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#FollowFriday: Rebecca Todd

By: Gini Dietrich | July 27, 2012 | 

If you hang out in the comments on Spin Sucks, you likely have run into Rebecca Todd.

I finally got to meet her yesterday at SocialMix and she’s as charming and smart in person as she is online.

It’s no surprise I like to laugh and she makes me laugh. She has a great sense of humor.

One of the things I love about this blog is that, even though it’s geared toward PR and marketing professionals, it attracts people like Rebecca, who is in sales for a Canadian publishing house (yes, I love my Canadians).

Last month, I wrote about how CBS issued a fake news release (which I thought was hilarious, but many people disagreed) and a great debate opened in the comments. She and I disagreed on our feelings about it, but we had a really good debate that wasn’t full of conflict (it actually was really fun to debate her on it).

She even told me privately:

I feel the mark of an educated mind is being able to entertain other points of view without feeling pressured to change your own.

I love that. It’s something we’re missing in the world. People get so upset when you don’t agree with them and take it personally. When, in fact, we live in a world where we’re able to think on our own and create our thoughts.

But Rebecca? She encourages discourse and even makes you feel comfortable when debating her.

Everyone says the same things about her: Highly intelligent, professional, an expert, a critical thinker, curious, and a life-long learner.

She has spent her career in publishing, traveling not only the country, but also the world. She uses her travels to increase her learning and satiate her curiosity.

She’s a not-to-be-missed. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and in the comments here.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Yay! I love when I already know the person. Congrats, Rebecca!

    •  @KenMueller Except i know her in person so I win!

      •  @ginidietrich Psh. 

      •  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller Always about winning with you, isn’t it… 😉

        •  @Sean McGinnis  @KenMueller Do you not know me?

        •  @ginidietrich  @Sean McGinnis You may be the winner, but Rebecca is the loser, because, well…she knows YOU in person.

        •  @KenMueller  @Sean McGinnis We’ll let her answer that. I think she’ll disagree.

        •  @ginidietrich  @Sean McGinnis publicly, yes.

        •  @Sean McGinnis @KenMueller Give him a break Sean, he is trying to compensate for years of rooting for the Phillies. It has to be almost as painful as rooting for the Cubs. 😉

        • @TheJackB @Sean McGinnis @KenMueller I’m a Leafs fan. Do I lose the most?

        • @KenMueller @ginidietrich @Sean McGinnis I loved meeting wee Gini! She laughed at my terrible jokes-I love that in a person!

    • @KenMueller Thanks Ken! It’s been so lovely getting to know you.

      •  @RebeccaTodd  @KenMueller huh. Lovely isn’t a word I hear very often…

  • She sounds delightful and this is a grand #FollowFriday recommendation, @ginidietrich . Finding and following after inhaling just a bit more strong coffee. 🙂

    •  @allenmireles Ha! I still need to find Starbucks. After I write Gin and Topics.

  • I love Rebecca, and got to spend the day with her yesterday at SocialMix (and I believe I spent a bit of time with that Honourary Canadian Gini too:) Rebecca is smart, fun, engaging and, in Gini’s words, not-to-be-missed. Great #FF Gini:) Luv ya Rebecca:) Cheers! Kaarina

    •  @KDillabough And, between the two of you, made an excellent audience for our presentation!

      •  @ginidietrich You need to take us on the road with you;)

    • @KDillabough It was so lovely to spend the day with you Kaarina! I am watching the Olympic ceremonies and I am so thrilled that I spent the day with a Canadian Olympian yesterday. It has been great to connect with you here.

      •  @RebeccaTodd Looking forward to our continued connection:) We can compare notes on the Olympics, and I’ll look forward to your stories from down under:)

  • DallasK

    I like her because she always “likes” my facebook comments…

    •  @DallasK LOL!!!

      • DallasK

         @ginidietrich It doesn’t take a whole lot to get on my good side.

    • @DallasK I always “like” your thoughtful discussions on strippers and sharting.

  • Rebecca and I have become good chums after first meeting each other here. I’m always thankful for opportunities to engage in strenuous debate without feeling belittled, attacked or intimidated, particularly when ad hominem and straw men seem to be the logical fallacies of the day ‘out there’. 

