, so I don’t usually run with anyone else. I’m a Midwesterner as well, grew up in Des Moines and went to school at Truman State, but I will spoil your rivalry with Mr. D by owning up to being a Huskers fan. 🙂

    • @katskrieger  Nah. Mr. D isn’t bothered by Husker grads. Only Mizzou grads. I don’t think I knew that you grew up in Des Moines. Did you know I went to Creighton?

      • @ginidietrich I remember the Creighton part. I get the weird balance of growing up in Iowa, having gone to school in Missouri and being a Husker fan. LOL Though I hardly watch sports, so I guess it doesn’t matter. The huskers usually lose when I am actually paying attention. 🙂

        • @katskrieger Stop watching! I’m mad at them…they were here this past weekend. I had to get to Omaha for my friend’s funeral. There were NO flights on Sunday. I think the entire state came to Chicago for the game.

      • @ginidietrich  @katskrieger We hated Nebraska, but not NEARLY as bad as Kansas. The MU/KU hatred runs deep.

    • @katskrieger Hi Kat! I love the alone time on my short runs during the week. It’s just a few miles and gives me time to think. But, when you’re running LOTS of miles (10+) on the weekend, it’s so great to have a group. It makes it go SO much faster!
      And yes, know all about Truman State. But, you’re a Huskers fan?!? Two years ago, I would have said we can’t be friends either. We had SUCH a huge rivalry with them. I family in Nebraska, so the holidays were always tough when we talked sports. Anyway, since you’re in the Big 10 and we’re in the SEC, it’s okay. 😉
      Still hate Kansas though. Sorry, Mr. D!

  • Well, I’m already following Laura, but good to see her here. I’ll discuss books, but while other people run. I’ll stick to my walking, which is much more conducive to talking.

    • @KenMueller You people.

      • @ginidietrich nothing wrong with me and my people

        • @KenMueller Says you.

        • @ginidietrich and as you recall, I’m always right.

        • @KenMueller No, no. You THINK you’re always right. Big difference.

    • @KenMueller So, here’s the secret – I run/walk. I do intervals, which some people may turn their nose up at, but it works for me. And, when you’re running LOTS of miles, you need to keep the pace slow enough where you can talk anyway. If you don’t, you’ll totally wimp out after a few miles (or, at least I would).

  • magriebler

    Hi Laura! A yoga book club doesn’t seem to have much viability, but I’m going to bring up the idea with my walking buddy. Long ago I concluded all the pain and sweating of exercise was worth it for the positive impact on my mood. Talking about books and ideas has the same benefit. Putting the two together — well, that’s just plain genius.
    Kudos to you for your new business and for taking good care of yourself. I wish you only the best.

    • @magriebler I am in to a yoga book club! We could start with Poser…

      • @RebeccaTodd  @magriebler I try so hard to get into yoga. Like once a week try. And I just can’t do it. What is wrong with me??

        • yvettepistorio

          @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd  @magriebler Maybe it’s the studio? I’ve been to some REALLY bad ones and it can ruin it for you. I’m addicted to yoga…wish I could go daily!

        • @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd  @magriebler I’ve yet to try yoga. I tried Pilates videos years ago and I just couldn’t get into it – that, and I’m not very flexible!

        • magriebler

          @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd @lauraclick  I started at home with a few DVDs because I’m too competitive to look like a fool in public.

        • @magriebler  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @lauraclick It could be the studio. It could also be you, Gini. For my sister the big struggle is that there is no winning, it isn’t about being the best, and not every body can do every pose. So for her the big challenge is backing off and learning to enjoy the stretch and the slowness. That being said, I do a very active and hard form of hot yoga- usually Moksha. I love the hard work and how my body and mind feel afterwards. Bikram is hardcore but you may like it. I do not do well with a home practice- I love the energy of the studio.

        • magriebler

          @RebeccaTodd  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @lauraclick I just love how there’s a form of exercise for everyone. Gini, you’ve found what works for you. Celebrate that!

        • @RebeccaTodd  @magriebler  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @lauraclick There’s a weekly yoga class here at Vocus. I’m going to start. 🙂

        • yvettepistorio

          @lauraclick  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd  @magriebler Oh I’m not either!! The more I do yoga or pilates, the more flexible I become. I remember my first class…I was so embarrassed! Luckily there were a few other people who were just starting as well so I didn’t feel so bad!!!

        • magriebler

          @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @lauraclick I am JEALOUS.

