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#FollowFriday: Sam Fiorella

By: Gini Dietrich | January 11, 2013 | 

Please allow me to introduce you to one Mr. Sam Fiorella.

Some of you may know him as a Sensei Marketer. Others of you may know him as Danny Brown’s partner in crime on Influence Marketing. And yet others of you may know him as the biggest opponent of Klout.

I, however, know him as one of my favorite Canadians who is wicked smart, extremely opinionated (in the right way), a terrible speller (which gives me tons of great fodder for teasing him), and a Bills fan (poor thing).

He also has a great sense of humor. When I was scheduled as the guest on Heckler’s Hangout with Margie Clayman and Brian Vickery, Sam logged in and wrote his title as, “Gini Dietrich and I dated in college.”

We didn’t. He’s waaaaaaaay older than me. But for the audience, it was hilarious to see people’s reaction. Everyone did a double take, but no one asked about it. I guess they thought it was inappropriate to bring it up. Which actually makes it even more funny.

On the professional side, Sam is in charge of customer experience for the Sensei Marketing clients and he’s a big proponent of influence (measured in the right ways) and how it affects sales for an organization. In fact, you could say he’s the Big Cheese because their sole goal is to build the value of their client’s businesses by improving customer experience.

The business is named after a sensei because one, “Guides, educates, and inspires followers with a mastery of their discipline that has been honed during the years with a singular focus and dedication.”

Pretty interesting and creative, don’t you think?

He’s a great guy who you’ll learn from, laugh with, and poke fun at mutual friends together. I highly recommend getting to know him, especially before his and Danny’s book comes out and he becomes even more famous.

You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and on the Sensei blog.

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  • Aw shucks. Thanks Gini. After the years of teasing about my poor spelling (and 6 months in therapy) I’ve finally hired an editor just to get you off my back. I appreciate the shout out. I take back all the nasty things I’ve said about you (well, at least prior to June of 2010).

    • @samfiorella Only six months in therapy? Clearly I have more work to do.

      • @ginidietrich Well after this Roast, er, #FF post, I may end up back there.

  • aw, I love Sam. Good choice. But can’t believe you haven’t featured him before.

    • @KenMueller I couldn’t afford to pay for the endorsement till today.

      • @samfiorella  @KenMueller How many bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 did this one cost you?

        • HowieG

          @jasonkonopinski  @samfiorella  @KenMueller lol @ginidietrich only drinks orange flavor.

    • @KenMueller I thought the same thing! Sam is great and I feel extra lucky to have met him in real life too 🙂

      • @C_Pappas That’s only because you haven’t met me yet!

        • @KenMueller When is that going to happen?!?!?

        • @C_Pappas I dunno. When you coming to visit?

  • I don’t like him. He talks funny. 😉

    • @jasonkonopinski That’s because you only talk to me after I’ve had a few too many Jack Daniels (which, admittedly is 2 or 3 times a day).

    • @jasonkonopinski he looks funny too!

      • @hessiej  @jasonkonopinski Low-hanging fruit.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @hessiej  That’s the best you two can come up with? I’m disappointed.

        • @samfiorella  @hessiej We’ll try harder.

        • @jasonkonopinski  @hessiej I don’t know Sam, but I don’t think it’s fair to criticize a fellow’s low-hanging fruit or his large front porch… just sayin’

  • belllindsay

    I love Sam!! Great choice Gini! One day I’m gonna make the trek to Oakville to experience his special porch. 😉 Enjoy the day @samfiorella and welcome to the world of Follow Friday Fandom!

    • HowieG

      @belllindsay @samfiorella wait my first blog cwas called the marketing sensei. Now he has a porch like @kenmueller you canadians are such followers!

      • belllindsay

        @HowieG  @belllindsay  @samfiorella  @kenmueller Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 😉

    • @belllindsay For the record “his special porch” isn’t a euphemism for anything.  I actually have a large porch on the front of my house that’s been known to serve awesome Cognac and Cuban cigars. Just to set the record straight.

      • @samfiorella  @belllindsay Cuban cigars? Is THAT the euphemism?

      • belllindsay

        @samfiorella HAHAHA! Am I getting you in trouble Sam?

      • @samfiorella  @belllindsay I’m on my way!

  • Thanks for sharing info on Sam. When you wrote that @samfiorella  has a great sense of humor, I instantly though “He’d make a great guest on Marketing Made Simple TV!” – Just like you were Gini. 
    You might also like to check out this week’s show with Word of Mouth expert @robbinphillips of @brainsonfire Great show!
    All the best, Gini.
    Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host
    Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Great pick Gini. Sam is hilarious! It doesn’t take long to pick up on his wit! Sam did you tell Gini about the train track story or “every Friday night” from the good ole days? Classic!

    • @hessiej No, that event nearly ended my marriage.
      And told to you in confidence.
      But thanks for reminding me of it.

  • margieclayman

    I love you both. That is all.

    • @margieclayman Me too??

