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Gin and Topics: A New MySpace and a Toy Train in Space

By: Gini Dietrich | September 28, 2012 | 

I am so excited! After 25 weeks (yes, more than six months) of back-to-back travel, I am home for 24 glorious days!

If any of you want me to travel, pack, or drive anywhere in the next 24 days, the answer will categorically be no.

Ken Mueller asked me what I’m going to do with all that extra time. As a matter of fact, I’m going to begin writing my novel. Lindsay Bell and I are going to work hard on finishing the content in Spin Sucks Pro so we can get the darn thing fully launched. And I’m going to work on some serious business development so we can have a record-breaking year in 2013.

I’m also going to work with my coach to start my winter training program. And I might sleep in and drink some wine.

So don’t anyone ask me to go anywhere. I have plans!

While I’m spending all my extra time, I’ll leave you with this week’s Gin and Topics.

5. Justin Timberlake Teases New MySpace. Well, more than a year after buying MySpace, JT and his team are getting ready to relaunch the social network. My guess is they think the timing is right because of the Wall Street woes of Facebook. So here it is…a new MySpace for you.

4. Trampoline Jumping Dog. This is nothing but brainless humor. If you don’t laugh out loud, you don’t have a sense of humor. Or a heart. Or a brain. Are you alive? Both Jason Konopinski and Mr. D sent this to me. They clearly know my sense of humor.

3. Luckiest Truck Driver Alive. This is…I don’t know how to explain it. You just have to watch it. It’s a video of a semitruck hitting another one. And what happens next is nothing short of a miracle.

2. Toy Train in Space. This is freaking cool! A man took his son’s train and sent it into space attached to a balloon and a video camera. What you see is pretty amazing. Plus the way he animated the train’s emotions is a talent I wish I had. Very, very cool.

1. Tight Pants. OK. I know this has already run in Gin and Topics. But it makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. And I’ve seen it about 40 times. I mean, what’s not funny about Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon? I figured you would want to see it again.

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  • I love Mudd. So. Much. 

  • The train was animated? I thought he was just happy. 

    •  @barrettrossie He was also a little terrified.

  • The boy and his train really got me. My son loved his Thomas the Tank Engine trains more than anything. For years they were a big part of his life and then they weren’t. My little boy got big. He never would have risked losing one of his in space, but damn that was cool.
    Mudd is a lot of fun too.

    •  @thejoshuawilner Wasn’t it cool how excited he got when he found it??

  • I got my tight pants….I got my tight pants…..I got my tights pants on. 

    •  @jasonkonopinski It’s pretty catchy, isn’t it?

  • I just don’t know if I can get excited about a MySpace where I can’t personalize my profile with an animated Hamster Dance .gif background.  

    •  @HeatherTweedy I agree. Except I want mine to be a Monkey Dance.

  • How have I never seen Tight Pants before?!? GOLD!!! Don’t wake the snake!

    •  @RebeccaTodd Oh I’m so glad I reposted it, then! It makes me laugh EVERY TIME I see it (I’m up to 42 times now). Rock ‘n rolla, ayatollah. 

  • AND- my offer to read this novel when it FINALLY happens is still on the table, even if you missed submitting it for my flight to Aus. 

    •  @RebeccaTodd I didn’t miss it. When I have something on paper, it is coming to you. 

  • aakomas

    @ginidietrich Hello, Gini!

    • ginidietrich

      @aakomas Hi sunshine!

      • aakomas

        @ginidietrich Happy weekend!

  • Never did have a MySpace account. Debating trying it out. 

    •  @Frank_Strong I’m keeping my account as is. It says I’m 29. I’m good with that.

  • 1) What’s involved in your winter training program?
    2) A novel seems perfect. I will definitely read it.
    3) Mudd … another reason why I need a doggie.
    4) I love you JT but I’m just not sure you can bring sexy that far back … I’m intrigued but skeptical.

    •  @kateupdates 1) During season, I ride about 300 miles a week so I don’t do any strength or cross-training. I’ll add in one yoga class a week, knock my mileage down by about half, and work on my core and upper body.
      2) I hope you’ll like it. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea right now. I think it’ll make a lot of people wonder what’s wrong with my brain.
      3) Right?! But you’d also need a trampoline. 
      4) We’ll see…I’m skeptical as well.

  • Cool videos. Thanks. That new myspace looks strange, lol.
    All that flashiness.

  • I watched the Will Ferrell clip with my two-year-old sitting next to me yesterday. This morning she asked if we could watch the “my tight pants” video again. I am such an awesome parent.

    •  @bradmarley Hah that’s awesome! I sent it to my friend and now her little girldoes the dance.

    •  @bradmarley HAHAHAHAHAAH! I really, really love that.

  • Hands down, Toy Train is Space was my favorite…it just touched my heart!  And, I’d love to know how to do that with my videos too…. I could animate tori when I do my next video 😉  And does a trip to the farm count as travel?  😉

    •  @SocialMediaDDS I am not driving, flying, packing anywhere until my next trip. But it does not count getting in a cab or on the El.

  • belllindsay

    Ok, a trampolining dog is one thing – but a *somersaulting* trampolining dog takes it to a whole new level! I am in LOVE with that dog!! Best ever. 

    •  @belllindsay Isn’t that funny? Jason and I laughed and laughed at it.

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich I really want a dog. 

  • That is one happy dog! Can’t wait for your novel Gini … and what state is that truck crash, don’t they have seat belt laws? Wowzers! Talk about walking away unscathed from an accident. Gee.
    Gini, what would you do with that animation talent if you had it? It was very cute. Could we put a marketing message on that?

    •  @Carmelo I think the trucking accident was in Russia. So they may not have seat belt laws. And I would TOTALLY kick some butt if I had that animation talent. It almost makes me want to learn how to do it.

      •  @ginidietrich lol … Imagine Gini kicking more butt than she already does. But, I DO believe you. 😉

  • Interesting edition. I quite liked the new MySpace preview. 
    I look forward to your book, Gini! Happy weekend!

    •  @Vidya Sury It’ll be a while…so don’t hold your breath!

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  • RonFugelseth

    @allenmireles @ginidietrich Thanks for posting my Toy Train in Space video 🙂

    • ginidietrich

      @RonFugelseth It was FANTASTIC!!

      • RonFugelseth

        @ginidietrich Thank you Gini!