        • @magriebler  @jasonkonopinski  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @lauraclick Amazing! Real men do yoga. For reals! Yes I agree- just find a form of exercise that works for you!

        • magriebler

          @yvettepistorio   What studio do you go to? As I recall, we don’t live too far apart from each other.

        • @yvettepistorio  Not the studio. I try a new one every week. I just can’t get into it.

        • yvettepistorio

          @magriebler I go to Core Power in Park Ridge 🙂 What about you? I’m looking for a new one because CP is pricey.

        • magriebler

          @yvettepistorio I thought you might! That’s in my ‘hood. I think it’s expensive too. Let me know what you find out and I’ll do the same.

        • @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio What is it that you don’t like? The slowness?

        • belllindsay

          @lauraclick  @yvettepistorio  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd @magriebler  Pilates is my thing – LOVE IT!! Can’t wait to get started again now that hubs and I are both employed again. LOL

      • magriebler

        @RebeccaTodd Lots of books with the word breathe/breathing in the title. We’re good to go.

    • @magriebler Hi Marianne! So nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind words!
      As for yoga and books, that might not work – aren’t you supposed to be quiet the whole time?! I’ve never done it, so I don’t know!

      • magriebler

        @lauraclick A yoga book club might officially be the worst idea ever. In yoga, the focus is as much on your breathing as it is on the poses. But if @RebeccaTodd is up for giving it a try, I’m in!

        • @magriebler  @lauraclick I’m thinking more books about yoga that we can discuss not during practice? Poser is one I started- each chapter is about a different posture…

        • magriebler

          @RebeccaTodd  @lauraclick I hadn’t heard about that book, but I’m looking into it. Thanks for the tip.

        • @magriebler  @lauraclick It is also about the end of a relationship, so I found it right at the right time.  Didn’t finish it yet…

        • magriebler

          @RebeccaTodd  @lauraclick Mmmm. Sounds like you just had a major life event.

        • @magriebler  @lauraclick Hah as if it was just one! Not the way life seems to roll, for me anyway!

        • magriebler

          @RebeccaTodd  @lauraclick Well, I think you’re a keeper.

        • @magriebler  @lauraclick Aww thanks!

  • Hi Laura! So great to meet you here.  G I can’t believe you neglected that Laura is a dog lover- very important around here! Your running book club idea is really fantastic, too. Maybe we can have a virtual book club of some sort? Enjoy your follow Friday!

    • @RebeccaTodd I am introducing the Spin Sucks book club at the first of the year. So keep your panties on!

      • @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd Oooh! Great idea. So, will these be business books or leisure books?

      • magriebler

        @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd For real, Gini? This sounds exciting. Business, pleasure or both?

        • @magriebler  @RebeccaTodd @lauraclick It’s going to be novels – fiction. I’m a big believer in reading fiction to help our writing, storytelling, and content creation. It’s hard to be creative when you only read business books.

        • @ginidietrich  @magriebler  @RebeccaTodd  @lauraclick Well, you know I’m in like Flynn.

        • AnneReuss

          @ginidietrich  @magriebler  @RebeccaTodd  @lauraclick Totes. I just read Bad Monkeys and I was just so happy to be off in a different world, I finished it under 24 hours!

      • @ginidietrich Hmmm I was supposed to wear those?!?

        • @RebeccaTodd Oh shoot. Can you put them on until I announce book club?

        • I’m not wearing….wait, what?

        • @jasonkonopinski Because I like you I am going to refrain from all the good comments that come to mind, or maybe it is just too damn early in the morning. 😉

      • @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd Major like!!

    • @RebeccaTodd Nice to meet you too, Rebecca! Yes, I’m a HUGE dog lover. My chocolate lab, Bailey, is curled up next to my chair right now!

      • @lauraclick I have a black lab and a beagle! Love my pack.

        • @RebeccaTodd Love labs! My first dog growing up was a black lab named Smokey. Such great dogs. 🙂

      • @lauraclick  @RebeccaTodd Bailey is an excellent name. The Wonderpup approves…by snoring.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd Wonderpup and Bailey should start a chorus – I think she’s chasing squirrels in her dreams right now. What kind of dog, BTW?

        • @lauraclick  @RebeccaTodd Beagle here, his name is also Bailey.  Sometimes he barks in his sleep. It’s hysterical.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @lauraclick Hah so cute! My beagie does sleep howls too. My boy sleep eats, I think. Bee tee dubs, the beagle has no mastered the fridge door too, and doesn’t even have the good grace to wait for me to leave. It now has to be locked all the time.

