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Gin and Topics: Dogs, Dancing, Divas, and The Daily Mail

By: Rebecca Todd | August 2, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsBy Rebecca Todd

My Saturday morning tradition dating back to my childhood is to wake up slowly, watching some classic Canadiana on CTV.

At 9:00 and 9:30, CTV2 plays back-to-back episodes of The Littlest Hobo, otherwise known as The Greatest Canadian TV Show of All Time.

If you don’t know of it, a quick search on the YouTubes (or clicking above) should sort you right out.

So Saturday, I brewed a pot of the finest locally roasted, fair trade coffee, and settled in for some sweet Hobo action.

This week, it was a particularly thrilling episode.

A group of young children, out playing a role playing game (LARPing before it was a thing!), end up in dire straits and in need of a rescuing paw.

Some dangerous animals escaped from a local collector and these children come across an alligator, boa constrictor, and Komodo dragon – all in the wilds of Ontario! Luckily, The Hobo, called Blink Dog for this episode, is there to help out.

Thrilled with another action packed episode of The Littlest H, I took to the interwebz to regale my friends with a synopsis of this thrilling tale.

Instantly Bob LeDrew weighs in – “Is that the episode with Princess Theaella?” I squeal in excitement – usually only my brother Stew knows the Littlest Hobo cannon as I do. I reply an enthusiastic response to Bob, and then… he copies the actress who played Princess Theaella in to the conversation!!! Mind = blown.

And this, my friends, is one of the many reasons I love being Canadian – your favorite childhood actress is usually not more than one degree away.

Gin and Topics

This week’s Gin and Topics videos are brought to you by Paul Seale, Olivier Blanchard, Susan CelluraDwayne Alicie, me, and my Mum. Enjoy!

5. Puppy Tummy Slide! I adopted my labra-dork at a little more than a year old, so missed what must have been a ridiculous puppyhood. I adore this little video- look at the twirling tail of pure happiness!

4. Swedish Police. There are lots of reasons to appreciate Sweden – their solid education system, Alexander Skaarsgard, their fabulous healthcare, Stellan Skaarsgard, the Nobel prize. I love this video that shows the approachability of the Swedish Police. This officer seems like someone who really enjoys serving his community. (Ed’s Note: And he’s not hard on the eyes either!)

3. Blurred Lines/Mod Carousel. There’s a lot of controversy about the Blurred Lines song and video. Some say the lyrics are promoting “rape culture” and that the video is filth. So, Seattle-based Boylesque troop Mod Carousel decided to flip this video around, grabbing female burlesque sensations to rerecord the vocals, while the men do re-enactment of the video. I love both versions, personally, and Mod Carousel have made theirs available for a free download, too.

2. How to Take a Photo. For their upcoming new season, Key & Peele are invited to interview for a story, but instead find themselves being asked how to take a photo. While I’m certain this is staged, it’s pretty funny to watch them “counsel” the interviewers on the right photos to take, everything from a photo bomb to a flexible man with a head coming out of his bum.

1. Eleven-Year-Old in Yemen – Every time I host Gin and Topics, my mum suggests something light, and also something serious. I found this video on the Atheist Media blog this week, and was wowed. I have nine nieces and nephews, some very close in age to this young lady. Imagine having your family marry you off against your will at 11! The courage of this young woman is phenomenal. My mum thinks her story should be shared, and I agree.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Graduating with her bachelor's of education degree, Rebecca Todd knew the classroom wasn’t for her. Her passion for adventure carried her to educational publishing, and now she travels the globe and savors life on the road as a representative for Ivey Publishing. But she’ll always be an academic at heart, as evidenced by the meticulous annotations in the science fiction novels she loves to find in second-hand bookstores. When she’s not working on her list of the world’s best vegan restaurants, she enjoys hot yoga, hangs with her dogs, and sometimes thinks about working on her Victorian home.

  • There’s a lot of controversy over who ginidietrich should cast in the Spin Sucks version of the “Blurred Lines” video. All I know is I want to go stair surfing like right NOW!

    • DwayneAlicie Well, if we can’t have plastic surgery, this is going to be much more difficult.

      • ginidietrich DwayneAlicie aw man I think creativeoncall probably already has a kick butt Blurred lines in his repertoire. (And I am envisioning strategically placed green pens …..) This could work nicely.

        • biggreenpen  ginidietrich GASP!  I am loving the idea of a creativeoncall rendition! This just gets better and better…  Howie Goldfarb has to wander by eating Chobani at some point.

        • DwayneAlicie  ginidietrich creativeoncall Full disclosure: I don’t get the Chobani/ howiegoldfarb reference but I’m okay with being on a need to know basis. Just get my pen in the video and I’m good. 🙂

        • biggreenpen DwayneAlicie ginidietrich creativeoncall howiegoldfarb HAHAHAH Howie eating Chobani…amazeballs!!!

      • ginidietrichBut liposuction is still on the table! If you cast me in this video it will be all about BEARlesque, though, so I will have to wait until after filming for my procedure. But until then I will finally be telling the truth when I inform people “I am putting on weight for a ROLE, thank you very much!”

        • DwayneAlicie ginidietrich BEARlesque!!! I am dying ovah heah…

  • Judy Dunn

    Worth it for the Puppy Slide video alone. Made me laugh.

  • Elizabeth Papa Reusswig

    Again, #RATRocks! 🙂

    • @Elizabeth Papa Reusswig Thanks my friend!

  • OMG – I started DYING at the puppy slide – made my day, thank you Rebecca!

    • yvettepistorio I used to slide down the stairs on my bum, now I want to try this!

  • bobledrew

    Shucks, ma’am, twarn’t nuthin’.

  • Puppy was adorable, but as a mom to a 10-yr-old daughter, I just want to reach through the screen, pull that little Yemeni child into a huge hug and take her home with me. She can study, learn piano and go to university eventually with the rest of my brood.

    • TaraGeissinger I know! She can come live with me and never ever have to get married.

  • Puppy!!! OMG so adorable. Also, I liked Blurred Lines until I became aware of the unrated video. Sorry, #notafan. 
    I super heart Key and Peele … and I want to help those little girls. Thank you for sharing and please thank your mom.


    • KateFinley Thanks Kate! I actually see the video as a send-up of all music videos ever made. I saw it as satire immediately, didn’t realize there even was a controversy about it!

      • RebeccaTodd Completely understand. I see what this video is trying to do. I just became aware of the original unrated video this past weekend in a conversation with my 15 year-old niece.

        • KateFinley RebeccaTodd See, we weren’t even allowed music videos in the late 80s and 90s because my dad thought they were over-sexualized filth, and they were/are. So I thought that was the intent of the video- strip down the background premise and just call it what it is- scantily clad women prancing around. But I grew up with those Tawny Kitean rolling around on muscle cars videos…