      • @ginidietrich   Fishing for a compliment is beneath you Gini.

  • Seriously???  I think I am a psychic.  As soon as I saw Sam I KNEW the lovefest Margie started would soon turn into major chop busting. Good thing he can give it back with the best of em.When you say ‘one of my favorite Canadians,’  I’m guessing that pool is pretty small right?Of course we all love Sam – who doesn’t love yelling along with his posts “That’s right!!!!!”  And cracking up, out loud, in your office alone?

    • @AmyMccTobin It’s VERY small.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  Hey now.  @AmyMccTobin

      • @ginidietrich  So I’ve been told. 🙁  @AmyMccTobin

  • Hah, that little Lower Third surprise Sam pulled during your Hecklers’ Hangout appearance was probably his LEAST inappropriate stunt! However, it is that wittiness and irreverence…tempered with keen insight and the willingness to ask the tough question…that keeps us pestering him to remain a regular hecklers.
    Great FollowFriday post, Gini.

    • @dbvickery I keep trying to get kicked off of Heckler’s Hangout with inappropriate comments yet I keep getting asked back. I don’t understand this world.

  • He looks like he’s had a lot of plastic surgery.

    • @Danny Brown Now that you mention it, he totally does.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  @Danny Brown And he clearly dyes his hair to get that “distinguished grey”.

        • HowieG

          @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @Danny Brown yes not naturally power salt and pepper like my hair

    • @Danny Brown  Not since 1983! If your gonna make fun of me, get your facts straight!!

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Sam at least year’s MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. Great guy. Glad to see him here.

    • @IronBacon Thanks. I hope to be back to Boston this year. If there, please reach out. I’ll be the one stalking Ann Handley @marketingprofs

      • @samfiorella Will do. We can stalk her together. Maybe coordinate efforts using social media and such.

        • @IronBacon I like it! A coordinated Ann Handley stalking. I can feel her “Not Impressed” look already.

        • @samfiorella Actually, I feel a new meme starting: Anne Handley is Totally Creeped Out.

  • Hah. Great pick; perfect. Maybe if he died his gray you’d date him? If Mr. D permitted, that is!

    • @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing   I’d have to receive some form of payment to date Gini but I’m willing to negotiate the amount.

    • @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing You know, for the abuse I’d have to endure.

      • @samfiorella  @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing Please. We all know it’s you who’d pay me.

  • magriebler

    Hi Sam! Lovely to meet you. Welcome to the #FF Roast here on Spin Sucks. From what I can tell, everyone does survive.

    • @magriebler Seriously! When did this become a Roast?! My delicate disposition can’t handle this.

      • magriebler

        @samfiorella Looks like you’re doing just fine. 🙂

  • Way to go Sam! I’m looking forward to meeting you finally! Toronto here I come.
    Thanks Gini. Funny on the dating comment.

    • @nickkellet Let me know when you’re in Toronto. I’ll be sure to hit Montreal that day.

      • @samfiorella its good to know I’m influencing behaviour. You don’t escape that easily.

    • @nickkellet Thank you for indulging me!

  • Thought I was following you, Sam, probably because I see you mentioned so many places. Trust me, I’m following you now!

    • HowieG

      @creativeoncall Sam only gets mentioned in such articles like ‘Wine Theif spotted running away’, ‘Cuban Gun Runner Indicted in Namibia’, and ‘Queen snuffs Palace Coup Attempt’ so yeah he gets mentioned a lot!

      • @HowieG  You forgot Alcoholics and Pornographers Anonymous alerts. @creativeoncall

        • @HowieG Ha! If I had a Klout account, i would now be influential in Alcohol and Pornography because of the reach of this site and Gini’s amplification  @creativeoncall

  • HowieG

    @samfiorella and @Danny Brown go back a long way. They really are old. They helped bring from Scotland to America before Prohibition which was a really long time ago. Once the USA went dry they moved to Canada to start the first social influence service, I meant under the influence service.
    During WW2 they had a split because Danny sided with Greenland and Sam was trying to get Nova Scotia to secede and start an early commune.
    They reunited  in the 50s as anarchist beat poets they were part of a semi locally to Toronto Famous Vaudville act called the Sam and Danny variety hour first broadcast on the BBC. But eventually we labeled communist by McCarthy and put on the famous Hollywood Blacklist. Thus ending their fledgling career together.
    In the 70’s Sam resurfaced as a back up singer to Sonny and Cher on their big TV show, then he was hired away by Donnie and Marie. Leaving on top flush with cash Sam helped Al Gore build the Internet. By 1999 after almost losing his fortune in his investment in Apple he went underground.
    Now back with Danny they are in a law suit with Klout saying they stole their influence scoring patent and are trying to take over the Influence Industry through legal action. Ironically they keep failing to make their court dates because they need walkers.
    Old Indeed!

    • belllindsay

      @HowieG  @samfiorella  @Danny Brown Day. Made. 😀 #Howie!!

