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Gin and Topics: Celebrities Fake and Real

By: Gini Dietrich | September 7, 2012 | 

How about that short work week?

I think every week should be four days. Perhaps I’ll run for President on that platform. It wouldn’t matter which “side” I”m on, everyone would vote for me!

Am I right?

Then Secret Service would have to road bike with me and I would LOVE that.

This is sounding like a great idea.

While I ruminate about my 2016 campaign, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics. Which, I have to say, are very, very good this week. I’m partial to number three, but they’re all very good.

5. Mad Men Perform Rick Astley. I’m pretty sure some people have waaaaaaay too much time on their hands, which is what I said to Deb Dobson when she sent this to me. But, you have to admit, this is pretty darn clever.

4. Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City. Michael Schechter and I had a really good laugh over this one. An average, every day guy has his friends follow him around with cameras while he pretends he’s a celebrity. You have to see this go down. People amaze me.

3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Jump On It. Yvette Pistorio posted this on the Arment Dietrich Facebook wall a few weeks ago and it still has me crying from laughing so hard. I really, really, really want Lisa Gerber to do this with me, but she thinks we’ll be laughing too hard and won’t be able to pull it off. She’s probably right.

2. Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A). OK. This is raunchy and hilarious. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the stance of Chick-fil-A, you’ll find this hilarious. It’s drag queens singing Wilson Phillips with new lyrics about chowing down at Chick-fil-A. H-I-larious (as my sister-in-law would say)! Thanks Rebecca Amy Todd for the find…welcome home!

1. How to Piss Off a Frog. Ken Mueller sent this to me with a note about nature meeting technology. The poor frog!

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  • Poor frog. That’s like showing up on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and finding out the transvestites in front of you got the last chicken sandwiches. 

    •  @barrettrossie HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! LOL!!


    Poor frog got his revenge when he chomped down on that dude’s finger. That’s an African bullfrog – and their bite hurts something fierce. Ask me how I know. 😉 

    •  @jasonkonopinski How do you know?!?

      •  @ginidietrich The first job that I ever had was working in a petstore that dealt almost exclusively with exotics. One of those little bastards chomped my thumb when I was cleaning their habitat. For true. 

  • irishis98

    It’s not nice to tease frogs. There’s a support group for those willing to admit they have problems with frog teasing, I know I read about it on the internet. 🙂 thanks for the giggles.

    •  @irishis98 Isn’t that funny? I can’t believe the frog actually tried to eat the flies on an iPhone. It’s both hilarious and strange.

  • OMG!!! People are so full of shit! I can’t believe how many people pretended to know who this guy is!!! “I’ve heard his first single but I don’t the name….” LOLOLOLOL!!!!
    Social proof right there – what a hilarious experiment. 

    •  @Lisa Gerber Isn’t that hysterical?!? Shrek and I were DYING! 

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber I laughed my ASS off when I saw that one the first time – people are so frikken gullible/pathetic!! “A star! It’s a star!!” 

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber “I liked his first single”

        • yvettepistorio

           @RebeccaTodd  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber My sentiments exactly…people are pathetic! 

  • yvettepistorio

    I still think you and @Lisa Gerber should do it.I’m available to record it…it will be legendary!!!!!

    •  @yvettepistorio  The problem is @Lisa Gerber is all the way in Idaho. But I already know it would take 13,000 takes to get it right. I told her we’d have to have t60productions do it for us so he could edit the parts together that we’re not laughing.

      • yvettepistorio

         @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber   Lol! I don’t know how they originally did it w/o laughing!! We missed our opportunity when Lisa was visiting recently 🙁  Lisa, come back so we can record it!!!!!

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio  @Lisa Gerber  t60productions I think you two should do “Dick in a Box”. HAHAHAHA!! 

        •  @belllindsay  You are cracking me up! Gini has a photo of me watching that video for the first time. . @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio  t60productions 
          Also, about remaking the video, it would totally take 13,000 takes. I can’t do anything with a straight face. I’d have to pretend someone died for an hour. But I’ll come back to do it!!

