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#FollowFriday: Laura Petrolino

By: Gini Dietrich | March 1, 2013 | 

Laura-PetrolinoLadies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my seriously insane and deliciously crazy friend, Laura Petrolino.

She is the founder of Flying Pig Consulting where she handles consulting, brand development, and digital media for organizations big and small, specializing in flying pigs and dogs (I just made that up, but she does have lots of pictures with dogs from a previous job).

If the name of her company is any indication, you now know why I call her crazy. But even she admits she’s crazy, recently writing in a blog post about her “well-known and slightly comical ADD.”

Some of you may already recognize her name. If you like our Facebook page, you’ll recognize her as a recent “fan of the week” winner. She had fun with it the entire week, making all of us look forward to logging in each day. At the end of the week, she gave a speech and handed her crown to the following week’s winner.

On her personal page, she posts random things that just make you laugh out loud.

Like this:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.08.08 PM

Not only is she hilarious and a ton of fun to follow, she has crazy things happen to her out there in the single world (which makes me think I should resurrect my “What is Going On?” book I started when I was dating).

Earlier this week, she had a guy hand her his number written on a condom while she was working out. Seriously, what is going on? Who does that?

But she’s not all fun and games. She’s wicked smart. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a political science degree. Even though she went on to work for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, we try not to hold that against her.

She’s one of the good guys in this crazy industry we call public relations. If you’re not a communicator, don’t worry. Her sense of humor, wit, and energy will prove you have many other things in common.

There are lots of places you can find her: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, the Call a Biz Hero podcast, and her blog (one of my favorites is, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten“).

Introduce yourself in the comments here, follow her, and you’ll soon see what I mean by deliciously crazy.

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  • i LOVE Laura, and love my convos with her. But I seriously thought you had featured her before. Oh well, guess not. Congrats, Laura!

    • @KenMueller I thought I had too…nope.

      • @ginidietrich Maybe it’s just that when she’s in the comments here it FEELS like it’s her Follow Friday. After all, she says it’s all about her anyway. Oh! and on our walk through the new neighborhood today, I discovered that someone a few doors down has a small statue of a flying pig in their front yard. I’ll have to snap a picture for her.

        • @KenMueller @ginidietrich YES!! So it’s actually funny how often people send me pictures of flying pigs or actually flying pigs! I have sooo many now and I love it!!
          It makes me sooo proud every time! 🙂

        • @KenMueller @ginidietrich oh and Ken! I totally appreciate how well I have you trained! Your expert gushing about me in this post gets you a big gold star!!!

  • Good to meet you Laura! And congrats on the #FF.
    Love the name of your business! I look forward to circling, following, etc.

    • @Adam | Customer Experience You do know pigs don’t fly?

      • @ginidietrich Actually they do fly, just usually in the form of bacon.

        • @Adam | Customer Experience Bacon flies?!

        • belllindsay

          @ginidietrich  @Adam | Customer Experience It flies down my THROAT! 😀

        • @belllindsay @ginidietrich @Adam | Customer Experience crap! Now you all are eating my brand!! Stop that!

        • @ginidietrich Yes, but only in first class meals.

        • @LauraPetrolino  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @Adam Don’t worry. GIni and I only eat the veggie version of your brand.

        • @Adam | Customer Experience  @LauraPetrolino  @belllindsay  I’m very concerned.

    • @Adam | Customer Experience awesome to connect with you too Adam!!

  • Great to meet you Laura! Congrats on your entry to the club! Following…

    • @katskrieger so Kat, it’s kind of funny because for some reason the last couple of weeks your name, or articles, or what not keep coming up in my day. So literally yesterday I thought to myself, ‘I obviously need to introduce myself and connect with this amazing person’!
      And now you’ve commented on my FF post, so this is like super exciting, and obviously we were fated to be friends! 🙂

  • Laura and I have just recently connected, but it’s awesome to see her in the spotlight here. 

