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#FollowFriday: Paul Roberts

By: Gini Dietrich | June 22, 2012 | 

I have a friend, who I met in the comments here and then continued getting to know via the various social networks, named Paul Roberts.

Paul, if you don’t know him, is a fellow communications professional. He also, until very recently, was an avid blogger.

A blogger who was writing as an experiment. A blogger who knows you can’t fully understand the social web unless you actually use it. A blogger who doesn’t want to recommend communications tool unless he’s tried them out himself first.

And now he’s retiring from blogging.

When I first read his blog post about retiring, my heart hurt a little bit. But then I really thought about what he said and I’m OK with it now. 

He says:

The last couple of months in which I haven’t blogged, have been fantastic. It is sort of like when you get to a point in your career where you finally make enough money that you can quit your part time job. It has been very freeing. Don’t get me wrong, there is much that I’ve missed about blogging, but personally, my life has never been better. I’m spending more time with my wife and kids on weekends, no longer writing late at night or early morning, my health is the best it’s been in years. Maybe this isn’t all because I’ve stopped blogging, but you get the point.

He goes on to say his blogging experiment has provided him invaluable experience. What I found most interesting is he comments that in training clients, the bullet points on the slides won’t change, but the conversation around why you should blog, what it entails, why the commitment is necessary, and how it’s not just about writing, but you also have to market it has changed.

Which goes to my point above about not knowing how this world really works until you do it yourself.

I admire and respect the heck out of someone who tries something, gets into it so much he understands both the science and the art of it, and then knows when it’s time to retire. There are some professionals who could learn from Paul (cough, Michael Jordan and Brett Favre, cough).

But just because he’s leaving the blogosphere doesn’t mean you can’t get to know him elsewhere on the web. Check him out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or even old school it and email him.

And, perhaps, he’ll get the writing bug and agree to guest blog here. What do you say, Paul?

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Andrea T.H.W.
Andrea T.H.W.

Well, who can say Paul is wrong? Blogging sucks an enormous amount of time, unless someone uses Fiverr everyday, then to be successful you must be very active on social media, and this sucks an even bigger amount of time; in general revenues are risible and you turn around and see that real life has more or less disappeared. Sometimes it seems some kind of MLM.


But as a way to drive power and leads to a brand or a business it surely can work. Not that much as a business in itself unless someone teaches how to make money blogging. Clearly, generalizing a lot and joking a bit.


Plus let's not forget that in the case you get hit by a borderline search engine all your efforts vanish, the same if for a reason or another your Twitter account gets shut down. A blogger is forced to rely too much on external sources especially now when someone who thinks he's the God of the net tells you how you have to run your blog, every year in a different way: publish everyday, don't publish too often, get backlinks, don't have too many backlinks, put ads above the fold, don't have ads above the fold, .......


Not that I'm going to quit blogging but I've already cut in two the time I stay online and I'll stick to my decision to reach 100 good posts and then stop and move on. Otherwise it becomes a kind of self-inflicted slavery.


Having to write every week for the rest of your life seems like a nightmare instead of a pleasure. And if everything stops because there isn't new content added every day or week then it's a kind of a castle made with cards. Not that good.


Imho obviously. :)


Have a great weekend!


Gini, (growing up my mom always told me "you only have one chance at first impressions," but you will see I deleted my first comment and thought I would try again... :)


This was a touching story and it's always tough when great talent hangs up their skates.   @PaulRobertsPAR  I too checked out your post "PR’s Blogging Lessons Learned" and you certainly have serious talent.  Congrats on all your success!  You will be missed..


I feel like a lot of people just don't know when it's time to stop, when you've done enough, and when you've done the best you can. Great job on having the insight to do so, Paul. Consider yourself followed. :) And enjoy your extra free time, though it sounds like you already are! 


@PaulRobertsPAR I like holy bleep. I'm stealing it.

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb

I heard he was retiring from the Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr and sticking with G+ and Myspace. because that is what you do when you declare victory and have the money to retire comfortably. You can be where you want vs where your customers are. You can declare Sunday to be Thursday and demand your cable company change the schedule to fit yours now. You have the time to watch every commercial even though you DVRed a show. You can use a cassette walkman if you want. Drink beer from a can. Ride a freaking Big Wheel again. You can live anywhere. Greenland. Mozambique. Even Chicago though who would ever live there? You can even decide to become a Yankee fan and live in Massachusetts. Or a NY Giants fan (but then everyone wants to be a Giants fan we just can't accept all the yearly applications which is why the Bears wind up as the consolation choice). Paul can even have breakfast at night and dinner in the morning.


And all he needs to prove this is not his Black Amex. Or his 1974 vintage pinto. Or even his rolex (yes he even can wear a watch in a time that no one needs a watch!). He just will be printing out this Follow Friday and laminating it and wearing it around his neck for the rest of his life like a permanent VIP Back Stage Pass for the 2011 Justin Bieber Tour. he can even listen to Justin Bieber if he wants just because he can!




Glad you wrote this.


if can blend old school and new school--


Paul is a mensch with a take.



Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR

Oh, yeah. This man I vouch for; he's #RockHot, and I only just got to know him as he included me on a list -- yep, a list, and I was so not offended. Gonna miss your take on the 'sphere, Friend! But, I think I already sent a GP invite, too, eh, Paul?


Enjoy your day glued to Spin Sucks comments! You deserve all the attention and more!


As I inappropriately taught my 5 year old to say 'holly bleep' I didn't see this coming. See this in my Twitter steam was a nice way to start a long weekend.


This is very nice of you Gini. I guess, based on the Jordan and Favre references, I better say retired. :) 


While I'm honestly a little embarrassed by this type of spotlight and at a bit of a loss for words right now, I really do appreciate this.


You've highlighted a number of people in this section previously that I know and like (Ted, Steve, Krista and Frank, I'm looking at you) so I'm honored. 




Now following based on the strength of his twitter bio alone. 

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