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Gin and Topics: Dancing, Rapping, and Prancing

By: Gini Dietrich | May 31, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsI kind of can’t believe it’s Friday already. I guess that’s what a short week does.

Of course, not a short week for me because I’m speaking at Social Capital tomorrow morning, but I’m super excited about it because I get to see a lot of my Canadian friends and I make fun of Danny Brown in my keynote. I can’t wait!

There were so many great contributions to Gin and Topics this week. Some of you were left out simply because of lack of space, but don’t worry! I saved them for next week.

Which means this week’s videos are brought you by Dick Carlson, Ken Jacobs (and subsequently several others of you), Jason Konopinski, Jeanine Kornmann, and yours truly.

It’s going to be hard to beat last week’s lineup, but let’s see how we did!

5. Prancercise. I don’t know what is more enjoyable about this video: The idea of someone putting on ankle weights and prancing down the street, the fact that she wants you to try this, but doesn’t walk you through the steps, the fact that she’s in dress clothes with full makeup and jewelry, or the fact that it’s soon going to hit two million views and she’s going to think she’s famous. I’ll let you decide.

4. Fat Guy Dancing the BAD BOY Dance. And, in a complete 180 degree turn from a skinny woman prancing in her yard to a fat guy in a Speedo “dancing.” I’ll just leave this here and say I wish I had this kind of confidence. This video just makes me happy.

3. Will and Jaden Smith do Fresh Prince Rap. For those of you who grew up in the 80s, this will make you so happy. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff do a remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but this time Will’s kid, Jaden, joins the duo. It’s pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure Will Smith hasn’t aged a day. As a special feature, be sure to watch Heather Graham in the background. AND THEN, Carlton joins them doing his dance. I’m in love.

2. How to Dance Properly to Daft Punk. Jason sent me how to dance properly first and I decided it would be included today and then he found Daft Punk, the Goat Version, which I think is waaaaaaaay better. So I give you both videos. You can decide.

1. Best Bloopers from the Martha Stewart Show. I don’t know if this is funny because Martha is so proper or because she makes prison jokes, but this is hilarious. I kind of wish these things weren’t edited out. It makes her more human.

Have a great weekend!

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    One of the first cassettes I ever bought with my own skrilla was DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper”. Remember the track with the Freddy Krueger cameo?? 
    I’ll bet that my parents still have it at their house.

    • Hells yeah I remember that.

    • jasonkonopinski You should see if they still have it. That’d be awesome!

  • susancellura

    I LOVE the 80s!!! Will Smith and Alfonzo and DJ Jazzy Jeff – awesome!! Love the Carlton dance. 
    Goat version is definitely better!!!!

    • susancellura I love that they did the dance during this. I love that dance.

  • ohmiGAWD I think I hurt myself. GOAT DAFT PUNK DANCING. ohmiGAWD.

  • The goat video is amazing, but Martha’s prison jokes win the day for me.

    • RebeccaTodd She’s totally human there. I wish they’d show that side of her on her show.

  • They did my happy Friday dance!! Freaking love it!!! And I love bloopers!!

    • yvettepistorio I was trying to get bumpandhustle to do it with me on camera this morning!

  • Soul Train- Don Cornelius lives.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes As a goat!

    • kristathomas2012

      How cool were the 70s? Everyone looks so skinny and fabulously individually dressed. America before we supersized it at the mind-numbing mall.

  • Cheri Disse Cimmarrusti

    dang! not working again for me… anyone else having his issue?

  • Arment Dietrich, Inc.

    Hmmmm, interesting. We’ll look into it. ^yp

  • PattiRoseKnight1

    Look out Eminem here comes Jaden Smith…..I LOVED Fresh Prince and Carlton hasn’t aged either.  Awesome and i haven’t even watched the others yet.  Oh and I feel tiny compared to the fat dancing guy.

    • PattiRoseKnight1 The fat dancing guy makes me laugh every time.

  • OMG, this “Prancercise lady” is something else. Hands down, one of the weirdest exercise routines I’ve ever seen. It may be even weirder than “chair dancing.” Do a search on Youtube. You’re welcome.

    • jessicamalnik Right?! I don’t know how the camera guy can not die from laughing!

  • rdopping

    I actually made it through the whole Martha Stewart bit. Too funny.

    • rdopping The clip where they keep trying to break the piñata? Hilarious!

  • First of all, you need to do yourself a favor and go to the Prancercise website. Second of all, everyone should be watching Graham Norton’s show on a regular basis. He’s completely nuts, and he always gets stars to go beyond promoting their movie or TV show…it’s completely off the rails most of the time. Third, Martha Stewart. Pure awesome.

    • rosemaryoneill I will not go to the Prancercise website. I will not go to the Prancercise website. I will not go to the Prancercise website. I will not go to the Prancercise website. I will not go to the Prancercise website.

  • If ever you see me stop during one of my runs and begin to prancercise, please, please shoot me.

    • teamccloud No way! I will take out my phone and record you!

    • teamccloud I haven’t made it through the entire prancercise video yet — too many paroxysms of laughter – but I can’t figure out what a camel toe is.

      • biggreenpen I will explain it to you in a private message.

  • I don’t really share many characteristics with the fat guy dancing bad boy but I am pretty sure that’s what my teenager sees in her head any time I interact with one of her friends, especially if I do ANYTHING related to a dance move. LOL.

  • sherrickmark

    You always find such fun stuff to make me laugh at the end of the week, when often I don’t feel like laughing. I appreciate that. Don’t think I’ve ever said so.
    that said, I can never hear Jump On It anymore without thinking of that Fresh Prince scene when they dance and Will throws Carlton off the stage.

    • sherrickmark It’s so funny! I’m the same way…poor Carlton.

  • LOVE these videos, Gini! My faves are definitely the prancing lady and the Will Smith one (oh the memories!).  They both make me giggle every time I watch them.  Have to say I think it’s great that the big guy has the confidence to do that dance in a speedo. Just had to come read your blog after seeing you at Social Capital Conference yesterday.  Your talk was so inspiring and, not only did I learn so much from you, you also confirmed to me that I’m already doing some things right.  Thanks for coming to Ottawa!!

    • Canadian Blog House I recognize you from the Twitter stream! Thanks for stopping by. I was trying to get Kat to do that dance Will Smith and Carlton do when she introduced me at Social Capital. Maybe next year!

  • I so love the Fresh Prince. And the one thing that can always make me smile & laugh is Dancing Carlton!!!! Love it!!

  • Gini Dietrich

    It should be working now, Cheri. Will you take a look and let us know?

  • Cheri Disse Cimmarrusti

    woo hoo… tank goodness!! I will watch today!

  • Cheri Disse Cimmarrusti

    Gini – the Martha Stewart piece was very funny – it shows a “human” side of her that normally doesn’t show. Actually make me wonder if maybe she isn’t as awful as some people make her out to be! Enjoyed that one for sure! Oddly – the Prancercize one was on every morning news and talk show last week… seemed to captivate people! LOL