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#FollowFriday: Lisa Denten

By: Gini Dietrich | September 20, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Lisa DentenBy Gini Dietrich

You’re going to think I have a crush on everyone who works at Cision when you read today’s #FollowFriday, but I can’t help it!

Introducing one Ms. Lisa Denten, the social media manager at Cision and a features writer for Cision Navigator.

She recently got married and I told her I was so thankful because Denten is so much easier to spell than her maiden name, Larranaga. Although, with International Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday, I feel like Larranaga makes a good pirate word. Arrrr….Larranaga.

Lisa filled the role Yvette Pistorio left when she joined Arment Dietrich a little more than a year ago. Though I flirted a bit with her online, I didn’t actually meet her in person until Sam Fiorella was in Chicago earlier this year to promote “Influence Marketing,” the book he wrote with Danny Brown.

I think she might be one of the happiest people on earth. She is always smiling and never has a cross word to say about anyone or anything. In fact, she has this beautiful smile that lights up an entire room and attracts people to her like moths to a light.

She grew up in the Chicagoland area and left briefly to attend St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. She is mom to Pearl, a sweet hound dog who loves to eat Frosted Mini Wheats and magazines.

She and husband, Tom, are still newlyweds, having gotten married just four months ago.

In her professional life, she manages the social networks for Cision, manages their blog, and also writes for Navigator, the weekly industry update.

If you live in Chicago or ever travel here, I highly recommend you add Lisa to your “must meet” list. Not only will you see I’m right about her smile, you’ll enjoy getting to know her because of her glowing personality.

If you don’t have the chance to meet her in person, get to know her online. You can find her on TwitterFacebookLinkedInGooogle+Pinterest, and the Cision blog.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Congratulations Lisa! Can’t wait to get to interact with you more here!!

    • biggreenpen Thank you! And likewise 🙂

  • Welcome to the Thunderdome, Lisa! I’ll be in Chicago for Content Jam October 16 – 18, so hopefully we get a chance to meet! 🙂

    • jasonkonopinski Thank you so much, Jason! I am hoping to go to Content Jam and if I do, I look forward to meeting you there!

  • Lisa, congrats on the #FF from ginidietrich and Spin (space) Sucks! Cision is great and we should all have crushes on everyone working there. Is there one magazine Pearl likes to eat more than others?

    • briantudor You crack me up with the Spin (space) Sucks!

    • briantudor ginidietrich Thank you, Brian! It’s so funny you put the space because for some odd reason, I always catch myself writing SpinSucks (sic!). Love the reminder 🙂 
      Pearl loves my husband’s Sports Illustrated magazines more than any other, particularly the newest edition. And the ones he plans on keeping, like the Notre Dame cover last year and the Blackhawks cover this year. Very sassy, that one.

  • Hi, Lisa — we were just talking the other day on Shonali’s blog. Thanks for the great advice there! And I’m a newlywed, too, married in December. That counts, right? Anyway, congrats on #FF!

    • RobBiesenbach I didn’t know that! I thought I knew EVERYTHING about you!

      • ginidietrich Yup! I guess I didn’t have that on my “business” social media profiles but, believe me, Facebook was dealing with my groomzilla ways for months!

        • RobBiesenbach ginidietrich Rob does Gini know that you collect Star Wars Trading Cards and Planet of the Apes action figures?

        • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich Shhhh! The first rule of action/role play games is …

        • RobBiesenbach HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

        • RobBiesenbach ginidietrich Groomzilla – nice!

    • RobBiesenbach Hi again, Rob! It was really nice talking to you, too, and thank you for sharing your smart perspective! 
      Congrats on your marriage! December definitely counts – almost a year! Talk soon!

  • Hi Lisa, Congrats on the #FF! Nice to meet you. Love that you are always smiling – nice to see an ever happy face 🙂 (p.s. I smile a lot too, I have been told).

    • LSSocialEngage Thank you so much! Nice to meet you, too; always great to meet a kindred soul 🙂

  • Hi Lisa! What a great write-up! Looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

    • TaraGeissinger Thank you, Tara! I always enjoy your comments on Spin Sucks and look forward to getting to know you better, too!

