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Gin and Topics: Equality, SEO, and a Sheep Expert

By: Gini Dietrich | June 24, 2011 | 

You know what next week is? A short week! Oh. Wait. I guess the short week really isn’t until the following week. But most of us will leave early next Friday. Right? Right.

So sorry to rub that in the faces of my friends not in the U.S. We’ll be thinking of you as we sit outside sweltering in the heat.

Until then, though, there is plenty of work to do. Including reading/watching these five pieces I’ve pulled together for you. Some will inspire the heck out of you, while others will have you nearly peeing your pants from laughing so hard (cough, sheep expert, cough).

Without further ado, this week’s Gin and Topics.

5. I Scored a 35 Playing the Google Game. I saw this tweet come across my stream because Sarah Robinson RT’d it. Intrigued at the title, I clicked through and was pleasantly surprised to find Alex Whalley and his extremely concise, and easy to understand, content on SEO. This particular post teaches you about the long tail of search. Everyone who needs a lesson should try his suggestions…and see how high you score.

4. Equality Is Up to You. Late last week, as I was boarding a plane, Ann Manion and I had a fiesty email exchange about women, our perceived equality, the glass ceiling, and why more of us aren’t invited to speak at conferences. Her last email to me was a link to Sheryl Sandberg’s (the COO at Facebook) commencement address at Barnard. It was one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever seen. Ever. It’s worth every minute. Please watch it, women and men both. I want to be her when I grow up.

3. An Open Letter to TIME re: Darth Vader. Let’s be real; any person who has created an entire identity around doing PR for the Death Star has to be the most creative around. And, to prove my point, this letter to TIME, who listed Darth Vader as the third worst fictional father figure. They wrote the letter as if it were coming directly from The Galatic Empire. So. Freaking. Funny. I wish I were this creative.

2. Six Easy Steps for Measuring Marketing. It’s a big no no for me to link to anything on Spin Sucks in Gin and Topics, but I’m so impressed with the REAL RAW DATA that Adam Boastman provided in his guest post this week that I think it’s fair to point you to it, especially if you missed it. If you’re in marketing or PR, this is a MUST read. It has really easy steps to begin to implement a dashboard for reporting your results.

1. Klout Discovers a Renowned Sheep Expert In Mr. Danny Brown. This is, by far, the best interview I’ve seen all week. It’s no secret how many of us feel about Klout and its perceived influence measure, but this just takes the cake…and shows how easy it is to game the system. I love how serious Danny and Dino Dogan come across. Some people on Twitter thought it was real. #iamdying

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • That Darth Vader letter made my afternoon. It was awesome. Although I have to add that the interview with the sheep king was well worth the watch.

  • adamtoporek

    Loved the Darth Vader but still, no contest this week, the #1 spot wins it!!! People thought it was real??? The “polyester sheep” bit wasn’t a red flag? I agree with spinsucks — I don’t know how they kept a straight face. 🙂

  • Nobody thought that sheep video was real right? PLEASE, no one is that stupid! Right? Right? *taps* Is this microp0hone on?

    Did you know I am influential about The Beatles, Mazdas, and New Jersey? #truestory.

    I want to be influential about Louisville Sluggers. Can you help?

  • “We know good sheep. We know bad sheep. We know baby sheep, but we tend to stay away from them…” LMAO

    Thank goodness I have a Scottish background. Maybe if I chat back and forth on Twitter with Danny, my sheep score could also increase!

    I think I’m most impressed with how Danny delivered his “content’ with such a straight face. Wow. We can ship sheep out!

    Ok, I’ll have to check out the other stuff now. 🙂 Still laughing.

  • @dino_dogan My eight year old son knew that interview was not real! Of course, he also thinks Scottish people don’t really talk like that, but hey, he is only eight!

    Dino, that is priceless! Some people will believe anything!

  • @dino_dogan @NancyD68 omg omg omg – “he has no idea he’s being mocked”. omg omg.

  • I laughed so much I was in tears watching Dino and Danny’s video yesterday. I checked my Klout, and apparently I am influential about chocolate. Here’s the problem: I don’t like chocolate, and I don’t eat chocolate. Maybe I should have Willy Wonka interview me!

  • @Lisa Gerber @dino_dogan now, some fools will believe anything. I am a fair skinned blonde from Jersey. When I first went back to school, I hung out with some Puerto Ricans and Haitians. One day, I was hanging out waiting for the bus, and someone came up to me, speaking Spanish (since I look VERY Hispanic!)

    I told my classmates about this and they laughed like hell. They then “adopted” me. Next day, waiting for the bus, this guy comes up to me and says “What is your nationality?” I say with a totally straight face – I am half Puerto Rican and half Haitian he asks “Oh! Do you speak French?

    Only in Jersey! I was dying laughing as I got on that bus!

  • ginidietrich

    @marianne.worley Wasn’t that funny? I freaking love that they think that way. I mean, I saw he was influential in sheep and the most my mind thought was, “You should +K that.” I never even thought to do an interview. Love that!