    • @jasonkonopinski Gracias sir!! It’s already been fun following you on Facebook! I can tell we have a similar perspective on many things (hahaha…which you may or may not take as a compliment, but since I believe I have a freaking amazing and insightful and down right genius perspective on most things… is!) 🙂

  • I don’t quite remember how or where Laura and I connected, but we’ve been friends online for a LONG time! She rocks!!! She and I are both runners (though, I’m pretty sure she’s a LOT faster than me) and dog lovers. And, because she went to Vandy, she loves Nashville just about as much as I do! And, no doubt, she’s a ton of fun.
    I’ve had the pleasure of talking to her on the phone and you’re right – she’s a smart cookie. I can’t wait to finally meet her at Social Slam this year! You’re going for sure, right lkpetrolino?
    Great pick! 
    Oh, and that book idea, Gini? It needs to happen. I have another friend who could write a book about all of the crazy things that happens to her on dates. It could be a collaboration!

    • @lauraclick  I really should pull it out of the archives. I once was on a plane and, after we took off, the pilot came on and asked for the woman in 10D to come up to the front. His co-pilot thought she was cute and wanted to talk to her. ON THE PA SYSTEM HE SAYS THIS. So I have to walk to the front of the plane with everyone watching. My cheeks are getting hot just remembering it.

      • @ginidietrich WHOA. That is crazy town!!! You may have my friend beat! What did you do when you got up to the front of the plane?!?!
        I can’t remember all of her stories, but I know that her Dad set up a profile for her and set her up on dates. One guy was on his phone the whole time and told her a “funny joke” that basically was him saying that his dad spent $30,000/year on a country club membership that the dad never used.
        Another story involved the guy guessing her cup size during dinner….it was their first date! There was a lot more to that story, but I don’t remember all of the details and it’s probably not safe for public consumption anyway.
        Who ARE these people?!?!?

        • @lauraclick The co-pilot…how do I put this politely? He was not my type. So I made up a boyfriend or fiance or something. I’ve had dates like your friend, too. My assistant at FH was on date call at night. She would actually call the restaurant (before cell phones) and ask for me. If the date was going poorly, I would tell him my grandmother had fallen or had a stroke or something. There are lots of boys in Kansas City who heard that story.

      • @ginidietrich  @lauraclick OMG! I love this story!

      • @ginidietrich  @lauraclick Seriously thought ladies, I’ve wanting to write a ‘dating #fails’ boo forever! Like Chicken Soup for the daters soul with a compilation of stories and then a little bit of a intro to each with like funny take aways.
        Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it!!!

        • @LauraPetrolino  @ginidietrich YES!!!! I keep telling my friend I will write the book for her if she just tells me all of her stories. I think this book would be freakin’ hilarious! People can send in their best/worst dating stories. How could you NOT want to read that?!

        • @lauraclick  @ginidietrich Exactly! This is how we can make our millions and retire in Fiji!

    • @lauraclick  lkpetrolino Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, #SoSlam

      • YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! #SoSlam FTW! It’s going to get crazy, people. Who else will be there???

      • @jasonkonopinski  @lauraclick  lkpetrolino Will be there! Be great to meet you IRL Jason and looking forward to meeting Laura P! As for you Mrs. Click… excited for your debut!

    • @lauraclick  lkpetrolino YES!! I am, which reminds me, I need to get on scheduling that! 
      Cannot wait!! 
      I think we met through Third Tribe right?

  • Whoa @lauraclick! I was reading your comment and it disappeared!

    • @ginidietrich Sorry!!! It’s back. I deleted it because I had Laura’s Twitter handle wrong. Since I couldn’t edit, I deleted and reposted.

      • @lauraclick LOL!! It was magic!

        • @ginidietrich  @lauraclick Laura Click is totally magic!

        • @LauraPetrolino  @ginidietrich It must be the name…Laura’s rule! 🙂

        • @lauraclick  LAURA POWER!!!

  • Woooohooooooo!!! Seriously I just don’t even know what to do with myself right now!! Other than dance around and scare my dog!!! 
    This is so freaking exciting! It’s like International Laura Day (which is how I fondly refer to my day of birth, your children might soon be reading about it in their history books)  all over again!
    Ok, now I’m going to quickly start reading your comments and bask in my own glory until I have to go to a meeting!! Looking forward to connecting with all! 
    Thanks everyone!

