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#FollowFriday: Nate Riggs

By: Gini Dietrich | June 1, 2012 | 

I finally got to meet Nate Riggs last week and he’s exactly as I expected.

Funny, charming, smart, and (yes, I’ll admit it) really good looking.

He works and lives in Columbus and helped last week’s #FollowFriday, Michael Bowers, figure out the educational tracks for the Ohio Growth Summit, get the speakers secured, and organize the topics. He even moderated some of the panels, which he was really good at doing.

When I arrived at the conference, the content educational track he was moderating had already begun so I snuck in the back and sat at a table where I wouldn’t disturb anyone with my tardiness.

The panel was really good and I was taking lots of notes to bring back to the office.

About 10 minutes before lunch, a new friend, Dave Hunegnaw, came into the room and kneeled beside me to chat.

I was chatting with him when the panel ended and Nate was announcing lunch to the attendees. Before he did, though, he said, “Everyone stand up, turn around, and wave hello to this afternoon’s keynote, Gini Dietrich.”

Everyone did and I was busy chatting with Dave. Nice going, Gin!

I relate that story because what I love most about Nate is he knows how to give me a hard time. And that was the epitome of giving me a hard time.

But moderating panels and embarrassing me isn’t all Nate does. Until recently, he ran his own business, but with three boys (two five year olds and a baby) he decided he needed to have some more stability and consistency.

He sold his business to The Karcher Group, a web marketing firm, and now is their director of social business. And he is flourishing. When I asked him how it is to be working for someone again, a sparkle hit his eye and he grinned as he told me how well things are going.

You can find Nate all over the web, including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo (where you’ll see a video with me; skip to the very end to see the outtakes), Quora, Google+, and his blog.

And, if you ever have the chance to see him speak, even if he’s simply moderating a panel, I highly recommend it. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • I’m on it. Hi, Nate!

    •  @KenMueller You’re such a good man!

      •  @ginidietrich If I had a nickel for every time a woman told me that…

        •  @KenMueller You’d have a nickel?

        •  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller good story… that’s not REALLY busting chops, Gert… he went light on you…

        •  @ginidietrich No. 15-cents. Jerk. 

        • autumnmthompson

           @ginidietrich  @KenMueller OMG!  You guys just made me laugh!  Out loud, too!

        •  @faybiz  @KenMueller Oh it is in front of 200 people without seeming like a complete jerk. It was sufficient enough to embarrass the crap out of me for not paying attention.

        •  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller you embarrass easily, always fun

        • debdobson62

           This is a great post.  I was lucky enough to be able to meet him IRL and this describes perfectly the guy I met.  🙂

    • nateriggs

       @KenMueller Hi Ken! 🙂

  • MichaelBowers

    I totally agree with this recommendation. I think one of Nate’s first presentations was at the Ohio Growth Summit in 2009. When he was done the keynote for that year, Chris Brogan, told me that I didn’t need to bring him into speak because Nate had it all. Since then Nate has been an integral part of the Summit and a go to person for me any time I am looking for advice social media and content marketing. He is an absolute MUST follow!!!

    •  @MichaelBowers He is really good! I agree with Chris on that one.

      •  @ginidietrich  @MichaelBowers I heard Gini was trying to hire him away for the Illinois Growth Summit.

    • nateriggs

       @MichaelBowers You know, that year I had been speaking at chambers and to small groups at Panara, but OGS was the first time I was on a stage with presenter monitors (#FTW) and in front of hundreds of people.  Not to mention Chris (who I’ve always looked up to) was sitting down in front — I was absolutely terrified…

  • Happy to connect with you, nateriggs ! I see you enjoy teasing @ginidietrich as much as I do.  We’ll get along just fine. 🙂 

    •  @jasonkonopinski  Oh good. Something you have in common.

      •  @ginidietrich There’s bound to be more than just THAT. 

    •  @jasonkonopinski If people don’t tease Gini I begin to wonder…

      •  @TheJackB  @jasonkonopinski Seriously.

        •  @ginidietrich  @jasonkonopinski Fortunately you are good natured about it. 

    • nateriggs

       @jasonkonopinski Heck yes!  But, I am waiting for the payback eventually. It will come when I least expect it…

      •  @nateriggs I made one comment in a blog post about crying during Steel Magnolias and she grabbed onto that one like a bulldog. 🙂 

  • All checked in at sites for @nateriggs . It wasn’t enough that davehunegnaw was on his knees to address @ginidietrich now she has gentlemen announcing her mere presence. I just adore the mid-west hospitality.

    •  @annelizhannan  AND…Michael Bowers parked my car at the conference and Dave parked my car at the after-party. I could get used to that!

      •  @ginidietrich That does not surprise me…do they toss flowers as you walk? And when you get home all those sloppy kisses from the pup. You are one lucky lady.

        •  @annelizhannan No flowers, but I think I’ll add that to my speaker’s requirement list!

        •  @ginidietrich  @annelizhannan didn’t the paying attendees have to pay $45 to park and then walk 18 blocks in the heat to the event?

        •  @HowieSPM  What’s your point?

      • nateriggs

         @ginidietrich We focus on stellar customer service in Columbus!

  • I love me some Nate Riggs…Good call Gini!! 🙂

    •  @Marcus_Sheridan I love me some Nate Riggs, too. Great. Another thing we can compete on.

    • nateriggs

       @Marcus_Sheridan Okay … now I officially owe you a beer in NYC next week 🙂

  • samfalletta

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Gini.  nateriggs has endless energy and a passion for sharing new ideas that has helped our company for years.  Great choice for #FF!

