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Gin and Topics: Get a Job!

By: Gini Dietrich | February 25, 2011 | 

It’s Friday! On Wednesday Bill Prettyman emailed me about something we normally do on Thursdays and, when I told him it was only Wednesday, I think I took a few seconds of his life.

Bill! It’s Friday now!

We’re getting ready to launch beta 1.0 of Project Jack Bauer next week and soon you will know what the heck it is, what name we’ve chosen, and how you can get involved. Things are moving really quickly (too quickly) and we have only nine weeks left until launch. After the excitement of launching wears off, I’m mostly looking forward to sleeping.

It’s been kind of a slow news week this week, other than some New York Times blogger making me mad, but we still managed to find some goodies for you!

So, without further ado, the Gin and Topics for the week.

5. Five Year Old’s Advice to Women: Get a Job! If you haven’t already seen the video making the rounds of the little girl talking about telling a man she’s not going to marry him until she gets a job, please do yourself a favor and check it out now. It’s on Shelly Kramer’s blog and the commentary she puts with it is just as priceless.

4. Jack Griffin’s Ouster: Lessons from a Failed “Change Agent.” If you’ve ever worked in a place (or hired someone) that brought in leadership to make change, this story may hit a little too close to home. It’s an exploration of Time Magazine’s CEO, Jack Griffin, who was fired after only six months on the job. Thanks to HBR editor, Julia Kirby, for the really good lessons for all of us (including getting rid of the term “change agent”).

3. Why I Sold to Amazon. I’ve been waiting for this story! The one where Tony Hsieh talks about what it’s like selling your company to the man and working through a contract where you’re no longer your own boss. It’s pretty interesting to read that the only change has been “swapping out the board of directors” and seeing Jeff Bezos for only two hours per quarter.

2. Jack Welch Talks Up Innovation. It turns out, even the older and more removed from business he gets, the message from Jack Welch remains the same: Fire the bottom 10 percent of your performers every year. This is a really good recap of a keynote he just gave, including his thoughts on how both Taco Bell and Toyota handled their respective crises.

1. The Problem with Public Relations. Oh yes. It made the list. Mostly because I want you to read it before I blog about it next week. This is one I’ve let sit for a few days so I have time to calm down and properly reflect. Shonali Burke would be proud (based on what she wrote yesterday)!

If you’re in Toronto and going to PodCamp this weekend, don’t forget to find me!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks to Jennifer Hallowes for the awesome photo!

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  • HowieSPM

    How come the numbers are upside down. I am confused, Do I start reading at 5 or 1? And is drinking gin required for the reading and how many glasses of gin will I need to get through the reading list? I normally allocate 4 glass per hour of time reading and want to be prepared.

    Normally I see the round up lists and read just one or two but I think I will read all five especially considering I am working on my Gin tolerance. Zappos will be fun because I think I am the only one who doesn’t see them as a star of Social Media! LOL

  • ryanknapp

    @HowieSPM Why do you see them as not the star?

  • ginidietrich

    @ryanknapp @HowieSPM I don’t see them as a social media star, either. I see them as exceling at customer service and culture and the tool they used to tell the world about those two things was social media.

  • HowieSPM

    @ginidietrich @ryanknapp I agree with Gini. BUT it has to do with the evolution of Twitter. When I started with twitter in the summer of ’09 the view trult was its all about fans and followers. I think they were the first brand with 1million followers. So for insight I followed. And over 5 months they tweeted once about a company event with a video showing employees competing for the most unhealthy potluck dish. And the CEO promoting his book. I was thinking all those followers and thats it?

    They will respond on twitter and facebook. But Fortune did a study which I blogged about this week. They tested 8 companies with normal customer service issues using Twitter, Web, and Phone including Zappos.

  • I can’t wait to read your rebuttal post, Gini, and admit that I AM proud that my post (thank you again!) stopped you in your tracks, albeit for a short while. But you are not a KJS sufferer. Let that be known, let it be said.