    •  @jasonkonopinski ME TOO!

      • @ginidietrich @jasonkonopinski Clearly, I love a good debate. I very much appreciate people who will engage with me without feeling attacked. It’s great to have met you, Jason!

  • I have recently become connected with RebeccaAmyTodd  on twitter and thoroughly enjoyed the connection. Good choice for #followfriday

  • Dis-course is awesome… dis teacher is too…
    love these…. keep em coming Gert

    •  @faybiz Thanks Faybiz.

      •  @ginidietrich I’m thinking I need a new Tweeting name…

  • JodiEchakowitz

    Canadians (even the imports) are a good group of people. Of course, I may just be a little biased! Rebecca and I started following each other on Twitter yesterday following some #SoMix2012 tweets, and based on your recommendation, she sounds like a great person to get to know.

    •  @JodiEchakowitz I’m OK with the Canadian bias. I love you guys!

    • @JodiEchakowitz Thanks Jodi! Great to connect with you!

  • Looking forward to the day when I meet Rebecca in person, too!

    •  @lizreusswig You should just travel with me.

      •  @ginidietrich  @lizreusswig Oh dear. 

      •  @ginidietrich Will carry luggage & bike helmets for wine and meeting interesting people!!  LOL  (PS – loves dogs, too!!)

      • DallasK

         @ginidietrich  @lizreusswig Gini is trolling for slaves…again.

    • @lizreusswig You too, Liz!

  • jennwhinnem

    The fake news release link brings me to . Can you fix? I want to read it!
    Also hello Rebecca, very nice to meet you!

    •  @jennwhinnem Grrr! The WiFi in my hotel was terrible. Here you go:

      • jennwhinnem

         @ginidietrich Thank you – and sorry I missed it the first time. The idea made me giggle.

        •  @jennwhinnem It’s pretty funny, right? Are you back from vacation?

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich Damn Canadian internet!!!! 😉 

  • John_Trader1

    I’d kill to see what Rebecca’s right eye actually looks like. The windswept hair look makes her look curiously intelligent and extraordinarily wise. I enjoy reading her comments and perspectives here on the blog!

    •  @John_Trader1 You know what’s funny? We have a picture we took last night and my hair is covering her right eye. Hmmmm….conspiracy?

      • John_Trader1

         @ginidietrich I’m starting to think that her right eye is some mystical portal to the afterlife or another dimension that only those who meet her in person are privy to. It’s frustrating.

        •  @John_Trader1 I think so, too, now that you mention it!

      • DallasK

         @ginidietrich  @John_Trader1 Maybe Gini lost her right eye in a bar fight as well? (Chicago is a rough town)

    • DallasK

       @John_Trader1 Maybe she lost her right eye as the result of a bar fight in Toronto? (it’s a rough town)  

      • John_Trader1

         @DallasK With all of those hockey fans milling about, I could see that. Gini has a reputation of being sort of a bad ass anyway.

        • DallasK

           @John_Trader1 @ginidietrich She’s short and small, it’s an over compensation thing.

        •  @John_Trader1  @DallasK Actually, I took her eye out in a bar fight.

        • DallasK

           @ginidietrich  @John_Trader1 You really know how to rev my engine!

        • @ginidietrich @John_Trader1 @DallasK I’m kind of like Mad Eye Moody, so it comes in and out. I usually pop it out before I start fighting. Which happens a lot, especially since I’m a Leafs fan!

    •  @John_Trader1 Don’t mess with the Dread Pirate Todd. You have been warned. 😉

      • @TheJackB @John_Trader1 Hah love it! Aargh!

        • belllindsay

           @RebeccaTodd  @TheJackB  @John_Trader1 My grandfather had a glass eye that he popped in and out. #justsayin

  • mediachick76

    I love meeting other smart women named Rebecca. 🙂

    •  @mediachick76 Ha! Love it!

    • @mediachick76 Yay a fellow Bex! Great to meet you!