    Notwithstanding the fact that you don’t eat chocolate (WHAT?!), I think it’s pretty funny what Klout determines as your influence. For me? Drugs and army. Huh?

  • ginidietrich

    @EricaAllison Funny, right?! I was HOWLING in my office!

  • ginidietrich

    @NancyD68 LOL! Yes…see what @dino_dogan says. LOL!

  • ginidietrich

    @adamtoporek Darth Vader was pretty clever. But you’re right, I put the interview in the #1 spot for a reason.

  • ginidietrich

    @TheJackB Did you read the comments on the Darth Vader letter? I was DYING at how many people were correcting them. Leia wasn’t kidnapped; she was abducted. People! Chill out.

  • @ginidietrich I know, it’s a genetic anomaly. One of my (many) quirks. I don’t like coffee either. Shocking but true. To give Klout a bit of credit for connecting me to a keyword: I have talked about my dislike for chocolate on Twitter and in the comments on several blogs. @EricaAllison mentioned sheep quite a few times in her comment–maybe she’ll be influential about sheep soon!

  • @ginidietrich People are just peachy sometimes.

  • BuildRankProfit

    PML! That video is hilarious!!

    hahahahaha Dino is the next Conan Obrien!

    Danny mate, Steel wool and red raw balls? LMAO That’s comedy gold right there.

    I personally am not a fan of shephed Johnny though. Nothing personal – just a bad experience that’s all. (sure you understand though)

    Thanks so much for sharing this and of course for the link love. I definitely felt it and I’m glad you liked the game. Thanks for the AWESOME tweet too btw.

    NB: It’s about time I came over and connected Gini! Geeez 🙂

  • BuildRankProfit

    OMG I just read the comments and then realised I missed the Vader link.

    Just got back from it and I nearly died. Seriously


  • noralmt

    Gin and Topics: Equality, SEO, and a Sheep Expert – via @ginidietrich RT @DougH @ShellyKramer

  • mclinklove

    @ShellyKramer I am also a failed sheep expert. #alas #egads

  • @marianne.worley @ginidietrich @EricaAllison Marianne, you and I are on the same wavelength about chocolate. I don’t like it…I mean, I REALLY don’t like it. But coffee? Apparently I’m influential about coffee:) Cheers! Kaarina

  • Loved the commencement address: my take-away point is…The best revenge is success:) And to quote; “Think Big. Dream Big.” Wise counsel from Sheryl Sandberg. Thanks for all the shares @ginidietrich

  • @BuildRankProfit @dino_dogan is a genius, for sure 🙂

  • @EricaAllison I’m free to chat anytime, miss – just use the Baaat Signal 🙂

  • “The steel rash on your undercarriage”… the greatest 1 line I’ve ever heard. It took all my effort not to spit out my Starbucks coffee. Absolutely hysterical. @DannyBrown Amazing to have a voice now to put with your words.

    Gini, hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday!!

  • ginidietrich

    @JamesDBurrell2 Wasn’t that funny? I’m pretty sure I did spit out whatever I was drinking. HAHAHA!

  • ginidietrich

    @KDillabough I really loved the part where she talked about how we lean back because we might have a baby in a few years or we might want to stay home so we don’t go after the things we deserve. I also really loved her vulnerability when talking about how everyone trashed her when she went to Facebook. Even though I’m nowhere near her level, I can relate. And she said she couldn’t even say she wouldn’t cry next time. I. Love. That.

  • ginidietrich

    @BuildRankProfit Wasn’t that funny?? I was dying at the comments where people were correcting the author on the facts. People have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

  • ginidietrich

    @BuildRankProfit I loved the game! I’m going to ask everyone in my office to do it so they better understand search. Fabulous educational tool!

  • ginidietrich

    @KDillabough @marianne.worley I’m pretty sure the two of you are aliens.

  • @ginidietrich I. Love. That. Too.

    It’s funny, back in “prehistoric times” when I was in university, one of our profs said that it would be up to us to make coaching (athletic coaching) a respected and viable profession, that this would be a paperless society, and that there would be no “glass ceiling”. He should have made that a multiple choice question, with a “none of the above” as the 4th option. Not trying to be cynical. It’s just interesting to see how far we’ve come and yet how “not far” we’ve gotten. Just my two cents. Kaarina P.S. That’s 2 1/2 cents Canadian:)

  • Did you know it’s Canada Day on Friday July 1? So I guess we’ll be sitting in the heat, enjoying cold beer and great food, before you. Bwhahahaha! 🙂

  • @JamesDBurrell2 Cheers, mate, glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • @marianne.worley I’m sure @dino_dogan can accommodate, Marianne! 🙂

  • @DannyBrown Shhhh Danny, they’ll all be rushing up here for our beer:)

  • @KDillabough True dat. Have to feel sorry for @ginidietrich and crew drinking their weak excuse for beer… 😉

  • @DannyBrown @ginidietrich So true, so true:)