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Gin and Topics: Death, Fear, and Resurrection

By: Gini Dietrich | June 8, 2012 | 

When I got up in my hotel room this morning, I flipped on the news while I got ready and one of the news anchors said, “Well, we made it to Friday. Again.”

Wow, dude! Way to grab life by the horns and be optimistic about what’s out there for you.

I do have to say, though, my super early wake-up call had me grouchy, but then I arrived at Penn Station to take the train from New York City to Baltimore and it is niiiiiiiice.

Why can’t the rest of the country have express trains?

No getting to the airport an hour in advance. No waiting in line to go through security. No getting undressed and unpacking your bags to go through security. No walking 36 miles to your gate (O’Hare is big!). No cattle call to get on. No shutting everything down for takeoff and landing. And WiFi the entire way.

Just show up 10 minutes before, grab a latte, get on the train, and start working (or reading or watching movies).

It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Who do I need to talk to about getting this done?

While I figure that out, you can check out this week’s Gin and Topics.

5. Teeny Tiny Pig Overcomes His Fear of Stairs. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously. Ever. I can always count on Deb Dobson to feed my obsession with cute animals. (I couldn’t get YouTube to work on the train – one minus for them – so click on the link above to see the video.)

4. Say Frog, Baby. This? This is hilarious. A little girl is being prompted to say “frog,” but it’s not what keeps coming out of her mouth. In the words of Hajra Khatoon, “Kids say the darndest things!”

3. Some Guy Turned His Dead Cat into a Helicopter. In the truth is stranger than fiction category, Rebecca Amy Todd wanted to be sure everyone saw this. A man made a helicopter of his cat’s corpse. Trust me when I say you want to watch the video at the end of the post.

2. Man Stranded Makes Motorcycle. In news from the world of MacGyver, a man stranded in the desert has two choices: Die waiting for help or make a motorcycle from his broken car. I’m sure you’d choose the second option, too. But could you make this thing run? He did. You’ll be impressed. Thanks to Christina Pappas for the find!

1. Dead Toddler Reanimates at Wake. When Rachel Kay posted this on her Facebook page, she said, “Well that’s it for today. There won’t be anything else on the Internet that will trump this story.” And she’s right. I’m out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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39 responses to “Gin and Topics: Death, Fear, and Resurrection”

  1. I kind of hate that guy for doing that to his cat. *shudder*

  2. KenMueller says:

    Some great ones today. Now I wish I had more small children to record them saying funny things. My kids were young at the wrong time!

  3. Little kids dropping the F-bomb never gets old. Ever. 

  4. John_Trader1 says:

    On an unrelated note, if you are headed to Baltimore, check out Bo Brooks off Boston Street for steamed crabs. You will not be disappointed. 

  5. Me thinks the people in the last story may have gotten into some of the olives on the tray you are displaying and that little girl with the frog,  were you ‘baby whispering’ again?

  6. TheJackB says:

    The cat guy turned his ex wife into a gocart or so I heard.

  7. timryanme says:

    @ginidietrich the one about the guy making a motorbike to escape the desert is nuts!! full respect (love the blog btw)

  8. kevinmcelligott says:

    @ginidietrich I’d settle for high speed rail between here and various destinations in WI. CHI-MKE doesn’t cut it.

  9. ginidietrich says:

    @JamieCKennedy LOL!

  10. HowieSPM says:

    You are so bad @ginidietrich now you know the two things I will be pursuing with Lili. Saying Frog and making her into a helicopter but a live one of course.

  11. I just LOVE Saturday’s with Gin and Topics….no matter how stressful life gets, I know at the end of the week, I can rely on @ginidietrich to share great stories on Gin and Topics.  @hotwater911 and I laughed our way through “frog baby” “oatmeal piggie” and “dead cat helicopter” .  And now…we’re ready to face the day!!

  12. Hajra says:

    The helicopter cat is kind of creepy…. 

  13. RebeccaTodd says:

    Well Hamlet made my life. I’ve got a more than minor obsession with the play (took a whole course just in Hamlet!) and this video reminds me why I love piggies so much.  They are just so smart and cute! And thank you for sharing the cat-icopter. People need to know.

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