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Gin and Topics: A Home Made Firework and a Dancing Usher

By: Gini Dietrich | April 5, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsWell, boys and girls, this is it! I’m taking some time off to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with Mr. D and to get some non-blog writing finished.

You will not have another Gin and Topics from me until April 26. I know it’ll be rough, but I’m leaving you in super capable hands.

Rebecca Todd is taking over for me. If you have videos you think should be included here (and get your name in lights!), you can send to her on Twitter or through a Facebook message.

You may end up liking her more than me. If that’s the case, don’t be shy in saying so. I’ll be happy to turn the reins over to her permanently.

Until then, I give you this week’s Gin and Topics. Videos are courtesy of Rosemary O’Neill, Bill Dorman, and yours truly.

5. Dance Cam at Pistons Game. I’d go ahead and skip to 1:17. That’s where the gold begins and the rest of it isn’t necessary. This guy has some serious moves. I don’t know how you move your hips like that. He must be triple-jointed.

4. Best Laugh Ever. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you have no heart. This little girl is supposed to be walking her dog, but instead finds it so strange, she can’t stop laughing.

3. The Chickeneers. I love me some Jimmy Fallon. In this video, The Chickeneers cluck a remake of Ho Hey from The Lumineers. I dare you not to cluck along.

2. Beat-Keeping Sea Lion. This is super cool! This seal has been trained to dance to different beats. It’s kind of a science geeky video because they talk about how they trained the mammal, but it’s really interesting to see how the moves change with different songs.

1. Home Made Firework. This is such a great video, I had to send it to Yvette Pistorio and swear her to secrecy so it wouldn’t be shared ahead of Gin and Topics. But I needed someone to watch it with me! Then I sent it to my mom and called her so I could experience her reaction while she watched it. I’m telling you, best video of the week right here.

Have a great two weeks! I’ll see you back here the week of the 22nd.

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  • PattiRoseKnight

    I will refrain from commenting on the “too much magnesium guy” for fear of retribution from my ex husband’s family – what a _______.

    • PattiRoseKnight HAHAHAHAHHA! “Holy smokes. Guess I won’t do that again.” I WAS DYING!!

  • OMG I literally jumped in my chair! Too much magnesium indeed!

    • katskrieger Holy smokes. Guess I won’t do that again.

  • Seriously, funniest video ever. Everytime I watch it, I laugh…like tears in my eyes laugh.

    • yvettepistorio Thank you for sharing that joy with me!

      • ginidietrich yvettepistorio The pleasure was all mine! I’ve been DYING to share that video. “Holy Smokes. A little too much magnesium. I guess. I won’t do that again.” Bwahahahahaha!!!

  • belllindsay

    I hate to rain on your fireworks parade here guys – but that’s a fake. 😉 I’m telling you – 20 years producing TV ruined me. 
    The seal is fantastic if only for Boogie Wonderland alone! And, well, Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong in my book. Great pics this week!

    • belllindsay I HATE THAT! Don’t tell me that. Kelly does the same thing. I totally don’t care if it’s a fake. It makes me laugh so hard, it really doesn’t matter. Now I’m sad.

      • belllindsay

        ginidietrich Don’t be sad!! It’s an obvious fake – they don’t even have continuity between their edits!! I get sad when things are really really well done – and then someone tells me it’s a fake.

        • belllindsay ginidietrich Thanks for raining on my parade…it’s still funny though.

        • belllindsay I AM SAD!! I don’t like you anymore.

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich You hate me every day. I’m used to it. 🙂

        • belllindsay I hate you more today.

  • Karl Sprague

    Funny stuff, Gini. How did you get Ray Allen to dress up like an usher in Detroit? 🙂

  • I love Jimmy Fallon. So, so, so funny! I am happy he is getting The Tonight Show.

    • Anthony_Rodriguez Almost makes you want to cluck along, doesn’t it?

  • MZazeela

    ginidietrich Happy 10th!

    • ginidietrich

      MZazeela Thanks Marc!

  • I love how researchers teach a seal to get jiggy and get to call it science

    • JoeCardillo It’s a job I think I would like.

  • Now I’m not going to get that clucking sound out of my head. 😉 
    Have a wonderful vacation and celebrate your 10 year anniversary with Mr. D in style. See you back here in two weeks!

  • Oh that adorable little girl!!! That made me laugh out loud. Kids laughs are so contagious. 
    And that other video is clucking genius.

    • KateFinley It’s super hard not to laugh at her, isn’t it?

  • ideathinker

    ginidietrich non blog writing… Hmm… Is there a book in the works?

    • ginidietrich

      ideathinker There is! Spin Sucks, the book! 🙂

      • @ginidietrich ideathinker Someone was talking to me all about Gini’s book today. Hope Toronto will be part of the book tour again. 😉

        • EdenSpodek ideathinker I have the most fun in Toronto so I shall make it so!

  • ideathinker

    ginidietrich Oh and happy 10th anniversary!

  • swonderlin

    ginidietrich you make me smile, m’am 😉 haha

  • Banjo music + magnesium + a poor clueless guy = a perfect Saturday morning for me.

    • Word Ninja It makes me so happy to know you thought that was funny!

      • ginidietrich My fam and I are still sitting at the kitchen table crying at one video after another. Have a good weekend, Gini.

  • Have a fabulous time! (And a great anniversary.) Enjoy your little break…they don’t happen very often.

  • rdopping

    Happy face = 10 year anniversary
    Sad face = no Gini for two weeks
    Happy face = vacation
    Sad face = no Gini for two weeks
    Happy face = Becks is taking over.
    Enjoy your

    • rdopping

      ….vacation. My mobile cut me off. Sheesh.

    • rdopping LOL!! I’m going to pretend I’m Ernest Hemingway and write in cafes. I cannot wait!

  • I’m late to the party, but just had to say hope your anniversary was awesome, and thanks for sharing my video suggestion! It’s like I had my name on the marquee at Radio City Music Hall 🙂  And also, LOVE the dancing usher…he’s like a one man flash mob.

    • rosemaryoneill Wasn’t that great?! I’m surprised no one else here has said anything about it! Also, I really love your avatar. I keep meaning to tel you that.

      • ginidietrich Thank you! It’s my “as-seen-on-TV” plug, lol.

  • rdopping

    I see the Darwin Awards winner for 2013.

  • Monday morning laughs for me since I am behind in watching these. 🙂 All I can say is I wish I had moves like dancing usher. He was pretty awesome. I love Jimmy AND Blake Shelton, so I have to say I enjoyed the Chickeneers the most this week! Have a great break ginidietrich and happy writing!

    • TaraGeissinger I wish I had those moves, too! Thank you, thank you! I have one more thing to finish and then I’m off email and the blog.

  • HAH! Oh G, it isn’t a competition- they will only like me differently than you! In my former life as a Mad Scientist (I kid you not!) I had a indoor firework kit. But it just sparkled.