  • Woo hoo!!! Congrats Lisa!! xoxo

    • yvettepistorio Thank you, lady! For leaving me your job, for being a great friend and for teaching me so much through your work at Cision and Arment Dietrich 🙂 Can’t wait to see you soon!!! 🙂

      • lisaml15 Awwwww!! You earned that job, no need to thank me. It’s like a big love fest! Ha!! *hugs*

        • yvettepistorio Haha – love fests are what I do best 🙂 *hugs* back! Thanks again 🙂

  • I love that lisaml15 read Danny and Sam’s book then called me. She said ‘How do I use what I learned to turn ginidietrich into a Cision Brand Advocate?’
    First I emailed Gini and asked her how she felt about Cision? She said Cision? Isn’t that a beer made with oranges and spices? I totally face palmed.
    So over the next few weeks I would tease Gini with what Cision does. Which is a Blog Ranking Service kind of like the College Football Ranking. Then with Lisa’s help I start courting the folks who vote for best blog. Getting to know them. And then doing the same. When Gini wrote something really good I would share with the voters. I was careful only to share the posts that had more than 150 comments knowing while maybe not her best work they got the most engagement. I then sent the voters little things like Gini Dietrich Bobbleheads, Free Bears Tickets, and Arment Dietrich Pencil Sets.
    Slowly @Spinsucks climbed the rankings. Starting from 1,298 out of 1350 to 971 to 850 and it plateaued. But then Lisa showed me the new Cision Voter Relations Platform and wow was that powerful. I was able to manage how and when to reach out to voters. Learned things about each like which voters were vegan, which preferred raucous nights out at hooters, who loved reading trashy romance novels etc. I then tailored my outreach much better. 
    Soon Gini was rising fast. In a few short months after using the new platform Gini rose to number 12. That was a big moment. All of a sudden Gini started promoting Cision in blog posts, she returned Lisa’s calls, she even invited Guest Post from Cision employees.
    And that is how using DannyBrown SamFiorella ‘s book I helped Cision turn Gini into a Rockstar Brand Advocate.
    And now the crowning moment! #FF for Lisa!
    Grats Lisa well deserved and congratulations on your wedding!

    • Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich DannyBrown SamFiorella Oh Howie.

      • jasonkonopinski Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich DannyBrown SamFiorella Wow…that’s all I can say.

      • jasonkonopinski you did notice it was a secret plug for Cision’s media relations platform just don’t tell anyone And no they have not sent me a case of Chobani yet but still waiting.

    • Howie Goldfarb This might be the best comment you have ever written. Ever.

      • ginidietrich LOL Funny when I try really hard you ignore me. When I let it flow…..

        • Howie Goldfarb I try really hard to ignore you daily.

    • Howie Goldfarb I’m going to turn this into a 325 page case study and call it “The Proliferance of Business Obsufucation as Usual in Social Digital Marketing Influence (Beyond the Score) lisaml15 ginidietrich SamFiorella

      • Danny Brown Howie Goldfarb That hurts my head

      • Danny Brown Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich SamFiorella Ooo can I publish that?

        • RebeccaTodd Yes. Yes you can. But only in Monoclomatic. Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich SamFiorella

    • Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich DannyBrown SamFiorella I DEMAND MY GINI BOBBLEHEAD!

    • Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich DannyBrown SamFiorella Howie: the Chobani is on its way. A whole crate! (Although, I do already suspect it’s going to get lost in the mail). A smiley emoticon and online hug will have to do for now! 🙂 xxxxxxxx

    • Howie Goldfarb lisaml15 ginidietrich DannyBrown SamFiorella HOWIEEEEEEEEE!!! #swoon

  • susancellura

    Yay, Lisa!! It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope you have fun with your #FF!

    • susancellura It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Susan! Thank you so much!

  • CisionNavigator

    It’s all true. Love this girl, great write up Gini!

    • CisionNavigator Aw, thank you G-Rex! Love you too 🙂

  • VanessafromCision

    I work with Lisa everyday and she is the happiest person on earth. I asked her once if she was ever in a bad mood because I don’t think it’s possible. She is awesome and thanks for recognizing it!

    • VanessafromCision well having an unlimited supply of KitKatts in the office helps!

    • VanessafromCision I don’t think it is possible! She is always happy, isn’t she??

      • ginidietrich VanessafromCision I’ve actually seen her upset before – but then she talks herself out of being mad.

        • yvettepistorio ginidietrich VanessafromCision Hahaha!

    • VanessafromCision Aw, thank you Vanessa! Next to baby Max. HE is the happiest (and cutest) person on Earth 🙂

  • SpinSucks

    lisaml15 ginidietrich 😀

  • brandonchicago

    Awwww…we’re so lucky to have Lisa on our team here at Cision. She’s amazing. Thanks for the great write-up Gini!

    • brandonchicago You’re very lucky!

