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#FollowFriday: Tara Geissinger

By: Gini Dietrich | July 19, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Tara GeissingerBy Gini Dietrich

Have you ever met someone and you’ve thought, “Yes, she (or he) and I can be friends!”?

That’s how I feel about Tara Geissinger.

It’s not because she has 10-year-old triplets and makes it look like managing that many kids of the same age is a piece of cake. It’s not because she owns a business. It’s not because she’s a communicator. It’s not because we have the same taste in young adult fiction.

It is because she is the only person I know who leaves Florida in July…instead of going there for the hottest month of the year.

I seriously don’t understand people who vacation in Florida in July and August, but I do understand people who live there every other time of the year.

So Tara is spending time with her kids in North Carolina this month. She’s working the true blended, entrepreneurial life Mitch Joel talks about in Ctl Alt Delete because she works in the morning and in the evening and spends time playing in the water with the triplets each afternoon.

Tara owns SEO Content Solutions, a content marketing company, which she co-founded with Christine O’Kelly, and Online PR Media, a news release distribution website.

Not only does she co-own two businesses, their business model is to hire moms who want to work and stay home with their kids. To that point, on her Facebook wall earlier this week, a new employee posted how grateful she is to have found Tara and Christine because now she can work when the babies are in bed.

Talk about the virtual team I’m always touting and taking it to the next level! The flexibility they offer is incredible. It’s not uncommon for someone from their team to say, “I have never experienced a better work environment.”

If you don’t already know Tara and spend some time in the comments here, introduce yourself next time you see her avatar pop up. If you’re a Spin Sucks lurker, introduce yourself on a platform that makes you more comfortable.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest (!!!), and even blogging on Spin Sucks.

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  • Hey, I went to Florida in July. Opposite season is a bargain. Also went to Montreal at New Year’s. Brrr. Congratulations, Tara — great story!

    • RobBiesenbach your comment reminds me of Charlie Sheen’s scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Rob why did you go to Florida in the summer? ‘Drugs’ Why did you go to Montreal in the winter? ‘Drugs’ Come clean we are a progressive group her Rob! I mean I am allowed here still! 8)

    • RobBiesenbach You are crazy.

  • Stay away from my wife! She wants twins badly! She loves Twin-Speak. Which really is code word for ‘How do we stage a coup de-tat and over throw mommy and daddy”
    Where do you live ginidietrich in NY everyone goes to florida for the winter! Who goes in summer unless in chicago the water has affected everyone’s brain! Oh and I went to college in North Carolina. Summer IS NOT COOLER THAN FLORIDA! I know I have been to both in July!

    Grats TaraGeissinger took me 7 months in 2011 of sending cupcakes, writing half of Gini’s blog posts and begging just for her to let me apply for her friendship. after that there was a grueling series of timed aptitude tests, walking Jack Bauer at 5am so she can sleep in, and doing yard work. Then in 2012 was my big break. She started allowing me to comment her on Spin Sucks. Little did I know I still had to carry her bags on her book tour, run and pick up to go orders and pay for them in far away lands, and even be her bike messenger on occasion. 
    So tell us. 3 boys so you can have an instant wiffleball team? or 3 girls to back up sing for Taylor swift? Or three girls to have an instant wiffleball team? or 3 boys to back up sing for Taylor Swift?
    Grats on your Follow Friday you now might b to famous for NC now. Maybe you have to find a nice little bungalow in Myrtle Beach next July.

    • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich TaraGeissinger HAHA! Tell your wife she is welcome to come over and sip some of our water. My sister has 1-yr-old twins and my cousin (who basically lives next door) has 4-week-old twins. We are prolific baby makers in my family! 
      I actually have two boys and a girl. We’ve already been to 2 Taylor Swift concerts, but the boys prefer Luke Bryan and Eric Church…..

  • PattiRoseKnight1

    Happy Friday Tara!!!!

    • PattiRoseKnight1 wait til Tara orchestrates the Josh Freeman for Jay Cutler deal with bdorman264 then you tell me how you feel Patti!

  • Congrats Tara!! Another Floridian (even if you’re not here this month …. fortunate you!) and I think I saw that you’re a runner. Excited to get to interact with you more (and you’re right in your ……. give it to a busy mom and it’ll get done!).

    • biggreenpen Hooray for busy moms! I think the ability to multi-task is what makes moms such wonderful business owners and contractors. And yes, at one point I was training for a half-marathon. I am sadly back down to the 5k range now though.

      • TaraGeissinger biggreenpen It’s frustrating having to revise your running goals but great that you’re still out there doing it!

  • Yay, Tara! It’s great to learn more about you. I’m doing the busy mom thing, too, (it gets harder when they’re teens but can’t drive yet) and trying to eventually move into working remotely. You’re inspiring! Glad to see you on #FF.

    • Word Ninja Thanks! 🙂 The driving part has me more and more scared as the years go by. I hear two boys make for some very high auto insurance — not to mention I will never be able to sleep or breathe again when they’re on the road alone!

      • TaraGeissinger I’ll be glad when the 16-year-old IS driving. That gal has me hopping. Have no idea where she gets that… 
        Hope you’re enjoying NC. Whereabouts? We’re going to Asheville this fall. Ever been there?

        • Word Ninja TaraGeissinger Yes, we are very close to Asheville, about an hour away in Bryson City. Lots to do in this area!

  • Happy Friday Tara!

  • SavvyCopywriter

    Great to ‘meet’ you TaraGeissinger – Looking forward to following you on Twitter and Pinterest!

    • SavvyCopywriter TaraGeissinger Happy to meet you too! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  • Congrats on your #FF Tara!!

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  • Hi TaraGeissinger! We were already connected on G+ but just started following you on Twitter as well. 🙂

  • JenniferHerndon

    What a great write-up about a great person! Tara is living proof that you can be a great mom AND a successful business woman (and still sleep once in awhile!). So happy to see you featured here Tara. I enjoy learning from you, and your genuineness as a person.

    • JenniferHerndon Awww, thanks Jennifer! Only another busy mom like yourself would know how hard it really is sometimes! LOL

  • Been connected w/Tara on Twitter and Facebook for some time, but always nice to get a little of the back story!

  • Not only do I feel like I could be friends with TaraGeissinger  I’m pretty sure we already were friends in a past life… that’s how tight we’re gonna be. Happy to meet an SEO superhero and a friend of yours, Gini.

    • TonyBennett TaraGeissinger I can feel the connection already! 🙂

  • Well, hello! 🙂

  • Howdy, triplets are a handful.  My baby sisters are twins. It wasn’t until I was a father that I began to appreciate what it must have been like for my parents to have the twins and the rest of us.
    There was a time when they had four kids between 5 and 0 months of age.
    Anyhoo, with all of the stuff you are doing it sounds like you have it well under control.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes We are a busy household, that’s for sure! It’s all about perspective though. My trio are best friends and being the same age are all “into” the same things and activities. I think it would be MUCH harder to have that many kids all different ages!

  • I’m a huge Tara fan. 
    Didn’t realize she was so amazingly well rounded, too! The only thing I can figure is she discovered the secret to time travel and is holding out on the rest of us…

    • JoeCardillo Awww. You made my day! 🙂 And yes, I am most definitely holding out.

  • Happy Belated Follow Friday, Tara!