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#FollowFriday: Sherrilynne Starkie

By: Gini Dietrich | June 21, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Sherrilynne StarkieA few years ago, I made a new friend named Sherrilynne Starkie.

Though she didn’t yet live in Ottawa, she knew she was moving back (her mom and sister are there) from Britain and she used social media to connect with people to find a job and build her friend network.

Because of the work we do with Thornley Fallis, she and I connected on Twitter during her brilliant social media job search.

Fast forward to last year and I finally had the chance to meet her in person when I spoke at Third Tuesday. And then had the opportunity to spend time with her when I spoke at SocialCapital earlier this month.

Sherrilynne Starkie at Work

Sherrilynne is a ball of fire – from her red hair down to her personality.

The job search she conducted landed her at Thornley-Fallis (what a coinky dink!) as vice president and, to sit and listen to her talk, you know she knows what she’s doing.

She has taken her experience in her job search and implemented it for clients. She understands how the web is changing our industry and is at the forefront of the trend.

She’s smart, she’s thoughtful, and she’s perceptive.

Sherrilynne Starkie at Home

But you know what I love most about her? She’s adventurous.

About 18 months ago, she took some time with her beloved and backpacked around Southeast Asia.

With one (ONE!) backpack and two pairs of shoes. In a backpack.

I freaking love. She’s well-traveled and she’s lived in Canada, the U.K., and the United States. How many of you can say you’ve lived in three countries?

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her picture – or seeing her in person – but she’s about to become a grandmother. Perhaps the grand baby will call her social media rockstar instead of gramma.

Find Her Online

Get to know Sherrilynne. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest (!!!), her blog, and the Thornley Fallis blog.

Don’t take offense if she doesn’t immediately respond to you. She’s the stealth, quiet type who listens, takes everything in, and then pounces with a smart or hilarious response.

You’ll love getting to know her.

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  • One backpack and two pairs of shoes? I am in awe. Congrats on your #FF, Sherrilynne – can’t wait to get to know you better!

    • biggreenpen Right??

      • ginidietrich biggreenpen but she brought 64 crayola colors! 
        I bet the only thing in the backpack was a glamorous dinner dress and a tux!

        • sherrilynne

          Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich biggreenpen And sunscreen.

  • bobledrew

    Always gratifying to read a FF of someone you know and say “Yup, that’s her in a nutshell.”  She’s aces.

    • bobledrew you wanted to say ‘She F-n Rocks!’ but ginidietrich would of flipped if you said Rocks on her block. So Aces it is!

      • Howie Goldfarb bobledrew The cursing filter would have pushed it out!

        • bobledrew

          ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb bobledrew Every June 21, I only speak in 1940s slang, see? So now I gotta stop this gammin’,  get my stompers on and fade.

        • sherrilynne

          bobledrew ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb Bob you crack me up.  <giggles>

  • Good to meet you Sherrilynne
    Backpacking around SE Asia = rad. Any essential tips you might have on that? Sort of been playing around with the idea myself..

    • JoeCardillo pack mosquito nets. rescue flares. sunscreen. crocs shoes. machete. snake bite kit. mongoose bite kit. beer. cliff bars (it is true you can live on them!)

      • Howie Goldfarb JoeCardillo And cigarettes, for bribing the prison guards.

        • RobBiesenbach Howie Goldfarb JoeCardillo Great. That’s just great Rob, now I’m scared.

        • JoeCardillo RobBiesenbach Howie Goldfarb Or for smoking. 😉

    • sherrilynne

      JoeCardillo Keep it flexible.  Don’t over plan.  Look head about three days only and you’ll have a lovely, stress free time.

      • sherrilynne JoeCardillo Oh excellent! I’m good at that already hah

  • I really enjoyed meeting Sherrilynne at SocialCapital! Though I must admit, I was slightly intimidated by her! LOL She really is perceptive – like she’s studying you, all stealth like – and then WHAMMO – she’ll comment or react to something! I can imagine this trait serves her well with clients and the like. Stand back and take it all in, then knock’em dead! She really is a force to be reckoned with, and Thornley Fallis are lucky to have her (and man, can she ROCK the high heels!). Congrats Sherrilynne!!

    • sherrilynne

      belllindsay You may be confusing perception with age. 🙂

  • Now we know who was responsible for all the world turmoil! ginidietrich I am sorry but when someone says 1 backpack, 2 pairs of shoes, going from country to country for 18 months… robbery? Fast get away? Only had time to pack underwear and a pack of pall malls?

    But here is the truth because your readers demand it!

    They had: Private jet flying around the globe. 
    8 person and 1gnu Entourage. 
    a 7ft 325lb head of security named Tiny
    1 personal chef 
    Mobile DJ Set up with Disco Ball and Strobe Light

    1 tube 30 SPF all natural sunscreen

    2 Windows Phones (all the rage in Laos we hear!)
    3 cans Coors light

    Return on Investment?
    27 countries. 3 revolutions started, 6 revolutions fomented, 3 million people displaced, thousands killed maimed hurt injured bruised or boo-booed,  1 short stint in a Moroccan prison, 1 case Malaria, 1 case sunstroke, 1 case Camel Fleas. 
    But only packed a backpack and 2 pairs of crocs?!