    • brandonchicago Agreed – she is amazing 🙂

      • yvettepistorio brandonchicago ginidietrich You guys … *blush* 🙂

  • lisaml15

    Oh, goodness. This marks the most amazing start to my day ever! Thank you so much, Gini. Wah? Huh? Who? That was my shocked reaction a I read your ever-kind post.
    When I was in high school, one morning I woke up and my mom said she had a dream that I won an Emmy. As I don’t plan on having a career change, I think this is that moment come to life 🙂
    Without further ado: I’d like to thank Gini for her kind words and introduction. I’d also like to thank her for being a role model and inspiration – I’ve learned so much from you and your smart business strategy and kind heart never cease to amaze me. Yvette Pistorio for leaving me big shoes to fill. My Cision family – especially Heidi Sullivan, Vanessa Bugausch, Brandon Anderson, Valerie Lopez, Gina Joseph, Dawn Conway, Teresa Dankowski and Peter Granat for all theyve taught me. And for putting up with my coffee vice, hashtag abuse & excitable personality 🙂 Also, my parents, seester and brother, husband, and pup, who are my biggest fans. To the Spin Sucks community and anyone else I missed: thank you! You make the PR world and the world a better place 🙂
    How did I do?! I think the Emmy music would have cut me off 🙂
    Thank you, thank you, Gini and Spin Sucks! I look forward to seeing you on Spin Sucks often, and hopefully in the social world and IRL too!
    PS. Gini: this means I need to update my social accounts to Denten, right?! I’ve been slacking on the social name switch,
    but now that my Marie name is on Spin Sucks, I won’t confuse people when Lisa Denten appears in their feed 😉 Thank you again. xoxo

    • lisaml15 This speech is priceless. Your mother would be proud!  It’s so very nice to meet you.  I am going to send a linkedin connection request and look forward to getting to know you!

      • jolynndeal Aw, thank you! I look forward to your request and getting to know you, too!

    • lisaml15 I. AM. DYING!!! Best acceptance speech ever.

      • ginidietrich lisaml15 Too bad this wasn’t on FB – she could’ve won FBFOTW too!

      • ginidietrich lisaml15 Haha! On the real Emmy’s I would have been forced to stop after thanking you 🙂

    • lisaml15 EXCELLENT speech! Enjoy your shiny invisible trophy!

      • RebeccaTodd lisaml15 Thank you, Rebecca! I sure will! I will place it on my shiny invisible trophy rack 🙂

    • I would also like to quickly outline the mistakes I introduced while posting my comments here #cmgrproblems
      – I somehow managed to post my ‘speech’ twice.
      – I was logged in under my personal Lifefyre name and then the Cision Livefyre magically took over and I responded and liked comments as Cision (sorry, biggreenpen  briantudor jasonkonopinski!)
      –  My P.S. to ginidietrich in my ‘speech’ says “my Marie name is on Spin Sucks.” WAH?! I even went in and edited earlier so it said ‘Denten’ but it kept correcting to Marie. I gave up.
      Lisa’s Shining Moment on Spin Sucks – 1
      Lisa’s Mistakes While Commenting: 30948509348 🙂
      Thank you again, all! So glad to meet you here and hope to talk to you often, mistakes and all 🙂

      • lisaml15 biggreenpen briantudor jasonkonopinski ginidietrich Annnnnnnnd….I’m in love with you. 🙂

        • belllindsay lisaml15 biggreenpen briantudor jasonkonopinski ginidietrich Haha! Love right back, Lindsay! 
          I also spelled some of my co-workers names wrong. This is why I should not be allowed to leave blog comments on my phone 🙂
          *Vanessa Bugasch
          *Brandon Andersen
          Geez. I WAS TOO EXCITED!

    • Love this speech! I cried like a baby when I received this honor…your speech was way better! 😉

      • lizreusswig Something tells me yours was just fine 🙂

    • CisionNavigator

      lisaml15 Emmy-worthy for sure. 🙂

  • Congrats on your “Emmy” Lisa. Best speech ever! A heartfelt welcome to the #FF club!

    • katskrieger Thank you! I’ve been waiting to give that speech for YEARS!

  • Great to meet you Lisa!

    • RebeccaTodd Great to meet you too!

  • Glad to meet you.

  • Delighted to see you here Lisa!

    • creativeoncall Thank you, Chuck! That very event where Gini and I met also was my first time singing a marketing song on camera thanks to you! Good thing Gini didn’t post that video here. I was off-key 🙂

  • Can you give me her address please; I’ll be sure to stop by right after I leave your place. And I really am low maintenance, I will eat and drink just about anything so don’t worry about having to do any ‘special’ shopping for me…..
    Nice to meet you Lisa, and thanks for sharing ginidietrich

    • bdorman264 ginidietrich Haha – 332 S. Michigan Avenue, bdorman264! Stop by any time (except non-business hours, that is Cision’s address) 🙂 Nice to meet you, too!

  • Samantha Hosenkamp

    Lisa rocks!!

  • Great information to get to know Lisa. 

    The key question though.. Lisa.. are you a Bears fan? 🙂

    • bryanwillmert I sure am, Bryan! Pearl even has a pink Bears jersey 🙂 Glad you aren’t a Lions fan 🙂

      • lisaml15 Yeah i grew up in IL and am an AVID @chicagobears fan!

