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Gin and Topics: Chicken Pox Lollipops, Steve Jobs, and More!

By: Gini Dietrich | November 11, 2011 | 

Did this week feel like an entire month to anyone else?

Joe Frazier died. Heavy D died. Joe Paterno was fired. Kim Kardashian didn’t make the news. I spoke four times in three days. And Google+ rolled out their brand pages.

A lot happened!

But nothing compares to the video you’re going to see in the number one spot of today’s Gin and Topics. So I’ll let you get to it.

5. Google+ Is Dead. This is a really interesting article in Slate about Google+ vs. Facebook. The author makes a pretty bold statement: The opportunity for Google to compete with Facebook has come and gone. But here’s the thing. I don’t think they’re competing with Facebook at all. I think they got into the social space to drive more search and, because of privacy issues, they don’t have access to our stuff on Facebook. It’s not a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn killer. They’re using it simply to get more data out of us. Hmmmm…that might be an entire blog post. I’ll have to think about it.

4. The Real Genius of Steve Jobs. Love him or hate him, no one can argue Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant writer. Here he dissects Steve Jobs’s biography in his New Yorker column. As is normal, it’s really long, but very well worth the read.

3. Chicken Pox Lollipops Being Sent through Mail. This is one of those WTH stories. Parents are sending chicken pox-infected candy to Facebook friends in order to infect their kids to control when/how they get the virus. For those of you who are fearful of vaccinations and are thinking about trading candy with strangers via the mail, not only is it a really bad idea, it turns out it’s against the law.

2. Google Bans Contests and Promotions on Plus. Another Google+ story; forgive me. It’s something important for everyone to know, though. Unlike Facebook, you will not be able to have contests or promotions on your Google+ branded page. You’ll have to push people to something you own, instead (I say: Hooray!).

1. Sometimes You Just Gotta Lighten Things Up. So I’m in the airport yesterday, getting ready to elbow my way on to the plane, and I see a ping on the blog from Ken Mueller. I open it and find this video. I don’t really have any words for it other than it’s hilarious and I feel like I just got roasted. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but if you watch any of my videos, you’ll enjoy the mockery of me.

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42 responses to “Gin and Topics: Chicken Pox Lollipops, Steve Jobs, and More!”

  1. Al Smith says:

    Loved the video. Great example of not taking things too seriously. awesome job Ken. Hope he doesnt get too many date offers. Ha ! Big win for your Bears Gini. Yep, surprised me too. They got the Lions this week Oh Boy. Hope you are writing something GOOD, these days. Hint Hint. I know you really do CARE. Ha ! Luv ya.


    By the way, If Ken can wear a ……. helmet, tghen you can get a helmet cam.

    And thats all I got to say about thatyat. (Forrest Gump impression)

    • ginidietrich says:

      @Al Smith I haven’t forgotten about you! I had a much tighter week than I expected. I seriously feel like I worked an entire month in one week. But it’s on my list. I promise!

  2. Lisa Gerber says:

    I LOVE the screengrab on the video!!! LOL!!!!

  3. NancyD68 says:

    I showed Dennis that video last night. He feels like he knows you because he hears stories about you and sometimes sees your videos. He was laughing uncontrollably when I showed him this! That was pretty priceless!

  4. TheJackB says:

    Don’t bet against Google+.

    • ginidietrich says:

      @TheJackB I’m not betting against it. I just don’t think it’s a social media killer.

      • TheJackB says:

        @ginidietrich I wasn’t suggesting that you were or saying anything negative. I offered more of a general response based upon the reactions I have seen in many places.

        Google has ample resources to use to tweak this and they have so many other products/services that it can be integrated with. In my mind it doesn’t have to be a social media killer but if they can grab 100 million users on a regular basis that still makes it quite formidable.

  5. PattiRoseKnight says:

    Ken’s video is hysterical!

    • ginidietrich says:

      @PattiRoseKnight LOL! I was getting on the plane last night and saw it. I was seriously crying from laughing so hard.

  6. KevinVandever says:

    kenmueller That was disturbing…and so perfect! Thank you!

  7. bdorman264 says:

    Oh Ken, you obviously have way too much time on your hands but it was classic; the resemblance was uncanny…………

  8. mdyoder says:

    @Inkling_Media I thought that was how you normally dress! 🙂

  9. bradmarley says:

    RE: Chicken Pox Lollipops.


  10. Wow. Another thing you and I would agree with. G+ is all about search. 😉

  11. M_Koehler says:

    Uh, wow

  12. Tinu says:

    Still reading/watching but I had to say – I think you’re right on both counts for G+ – who says they’re in competition with FB? Who says they are similar enough products? It looks like G+ wants to focus on collaboration and in-depth conversation for the purpose of getting direct access to us and our data. Whether they’re competing and/or how isn’t even the right question…

    • ginidietrich says:

      @Tinu We are saying it – certainly not Google. And I think people are desperate for a Facebook replacement so they’re looking anywhere for it. I don’t think it’s what Google is trying to do, though.

  13. EricaAllison says:

    The scarier thing about those Chicken Pox Lollipops is that mom’s are having entire parties around Chicken Pox. Inviting people over, putting dots around the house, and encouraging drinking from the same cup, hugs all around…OMFlippin’Gosh! That’s too scary. Don’t invite me or my kids. We’re all vaccinated, thank you.

    I loved Ken’s video! Definite roaster, that one!

    • ginidietrich says:

      @EricaAllison I have no idea what to say to that. I guess there is something to be said for knowing when your kids are going to get chicken pox, but still. I’m not a parent, but I can 110% guarantee I’d never do that.

  14. Wow! Great blogs all around but man was I laughing hysterically at @KenMueller video.

  15. […] Gin and Topics: Chicken Pox Lollipops, Steve Jobs, and More! originally appeared on Spin Sucks on November 11, 2011. […]

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