    •  @samfalletta  AND I got to meet you because of him!

    • nateriggs

       @samfalletta Thanks dude. One of the other things that was awesome about OGS is that we finally had some time to catch up. It’s amazing how busy things can get and then next thing you know, it’s been months since you’ve seen people. I enjoyed getting to hang out again!  Your stuff on the middle panel was content gold for folks who are ready to actually go about getting their businesses to ‘be social’.

      • samfalletta

        No doubt.  It was definitely too long between visits.  Check in next time you’re in town and I’ll be sure to do the same.

  • margieclayman

    Buckeye Power!!! Nate has been very good to me. I’m horribly jealous you got to meet him! Although I guess one could argue I kind of suck for not making it down to the conference. Well, we’ll just scoot on by that one 🙂
    Too much awesomeness for one post right here. Happy Friday, all! 

    •  @margieclayman You need to go next year. It’s the best conference I’ve attended, to date.

      • margieclayman

         @ginidietrich I will make it a priority! 

    • nateriggs

       @margieclayman Hey, here’s an idea for next year — will you do a talk at #OGS13?  It’s @MichaelBowers , but I’ll bet if we poked him enough he’d be happy to give you the floor. 🙂

      • margieclayman

         @nateriggs  @MichaelBowers Wowee!!!!!!

  • Man, that is one awesome photo – look at those happy kids and dad. 🙂

    •  @Lisa Gerber Right?! I didn’t know if it was appropriate to use, but what the heck!

      •  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber they are rent-a-kids right?

        • nateriggs

           @HowieSPM  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber – those are some VERY expensive rent-a-kids.  I should just consider buying them but I hear the costs really go out of whack during the high school and college years… 😉

        •  @nateriggs Nate – you totally could have borrowed mine for the photo free of charge… Not sure how I could have gotten by them for a day or two, but I would have figured it out….

      • nateriggs

         @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber I don’t think anything would be more appropriate than that.  The little guy is Max. He’s the common denominator in our blended family. The one that looks like me is Kaden (mine genetically). He just graduated Kindergarten yesterday evening (yes, they do that WITH cap and gown apparently). Jacob is the dark complected one who’s the middle kid. He and I chose to become father and son. 🙂

        •  @nateriggs  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber Nate has come a long way hasn’t he. At age 7 he is found in the Idaho wilds being raised by wolves, By age 16 youngest to graduate Harvard at top of his class At age 20 rise up in the Crips and soon moves to mexico running the biggest cartel in the world. By age 26 serving life until his appeal turns over his 86 murders. Decides to become a Priest then falls in love and next thing he is in marketing living a humble but fruitful life wife, kids, white picket fence, 3 dogs 2 cats and a Boa named bruce.

        • nateriggs

           @HowieSPM  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber I am sad to report that we are down to two dogs now. Bruce ate Dozer, the Chihuahua I brought back from my time down south… 😉

  • nateriggs

    Wow, Gini!  I’m honestly humbled by this post. Thank you! You couldn’t have picked a better image to describe where I am at in life.  Don’t get me wrong — I love what I do for a living, speaking, and giving my friends a hard time ;), but what I love MOST of all are my boys and my wonderful wife Sarah. There the reason for everything these days for me.  Geoff Karcher has worked tirelessly to remind me that it’s okay not to work all weekend long, and that the world won’t end of you take some time away from the internet. The move to TKG has been one of the best bets I’ve made in my career up to this point in that they’ve helped me find happiness in a new sense of that ‘work-life balance thing’ everyone talks. Who knew, right? 
    This year’s OGS was by far the most successful it’s been since I’ve been involved. I really believe that what you added was a big reason for that. Every business owner in the room appreciated your transparency when you talked about all of the good and bad times Arment Dietrich has been through in the past few years. We’re always happy to share our victories in their business, but it takes a hell of a lot of gusto to be willing to share the hardships as well. Thanks for being a brave enough to tell those stories. 🙂
    Thanks also for being on the panel before your talk. My part in moderating was pretty easy — ask smart folks questions, and then shut up and take good notes! I think the four of us each walked away with some new ideas to apply. In end, that’s what it’s all about for everyone — discovering new ideas…

    •  @nateriggs You’re right … we did all walk away with some great ideas. And I have an awesome photo of me arguing with Anthony!

  • Robb_Wexler

    I’m thinking of applying for the position of Gini’s party parker.

    •  @Robb_Wexler I’m waiting for your resume.

  • terreece

    Great #FF @ginidietrich! @nateriggs is an awesome guy!

  • Sounds like a quality guy indeed. Ohio really took care of you, huh? There really are some good peeps in the O and thanks for sharing them with the rest of your audience.
    Nice to meet you Nate; don’t let up on giving Gini a hard time or she will think you don’t like her anymore…….:). 

    • nateriggs

       @bdorman264 haha. I will make sure not to let up 😉

    •  @bdorman264 Who is this?

      •  @ginidietrich The Invisible one…….

  • Great recommendation! I’ve been drinking the @nateriggs Kool-Aid since we were fierce and friendly competitors during the 2011 Chevy SXSW road trip. He and his other Columbus teammates were some of the nicest people I met during that trip last year. Oh yeah, he’s kinda smart when it comes to social media and online marketing, too. 😉

    •  @Nikki Little  @nateriggs HAHAHAHAH! Yes! That was fun to watch, too!

  • Nate is awesome. He’s one of those people that is just as awesome…no more awesome then you hope and think he will be when you meet him in person. Good #FF pick Gin, even if I am a little late to the party!

    •  @rachaelseda Ah Rach. You’re always welcome!