      •  @RebeccaTodd  @mediachick76 @ginidietrich took me a minute to figure it why someone named Media loves people named Rebecca. LOL

      • mediachick76

        @RebeccaTodd You too. Can you give me a follow? I’m having a hard time finding you for some reason

  • belllindsay

    I met @rebeccaamy yesterday and I can assure you she has multiple eyes. Three in fact. So great meeting up in person finally!! Congrats on your Follow Friday Rebecca Amy Todd !! 😀 

    •  @belllindsay  Where was the third??!

      • @ginidietrich @belllindsay She could sense it. She knows. Lovely to meet you too Lindsay and thanks for all your hard work yesterday!

        • belllindsay

           @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich  @belllindsay In her armpit. You didn’t see it!!?? Sheeesh. 😉 

        •  @belllindsay  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich why was everyone in Canada? Bacon convention?

        • belllindsay

           @HowieSPM  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich Bacon and ‘gold-fish bowl sized’ glasses of red wine. 

        •  @belllindsay  @HowieSPM  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich Yes!

  • Rebecca is AWESOME. I always enjoy her on Twitter. How fun that you got to meet her! 

    • @annedreshfield Thanks Anne! I hope to meet you too!

  • “The mark of an educated mind is being able to entertain other points of view without feeling pressured to change your own.”  
    Very nice!

    • @barrettrossie Hah it’s a total parrot-phrase-Twain I think!

      •  @RebeccaTodd  @barrettrossie there is only one way! And that is my way! hmmm I think that was George Bush? Anyhoo. Long Live Ming the Merciless ruler of all the universe!

  • Wow Gini thank you so much! It’s been a joy getting to know you online, and a total treat meeting you in person! Your blog has introduced me to a whole world of wonderful people. It was a thrill getting to meet you and so many of your tribe yesterday. Thank you so much for these kind words! I hope your paths can cross in person again soon- I’m in Aus-come down under for a vaycay!

    •  @RebeccaTodd Have a great trip. Be safe…travel calmly…and send lots of photos!

  • rdopping

    Hey. Missed the party. Rebecca, you are awesome. This is a well deserved shout out. Congrats. I loved chatting to you, Gini & Kaarina. Genuine peeps!

    • @rdopping Thanks Ralph! It was wonderful to meet you and Janine! Hope to see you again soon.

  • I remember meeting @RebeccaTodd at a Mountie’s uhmm….’convention’ yes that is what it was back in 97′ back when Mounties were still cool. It was really a big rave party..I mean convention in the Yukon back before raves…I mean conventions hit the mainstream. We hit if off discussing how lame Beck was as an artist and that Mounties rock the turn tables way better and why don’t they have hit singles? Had we known the Bieber was coming…..
    Then we crossed paths in 2002 at the big anti-war with Greenland march at Polar Bear park in Ontario. She made fun of me because I asked where the Polar Bears were. Then I offended her by saying ‘No wonder Greenland wants to invade Canada you have parks named after animals that don’t live there!’ I decided bringing up the bacon issue was not proper at this time….
    In 2004 I woke up in an opium stupor in a little cafe in Marrakech and who do I see? @RebeccaTodd  that is who! She said she had been working with the Moroccan Freedom Movement trying to end Camel trafficking in the Maghreb. I asked if she wanted to go to a beach party in Safi the coming weekend for old time sake but she said she didn’t party like she used too plus the Camels needed her.
    Now I see she has come back to Canada and gone all professional and even knows @ginidietrich talk about another amazing reinvention. What will be next? Astronaut? Spear Fishing?

    •  @HowieSPM  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich That is top secret, and the Mounties are protecting that secret.

      • @KDillabough @HowieSPM @ginidietrich All I can say is I blast off, err, I mean fly out Tuesday…

        •  @RebeccaTodd  @KDillabough  @HowieSPM  @ginidietrich We’ll miss you:)

        • DallasK

          @KDillabough @RebeccaTodd @HowieSPM @ginidietrich Im not going to miss her. She is freakin going to AUSTRALIA.

        •  @DallasK  @KDillabough  @RebeccaTodd  @HowieSPM  @ginidietrich well if you are flying to Australia to help with the annual Kangaroo culling I would be concerned.

    • belllindsay

       @HowieSPM  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich Oh, My. GOD!!!!! How does he do it, week after week. I heart you @HowieSPM 

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