    And now she working with MartinWaxman ? How did you find someone with a crazier life than me!?

    Happy Follow Friday sherrilynne

    • Howie Goldfarb Ohhhhhhh. I didn’t think about the bank robbery side of things. Of course you’re right!

    • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne The Gnu was critical.

      • RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne Only THREE cans of Coors Light??? Oh the humanity!

        • belllindsay RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne It’s the perfect number, takes 3 Coors Lites to obtain courage to steal the next 6

        • JoeCardillo belllindsay RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne That’s my boy.

    • Howie Goldfarb Ha! I’m not sure I qualify but thanks… Congrats sherrilynne! I can say I knew you when :).

    • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne We “gnu” Howie’s response would be unlike any other.

    • sherrilynne

      Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich MartinWaxman sherrilynne Never contracted camel fleas, actually!

  • Congratulations, sherrilynne! I first read this as backpacking FOR 18 months — either way, very cool.

    • sherrilynne

      RobBiesenbach sherrilynne nope, but it was 20 weeks.  A great adventure!

  • Lara Wellman

    sherrilynne did such an amazing job connecting with people before moving back to Ottawa, professionally and personally – that’s when I met her too 🙂

    • Lara Wellman sherrilynne just curious why Ottawa and not Vancouver Ay?

      • Howie Goldfarb Lara Wellman sherrilynne EH!!! It’s eh Howie. How many times…….!!!

      • sherrilynne

        Howie Goldfarb Lara Wellman sherrilynne Ottawa is my hometown and I have lots of family here. I do love the west coast though!  Maybe when I retire?

  • Congratulations sherrilynne . What a wonderful story and she does  totally sound like a social media rock star. It is too bad that I didn’t get the chance to meet her at the Social Capital Conference this year. Hopefully next year. Love that she has lived in three countries. I enjoy reading about and talking to people who may have had similar experiences as me in this regard. I too have lived in 3 countries so far – Pakistan, USA, Canada. Ottawa is home now and I hope it stays that way (I seem to move every decade or so).

    • sherrilynne

      LSSocialEngage sherrilynne Let’s meet up for a cuppa.

      • That would be great. Would love to meet up. What’s the best way to reach you to make a plan :)?

        • sherrilynne

          LSSocialEngage I think if you read the post you know my deets 🙂

        • Lol! Yes just wasn’t sure if you had a preference. I’ll bein touch 🙂

  • Nice to meet you Sherrilynne! Happy Follow Friday!

  • And now we have proof that having more than a couple pairs of shoes is unnecessary.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes they just cancelled Sex and the City 3 from being filmed.

      • Howie Goldfarb Damn. Now I have to hide under the desk. OTOH, my brain suddenly feels smarter, but that might be the coffee.

      • sherrilynne

        Howie Goldfarb Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I”d like to state that the two pairs of shoes rule only applies when travelling.  I have a significant number of pairs (more than I ever actually wear) at home.

  • John_Trader1

    Great to see you profiled here Sherrilynne! Hi!

  • Thanks for introducing us to another cool person, Gini. Hi, Sherrilynne!

  • I love @sherrilynne and that sister of hers too 😉

    • sherrilynne

      suzemuse The feeling is mutual!

  • Hi Sherrilynne!!! Happy FollowFriday!!

  • SavvyCopywriter

    Great to meet you Sherrilynne!

  • susancellura

    It’s a pleasure to meet you Sherrilynne!

  • Great intro.  Here’s her at work, here’s her at home. Here’s her on Gini’s blog… and you have to rock pretty hard to get a friday feature from G-Unit.  I’ll go show how good of a stealthy cyber stalker I can be.  Oh wait, that sounds creepy. Ahh whatever. Happy friday, Crazies.

  • debdobson62

    Nice to meet you Sherrilynne.  A great intro to someone who sounds quite cool.  Anyone traveling with a backpack and one pair of shoes, well shoot.  Have to follow.  Thank you for the intro Gini.

  • YEA!! Another new amazing person to meet. Enjoy the first day of summer.

  • Happy Follow Friday!  Oh my goodness … my eyes grew big at the backpacking story and even bigger at “grandmother!” I don’t want to know how a lady of 25 years can have accomplished so much! : ) CHEERS!

    • sherrilynne

      dwaynealicie I have a time travel machine that keeps me young.  I’m a bit like Dr. Who. 🙂

      • sherrilynne Divine!  I really must tag along …

      • sherrilynne dwaynealicie Oh DWAYNE!! hahahaha

  • I love this story!  Hello to you Sherrilynne.  I loved reading about your adventure and look forward to following you on this Friday and way beyond.

  • sherrilynne It was great meeting you at Social Capital Conference a few weeks ago. Although I did now about your relocation from the UK, I never would have guessed you were almost a grandmother, wow! Looking forward to seeing more of you here, on Twitter and hopefully in real life again soon.

    • sherrilynne

      EdenSpodek sherrilynne <blush>  I was a child bride (said in a Blanch Dubois voice).

      • sherrilynne That’s what I tell people but I think it’s true in your case. 😉

  • Happy, happy #FollowFriday, sherrilynne!  Nice to know you! I agree with EdenSpodek and you must’ve been an Infant Bride! 🙂  Looking forward to getting to know you better!