  • Wow! Gini, I’m blushing. Thank you so much for the kind words and the Follow Friday love! You just made my week! It’s been truly a pleasure getting to know you online and I’m so glad we got to meet at Social Slam this year! I hate that we didn’t have more time to chat. 
    You are someone I really respect and admire – and your advice has been invaluable as I’ve gone out on my own. It’s been quite a ride and I’m so thankful that there have been so many people to encourage me and provide guidance along the way. Becoming an entrepreneur is like joining a special club – and it’s great to have people who totally “get” what you’re going through. Thanks for being one of those people!
    And yes, totally need to make this running book club happen! It needs a name, people. Ideas? GO! 
    Oh, and what book should I read next? I’ve got a 24-miler next weekend, so I’ll have a LOT of time to talk about something. Just finished Gone Girl. What should I read next?

    • @lauraclick i’m reading The Casual Vacancy right now, but not loving it. I’m plowing through it, though. Did you read The Night Circus? If not, that should definitely be next. And, by the same author of Gone Girl, Dark Places was pretty good. Not as good as Gone Girl, but pretty good. I read The Age of Miracles last week. I really liked the premise (the earth slows down its rotation and all sorts of things get screwed up like gravity), but it left me wanting more at the end.

      • @ginidietrich  @lauraclick Daniel Quinn. Re-reading “Ishmael” and “The Story of B”.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  @lauraclick I read The Age Of Miracles not long ago and really loved it but felt the same as you at the end Gini – I wanted the story to just keep going!!

        • @belllindsay  @ginidietrich @jasonkonopinski So many choices!!!!

      • @ginidietrich No, I’ve not read The Night Circus….so many books I have’t read yet! I’m finally getting back into leisure reading and trying to make it a priority. It’s so rewarding to devour a book!
        I’ve got a lot of recommendations on my Facebook wall too that I need to check out. Life of Pi is one I’ve never read and I’m curious about it with the upcoming movie.

    • @lauraclick If you’re thinking nonfiction, pick up Unbroken if you haven’t already. Page-turner!

  • yvettepistorio

    Hi Laura!! Nice to meet you 🙂
    I’ll stick with @KenMueller on the walking and talking books!!

    • @yvettepistorio  @KenMueller Hi Yvette! Nice to meet you too! 
      See my note to Ken below – my secret is that I’m SLOW and I walk some!

  • Hi Laura…we’ve already connected on Twitter (thanks to the lovely @ginidietrich !) and I’ve been enjoying your Blue Kite blog!!  Happy FF!  Can’t wait to hear more about the book club…

    • @lizreusswig  Yes! So glad we’ve connected, Liz! Glad you’re enjoying the blog too. 🙂
      Yeah, the book club idea needs a name. Any ideas?

      • @lauraclick  @lizreusswig Words and Nerds. Duh.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @lizreusswig LOL! Like it. But, that doesn’t capture the running part.

  • debdobson62

    Hi Laura.  It was great to also meet you at Social Slam in Knoxville.  My twin is a long distance runner and also a reader.  I might just have to tell her to steal what a great idea.  Brilliant!  And Gini, count me in on the Spin Sucks book club.

    • @debdobson62 Isn’t it a good idea?!

      • debdobson62

        A very good idea @ginidietrich !

    • @debdobson62 So great to meet you at SoSlam too, Deb! Enjoyed getting to sit next to you at dinner!
      Let me know if your twin decides to read and run!  We need a name for this thing!

  • Eric_Jans

    @lauraclick @ginidietrich Good stuff. Entrepreneurship can be scary, but it’s so worth it!

    • lauraclick

      @eric_jans @ginidietrich Amen!

  • So nice to meet you Laura! Congratulations on taking the “plunge” in starting your own business. That sounds so rewarding/scary lol I’m sure you already have many lessons learned and stories to tell. And how fortunate that you knew Gini during that pivotal time. 
    Excited to get to know you more … Following you now!

    • @kateupdates So great to meet you too, Kate! Looking forward to getting to know you too – what’s YOUR story?
      And yes, starting a business is both exciting and scary as heck. As Gini said, the hardest part is deciding to do it. It’s like standing at the edge of a cliff, knowing that it’s a long way down and that it’s going to be scary, but you do it anyway! And then, once you jump, you think, wow, that was fun, why didn’t I do it sooner?!

  • jennwhinnem

    I am a big Laura Click fan. Who else could I sing “Loveshack” with in front of twitter people?!

