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Gin and Topics: Crazy Car Crash and Video Games

By: Gini Dietrich | November 22, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsBy Gini Dietrich

During junior high, I somehow became obsessed with the JFK assassination.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything there is about the theories, the science, the news, and more.

In fact, I think the reason I loved 11/22/63 as much as I did is because of Stephen King’s fictional portrayal of the months and weeks leading up to it and its humanization of Lee Harvey Oswald.

While I wasn’t alive in 1963, it still floors me it has been 50 years. As this blog post publishes, the nation will have a moment of silence in the President’s honor.

While we remember the great man and the tragedy our country experienced, I bring you a little levity.

This is the last Gin and Topics of November as we are taking a Black Friday break next week. It is brought to you by Alina Kelly, Kat Krieger, Jeff Esposito, and yours truly.

5. Car Crash at 185 MPH. This is craaaaaazy! A guy was trying to break his record of 200.9 mph when he crashed at the Bonneville Flats. You have to watch this because you will be amazed he walked away with only a collapsed lung.

4. “Oils” – A Thanksgivukkah Miracle. I know we did a Royals parody last week with Puddles the Clown (who Lindsay has fallen in love with), but I had to include this for three reasons: 1) It’s produced and acted by Gregg and Elise Jaffe, who are Chicago royalty; 2) It plays on the combined Thanksgiving and Hanukkah we’re about to experience; and 3) It’s H-I-larious!

3. Couple Performs Dirty Dancing at Wedding. I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF THIS! I want to get married again just to do this. This couple wanted to perform the Dirty Dancing dance at their wedding reception. They got their bridal party involved and totally nailed the dance. So. Much. Fun.

2The Hungry Games: Catching Fur. OK, perhaps this goes back to my childhood, but anything Sesame Street does is very funny to me. In this Catching Fire parody, Cookie Monster leads his pals to find the cookies, while they are assaulted by fruit. May the cookie forever be in your flavor.

1. Xbox One: Retirement Home. This is a great ad for Xbox One with Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis. They discuss retirement as they play football through their new video game consoles. I laughed out loud.

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  • Hah what a great selection G! My favourite was by far the Thanksgivukkah song. Brilliant! (Although they showed beets whilst saying cranberries…) Thanks for this! Have a great weekend!

  • bigteethvideo

    RebeccaTodd Hi Rebecca… So glad you enjoyed the Thanksgivukkah video. As the responsible party for the video I do have to defend us… that is in fact Cranberry sauce, the canned kind that you seem to only see during Thanksgiving. 
    Now if you want to make fun of our inflatable turkey, that’s a whole other story!

  • bigteethvideo RebeccaTodd Hah ok fair enough- I didn’t recognize it in slabs! It was such a well done video, great concept, and really funny. Thank you for bringing joy!

  • Thanksgivukkah  – Love it!   Thank you.

  • I can’t bring myself to use the term Thanskgivukah nor will I combine the two because there is too much good food.
    Will have my turkey and will have my brisket- separately. Got to run now…literally.
    All that fried food on top of Thanksgiving will be a bit much for my arteries. 🙂

  • The hungry games?! Hahahahaha! Love it!

  • Darn it my day still is conspiring AGAINST me hanging out with the crazies. Therefore, I chose ONE video and even got interrupted watching it but Thanksgivukkah is easier to enjoy than to spell. Hilarious! 🙂

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes You guys are so lucky. #weekoffood

  • bigteethvideo You mean, cranberry sauce comes in ways OTHER than a can…? 😉

  • biggreenpen Why wouldn’t your day let you hang out with us??

  • yvettepistorio I’m not so much a fan of Sesame Street having Cookie Monster talk about fruit and veggies.

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes And it’s hard to spell!

  • Digital_DRK You’re welcome! 🙂

  • RebeccaTodd How have you never seen cranberries in a can?? I was an adult before I knew they came any other way!

  • bigteethvideo

    Me too. I only knew them sliced from the can.

  • ginidietrich The day behaved itself in a very despotic and rigid way (sigh). There just weren’t any opportunities to take fun social media breaks. Hence the one video instead of five (but I have seen the car crash one before). Hopefully the upcoming days will be kinder!

  • biggreenpen ginidietrich Sending you my love woman! If your days don’t start cooperating in the way they should I’m going to drive over there and laydown some PetroPower all over the freaking place….let all be warned! xo

  • bigteethvideo RebeccaTodd belllindsay ginidietrich Hahaha!  This is the funniest conversation! Poor RAT, somedays I feel like we pulled you out of a parallel universe without any warning or background knowledge and just randomly placed you here.

  • Holy Craptastic Car Crash!!!!! That man’s poor mother!!

  • LauraPetrolino biggreenpen ginidietrich Thank you Laura – that day definitely could have used a kick in the PetroPatootie 🙂

  • Ok. The video by bigteethvideo is *hilarious* – and really well produced. I’ve always wanted to be an MOT, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards for me (thanks mom and dad, NOT). 😀

  • aimeelwest

    That car crash is crazy! The car flew apart!
    Dirty Dancing loved it! I still love watching that movie to this day.

  • LauraPetrolino bigteethvideo RebeccaTodd belllindsay ginidietrich You take the cranberries and you make the sauce. Honestly- it’s about the easiest thing going! Do you buy your gravy from a can, too? We favour eating real food in our house- mostly grown or shot by my kinfolk. Things in a can ain’t food…it’s beer.

  • RebeccaTodd LauraPetrolino bigteethvideo belllindsay ginidietrich   “…good night John Boy…good night Mary-Ellen……”

  • Digital_DRK RebeccaTodd LauraPetrolino bigteethvideo belllindsay ginidietrich I assumed everyone grew up gardening their own food and jarring their own pickles and such… I believe G knows the story of the Time My Brother Hunted Us Up An XXXMas Tree.

  • bigteethvideo

    Thanks belllindsay. As a tribe, we are pretty open to bestowing honorary status. So at least as far as bigteethvideo is concerned, you are MOT for this Thanksgivukkah season. As long as we’re all together gettin’ down.

  • rdopping

    Car crash = amazing
    Muppets = childhood memories (gush)
    Wedding dance = holy crap did we spend a ton on that day
    Awesome set.