  • belllindsay

    Annnnnnd following! 🙂 Welcome to the land of the crazies @laurapetrolino !! You are in very good (crazy) company. Great to meet you!

    • @belllindsay Hehe! It is quite an honor to be counted among such a group of high caliber crazies! Hahah! As my Mom always used to tell me, ‘Laura it is ok if you are crazy but just be the best of the best crazies out there’. I feel like I finally made it now!
      So confession – I really wanted to friend you on Facebook yesterday to see pics of your puppy (well of course it would be great to be friends with you as well, but let’s be honest if there is a puppy involved that is going to take priority!). But I was like ‘hmmmm…so how can I politely friend Lindsay so as to use her for her cute puppy porn….’
      But now that we have officially connected I feel perfectly justified doing so!

      • belllindsay

        @LauraPetrolino  @belllindsay Note to self: don’t allow husband to take Hank for walks. 😉

  • As Laura’s partner in crime I can tell you it’s not all batmobiles and skittles.  Actually it IS all batmobiles… she never brings the darn thing back.  And she calls me Alfred.  Alfred!  Do I look like an Alfred to you?

    • @NicoleFende yes you do! And for everyone that is completely confused Nicole is my cohost for Call A Biz Hero

      • AnneReuss

        @LauraPetrolino  @NicoleFende Laura: 1) Is your batmobile bigger and badder than seanmcginnis  ‘s batmobile? I bet it is. 2) Do you give out rides? 3) Fancy meeting you!

        • @AnneReuss  @NicoleFende  seanmcginnis Do I look like a girl that would ride around in a subpar BatMobile?!? I don’t think so! But Sean McGinnis and I should compare notes!
          And yes, we are now booking rides for spring! Sign up at 
          Great to meet you as well!

        • AnneReuss

          @LauraPetrolino  seanmcginnis You don’t need to compare notes. I can bring you secret intel.
          Unless I finally see Sean for coffee next week 😉

        • @AnneReuss  seanmcginnis Perfection!! Muahahahaha!

  • Woot!! Hi Laura!! Love your comments on AD’s Facebook page…congrats on the #FF 🙂

    • @yvettepistorio yay! Thank you! You guys make the page such a fun place that I can’t help but make it part of my daily routine!

  • Now following! Great to meet you…enjoy the #FF fame 🙂

    • @aimeelwest thanks Aimee! It’s like Christmas! Haha!

  • MC Hammer AND flying pigs? My Friday just got a whole lot better. great to meet you @LauraPetrolino !

    • @itsjessicann Ha! My love for old school rap is unmatched! My friends always know when I’m having a rough day because my Spotify stream is overtaken with my peeps Fresh Prince, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice (to name a few!) to help get me through!
      Great to meet you too!

      • @LauraPetrolino  randomly breaking out in old school rap is the cure for anything. shoop-in’ away this Fridaayyy

    • @itsjessicann I have a question for you. Do you go by Jess, Jessi, Jessica? None of the above? I keep wanting to tweet your name and I’m not sure.

      • @ginidietrich Jessica (or Jess for short) is perfect! just not Jessie…(my high school friends tease me by calling me that bcz they know i hate it lol). thanks for asking 🙂

  • CKRadioEye

    she tweets every couple hours!!! Wow. That’s a lot of tweets.

    • @CKRadioEye Don’t follow my Twitter stream if you think that’s a lot.

    • @CKRadioEye haha! I always feel like a twitter slacker! A lot of my tweets are from Facebook and filter through. Kind of a fail but it keeps my twitter family aware of my adventures 🙂

  • I know her. cc: @ginidietrich @LauraPetrolino

    • @ryancox whoa…. My mind was just blown by the insightfulness of that comment! 😉

  • Nice to meet you.

  • John_Trader1

    What a story and an introduction. I like crazy, it’s a good reminder to lighten up and enjoy life. Hi Laura!