      •  @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio  @Lisa Gerber I don’t know if we have enough memory cards in-house to handle this project.  We might have to look into some sort of external hard drive for the camera… or two or three. 🙂
        –Tony Gnau

        •  @T60Productions  @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio  @Lisa Gerber I want in on this. Booze first. 

        • yvettepistorio

           @jasonkonopinski  @T60Productions  @ginidietrich  @Lisa Gerber  We should make a video of all the bloopers too! Haaaaaa!!! Jason, it is called GIN & Topics after all…

        •  @yvettepistorio  @jasonkonopinski  @T60Productions  @Lisa Gerber Mr. D just came in here and tried to do the dance. I was laughing so hard, I fell out of my chair.

      •  @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio  @Lisa Gerber Tony: all this reminds me of something I actually posted in a couple of my USC Facebook groups a couple weeks ago with the comment… “All you have to do is watch 10-seconds to know why they’re not the intimidating force they once were.” 🙂 VIDEO–

  • autumnmthompson

    I didn’t watch the whole video but did you know the fake guy was on GMA?  They were talking to him and everyone was yelling his name.  They were taking pictures with him and asking for autographs.  All I could think was  Wow!  It must be a slow news day in NYC.

    •  @autumnmthompson THAT is hilarious!! People are amazing. Seriously.

  •  No Gangnam Style? The whole world went to Korea this week lol , 60 million more views than last weekend! There are already parodies coming out of it. I actually like the song!

    •  @etelligence Dude. You have to submit your videos BEFORE I write Gin and Topics. Jeez.

  • That is one angry frog. Kid in New York was good, but he made me feel old.  We used to pull similar crap when I was in college twenty some years ago.
    We had the people, we had the time but we didn’t have the tech. Amazing to think about how far we have come. Used to dream about what we could do if we had access to some video cameras and phones that you could take out of the car.

    •  @thejoshuawilner I can actually visualize doing something like this. It’s not too late!

  • lol who do they think he played in Spider Man? Does anybody know?

  • belllindsay

    The frog bite is just so good. Buddy screaming! 😀 

    •  @belllindsay Wasn’t that funny?

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich It might not be good that I get such joy from other people’s pain! #hubris! 

  • #5- You do know Rick Astley has a new album and is touring?!? Back to Aus to catch a show, methinks…
    #4- Brilliant!
    #3-You MUST do this!!!
    #2-I can’t stop listening to this! And thank you- good to be topside, at least for a while.
    #1- Hoist by his own Pe-toad! 

    •  @RebeccaTodd Seriously. Chowing down at Chick-fil-A.

  • T60Productions

    Tony: @ginidietrich… too funny. I responded. 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @amarie5304 It’s seriously my favorite blog post to write.

  • ginidietrich

    @karlsprague That Fresh Prince video makes me laugh every time I watch it

    • karlsprague

      @ginidietrich It is a classic!

  • sassyinthekitch

    @ginidietrich how clever! Miss you, lady!

    • ginidietrich

      @sassyinthekitch Miss you too! I made your goat cheese cheesecake on Sunday. Super delish!

      • sassyinthekitch

        @ginidietrich that’s awesome! So glad you liked!

  • All I can say is…Jump on it.

    •  @KDillabough I totally want to do it! I was practicing this weekend.

  • Undoubtedly in Parallel Universe #278, President Gini D is entering her 15th term in charge of the United States of Cyclists….  Once I have invented my Parallel Universe Transporter – I am putting in my Green Card application…

    •  @Nic_Cartwright Please do! I miss you!

      • @ginidietrich awwww… That’s nicest thing anyone has said to me today… It is 4am mind. Body in uk, brain awake in Oman!

  • coffeewithjulie

    I can’t wait for this Jump On It re-do. 

    •  @coffeewithjulie It’ll be epic, don’t you think?

      • coffeewithjulie

         @ginidietrich Yep! (And if Lisa doesn’t do it, I will!) 🙂

  • This, this right here – THIS is why I don’t spend much time on YouTube. That is seriously funny, addictive – way too much awesomeness here. I’d already seen the MM RickRoll but the Chick-fil-a and Faux Celeb punking NYC?! Wow.