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Gin and Topics: Future Hipsters, Butterfingers, and Unlucky People

By: Gini Dietrich | February 10, 2012 | 

Guess what? It’s my birthday and Mother Nature sent me a HUGE gift!

Yes, that’s right! It’s snowing on my birthday. I must have done something really, really good to deserve that. YAY!

I told Jack Bauer we’ll go skiing tomorrow. He won’t really know what that means until I put my ski pants on. Then the whining will begin. I can’t wait!

You guys are awesome. I hinted (loudly) at getting more fodder for Gin and Topics and you answered. And answered well!

Now I have to decide which can run today and which I should hold for next week.

OK. Here goes.

5. What Happens When You Swear At Your Users. This is hilarious. Deb Dobson sent it to me earlier this week and I immediately sent it to Lisa Gerber with the note, “Let’s make sure we don’t do this.” It’s funny because we’ve all made the fated mistake of sending an email that wasn’t ready for primetime.

4. Treadmill Fail. Ifdy Perez tweeted this to me a few days ago. It is so. freaking. funny. I don’t really understand why the treadmill is even running and it’s a good thing he took his chains off. You’ll see.

3. Unluckiest Person Alive. This totally sucks! The residents of a small town in Spain pooled their money together to buy a lottery ticket. And they won! $950 million! Except one man didn’t get the knock on the door when they were collecting money. So everyone, but him, won.

2. Future Hipsters. This one is making the rounds so you might have already seen it. It interviews social media hipsters in the year 2062. It’s very creative and funny!

1. Thousands of Butterfingers Sent to Copley Square. I think I would absolutely die if I walked through Copley Square and saw this. I’d have that moment of, “Is it OK to take one? Is anyone watching? Do you think they’re poisonous?” And then I’d take one and hide it in my purse so no one would see. Sean McGinnis knew what my reaction would be, which is precisely why he sent this to me.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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