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#FollowFriday: Pimp Your Friends

By: Gini Dietrich | December 31, 2010 | 

I thought about doing a normal #FollowFriday today, but I don’t want the person and blog I’m going to recommend to get shafted because it’s New Year’s Eve. And on November 12, I did a “Your Choice” #FollowFriday. So here I am stuck…what do I do?

But there is a loophole! Last month I asked you for one blog (that wasn’t your own), the URL, and a sentence or two about why you like to read it.

So this time, your recommendation should be someone on Twitter who you really enjoy following. Please provide their name, their Twitter handle (in the format of @username so Livefyre will alert them of your recommendation and also so we can click on their name and follow them), and one or two sentences about why you enjoy following them.

So it should read something like this, “I recommend @ginidietrich because she is ugly and mean. No one likes her very much, but if we all rally and kill her with kindness, perhaps she’ll stop being so cranky.”

Two rules: It cannot be yourself and you can recommend only one person.

So have at it! Who do you #FollowFriday?

P.S. I’m not doing a Top Five news stories again this week. It’ll be back next week!

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