      • @belllindsay  @HowieG  @samfiorella  @Danny Brown Um sorry, but that’s the CBC, Howie…

        • HowieG

          @RebeccaTodd  @belllindsay  @samfiorella  @Danny Brown not BBC? Don’t you pledge allegiance to the Queen every day? Wait what century is this please? My space craft might of re-entered in the wrong one.

        • belllindsay

          @HowieG  @RebeccaTodd  @samfiorella  @Danny Brown I’ve met the queen. Well, I was a foot away from her, anyhow. Just sayin’.

    • @HowieG That is all historically correct except I was not a back up singer for Sonny & Cher. I was Cher. In drag. Think about it. Have you ever seen Cher and me together?

      • AnneReuss

        @samfiorella  @HowieG I knew you looked familiar Sam. It all makes sense now.  I’ve been to a couple drag shows at U of I! C street, right?

  • Welcome to the FF community!  Fantastic meeting you, I was already subscribed to the blog, but hadn’t connected on Twitter for some reason. That is now remedied. 🙂 I already conned your counterpart @dannybrown to come onto Brand Fast-Trackers when the book comes out, so hopefully you will join that discussion too.

    • @katskrieger I tend to avoid any establishment frequented by @Danny Brown They’re usually seedy; however, you seem like a nice enough person so I will likely join.

      • @samfiorella  @Danny Brown I really hope that the way you two talk to/about each other online is reflected in the book too. 🙂

  • AnneReuss

    You go Sam! I’ve had a slight brain crush on him since I read his latest post about accepting less mediocrity. Great choice girl.

    • @AnneReuss Just a brain crush? Oh, OK. I’ll take it. More than what I get a home sadly. Thanks Anne. I appreciate it!!

    • @AnneReuss I thought you were calling Sam “girl,” but I realize now that was meant for me.

    • @AnneReuss DAMN, he wrote about that? This is what happens when you go into hiding for a month… you miss all the good stuff.

  • Happy Follow Friday Sam!

  • This is great. “Guides, educates, and inspires” really hits home especially when talking about customer experience. Happy #FF Sam and to everyone else!

    • @Matt_Cerms CRAP! I owe you an email! ARGH! I suck. I’m so sorry, Matt!

      • @ginidietrich Gini. You are fine! Looking forward to chatting soon!

  • Sam and company have to stop trying to kill Klout. It has been a great source of Subway cards–how else am I supposed to get a free lunch. It is not like we have one of those Tim Hortons here with the crazy Canuck coffee and donut special.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts when you come visit Toronto next. 
      p.s. I’m not trying to kill Klout. Just improve the practice and validity of Influence Marketing.

  • Sam is DA BOMB. But not the Klout kind. Great recommendation, Gini!

    • @jeanniecw Don’t say “B@mb” and Kl@ut” in the same post!  I already have a target drawn on my back. That’s all I need.

  • One time, at twitter, I’m pretty sure I made Sam laugh, it’s still my highlight of 2011. 
    I’d also say I have a brain crush on him but I’m no competition for @AnneReuss  Great seeing you here, Sam. You’re one of my senseis and a super choice, like everyone already said, I’m out of fresh material, Bennett Out.

    • @TonyBennett  Thank God. Not sure how much more of this “I’m pretending to love you but secretly hate you” sentiment I can take.   And yes, you did make me LOL.

      • belllindsay

        @samfiorella  @TonyBennett And just like that, Sam figures out the Spin Sucks community.

        • @belllindsay  @samfiorella  @TonyBennett I’m so relieved… I thought he actually believed us.

  • My very favorite recollection of Sam was back in the day when he used to change the orientation of his Twitter avatar daily. You NEVER knew which version would show up. LOL!

    • @Sean McGinnis Sounds like a eulogy. I’m still alive!!

      • @samfiorella LOL! That and that time when climbed on a chair to get a good pic with Me and Josepf. 😉
        Just memorializing the “old Sam” – you know, before you hit Social Media Guru status by getting a byline in Huffpo and #FF status on Spin Sucks.

  • Hi there, Sam! So nice to meet you 🙂 Ah, my Canadian network is expanding yet again. I’m stalking—er “following” you now. 
    Happy Follow Friday!

    • @kateupdates Excellent. I promise not to anger you with my Tweets …well at not till March anyway.

  • Sam? Sam Fiorella? THE Sam Fiorella??  It’s great to see you here! I love reading your blog… and I don’t care who knows it.

    • @barrettrossie  Careful. People have been killed for much less.

  • MatthewLiberty

    Wow…all this time I just thought he was a regular guy that sat on his porch drinking booze (well, Bud Light) and wearing scarves made by Margie Clayman. Who knew?!?!

    • @MatthewLiberty Bud Light?!! Bite your tongue! Never. Newcastle, Stella, Heineken, Innis & Gunn maybe. Bud Light?! Ack.

      • MatthewLiberty

        @samfiorella It’s all good Sam, if you don’t want to let that cat out of that bag…no worries. You have a reputation to uphold.