    • @John_Trader1 Hahaha! 100% agreed! People take themselves waaaay too seriously! Great to connect John!

  • Well hello, @LauraPetrolino ! I am delighted to meet you (virtually) here and entranced with your company’s name. “Flying Pig Consulting”. How wonderful. (What’s the back story on the name?) Looking forward to knowing you better and enjoying the wit and humor @ginidietrich has described. 🙂

    • @allenmireles  You know, I was just thinking that I’ve never done an article about where the name came from! I’ll have to do that soon now!
      But wonderful to connect with you as well! @ginidietrich has certainly given me quite the reputation to live up to now! Ha 🙂

  • The time has come the Walrus said,
    to speak of many things –
    Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
    and cabbages and kings
    and if the sea is boiling hot –
    and whether pigs have wings.
    Lewis Carroll

    • @jdrobertson LOVE THIS! 
      Great to connect with a man that can whip out poetry on cue!

  • DallasK

    @LauraPetrolino , why the heck did you have to tell everyone about me writing my number on a condom!?!!?  IT WAS THE ONLY THING I HAD TO WRITE ON AND NOT A SEXUAL STATEMENT!

    • @DallasK It concerns me that the last two comments on here are about condoms! My slut meter pie chart is being adversely affected thanks to you and Rebecca Amy Todd

      • DallasK

        @LauraPetrolino  Rebecca Amy Todd For the record, I have been the brainchild of some of your best ideas as of late.  The slut index/pie chart as well as the you tube videos.  I demand payment.

  • Woohoo!!! Happy Follow Friday to you Laura! Your comedic stylings never fail to bring a smile to my face, even if we do sometimes disagree on such vital issues as “parade floats as prophylactic dispensaries”. Enjoy your day!!!

    • @RebeccaTodd Hahahaha! OMG! 
      But for the record, I am neither for or against parade float prophylactic dispensaries. My only concern is how their use affects the international slut meter 🙂

  • NickKellet

    Congrats! @lkpetrolino Yay! That’s me!!! –> #FollowFriday: … via @spinsucks

    • lkpetrolino

      @NickKellet thanks Nick! This has been such a fun day!!

      • NickKellet

        @lkpetrolino I’m sure it has. I had a mental block reading your story:) The guy in the gym left me speechless! And smirking!

        • lkpetrolino

          @NickKellet hahaha! Dear God! I’ve had ALOT of bad pick up lines in my day, but that one definitely wins the prize!!

        • NickKellet

          @lkpetrolino That’s what I was thinking. Good inventions, poor execution:)

        • lkpetrolino

          @NickKellet truth!

  • Followed, circled & connected. Happy to virtually meet you @LauraPetrolino. 🙂

    • @TaraGeissinger Ditto! Where in FL are you? I’m in Tampa!

      • @LauraPetrolino I am down in Fort Myers, but seem to visit Tampa a lot lately thanks to my IKEA addiction. 🙂

        • @TaraGeissinger hahaha! Well let me know next time you are up here!
          I love Ft. Myers, I spend a couple of weeks down at Sanibel every summer. Have been going down there since I was 2!

        • @LauraPetrolino Small world! I grew up on Sanibel (from first grade on up) and my parents still live on the island. We spend a lot of time out there and I love it! We should definitely meet up this year in either location.

  • PattiRoseKnight1

    Hello Laura – love your blog about Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten – I just wish the world would learn #4.  Two little words make all the difference in the world but many find them hard to say even when they know they were wrong.

    • @PattiRoseKnight1 Word to that Patti! I think that is one of the drawbacks of living in a world that so much communication is done virtually….people have lost sense of responsibility or manners. period. end of story.

  • MagnetCons

    Loved the piece and have “followed” Laura.  We love a little zany in our workplace.  Life’s too short for stuffy boardrooms and taking oneself too seriously– at work or elsewhere.

  • You worked for the NRCC? God bless you, child! 🙂  So great to meet you. Oh do we have things to talk about. Thanks @ginidietrich , you just started a movement!