    • @jennwhinnem LOL!!!! How did I miss that?!?

      • jennwhinnem

        @ginidietrich I’m glad you missed it! No offense meant. I am still embarrassed that I did that.
        Thanks for featuring Laura – she definitely deserves it!

        • @jennwhinnem  @ginidietrich NO! It was awesome!!!!!!

        • jennwhinnem

          @lauraclick  @ginidietrich You mean YOU were awesome! You got MOVES girl

    • magriebler

      @jennwhinnem Me! With cool dance moves too.

    • @jennwhinnem Um, that was awesome. When do we get to party together again?!?! 
      I’m a fan of you too!

  • That is a great idea! When I was training for a half marathon (before I gave up running due to injury) a friend of mine would come prepared to talk in great detail about books she knew would interest me, or huge stories she’d read in the Atlantic. She was a better runner than I was, so she could talk and I could listen (out of breath) and it kept me company and kept my  mind off the pain. Also, such a good friend, right?

    • @EleanorPie What an awesome friend!!

    • magriebler

      @EleanorPie The New Yorker is a great resource for walking/running and talking.

      • @magriebler  @EleanorPie And Vanity Fair.

        • @ginidietrich  @magriebler  @EleanorPie Those are the two magazines I refuse to give up my subscriptions to. Love them!

    • @EleanorPie A great friend indeed!
      My running buddy recommended Gone Girl (as did Gini) – we’ve talked about it some, but now than I’m finished with it, I’m excited to finally digest with her. It does make the miles go faster!
      So, did you ever get to run that half marathon?

      • @lauraclick I did! Once! I’m actually in week one of C25K – I want to get into running again, but that was awhile ago – and a few pounds ago.And I should have mentioned, I’m already a Laura Click fan – I think I share a Blue Kite link at least once a week!

  • So you both know how to walk beans?

    • @Josh/ I do! One of my most favorite things to do when I worked in agriculture PR was to show up on a farm in my big city clothes and watch the growers look me up and down, thinking, “There is no way this girl knows what she’s doing.” Then I’d get there and you could physically see the surprise on their faces. I loved doing that.

      • @ginidietrich  @Josh/ Um, that WOULD be fun, Gini. I would have loved that. I’m sure those farmers were shocked – how fun to prove their first impression wrong! 
        And yup, I had to walk beans in the summer as a kid. I have a scar on my hand to prove it (got sliced by my dad’s corn knife!).
        I love telling people I grew up on a farm and telling all sorts of stories of things I had to do – people who didn’t know that about me are surprised when I share my tales (especially if I’m wearing pumps and a skirt while telling it)!

  • Also met Laura at SoSlam, very nice to be able to connect w/ people we bump into on the blogs, Twitters, etc. And smart one – like her running/book club. Great FF pick.

    • @3HatsComm Sooooo great to meet you at Social Slam too, Davina! That’s the magic of that event – getting to finally meet people you’ve been talking to online for ages!

  • AnneReuss

    Why have I not met an Illini yet??? C’mon Gini! But Jeannie Cusick Walters would like Laura 🙂 
    Fancy meeting you @lauraclick ! You have a wonderful smile and congratulations on your business!

    • @AnneReuss  I refuse to be friends with any Illini?! I mean, what?

    • @AnneReuss  Jeannie Cusick Walters Nice to meet you too, Anne! Thanks for the kind words.
      So, is Jeannie a fellow Mizzou grad? If so, yes, I would LOVE her! 🙂

      • AnneReuss

        @lauraclick  jeanniecw  Yes she is. You guys will hit it off!

  • belllindsay

    Laura Click has one of the world’s most amazing names!!! Just say it – “Laura Click” – it’s like a movie name! I love it. I want it. “Lindsay Click” – it works.
    And I’m happy to meet yet another of Gini’s incredible Follow Friday friends! 🙂

    • @belllindsay HAHA! Thanks, Lindsay. It’s funny – I get asked all the time if “Click” is really my last name or if I picked it. I guess I can say I kinda picked it because I married into it! Pretty sweet, huh? 
      You should ask bdorman264 about my name – he’s always finding clever ways to weave it into his tweets. Too funny!
      Oh, and nice to meet you too! 🙂

      • @lauraclick  @belllindsay And when she runs, she just goes clickety click down the road…….:).

