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Gin and Topics: Christmas, Sports Fans, and Procrastination

By: Gini Dietrich | December 14, 2012 | 

Well, you have 10 more shopping days until Christmas. Are you ready?

I haven’t even begun, which is highly unusual for me. Heck, I didn’t start making Thanksgiving dinner until 2 p.m. this year. I guess it’s just how things are going to go this year.

Thank heaven for the Internet and overnight shipping. I still have 10 days! I can always do better next year.

If you’re procrastinating like me (see video number three) and want to watch some fun videos instead of shop, I present you Gin and Topics.

5. Christmas is all Around. In last week’s Gin and Topics, Barrett Rossie, Craig McBreen, and I were talking about Mariah Carey on Jimmy Fallon and I said I loved her Christmas song in “Love, Actually.” Then Barrett posted this music video from that movie and I decided, even if you’ve seen it, it’s a little gem that should be revisited at least once a year. You’re welcome.

4. I’m a Believer. She’s baaaaack. The crazy Razorbacks fan is back in support of their new coach. You’d think I’d get tired of watching this crazy woman, but the taped up nose and the pig hat and customized lyrics make her unstoppable.

3. Procrastination, the Musical. Pamela Wright sent this to me and it’s pretty funny. We’ve all been there. Finding ways to do anything but the one thing you have to do. Watch out for how they call you out for watching the video at the end.

2. Paralyzed Bulldog Walks Again. This will be the most heartwarming thing you see all week. This poor little dog’s back legs are completely paralyzed. So people in a human hospital help create prosthetics for him so he can walk. You may even tear up a little.

1. Little Drummer Boy. Alright, Lindsay Bell. You win. You get the number one spot with this awesome video in time for Christmas. I have just one question: Who wears shorts in the snow? I mean, really.

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  • belllindsay

    WOOHOO!!! I adore this kid! And Canadians wear shorts in the snow. Sheeesh.

    • magriebler

      @belllindsay Chicagoans do too. I’ve got photographic evidence.

      • @magriebler  @belllindsay I would never wear shorts in the snow. It gets too darn cold here!

        • @ginidietrich  @magriebler  @belllindsay Now I plan to wear shorts in the snow:)

    • @belllindsay No wonder you’re always sick.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich Gini, I barely wear shorts in the *summer*, never mind in the snow. 😉

  • magriebler

    The Christmas Movie Viewing Season has officially started at our house and first up was “Love Actually.” OBVS. London at Christmas! Naked people! Love all around! It’s a perennial favorite.
    And take a look at Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video to see the inspiration for Billy Mack and his back-up “musicians.” 🙂

    • @magriebler I LOVE that movie! I watch it every time I see it on.

  • Q: Who wears shorts in the snow? 
    A: Soccer dudes, that’s who! 
    I usually don’t go for rockin’ versions of Christmas carols, but I just love young Mr. Quigley. God bless him.

  • Hey Gini,
    Thanks for these.
    5. My wife “made” me watch that movie. Okay, I liked it. There 😉
    4. Hey, I love college football. Don’t you? Good for her supporting her coach. Crazy woman.
    3. Procrastinating with Twitter and Facebook? … Nah 😉
    2. I love bulldogs.
    1. I’m a big fan of Canadian rockers (Loverboy doesn’t count). Seattleites are Canadian-like because many here do wear shorts in the winter, even though we rarely see sunlight from October to July.
    We’re also crazy like Canadians, maybe because we are so close to Vancouver, but we have better taste in beer.
    Maybe that drummer had too many Sleeman’s … 😉

    • @Craig McBreen You don’t get super cold, though, so I can see wearing shorts in 40 or 50 degrees. But in the cold snow?!? No way.

      • @ginidietrich  When it dips below 40 it’s “bitter cold” when it gets above 75, it’s considered a “heat wave” 🙂

        • @Craig McBreen LOL!! I’m moving there.

        • @ginidietrich  If you like unrelenting gray and 50 degrees, you’ll be happy.

    • rdopping

      @Craig McBreen clearly you’ve never had Ontario beer….:-)

    • @Craig McBreen It’s minus 10 degrees here…

  • Tonight is the seventh night of Chanukah. We’re almost through all of the holiday craziness. Shopping is done, kids go on break today. 
    Enjoy the race to the finish for your holiday madness.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I wish I were ahead. I see my family tomorrow and have NOTHING.

  • Where’s the LIKE button in this place? That Procrastinating video was a riot. And @ginidietrich  – I’ve only bought one present for my kid and that’s it. I’m right there with you.

    • @penneyfox OMG. We are such procrastinators!

  • I have a list, but I haven’t purchased a single thing yet. Oops.

  • I’ve shared that Love, Actually video several times this year via social media. I love that movie and re-watch it every year in December.
    And the Little Drummer Boy video is amazing.

  • Canada eh:)

  • Enjoyed #1 – FYI, my 19 year old wore flip-flops through high school even when there was 2′ of snow. Surprised she didn’t lose a toe to frostbite. Genius kid – wonder about the common sense department sometimes, you know?
    That was the first time I saw Christmas is All Around…umm, interesting.