  • Lisa, congratulations on your recent nuptials!  Do you have any secrets for maintaining your happiness?  Wonderful to meet you!

    • DwayneAlicie Thank you, Dwayne! That is a great question. Lots of wine and coffee? Just kidding 🙂 Surrounding myself with wonderful people – like all of you – and not sweating the small stuff 🙂
      It’s wonderful to meet you, too!

      • lisaml15 DwayneAlicie : )  GREAT advice.  I hope you are having a swell day!

        • DwayneAlicie I don’t think my day could get much better! Hope you are having a great one too, Dwayne!

  • Arment Dietrich, Inc.

    Agreed 🙂 ^yp

  • jennywittman

    Lisa is quite amazing! She’s my good friend, co-worker and spirit animal. Love you Leese – well deserved recognition!

    • jennywittman Aw, Jen! You’re so sweet. And ‘spirit animal’ is the best description I have ever heard! Thank you so much 🙂 xoxo

  • So you’re saying that I’m the reason you two met in person? Wine me.

    • Sean McGinnis Solid point, Sean. Yours is ‘on it’s way,’ too. Here’s a e-hug and smile in case it doesn’t make it 🙂 xxxxxxxx!

      • Sean McGinnis *its 🙂

        • Sean McGinnis *an 
          OK, I give up. Please know that all errors are due to my excitement over this honor 🙂

  • LisaGemini

    ginidietrich Loved your grammar police story for SM Today. Wars have started over the comma usage. 😉

  • bumpandhustle

    ginidietrich I just got excited that we might actually be eating our pb&j power snacks at the same time, B#FF.

  • “Talk Like a Pirate Day” – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Hello, Lisa! You sound absolutely adorable! Welcome to this crazy nuthouse! Have fun & talk like a pirate all weekend! 😉

    • lizreusswig Aw, thank you Liz! And thank you for the welcome! Have a great weekend, too 🙂

  • lisaml15

    eveypistorio THANK YOU, again 🙂 Seriously. Made. My. Year. xoxo cc: cision

    • eveypistorio

      lisaml15 😀

  • lisaml15

    howiegoldfarb Thank you again for the laugh today, Howie! cc: DannyBrown samfiorella Livefyre SpinSucks

  • lisaml15

    howiegoldfarb AND thank you for the share!

  • lisaml15

    ginidietrich 🙂 Have a great weekend, G! xoxo

  • lisaml15

    SamHosenkamp Thank you, Sam! I’ve been blushing all day with all the love. Here’s Pusheen, just because:

    • SamHosenkamp

      lisaml15 For some reason that goes to a page about The OC? 😉 Pusheen

      • lisaml15

        SamHosenkamp Really?! It takes me to Pusheen. I’ll just have to send you a Facebook sticker. Only logical solution 🙂

        • lisaml15

          SamHosenkamp Haha! Me too 🙂 #PusheenFTW

  • lisaml15

    ImMarkBernhardt Haha! Thank you, Mark! ginidietrich

    • ImMarkBernhardt

      lisaml15 You’re welcome, Lisa. Nice to tweet you via ginidietrich! Have yourself a merry little weekend.

      • @ImMarkBernhardt lisaml15 ginidietrich You too!

  • Hi @lisaml15 welcome to the #FF club! Nice *meeting* you here.

    • Nice to meet you, too, Eden! Have a great weekend!

  • My lord is it Friday already? I just dialed into that little known fact. Guess I better reread jasonkonopinski piece about being always on, clearly I did not absorb it properly. 
    Anyway, Lisa totally a pleasure to meet you and congrats on getting Spun. If I may be so bold, it sounds like you are kicking some tail in your life, and that’s great. You’ll find no better place to where people care & support that than Team SpinSucks aka Team Krayzy (Krazie? KrayKray? The SpiNSA?).

    • A pleasure to meet you too, Joe, and thank you for the warm welcome! I completely agree; Spin Sucks is such a unique, cozy community. There’s none like it. You can learn, make friends and be a bit kooky, too 🙂
      For what it matters, I vote Krazie 🙂

      • lisaml15 Ha, yes kooky….now that’s the right word

        • JoeCardillo lisaml15 A *bit* kooky…?? How about ‘completely certifiable’!

  • Very nice to meet you. I am excited to follow someone new on Pinterest.
    I love the Chicago area! All the amazing buildings and shopping.

    • aimeelwest Nice to meet you too, Aimee! Chicago is amazing – I’m lucky to live here!

  • Sorry for the late congrats. We were working on the pre-rollout of a new site and missed my daily dose of Spin Sucks. Great to meet you!

    • Word Ninja That is a great reason! Hope the rollout went well, and thank you for the congratulations! Have a great afternoon 🙂

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