        • @bdorman264  @belllindsay See?! I can always leave it up to Bill to come up with something clever! 😉

  • Yet another awesome peep, that Laura Click!
    I’ve had conversations with her, online and off and she’s not only very knowledgeable about social and all things marketing, she’s incredibly nice. Gini might be just as nice, but I can’t compare as I have not meet Gini in person. Maybe, maybe one day … a boy can dream, right 😉 Happy Friday!

    • @Craig McBreen You’re awesome too, my friend! I really loved getting to video chat with you – we’ll have to do it again sometime. 
      And having met @ginidietrich in person, I can say she IS super nice! You won’t be disappointed when the time comes. 😉 
      Happy Friday, my friend!

    • @Craig McBreen I”m not as nice. Let’s just set your expectations now.

  • lauraclick

    @stephanieflo Thanks, Stephanie! Happy Friday to you too!

  • bdorman264

    @lauraclick Hey now; I’m out this wk, did I miss anything at SS?

  • I love that @lauraclick !! Great Follow Friday choice, @ginidietrich . Something I’m noticing more and more — it’s the folks we’d want to hang out with “in real life” who we’re also drawn to online. In the social media world, at least, nice guys (and gals) finish first. And Laura’s at the front of the pack!

    • jonbuscall

      @New England Multimedia   @lauraclick  @ginidietrich About time too!!!! Seriously. Laura’s awesome :=)

      • @jonbuscall  @New England Multimedia   @ginidietrich Thanks, Jon. 🙂

    • @New England Multimedia   @ginidietrich That’s SO true, Michelle! When you let your personality shine through online, you get the chance to meet like-minded folks. Can’t wait until we get to meet someday!

  • joegangwish

    @ginidietrich FYI Gin and Topics. Nebraska also had snow this week.

    • ginidietrich

      @joegangwish I was in NE this week. It was 80 degrees.

      • joegangwish

        @ginidietrich You were? When? Cold front came through Wed night and gave us snow!

        • ginidietrich

          @joegangwish Yes! I was there for a funeral. I came home on Wed

  • minutrition

    @ginidietrich Is this going too far?

  • Woohoo! I love @lauraclick  she is amazing in the new George Clooney movie and rumor has it she is the new ‘Bond’ girl. Lucky Daniel Craig!  I remember telling @belllindsay  Laura was totally going to be a star after her scene stealing cameo in the ill fated Gigli. I said ‘Lindsay this movie totally sucked but a new star is born you just watch’. Yes it took some time. A few roles as victims in slasher flicks like Freddy’s Revenge Part 18 and Motorcycle Chainsaw Christmas. But the steady work paid off and now she has made it with her Follow Friday.
    Hopefully Jon Stewart sees this in time to mention Monday when she goes on the Daily Show. I am just curious if @ginidietrich will get a mention should Laura score an Oscar or Golden Globe in her acceptance speech.
    One thing though is Laura has stayed humble. She works with at risk youth teaching them to pick locks and helps find homes for homeless penguins. Well deserved!

    • @HowieG  Oh Howie. I miss you when you don’t comment here.

    • belllindsay

      @HowieG  @lauraclick  @ginidietrich “homeless penguins” – HAHAHAHA!! Pure gold!!

    • @HowieG  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich BEST. COMMENT. EVER. 
      Next Bond girl, huh? A girl can dream. 😉

  • Laura Click, it’s an honor and a pleasure. What good timing too, since we just visited each other’s site. 
    You are one smart cookie. I hope I never have to debate you!

    • @barrettrossie Thanks so much, Barrett! I’ve really enjoyed chatting in the comments with you think week – great minds! 🙂

  • Laura is a lovely person! We haven’t interacted very often, but I’ve enjoyed the few times we have. Cheers, Laura!

    • @Erin F. Thanks, Erin! I’ve enjoyed chatting with you too! 🙂

  • markwschaefer

    Laura rocks!  (PS I discovered her!!!)  : )

  • Off social for a few days, and I miss @lauraclick ‘s debut. 🙁
    Laura is awesome!!! She was actually one of the people I “met” early on in this game. I got to know her online and then I was fortunate enough to meet her IRL at SoSlam. She is as personable and genuine in person as she is online.
    Kudos on the #FF Laura! Good choice Mrs. D.

    • @Adam | Customer Experience How did I miss your sweet comment?! So cool that I was on here right after you!!!!
      So glad we’ve gotten to know each other online AND IRL. Hope to see you again at SoSlam this year!

  • JonFMoss

    @adamtoporek @lauraclick @ginidietrich hey, I know that girl!

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