    • @barrettrossie  @ginidietrich Hahah! NRSC (so Senate vs. Congress…we are obviously that much more superior because of our longer terms, haha) Do I have a fellow conservative on my team here?
      I will say thought that when I worked for the party it was before the ‘batshit’ crazy sect (which is the official label I believe) of it really started their shenanigans. 
      But, that being said, from a communications/marketing perspective Republican politics is such an interesting case study….of how to make yourself archaic and out of touch, not to mention lose elections that could be won if…..MUST STOP BEFORE I GO INTO FITS. Anyway, such a soap box issue I’d could go off on. Oh, how I’d love to get my hands on some campaigns!
      Anyway, I’d love to chat!!

      • @LauraPetrolino  Yes, even reading the word “Rep****can” will ruin some people’s day, so let’s not antagonize them.

    • PattiRoseKnight1

      @barrettrossie  @ginidietrich wise man grasshopper 😉

  • barrettrossie

    .@lkpetrolino You’re big-time now! Congrats and nice to meet you >> #FollowFriday: via@ginidietrich

    • lkpetrolino

      @barrettrossie woohoo! It’s sooo exciting! My mom is so proud! 🙂

      • barrettrossie

        @lkpetrolino You’ll be replying to blog posts and tweets all dang day. And oh year… stay away from creeps at the gym!

        • lkpetrolino

          @barrettrossie I try! I’m a creep magnet! They find me!! Hahaha!

  • seanmcginnis

    @AnneReuss Uh oh.

  • lkpetrolino

    @lauraclick ahhh….you’re the best!!

    • lauraclick

      @lkpetrolino Don’t mention it! I can’t wait to FINALLY meet you at #SoSlam! It’s gonna be great. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Laura!

      • lkpetrolino

        @lauraclick I know! I’m sooo pumped! And I’m serious about this book! Let’s make it happen

  • lkpetrolino

    @JonMikelBailey woohoo! Thank you!

  • lkpetrolino

    @ginidietrich you=the best!! Thank you!!

  • HowieG

    I never got a call so can I have my condom back @LauraPetrolino sorry not usually that foward. But last time @belllindsay gave me grief for not making my move. Plus she said I needed to be rico suave, especially when meeting someone who is a do gooder promoting the National Resources Conservation Council.
    so it is true @ginidietrich I told you that at every stop sign she gets out of her car…skis around it twice then does hammer time before getting back in and zipping ahead. You sure she isn’t Canadian?
    So Facebook. What is that? and how do I find you there? Is facebook something from Harry otter? A world full of magic?
    So what kind of gifts did @LauraPetrolino receive today as you gift all honorees. I hope she got more than the Lifesaver Book I got.

    • belllindsay

      @HowieG  A girl can dream. 😉 At least you got a LifeSavers book – all I got was not fired.  @LauraPetrolino  @ginidietrich

    • @HowieG   I bow in reverence to your wit, sir.

      • HowieG

        @barrettrossie just realized I got it wrong. NRSC! National Rescue Seal Committee. Not quite as cool. But training rescue seals can be very rewarding!

    • @HowieG  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich I donated your condom to the local swingers club. They were in need, plus it was a charitable contribution to ‘Support Our Florida Swingers”, (their local non-profit, an amazing advocacy group here in Florida. How do you think so many under privileged women here are able to afford the boob jobs they desperately need? That’s right the Florida Swinger, who believe every woman, no matter race, religious beliefs or socio-economic status deserves the right to a good boob job…anyway, I digress). So total win/win and I got a tax deduction to boot! Holla!

      • belllindsay

        @LauraPetrolino  @HowieG  @ginidietrich Oh my god. We need one of those here in Toronto. Except for facelifts!!!

  • MSchechter

    @ginidietrich No far, my ADHD is well-known and slightly tragic… 🙂

  • lkpetrolino

    @shonali thanks for sharing!! @ginidietrich totally made my century with this shout out! 🙂

  • lkpetrolino

    @kmueller62 tick tock

    • kmueller62

      @lkpetrolino yoyoyo

      • lkpetrolino

        @kmueller62 yo-yo ma?

        • kmueller62

          @lkpetrolino yo mama

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